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Monaco RV - Rally attendees are the real winners at the Navistar LPGA Classic
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Monaco RV "Alabama Getaway"  1

Monaco RV "Alabama Getaway"

Monaco RV "Alabama Getaway" 2

COBURG, OR (October 13, 2010) Ė Monaco RV, one of the nationís leading manufacturers of recreational vehicles, hosted its inaugural "Alabama Getaway" rally October 6-10 in Prattville, Alabama, in conjunction with the Navistar LPGA Classic Presented by Monaco RV.
According to Mike Snell, senior VP of sales and product development, the event was a tremendous success. "The city of Prattville was a first-class host" said Snell. "This event showcased the best and brightest in womenís professional golf and they really put on a show for us."

There were over 85 coaches in attendance representing all Monaco RV makes and models, as well as a few non-Monaco RV brands. Rally attendees received free tournament tickets to enjoy this yearís LPGA event, along with five nights dry-camping, food and drinks on select nights, games, activities and entertainment ó all free of charge. Some of the LPGA tour pros were also accessible during the event to meet and answer questions.

Rally attendees Bob and Elizabeth Diamond thoroughly enjoyed the tournament and rally.  "In 25 years of motorhoming, this was our very first rally of any kind" said Bob Diamond.  "We enjoyed the experience and the opportunity to meet many new friends"

"We had such a relaxing and marvelous time at the Navistar LPGA Classic and Alabama Getaway,"  said attendee Sharon Fischer,  "My husband David and I wish to thank everyone involved for putting on a very nice rally."

"This was our first Monaco RV rally and we thoroughly enjoyed it,"  said attendee Dennis Kemper. "The cocktails each night and dinners on Thursday and Friday were great. Please keep us on the mailing list for future rallies."

Roaming Times' reader quote:
"Wow, it's great that Monaco are continuing and building great coaches like this. I've had 2 Monacos and was pleased with both of them" (Ken and Rosemary H)
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2011 Monaco Diplomat 43DFT for sale at Stoltzfus RV in West Chester, PA (5/2010)
2011 Monaco Diplomat
luxury motorcoach
Photo by Stolzfus RV, PA
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Monaco RV teamed up with dealer partner Alliance Coach of Wildwood, Florida to bring a number of units to display at the rally, including Monaco and Holiday Rambler motorized products, as well as Holiday Rambler towable products.  "We were thrilled to have Alliance Coach be a part of this event with us and we appreciated all their efforts." said Snell.

Navistar has committed to another two years of hosting the LPGA event, and Monaco RV is making plans for its second annual Alabama Getaway. ―We were extremely encouraged and excited about the turnout for this tournament and rally,‖ said Snell, ―and we canít wait to do it again next year.


About Monaco RV, LLC
Monaco RV, LLC, a Navistar company, is a manufacturer of motorized and towable recreational vehicles. Headquartered in Coburg, Oregon, with substantial manufacturing facilities in Indiana, Monaco RV is dedicated to quality and service and offers innovative RVs designed to meet the needs of a broad range of customers with varied interests. Monaco RV offers a  variety of products that appeal to RVers across generations, from entry-level priced towables to custom-made luxury models.
For additional information about Monaco RV, LLC please visit www.monacorv.com.
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2011 Monaco Cayman
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