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People increasingly tell RoTi that they are looking for travel trailers and campers that can be towed by cars, mini-vans, SUV's, light duty trucks, small pickups, etc..  We give reviews of ultra-lites here and you can read people's comments and experiences ...
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Latest RoTi ultra lite trailer reviews
2014 Palomino PaloMini 150RBS Lite Weight Travel TrailerSingle slide, rear wet bath, better fuel efficiency, fully loaded w/amenities and affordably priced.
2014 Livin Lite Quicksilver VRV 28FBD Toy Hauler 2014 Livin Lite Quicksilver VRV 28FBD Toy Hauler RV Review - All aluminum for the Toy enthusiast! There is no wood!
2015 Livin Lite Quicksilver 10.0 Tent CamperSpacious offers a 200 sq ft interior that comfortably sleeps 6, towable by today's fuel-efficient cars & mini-vans
2015 Livinlite Camplite 8.5 All Aluminum Truck CamperDesigned for the full size, short bed truck with 6’-6'6’’ beds will fit some ½ ton, and all ¾ ton trucks.
CampLite 10' truck camper by Livin' Lite 2011"If you have a small pick up truck and have been looking for an affordable truck camper that would not exceed your vehicles payload capacity – this is it!”
CampLite automotive travel trailer by Livin' Lite 2010Roaming Times thinks that the CampLite travel trailer is very special; ”There is not a splinter of wood in this travel trailer. It is 99% recyclable”
CampLite automotive travel trailer by Livin' Lite 2011"The best value on the road for young families wanting to utilize their smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles - There is not a splinter of wood in this travel trailer. It is 99% recyclable”
CampLite small travel trailer by Livin' Lite - preview 2009Bringing a Great Name back to the RV industry - A 12’ bunkhouse floorplan with a dinette that converts to a bed, allowing it to sleep four comfortably – that weighs a miniscule 1,500 lbs!
Cikira Classic Cruiser travel trailer 2009"The quality you've come to expect in a Classic Cruiser, with all the comforts of home" - lite with lengths from 14'9" to 21'9"
Cikira Retro-Lite small travel trailer 2009"Looks good behind your tow vehicle..in keeping with the early 1950s trailer style"
Coachmen Capri Micro Lite - No special tow vehicle needed (This RV is discontinued, see Coachmen M series review)
Coachmen M-Series small travel trailer"Truly ultra lite - starting at under 3,000 lbs, easily towed by many crossover vehicles or minivans"
Coachmen Shasta travel trailer 2009"Nostalgic design with a modern twist to transport you in timeless style". Lite - "easy to tow by many contemporary or classic vehicles"
Coleman Travel Trailer, Ultra-Lites and Fifth Wheel RVs 2010"For camping & outdoor enthusiasts looking for an affordable RV that is built to last - includes many amenities typically charged by other manufacturers as an upgrade"
CrossRoads Slingshot Ultra Lite Travel Trailer"So light, a van can tow it - built for the long haul."
Dutchmen Aerolite Zoom micro-lite travel trailer 2010"Can be towed by most midsize SUV's and minivans. The aerodynamic design and narrow body reduce wind drag to increase fuel economy. Light in weight, but not on features and value."
Dutchmen Sport Lite travel trailer"GREAT Name! GREAT Floor Plans! GREAT Value!" Floor plans ranging from 18' to 31'
ECO travel trailer"A new ultralite travel trailer line that is designed to be used by families with smaller tow vehicles"
Escape travel trailerLite high quality, 100% molded fiberglass RV trailers designed specifically for smaller tow vehicles.
