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Stephen King's house ...
Bangor, Maine

Finding the Stephen King house in Bangor, Maine is not difficult.  Once you find the street you quickly see the house - it has a wrought iron fence and gate with spooky adornments - bats and spiders and ...

Stephen King house, Bangor Maine - picture by Roaming Times

My wife and I visited the house in the summer - just the outside of course, it's a private house.  Presumably it's occupied only by Stephen King and his family, but you wouldn't be surprised to see bats flying around and to hear that the house is haunted ...  It was a cloudy day, overcast and gray (as it should be in all the best ghost stories.)  

We stood in the street and looked at the house.  Several other sightseers were there; according to the stories, the neighbors don't mind.  

The stories say the house was built in 1858 for $7000.  Tabatha (Stephen King's wife) has an office upstairs left and Stephen works at the back of the house.  The ghosts live where they choose ...

You can find the address of the house from Bett's bookstore in Hammond Street.  It's a small store mainly specializing in Stephen King

Stephen King bookstore, Bangor Maine - picture by Roaming Times

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Readers comments:
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elizabeth :  I actually trick or treated there when i was 3. We didnt have any clue whos house it was until later. Of course i wasnt familiar with who he was at age 3 but i will never forget how excited my parents were when they figured out where we were. I love stephen kings work and its a cool memory

mainer :  I live in Southern Maine and Stephen King has a summer home in the town next to my home town. He is loved by so many Mainers, he does so much for Maine and we are proud to claim him as one of us

Wayne :  Moving to Maine in June, as my wife received a job promotion there in Bangor. Bangor has lots to offer I am sure. Not one to go looking for a house of a famous individual. Can't believe a lot of you bother these people like that. How can you drive that far just to visit a famous guys house. Leave the family alone and understand he is an incredible writer but lives life just like anyone else. Give the man some privacy!

FanOfTheKINGofHorror :  I am a huge fan of Stephen King's and we also like to go to Maine. I am planning a trip there for my husband's birthday, but I definately would have to go to his house and hope that I could actually meet him He is just so brilliant and me, also loving to write, would love to get some pointers from him. His house is georgeous and I love the bats on the fitting. After all people go to Hollywood and take a tour to see the stars homes so why not see Stephen's house when in ME.

Not a sick fan. :  Why cant people just drive by his house and gaze at it for as long as they can without stopping? why don't they search it online? Why don't everyone leaves the guy alone and start realizing that he is a human being, that has a great mind and that he writes because he loves to do so and makes a living out of it??? I haven't driven by his house because i live in Texas, and I don't want to go and drive in front of his house because i have no business driving by his pho-king house. I love his work, and movies, but I just hate the fact that the guy wants to be a normal guy and people is scaring the sh&*( out of him, and doesn't allow him to be a normal civilian.

J.P. :  I've lived in Maine since 1985 (when S&TK*did*give out Halloween candy("Ins.reasons"stopped 'em bout 1990+\-) I met him once in my "johny"@EMMC in 2003. He was also a patient, but w/ a bodyguard(!?)He was cordial, but seems 2B very jaded/intolerant since his accident.He's not the same joking, betting on the RedSox'&'eating crow" kinda guy.It's sad.His "reg. nice guy"persona,is now I guess what $ & fame do,turned him "above all"/arrogant,& kinda mean spirited. But,he *did*hv an accident.(But dont other ppl suffer w/o the money?)

Linda Curtis :  I have as until you in place him made it for friend out as was has baileyville Maine like for you just in by be of am on at down

Joni Ram....... :  Steven and his wife are amazing people..they have dedicated soooo much money to Bangor and the entire Maine community..they saved the UMO swim team...and donated huge amounts to the Hospital..and did people know about his donation to build the baseball field ??? and might we not forget his huge donation to the MHCPV center during the renovations???? as a teacher I think the world of Steven and his wife......a few years I was in a Bangor book store..reading a section of the New York Times book review....and Mr. King popped his head up and said.."you like It" wearing a crusty leather jacket as I...ain't he the best...the man came from dirt and as I was from factory parents surviving the depression...Mr. king will be apart of American Novels to be read...and as we loved reading...POE and all the classic's..without the needs of a computer and just loving to sit and savour the words of a book!!!!

