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Re: Travel companionsMaxI like to see all the states of America, whatever the means of travel, I have travelled to some 20 countries and now its time for US, Canada and the Mexico. I don't smoke, don't drink or do drugs. Willing to share cost and help whatever way I can. I am 42 yrs / Male, Catholic, looks and feels and live much younger, with friends from 18 yrs to 85 both male and female. My travel partner can be either male or female, any age or race, but should be DD free. I am open to plans even outside the US. I'll send you my pictures and the places I have been once you get in touch with me. My personal email is
Re: Travel companionsLady Beach RiderToday is Aug. 10, 2014. Why is it that so many people don't put contact information in their ads? That makes no sense to me. Oh well, I'm an attractive, slender fun, humorous, adventuresome 59-year-old woman who's seen much of the US by vehicle and is ready to go again. I love RVing. Am seeking someone in my own age bracket who has an RV and wants a companion to help drive and with the chores. Maybe I can show you some of the great places I've been and you can show me where you've always dreamed of going. I'm a liberal thinker and while one of my liberal philosophies is to allow others to believe and feel as they choose I just can't be with a Rush Limbaugh fan. I'm a big believer in agreeing to disagree and then shutting up. I am on a fixed income. It's not a lot but I can take care of my own needs however, you'd have to foot the majority of the travel expenses. I'd like to email and phone talk for awhile before making a decision about going with someone but it is not like getting married. You can leave anytime you want. I of course, would have money for a plane ticket home. As for extra benefits, we'd just have to see but I'm really looking for someone who wants a true companion not someone who is seeking a woman to relieve his stress. You must have a good sense of humor. I come with a small well trained travel-loving dog. Traveling this way relatively long term is definitely at the top of my bucket list and right now, I'm in a position to be ready to hit the road without too much muss or fuss. You can contact me at
Re: Travel companionssteve m.I have a 27 ft. 5thweel ,new 2500 truck .65 afew things don't work as well as they should (me).I am looking a travel partner(f).50-68-?.I have all the baics covered but need some help to make things go easy and fun .easy going maine native going to be were its warm this winter 207 279 1854 no hard drinkers no drugieys
Re: Travel companionspmycksI love to travel and have dreamed about seeing this country in an RV....I'm 63 and semi retired..I love to joke around and talk about current events...I would love to see the whole outside perimiter of this fabulous country...I'm easy going and easy to get along with.... I can share some expenses... please call me at 8158303397... pam
Re: Travel companionsCFSI'm 46 divorced no kids or pets. I haven't smoked n 15 yrs I do like wine,mixed drinks, and beer. I live n NC . I want to travel to c the world. I've always been a loner so not sure what kind of travel companion I'd b. I don't want love, marriage, sex, or a relationship. I will help with the gas and room cost only. My life motto is live and let and do unto others as you would want them to do unto u. If I sound someone u want to hang out with email me at
Re: Travel companionsEugeneI'm from and live in New Orleans. Gay male here 19yrs very handsome, sweet, adventurous, and open minded.. But what I'm here for is to cater someone who's looking for a companion. looking for a person that likes to go on many adventures all around the world in need of a companion that he/she would pay for. if you are interested we can get to know each other more and see where it ends. call or text me 7025826020
Re: Travel companionsLindy50 SSF, I live in Florida close to the West Coast Beaches walk in the mornings at sunrise and evenings at sunset. Looking for single male 50's to 60's interested in showing me around Italy and I will show you around Florida. Sometime Septemberish.
Re: Travel companionsSandyWould like to explore New Orleans for possible relocation. Currently in Tucson. Like simple elegance and joie de vivre, no burgers, bars, etc. If you are like-minded, let's continue this conversation.
Re: Travel companionsRunabout Bev...let's run around...