EverGreen Ever-Lite travel trailer 2010"Eco-friendly composite trailer - value, innovation, quality - our goal is to produce the most environmentally friendly recreational vehicles ever manufactured"
EverGreen Ever-Lite travel trailer 2012"At EverGreen, building a Green RV is a process of continuous improvement. The EverGreen RV process blends lean manufacturing techniques with a combination of energy efficiency and healthy, environmentally sustainable materials"
Forest River Cherokee Grey Wolf Lite Travel Trailer 2011"The Grey Wolf by Cherokee is engineered with impeccable quality, distinctive features, superior comfort and remarkable affordability"
Forest River Cherokee Grey Wolf travel trailer 2009"13 models with the best floorplans and features ... easy enough and lite enough for you to tow"
Forest River R-Pod Ultra Lite travel trailer 2009Small travel trailer with "unique shape and construction"
Forest River R-Pod Ultra Lite travel trailer 2010"Affordable luxury at the lowest tow weight in its class - all models are fully self-contained - now also available with unique shape expandable tent models"
Forest River R-Pod Ultra Lite travel trailer 2011"The r•pod is a perfect example of 'form follows function', with it's unique shape and construction giving way to a 78" interior height! - 11 floorplans including 3 expandable tent models"
Forest River Rockwood Mini Lite travel trailer 2007From 16'7" to 21'1" - "totally vacuum laminated aluminum framed cage construction"
Forest River Rockwood Mini Lite travel trailer 200911 models from 16'7" to 25'8" with a wide range of floorplans and features - everything from very simple to a family unit with double bed and triple bunks
Forest River Rockwood ultra lite travel trailer 20097 models with great floorplans and features ... "these fun-inspired units are designed with family-friendly features"
Forest River Surveyor Eco-lite travel trailer 2010"Luxury is well within your reach in this extraordinary travel trailer. Beautiful cabinetry - and much more - makes this a great choice for affordable elegance."
Forest River Surveyor Sport Eco-lite travel trailer 2010"Surveyor Sport combines luxury and affordability for today's family. Surveyor interiors include upgrades throughout - you will enjoy large galleys, spacious cabinetry, and plush durable furniture"
Forest River Surveyor travel trailer 2009"Lite - developed specifically for mini-vans, SUV's and light duty pick-up trucks"
Forest River V-Cross ST Super Lite travel trailer 2011"The newest member to the V-Cross family. The Super Lite floor plans and amenities outstanding at an affordable price. Aerodynamic V-Front designs coupled with the industries lightest weights make the V-Cross Super Lite a super buy."
Forest River XLR Lite toy hauler travel trailer 2011"A V-shaped toy hauler travel trailer with aerodynamic and space-saving features with 5 innovative floorplans - a quality built product, and the versatility to suit your changing needs"
Gulf Stream Visa ultralite travel trailer 2011"Unsurpassed in weight, length, and strength ratios, Visa provides amenities like walk around queen beds and full baths for minivans and crossover tow vehicles"
Heartland Edge ultralite travel trailer 2010"Breaks the mold and re-defines the lightweight category with hi-style European inspired design, tons of storage and livable space, large seating and sleeping accommodations"
Heartland Focus liteweight travel trailer 2011Offering a mix of 7.5-foot wide and hybrid tent-end models, the all-new Heartland Focus "targets the entry-level segment of the lightweight laminated travel trailer market"
Heartland MPG microlite teardrop trailer 2010"You're environmentally conscious, you appreciate creative design, demand the highest quality - so do we, that's why we created the all new MPG microlite travel trailers that can be towed by many of today’s popular crossover vehicles and smaller SUVs"
Heartland North Trail ultralite travel trailer 2007"The all new North Trail ULTRA-LITE Travel Trailer!"
Heartland North Trail ultralite travel trailer 2010"The ultimate in ultra lightweight luxury and value! All-aluminum, laminated construction provides unmatched strength and support - providing your family with years of carefree use. The interiors are open and spacious with numerous multiple slideout floorplan arrangements."
Heartland Sundance XLT ultralite travel trailer 2009"The perfect choice for 1/2 ton truck owners - possibly the strongest built lightweight series ever to hit the market!"
