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Monaco RV present their “Next Generation of RV’s”
"We are very excited about the new innovative products we will continue to bring out over the next several months"
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COBURG, ORE. ( December 15, 2010) – Monaco RV, LLC, one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of recreational vehicles, presented their “Next Generation of RV’s” at the 24th Annual RVIA Trade Show in Louisville, Kentucky to a large and receptive crowd. “The show was a tremendous success for our company, our dealer partners and the RV industry,” according to Kay Toolson, President of Monaco RV.

“We received great feedback on our new products, our workmanship and the fresh, bold look of the new Monaco RV. I am very grateful to our employees and their unwavering commitment to providing the best products in the market. I also want to thank our dealer partners for their support and faith in Monaco RV.”

Toolson continued “We are so fortunate to be a part of Navistar, our 175-year old parent company, with the tremendous resources in design, testing and production it brings to our company. We are very excited about the new innovative products we will continue to bring out over the next several months.

In addition to our display of nearly our entire lineup of RVs, the Navistar MaxxForce® engine display explained the benefits of the new Advanced EGR system. This advanced system is the only no-hassle solution for complying with 2010 emissions regulations and does not require the additional equipment, fluids or add-ons necessary for the other option. Monaco RV increased its distinction as the only manufacturer of fully integrated motorhomes with the launch of the all-new Holiday Rambler Trip before an enthusiastic audience of over 350 people.
Roaming Times' reader quote:
"Wow, it's great that Monaco are continuing and building great coaches like this. I've had 2 Monacos and was pleased with both of them" (Ken and Rosemary H)
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With the Monaco Vesta, the Holiday Rambler Trip is the second motorhome jointly developed by Monaco RV and Navistar. These products join Monaco RV’s family of motorhomes, unique in the RV market, where the engine, chassis and house are all specially developed by a single manufacturer.
Due to the success of these and our many other new product offerings (such as the half-ton R-Vision Onyx and Silver Creek travel trailer, the Holiday Rambler Presidential 5th Wheel and the slide-in-slide Aluma-Lite Class A), production rates continue to increase in both Oregon and Indiana to meet demands.
About Monaco RV, LLC
Monaco RV, LLC, a Navistar company, is a manufacturer of motorized and towable recreational vehicles. Headquartered in Coburg, Oregon, with substantial manufacturing facilities in Indiana, Monaco RV is dedicated to quality and service and offers innovative RVs designed to meet the needs of a broad range of customers with varied interests. Monaco RV offers a  variety of products that appeal to RVers across generations, from entry-level priced towables to custom-made luxury models.
For additional information about Monaco RV, LLC please visit www.monacorv.com.
2011 Monaco Cayman luxury motorhome exterior
2011 Monaco Cayman
luxury motorcoach
 "Cayman quality. Cayman Style."
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Monaco RV present their “Next Generation of RV’s” - RVing press release / RVing news item - Roaming Times