Re: Travel companionsworkblueroad@Realistickitty.....Need am email or phone #
Re: Travel companionsNikiHello to everyone:) i am originally from Bulgaria,right now I'm travel in South America,now I'm in Peru,and next week i will go to Panama for 10 days,and looking for travel companion :))
Re: Travel companionssteveoLeisa, what is your contact info? I have a 4x4 truck with slide in popup camper. In FL but plan to head west in July. Anyone else interested? Looking for F, 40-60. me- M, 60, just retired
Re: Travel companionsBevI am a 48 year old woman that loves to travel. I would be thrilled to join you on an adventure...and have no problem with cleaning and light cooking. If you aren't able to travel safely by yourself I am the perfect companion. Fun loving...young at heart...honest and trustworthy. Also I haven't met a vehicle I cant drive :-)
Re: Travel companionsmississippijimmy let me know how to contac you
Re: Travel companionsJimmyI am a 68 yr old man recently divorced and I am looking for a woman to travel around the west with me. I am a liberal. Like to fish and enjoy the outdoors. I can pretty much take care of expenses however need to nail this down. You must be in shape and able to enjoy our travels.I look forward to hearing from interested lady's over 40.
Re: Travel companionslyndermaeHonesty is best policy... I am 67. good health, non smoker, No Drugs, No Bars and never behind bars.. an occasional glass of wine. I am looking for a man that can afford to travel in his motor coach. and I will take care of all of my needs. I know how to drive a motor home or pull a fifth wheel. I like to cook and am a tidy up after you make the mess. Like to fish and swim. I can occupy myself with reading or sewing ... I don't like to be cold so snow country is only pretty to look at in the summer time.. " It's never to late to ask for what you want" contact me at
Re: Travel companionsLeisaI would love to meet someone with an RV who wants to travel around the US. I am 53 and live in Charleston, SC. I thought about buying a van and converting it into a camper so I can "stealth camp" when necessary but I really would like to share the experience with someone and maybe even find love !
Re: Travel companionsHulaWarriorDarn tablet misspelled my email contact. It is Imubiquity at I would not want to miss out on finding the perfect partner due to spell check error. Aloha to all.
Re: Travel companionsHulaWarrior55I lived in a 40 ft. Class A for over 10 yrs. Started this lifestyle at age 40. Learned so much about people, Mother Earth, and the act of simple kindness. I can drive most any rig, have a motorcycle license, my passport is current, and I have my own income. Even though I have no children, young and old seem to love me. Not a church follower but believe in my maker. I am attractive, funny, and keenly aware of fools and liars. I have always helped people of ANY difficult circumstance, and seek a person of wisdom, wonder, and a willingness to see life as a glass half full. Friendship and true love is ageless. I am seeking both from my new travel partner. I have no rig at this time but once you speak to me, you will know that I am the real thing. Basically I am too smart and too pretty to go to waste. Contact in ubiquity a If you can figure out the meaning of my email name, you will have a good chance of capturing my attention.
Re: Travel companionsThe SockmanI am retired teacher that is 61 years young looking for an individual that wants to see the US along with discovering what your made of. I not only travel but I find homeless people and give them a pair of brand new socks.
Re: Travel companionsGeorgeNeed a female travel companion to share expenses like going to the Caribbean for two weeks , there are so many beautiful Islands, prefer a vacation package. like from apple vacation all inclusive. i am 58 y/o but very young at heart, love to dance,born in Peru, my email is have a great week end
Re: Travel companionsWindwalker TravellerAm Cdn. in Toronto, 71, single male & healthy. Buying full size heavy duty 1 ton truck/quality insulated camper w/all amenities. Prefer a financially capable male/female to share travel costs, e.g. fuel, propane, food, camp fees, maintenance + pump-outs, the odd motel, etc. who would like to travel Canada during summer mths north to Alaska and cris-crossing U.S. then winter mths south. Contemplating on a 2 yr. venture to see the sights with no time plan/destination objective. Compatibility/outdoor interests are important!