Hi-Lo Sporty Towlite 15T - 2008Just 15' long - telescopic travel trailer
Hi-Lo TowLite 15T telescoping small travel trailer"Lightweight, compact and convenient, and yet still offers all the benefits of a Hi-Lo trailer"
Holiday Rambler Aluma-Lite class C motorhome 2011 previewMonaco RV announces the new Class C Aluma-Lite from Holiday Rambler - RoTi RV press releases and RV news
Holiday Rambler new Aluma-Lite class A motorhome - 2011Monaco RV debuts the new Class A Aluma-Lite - "The ideal family-friendly, fuel efficient coach, with ample living and storage space to meet the needs of today’s RVing lifestyle"
Holiday Rambler new Aluma-Lite class C motorhome - 2011Monaco RV announces the new Class C Aluma-Lite - "the easy to maneuver RV is family-friendly as well as gas mileage friendly."
iCamp Elite Chinese small travel trailer"Many mini vans and passenger cars can pull it"
Jayco Jay Feather EXP travel trailer 2009"Lite - with expandable sleeping areas which give great interior room - the EXP lets you maximize your living space while minimizing towing weight"
Jayco Jay Feather Sport travel trailer 2008Jayco's most lite weight, compact model from 16' to 21'. "Packs a mighty punch in a small package - perfect for quick trips and weekend getaways"
Jayco Jay Feather travel trailer 2009"Newly designed - a lite weight travel trailer that gives you more of what you want at a price that can't be matched."
Jayco Jay Flight Swift SLX lite weight travel trailer 2011"Affordable, towable and liveable. The new Jay Flight Swift SLX comes in three space-saving floorplans, each designed to be towed by most minivans, SUVS and crossovers"
Jayco Skylark ultra-lite travel trailer 2011"New for 2011 - combines aerodynamic design, advanced green technology, European-inspired styling, light-weight towable by 75 percent of all cars, trucks and SUVs"
Keystone Bullet ultra lite travel trailer 2010"Easy to tow with the new more fuel efficient crossovers, cars and trucks, the Bullet Premier Ultra Lite travel trailer heralds in a new generation of RVs. Sleek and smooth on the outside and loaded with features and conveniences inside."
Keystone Bullet ultralite travel trailer 2008"Easy to tow with the new more fuel efficient crossovers, cars and trucks - heralds in a new generation of RVs"
Keystone Outback travel trailer 2009"One of the industry's best selling lite weights, the Outback has been totally re-engineered from the frame up. Now lighter in weight with more aerodynamic profile"
Keystone Passport Express Super Lite travel trailer 2010"With many vehicles on the road with reduced tow ratings and smaller, more fuel efficient engines, meeting these needs has inspired the Express Super Lite."
Keystone Passport ultra-lite travel trailer 2010"This ultra-lite finds favor with families who want to maximize fuel efficiency but maintain all of the conveniences of a well appointed, feature-packed RV. You'll never want to travel without your Passport"
Keystone Passport ultra-lite travel trailer 2011"Finds favor with families who want to maximize fuel efficiency but maintain all of the conveniences of a well appointed, feature-packed RV. You'll never want to travel without your Passport"
Komfort Lite travel trailer"Built with the finest materials and extensive attention to detail, Komfort is, and will remain a standard for quality in the RV market."
Little Guy teardrop camper trailerEasy on the eyes, the pocketbook and on the environment - so lite they can be towed by virtually any car"
Livin Lite Jeep camping trailer 2010"A unique camper that is going to bring the RV lifestyle to a truly mainstream audience"
Palomino Gazelle micro-lite travel trailer 2010"Swift and easy to tow, yet built with a sturdy aluminum frame superstructure for long-lasting durability. The interior is designed with beautiful efficiency that incorporates comfort and convenience"
Palomino Stampede ultra-lite travel trailer 2010"Equipped for fun - built for easy towing with an all aluminum superstructure and aerodynamic design - expandable bed ends and slide-outs create a comfortable interior with lots of popular features to deliver the very best in value"
Quicksilver 10.0 tent camper by Livin' Lite"Designed in response to the demand for an even lighter, more easily towed tent camper that can be towed by the smallest of cars and even some larger motorcycles!"
Quicksilver 2.0 motorcycle/atv camper by Livin' Lite"Incredible value. Based on similar designs that have been around for decades but mainly made from aluminum instead of plywood, making it extremely durable and long-lasting"
Quicksilver 6.0 automotive tent camper 2010 by Livin' Lite"Designed in response to the demand for an even lighter, more easily towed tent camper that can be towed by the smallest of cars and even some larger motorcycles!"
Quicksilver 6.0 tent camper by Livin' LiteEasy to tow - aerodynamic and only 5' wide - and you can open it up while still attached to the car!
Quicksilver Automotive Camper by Livin' Lite"Back to the basics - the best overall camping value for your money"
Quicksilver truck camper by Livin' Lite"Light enough for two people to slide it into the truck bed, while being very affordable, and extremely easy to set up"
R-Vision Trail-Lite travel trailer"Super light weight - safe, easy, fuel efficient towing"
RVision Trail Sport ultralite travel trailer 2011 (by Monaco) press release"The spaciousness of a full size trailer in an ultra lightweight trailer that is easy to tow"
Serro Scotty Pup small travel trailerRaises the bar in small campers - ultra lite - a dry weight of just 1350 lbs and still offers a mounted toilet, 3.0 cu fridge, stove and sink
Takena small travel trailer by Chalet"Unmatched value, with superb quality and ultra lite weight for fuel efficient towing with most mid-sized minivans and SUVs"
TrailManor Elkmont travel trailer"The average weight of a 24-foot travel trailer is about 4,000 pounds the Elkmont is lite - about 2,500 pounds."
TrailManor TrailMini folding travel trailer"Tips the scales at a lite 1850 lbs - you can tow with tow vehicles that are not able to handle most other liteweight trailers on the market today"
Viking V-Trec sport utility trailerA lite multi-purpose trailer that's ready for work during the week and fun with the toys on the weekend! Affordably priced and towable by many 1/2 ton vehicles"
VRV - Versatile Recreational Vehicle - by Livin' Lite - 2010"Versatile – cargo and camping in an ultra lightweight design that can be towed by a large number of vehicles"
VRV - Versatile Recreational Vehicle - by Livin' Lite - 2011"The ultimate in flexibility - the VRV (Versatile Recreational Vehicle), a unique combination of a cargo trailer and camper! Featuring QUICKSILVER's famous ALL-ALUMINUM construction”
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Re: Hi-Lo TowLite 15T small travel trailerEdieLooking for 15-17 TowLite in good condition. Text 904-476-4477. Located in North FL area.See RoTi item
Re: Hi-Lo TowLite 15T small travel trailerEdieLooking for 15-17 TowLite in good condition. Text 904-476-4477. Located in North FL area.See RoTi item
Re: R-Pod Ultra Lite travel trailerRebeccaSelling 2011 RP177 - excellent condition - $11,000 2011RP177sale@gmail.comSee RoTi item
Re: R-Pod Ultra Lite travel trailerDave BLooking to buy the RP177 or RP178. Live in CO but will travel for the right price Dave@DaveBrownTeam.comSee RoTi item
Re: R-Pod Ultra Lite travel trailerDave BLooking to buy the RP177 or RP178. Live in CO but will travel for the right priceSee RoTi item
Re: R-Pod Ultra Lite travel trailerTerryWanted used RPOD 172 in either MO, ID or Alberta. please send details and photos to Tridemtnr@yahoo.caSee RoTi item
Re: R-Pod Ultra Lite travel trailerTerryLooking for used RPOD 172 in either MO, ID or Alberta. please send details and photos to Tridemtnr@yahoo.caSee RoTi item
Re: R-Pod Ultra Lite travel trailerTerryLooking for used RPOD 172 in either MO, ID or Alberta. please send details and photos to Tridemtnr@yahoo.caSee RoTi item
Re: R-Pod Ultra Lite travel trailerTridemtnrLooking for used RPOD 172 in either MO, ID or Alberta. please send details and photos to Tridemtnr@yahoo.caSee RoTi item