Re: Travel companionsTxRoseofSharon already have my contact info.......or just window shopping ?? SS
Re: Travel companionsrogerman 74 5 ft 11in 168 lb in good helth looking for good women companion to travel with me,in ut going to reach me at and we can at least talk
Re: Travel companionsrogerman 74 5 ft 11in 168 lb in good helth looking for good women companion to travel with me,in ut going to AZ this winter reach me at and we can at least talk
Re: Travel companionsGabriel03/13/2014 are you in the san francisco bay area, california and you don't mind giving two quiet guys a free ride up north to northern ca, oregon coast or cascade mountains in washington let us know. we can give more info and reference. we love travel by rv. we just can't contribute to gas. email:
Re: Travel companionsislanderI discovered this site while researching snowbirding destinations. Never considered the RV senior companion option until I perused these postings, where presumably one has to be vigilant re impostors/scammers. Wintering in southern Az or N.M. would be a first for me and I'm trying to determine if there's an affordable way to finance this experience next year. Particulars: female, nearly 66 yrs old, retired, healthy, fit, independant, easy-going but prudent and perceptive, not religious, homeowner, contented except for the tedium of long maritime winters, and I have a mid-sized well-behaved mongrel. If someone in cyberspace fancies a pay-her-own-way RV companion with a loyal dog, more into escaping winter than establishing any romantic link,contact
Re: Travel companionsRealistickittyIm curious as to how a person goes about finding a travel pal. I mean it's hard enough but man I can't imagine what a nightmare it would be to learn your life long trip is now the nightmare trip from hell with the wrong person. People are snakes and bullshit people all the time left n right about who and what they are and what their real motives are. Do we ever know someone even after several years? So posting in here for up coking trip seems scary. Ha ha. But to he honest I'm looking myself. After 22 yrs with someone I saw he wasn't that someone I banked on being my travel buddy. I then meet a guy 20 yrs my junior n he is now proving to be just a bunch of hot air. I need people with passion and who speak truth. Anyone? I live in southern CA. I'm 54 female blonde hair, ok body, I love animals, traveling, living life like it could be over tomorrow. I'm shy a little bit cuz I've been lied to n seen the things people do to each other. AWFUL!!! No drama! No games.
Re: Travel companionsMariI am seeking a christian male or female to be my travel mate I am to arrive in Siesta Florida March middle march and I am spending three days. If you love the ocean and healthy living and you are looking for friendship then lets make this happen. I am not a smoker and I am not seeking romance!! I have been wanting to take this vacation for a while... come help me make this a reality...
Re: Travel companionsedynI'm from way upstate ny,the north country, near canada.My family lives in florida.I'm looking into traveling with someone,male or female- who has a RV that can tow a car- and would travel me and my dog- south to florida and share expenses.Seeking platonic ride buddy as it's a huge endeavor for me.just throwing it out into the universe and seeing what manifest.
Re: Travel companionsGabrielhi, we are 2 quiet guys in san francisco, ca looking for someone heading north, as far as vancouver, bc canada or anything close to it, who is willing to take us along for free. this summer we hitchhiked from east coast to west coast and now ready to return to bc for the beautiful nature email:
Re: Travel companionsbbw seeks to travelI am a 56yr old female who is wanting to hook up with a gentleman who is financially able to show me the world.Must like larger women(I am about 275lbs)..I do not smoke,drink,or do drugs..I am in Jacksonville,fl. now and would love to see the world with you.I do have a small corgi that is very well trained ..we are both sweethearts!e-mail me at Thanks!