Re: CampLite travel trailerAlask Style 828I am very interested in the CampLite 6.8C; with the racing and Snowmobile riding I do, it will allow me to have a place to sleep at the track, without giving up my trailer and truck that I already have. I am worried about what I've read about their ability to be used in a below zero environment. Has anyone used a CampLite in -20 degree weather? Is the mechanical area able to be winterized as well? CampLite is really onto something here, now let’s take it to "Bigfoot" and get us something we can afford while we play. See RoTi item
Re: Tiffin Allegro class A motorhomeJohn CI bought a 2005 32' ,8.1 liter Allegro motorhome with 21k miles last week . Took it for a 70 mile test ride and it was quiet and smooth and drove very steady.I think I got a good deal but would like to know it's true value.See RoTi item
Re: R-Pod Ultra Lite travel trailerJKSchmidtFOR SALE: 2011 RPod 172 loaded with all ammenities. Located in Butte, MT jkwoods2@yahoo.comSee RoTi item
Re: R-Vision Trail-Lite travel trailercms.mendonca2009 23qb from day one left and right water leaks every time it rains it runs down below the windows i have sealed the windows still it leaks. See RoTi item
Re: R-Pod Ultra Lite travel trailerRpodfun4usFor sale $10,000 for 2011 RP-176, AC,heater, r-dome, cover, axle risers, and more. located in Southern Ca. Very clean unit please email if interested rpod4fun@gmail.com See RoTi item
Re: R-Pod Ultra Lite travel trailerRpodfun4usFor sale $10,000 for 2011 RP-176, AC,heater, r-dome, cover, axle risers, and more. located in Southern Ca. Very clean unit please email if interested rpod4fun@gmail.com See RoTi item
Re: Heartland MPG liteweight travel trailerRobinWe bought our Heartland MPG185 three years ago and still love it. It is a superior, well made camper, and we love the retro look and solid feel. I'm amazed at the negative reviews I read here. Guess we won the lotto with our camper.See RoTi item
Re: FulltimingMiss GailHello and Happy Holidays I'm a women 56 years young at heart. 5'8 blond blue non smoker lite drinker. Have drove CDL have class D for now. From Mn. Home in Az. Would like to find a nice gentlemen non smoker 50/65 friend companion Must have chemistry for relationship. I have no steady income willing to work for RV space plus pay preferred. Horse's a plus.I like walks, biking, swimming,saunas,lakes,trees,dancing, Must like my small dogs one chihuahua 2 maltese. I live in Huachuca city Az. A fun area to visit Tombstone and Bisbee Tucson. missgailmae@gmail.com See RoTi item
Re: Lance truck camperSteveMight want to check out Northern Lites, they are built interior wise similar to European style. A big plus in my mind is the total sealed one piece fiberglass exterior.See RoTi item
Re: Quicksilver Automotive CamperMike ProsserContrary to advice from ROTI, I am using my real email address (Mike@ProsserRV.com) in this communication. We are the Real Thing. We are Livin' Lite's longest standing continuous stocking dealer. We always have six to ten Quicksilver tent campers in stock. We have the best prices in the country, and we have the best customer service in the world. Don't believe me, just ask our customers. We take nothing for granted. Please let us know how we can earn YOUR business! Posted by owner Mike Prosser.See RoTi item
Re: R-Pod Ultra Lite travel trailerMimWe are considering buying a 178 or 179. Any comments pro & con appreciated. Also if you are looking to sell a gently used one , please post. ThanksSee RoTi item
Re: R-Vision Trail-Lite travel trailersteve pWell John, why wouldn't we buy it? The trailer looked good to us on the lot and the floor plan suited our family well. The leak problems we are having might be due to the design of having the kitchen sink built into the slide.The way they have used corrugated pool vacuum hose to connect to ABS is a flawed design.A design I would recommend be avoided by anyone buying a new or used trailer,for reasons which I will describe here. The kitchen plumbing needs to allow for the in and out movement of the slide.This is accomplished with a 4 foot corrugated flexible hose, (the same as those sold in pool shops for connectable sections of vacuum hose) connecting the ABS sink drain to the ABS stack pipe to the holding tank. These corrugated sections connect reliably to one another, but not so well with ABS pipe (something I have learned the hard way). In the trail sport bhss29 this connection described above is hidden deep behind the stove and cabinetry.Now that I have removed the stove, I've found that this connection has separated a second time after having been re-connected in 2012 by the dealer service department. Further, more just past this connection the flex hose bends up, trapping water at the loose connection. This leak, is likely the main cause the spongy floor described in my previous post. See RoTi item
Re: Keystone Bullet ultralite travel trailerC J SwansonHi. 1995 keystone. Excellent even know. 2011 Keystone 3050 BH. Yikes. Dangerous leaking propane valve and lines. Tires pop. Axels bent. Slides leak. Takes competent electricians 2 hours to diagnose problems with lights. Windows stick and gard to slide. Everything else works fine. Great layout. See RoTi item
Re: Hi-Lo TowLite 15T small travel trailerSherryAvailable in Wisconsin. 27' Classic with walk-around queen. Great condition. Looking for 2010-2011 19' Hi-Lo for extensive traveling. Send inquiries to sstobb4@gmail.com. Published 10/27/14See RoTi item
Re: R-Pod Ultra Lite travel trailerPaula HarperHI everyone. My husband and I are looking at a 2015 R-Pod 179 model. I know Forest River makes a great product and want to hear from you R-Pod owners about the "Good, Bad and Ugly" of owning one. We plan to purchase a Kia V-6 Sorento to pull the trailer with. It's rated at 3,500 lbs.; enough to pull the loaded trailer. Please e-mail me with your raves, faves and rants! E-Mail: paulahilltop@gmail.comSee RoTi item
Re: R-Pod Ultra Lite travel trailerLarryI have a 2010 R-174 R-Pod for sale in very good condition. Any bid over $8,000.00 takes it. Includes the total "Tent" option. I love this travel trailer and have towed it with my Lincoln MKX without a problem.See RoTi item
Re: R-Vision Trail-Lite travel trailerJohn BenchmanGeorgia Najar Then why did you buy it?See RoTi item
Re: Jayco Jay Flight travel trailerBeverlyWe brought a new 2015 jay flight elite 26ft trailer. Drove it home and then 3 weeks later took it on it maiden voyage 50 miles away dry camping and 10 days later we are home. Now to get it into the dealer to have everything fixed. kitchen faucet leaks, the frame that holds up table that makes into a bed broke the first day out. shelf in the cabinet under the tv broke, shower barely has any water come out of it hot and cold water will not blend. both cabinet on the side of the bed bottom are bowing out. the jack will work only when plugged into the truck (will not work on electricity) We are hoping they will fix everything right when we take it in on NOv 7th.See RoTi item
Re: CampLite truck camperDavid AI'd like the 10'er with less dinette, but having a restroom! See RoTi item
Re: Forest River Rockwood Mini Lite travel trailerLeeI bought a brand new 2109s in 2012 and have had a lot of issues with it. I am really easy on these kind of things but this has been really bad. First the electric side of the water heater would not work. The holding tank indicator system showed everything full even when all the tanks were empty. Had to replace the circuit board on the panel. The slide stopped working due to a sheared pin in the motor. The really big issue was the fact that the thing almost burned up in a campgrounds in Florida due to a wiring defect. The trailer was on fire and was minutes from total loss. We had to replace the hot water heater because it was destroyed in the fire. Forest River did pay for some of the damage but they were really hard to deal with. We were just lucky to be at the campground when the fire started. I have had to do a lot of repair on this unit for being brand new. Buyer beware. See RoTi item
Re: R-Pod Ultra Lite travel trailerEDSelling our R-POD, 2010 175..antiqueani@gmail.com....southern Ill. 9,800 very clean...non smoke, no pets.....IllinoisSee RoTi item