Re: Travel companionsDanjoeMad market. Wanna meet yu. Co tact me here 226-978-5522
Re: Travel companionsJimmyDaxI'm a young 69 yr. old gay male. Would like to find a friend with a rig to travel with me and my rig! Summers in cool climate, winters in warm climate. In Yuma, AZ for the winter. Email me at
Re: Travel companionsyoungdanlI am a young 62 yr old man hoping to locate an age appropriate female that likes to camp and travel. I almost always go where there is water sports of some kind.Retirement is a blast and would like to share. Post message if interested in more info
Re: Travel companionslonelygirlIt's December 22, 2013 and I'm in north carolina
Re: Travel companionslonelygirlI'm looking for a partner. I'm 25 and while I can't bring much other than myself to the table other than myself right now; I want a partner for this life and a future spent on the road working and loving, maybe even occasionally fighting-because what's the fun if there's no passion. I am very serious. interested in love or just looking for full time partner let me in; give me a chance. I have longed to get out and enjoy the world and why wait, nows as good a time as any. if you're lonely and looking for a companion-which doesn't have to be romantic let me know. I'll work hard and clean, do what needs doing. I don't have an rv r much money but I will help when needed and get short term migrant jobs if/when needed. If you're interested email me at
Re: Travel companionsAxlan HeinI am looking for a long lasting friendship. I am 53 years old. I am from Denmark but live in London United Kingdom. You can contact me on my private email address:
Re: Travel companionsmarisLife companion needed in 60's who loves to travel. Christian. Must have all expenses paid. please email at
Re: Travel companionsmarisLooking for a life companion who travels north to south every year. I am in my 60's and a widow. I have travelled this way for 25 years. Needs to be a senior and Christian.
Re: Travel companionsMonacoMan06You didn't leave any contact information. I am In AZ and you can contact me at
Re: Travel companionsCharI have an RV space in Space in southern Oregon that I would like to offer in exchange for some help on my minifarm. For RV'ers who love animals and National Parks, this may be an ideal tradeoff. I am surrounded by miles of logging trails where I ride my horses for relaxation. I have two goats I milk for yogurt and cheesemaking. I have a henhouse where I collect my eggs. I have small dogs that I enjoy the company of. The care of these animals is what you can partidipate in part time in exchange for the rv space. I believe this is ideal for RV'ers wanting to save money, wanting to be near lots of lakes for fishing, who are active hikers or bikers and who love animals and are intriqued by the "Dude Ranch Lifestyle." To make application, please email your photo, your experiences with animals, your previous RV experiences and a little about yourself and what you would like to expect from this experience.
Re: Travel companionschittandaMy post needs a date......Oct 12, 2013. Also, I am a female.
Re: Travel companionschittanda I am a retired teacher who works part time.I know this is a long shot but if we don't ask, the answer is always no. I want to try the R V life style. However, I need to know the man with whom I would be traveling. Therefore, my suggestion is this: we get to know each other through phone chats, texts, instant msg and emails. Finally we meet, date and decide if we want to continue. Will it be a friendship and/or a romance? I will be happy to send pics and a description of myself. You can text me at 520 406 2709 and/or email me:
Re: Travel companionstwinpilotRetired police chief,60,looking for female partner who has the ability and desire to travel and happy to spend times in the mountains when not taking care of hre affairs. for details
Re: Travel companionstravelsunshineI would like to find a travel companion to go to the Arizona area lake Havasu. I am a young looking and acting 62 year old female and i love swimming,hiking,kayaking dancing etc.
Re: Travel companionsRobert65 year old divorce male looking for someone to share my camping travels through this great nation. I live full time in the trailer, sick & tired for ten years of talking to my lap dog (no feed back from him). You pay for your needs & wants. Winter North, South states in winter. Nebraska present leaving 1 Nov 2013 Email
Re: Travel companionsmarki am 41 single guy in south beach oregon looking for a person to travel with me in my 1996 36 ft winnebago for a year or longer but help with things and who also wants the rver life style and to travel with me but need a person please asap because i will be traveling starting oct. 25th so please asap contact me
Re: Travel companionsmarki am 41 single guy in south beach oregon looking for a person to travel with me in my 1996 36 ft winnebago for a year or longer but help with things and who also wants the rver life style and to travel with me but need a person please asap because i will be traveling starting oct. 25th so please asap contact me
Re: Travel companionsmarki am 41 single guy in south beach oregon looking for a person to travel with me in my 1996 36 ft winnebago for a year or longer but help with things and who also wants the rver life style and to travel with me but need a person please asap because i will be traveling starting oct. 25th so please asap contact me

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