Re: R-Vision Trail-Lite travel trailersteve P2009 Trail Sport TS29BHSS, purchased in 2010 in Burlington Ont. This unit has had leak problems right from the first season. Water was showing up on the kitchen floor so while under warranty the dealer resealed slide-out and cut 1/4 inch off of the bottom of the kitchen cabinets as the slide-out was dragging on the floor . Spring 2012, resealed around rear exterior cabinet door as water damage visible on floor inside rear cabinet.Slide-out floor still a problem and rubs on floor. While camping summer 2012 I was investigating source of water on kitchen floor and discovered that the corrugated hose that connects the kitchen sink drain was not properly attached to the ABS drain stack and was leaking.At this time I pointed out the spongy floor to the dealer service manager and complained that this miss connected hose should have been spotted in the PDI. So he agreed to pull the stove to reattach the hose in goodwill,and suggested that this leak was likely the cause of the spongy floor and now that the leak was fixed the floor would dry out and the slide-out would not get any worse.Summer 2014 no water on floor. but slide no longer operates. Ive noticed that the spongy floor is isolated to the area directly over the holding tanks . I suspect the plumbing connections to the tanks may be as poorly made as they were to the kitchen sink as the floor seemed softer after traveling with tanks 1/4 full to rinse. The unit is now on the dealer lot waiting to be assessed by service department. The service manager fears the cost to repair the floor would be "exponential". If considering purchasing a trailer ,avoid any brand associated with this manufacturer. See RoTi item
Re: Forest River Prime Time LaCrosse travel trailer Larry cheathamWe just purchased a 2014 wildwood in june after just a handful of trips its falling apart at the seams literally. First weekend out wiring problems. This rv is a jokeSee RoTi item
Re: Hi-Lo TowLite 15T small travel trailerChrisLooking for a Hi-Lo aluminum frame light, sleeps 3, toilet, and inexpensive near Amarillo, TX. jcnielsen@gmail.com 806 677 9396 cell Gross weight less than 3,000. See RoTi item
replica red bottomreplica red bottomThe consolidated fed is literally undoubtedly interested in dispersal of the affluence today centered on the far east western seaside clear into place rooms,See RoTi item
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Re: RV maintenanceLCEthinking about buying a 2008 14ft trail-lite but it has no bath room door otherwise it looks new. any idea if a replacement can be purchased anywhere ?See RoTi item
Re: Forest River Rockwood ultra lite travel trailerFlugelbonemanWe have had a 2010 Rockwood 2304s since new. It is the best trailer I have owned and it is #12. Tows better, floor plan exceptional, workmanship and finish average. I am astounded at the comments on this website compared to my experience and others with similar FR products.See RoTi item
Christian Louboutin outletChristian Louboutin outletwithin the individuals stay the author's hands and fingers intersected as we can be certain associated with the baseball organizations actually do and there are not any more liner obliterating traces, this valuable phase from america's tumbler opponent most probably the dramatic and consequently fulfilling we had been stated.See RoTi item
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Re: RV maintenanceMikeWe purchased a used 2006 R-Vision Travel Lite camper and cannot find the switch for the water pump. The paperwork with the camper is of no use whatsoever--just generic stuff. Does anyone have an idea of where to look?See RoTi item
Re: R-Pod Ultra Lite travel trailerposiesfinegardening@gmail.comI would recommend that you have all comments and responses dated. Looking for a small light weight camper trailer or van in Midcoast Maine or New England. Must be CLEAN and in great shape. ThanksSee RoTi item
Forum inputMike from so. arizI need to purchase the inter frame for my skylite in my 1997 American made by RVision.See RoTi item
Re: Forest River Rockwood ultra lite travel trailerchuckRockwood 2604. Bought new had nothing but trouble. Slideout wouldn't work on vacation then floor started squeking. Dealer wouldn't fix and Rockwood said haul it to Indiana and we would look at it. Tore wall out fixed it myself. Junk, junk, junk. Sold it at a loss. Stay clear of this unit.See RoTi item
Re: Hi-Lo TowLite 15T small travel trailerRonhartPosted 8 Aug 2014: Looking for a 17ft to 24Ft Hi-Lo in Colorado Springs area. Call me at 719-264-0240.See RoTi item
Re: The 2014 Livin Lite Quicksilver VRV 28FBD Toy Hauler RV ReviewTrikerQuestions to ask: On the 2011 models, the ramp is foam board and wood covered with aluminum and does rot. There is no battery disconnect. The outdoor speakers are connected to the inside speakers and can't be separated. How dumb is that? Have they fixed these flaws?See RoTi item
Re: ECO travel trailerJuliWe have had our ECO 18ft lite weight Camper for toe years snd love it. Hester for the fall, AC for the summer. bathroom with shower. TV. It has everything we need. We are moving in the spring so we'll be selling our camper next few weeks. asking $9,000.00See RoTi item
Re: Hi-Lo TowLite 15T small travel trailerJoyceLooking for a 17ft in Florida or GeorgiaSee RoTi item
Re: R-Vision Trail-Lite travel trailerLuvmycamperJuly 26, 2014 I have had 2 Trail Lite's and loved both of them. I have read a lot of negative comments here and I have experienced most of them. My current trailer is a 2000 model 26 foot with rear kitchen/bath and sofa slide. All my problems were of my own making. Number one, you have to be vigilant with everything on the roof. The only water damage I have experienced was where the vent pipes extend through the roof. The hardware on the roof is plastic and over time will degrade from the sun and get hairline cracks. I replaced both of them with metal ones and no more leaks. I had to repair the floor and replace the vinyl and now it looks like new. Another problem was the cables on the dump valves were not cut to length at the factory. I took them loose, shortened them and no more dumping problems. I have pulled this camper from Virginia to the west coast twice. Once to Whitehorse Yukon Territory, 3 times to Florida. Once to Texas then New Mexico and back and once to Maine and back. I have worn out 3 sets of tires so far and this camper is ready to go anywhere I want to take it right now. I don't know why any one would need a manual. All the equipment is standard stuff and the manuals for all those things was included with mine. You have to realize also that these campers were built to be light weight and are not the high end type that some folks expect in terms of finish and upholstery. If you want that stuff you will have to have a big truck to pull all the weight. Please don't bad-mouth a product that is "as advertised" when most often your problems are because you yourself did not do due diligence in maintenance. I paint all the metal every two years, clean and seal the roof twice a year, re-caulk as necessary and lubricate doors and windows regularly too. Enjoy your camper and if it is not what you expected then sell it and get something heavier.See RoTi item
Re: Forest River Rockwood ultra lite travel trailerHerbert JonesWe just purchases this unit. Everrhing in it worked properly on our maiden voyage of 500 miles. We went to crater lake Oregon. However we had one of the new tires blow out because of a defective sidewall. We were just informed by the dealer that it will be 2-4 weeks before they will receive the relacement tire. Oh for joy the summer is slipping away. See RoTi item
Re: VRV by Livin LitePhylWe have a Livin Lite 2011 VRV that we love, but this last year we started seeing a bubbling and corrosive area on the hinge area of the ramp door. I've contacted our dealer we purchased from, HW Motorhomes and sent them pictures via email 8 days ago. Today I followed up with Dan White and he said he contacted Livin Lite and they told him to go to the door mfg. Challenger Door. We anticipate a favorable outcome with replacement or repair on the damaged ramp door.See RoTi item

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