TheBabySitterKiller :  My Mother was the one responsible for getting me in to Stephen King. She has read all or most of his works and owns all the movies based on his works that she can get her hands on. I can see why. His works are amazing and he continues to pump out quality material time after time. I watched the movies as a kid and enjoy revisiting them today. I am reading more of his works and as he has quite an extensive library it will take me some time but I'll tell you this, that is a good thing.

dorothy :  my husband and I went to Bangor Maine nov 17th 2010, it was our 9 year anniverary. so he took me to see Mr.& mrs. Stephen King's home. While we were there not sure if it was Mrs. Tabatha or the house keeper came out of the drive. I fell in love with the house the time i seen it!!! I just wish i could meet them both just one time. He has a book signing in Jan. 2012 in Savannha Ga. maybe i'll get to meet him then !!!! I SURE HOPE SO !!!

dorothy :  my husband went to Bangor Maine nov 17th 2010, it was our 9 year anniverary. so he took me to see Mr.& mrs. Stephen King's home. While we were there not sure if it was Mrs. Tabatha or the house keeper came out of the drive. I fell in love with the house the time i seen it!!! I just wish i could meet them both just one time. He has a book signing in Jan. 2012 in Savannha Ga. maybe i'll get to meet him then !!!! I SURE HOPE SO !!!

HorrorFreak-Beyond belief :  was that the hose in rose red?

King Fan :  And let's not forget that someone broke into his house several years ago----an obsessed fan with mental problems----while Stephen King was away on a business trip. This man came face to face with Mr. King's wife Tabitha and nearly scared her to death. That's when the Kings started keeping their distance more with fans, and who can blame them? Before that incident, as has already been mentioned, the Kings would even give treats to trick-or-treaters on Halloween.

Dear posters, :  So, you think Stephen King is rude - eh? Okay... Work with me here for a moment. Let's pretend you are a regular family man, you work & give back to the community, etc... Following so far? OK, now let's pretend you submitted a semi-annual report for the board of the company you work for... OR let's even say you are an autobody repairman & just finished a customers car repair. Now, let's say next week you go out to get the mail & your customer is standing on the other side of the street with his extended family taking pictures of you ... Calling over & saying "loved your work!!! I really love the car now!!"...or the members of the board are all there pointing cameras through your fence and their spouses & children are calling out to your wife & kids... Following them to the grocery store. ANNOYING?? CREEPY??

hally milkeyway :  wow the house is haunted is stephen kig still alive

Marlon :  To Scooter: I did see him in Palm Springs several years back....or at least I thought it may be him.. There was a book signing for one of his novels around 94 or so. As im headed eastbound on the 10FWY towards PS, i'm in the fast lane doing about 70+ and noticed a black car coming up fast in my rear view. I quickly fade over into the next lane as the black car come up beside me. A black 300ZX, Limo Tint... plates read...S King California plates from 70's (Blue with yellow lettering).. Since I had already heard he would be signing locally, I figured that there was a good chance that it was him...

Nurselainie :  My father used to eat lunch with Mr Stephen king at nicky's diner on union Street. I met him once myself when i was 17, when I looked dad up on his mail route, and I sat there just shooting the breeze & eating a cheese burger & drinking a milkshake. we spoke of local news, weather, and the Nicky's Cruzin car shows just like regular people. he just doesn't go for the Glitz & Glam like others may. And i know a family who had a cleaning business, who cleaned the house, and once the cleaning lady found a large diamond ring that had been lost , and when she returned it to Mrs tabitha King she gave a " reward " for finding it, they said she was very gracious. And the donations to Bangor, and Hospital pediatric unit, OUTSTANDING!! the pediatric ICU unit is amazing!!! Thank you Mr King, as my son was there in August 2010.

Rob :  My wife and I have been to Maine about 7 times since 1995. One of these trips we visited Bangor and stopped at the KING HOUSE. Just love the gargoyles and bats on the wrought-iron fence. Another year we drove up to Orono and watched Stephen King speak for two hours.. it was free and we actually got to sit front row. Great experience! And if you get a chance while you are in Bangor stop by and say hi to Stu at Bett's Books - great guy and friend of Mr. Kings..

Bri :  I have lived in Maine my entire life. I guess that it just kind of hit me how famous Stephen King actually is. I don't really understand why people would drive hours just to see his house. My stepdad actually used to talk to him quite frequently, and from what I've heard he's a really cool guy. It's Maine people, not Hollywood. Haha, everyone needs to chill with the sightseeing. He's just a regular guy who writes good books.

Angie :  I love the house my dream ist to have the chance to meet SK i get to travel with my husband to maine that is our plan anyway we have never been there my other dream is to have sk to sign my book 2 in fact and would love to see the house it is so beautiful Well keep up the writing please never stop you have great books

Kaylei :  That is intersesting about your house! You should post some ghost stories in your house on utube. Do you hand out money on halloween?

Carlos Rios :  I live in MA and went to canada a little while ago. On my way up with the family we stopped by his house for a couple minutes just to actually see it. Ive read alot of his books coming up in school and watnot and seeing his house changed everything i read up till that point. You actually see here he spends some of his time writing and where he works from. Just stairing at the house with all the shades shut in the windows wondering if hes standing behind them looking at u? Even tho u kno someone is becuase theres surveillence cameras around the property. Its just wierd to see it in person. My dream is to own that house, not a mansion in the Palms or in California bbut Steven Kings house in Bangor Maine in a regular day....onnnnee dayyyyy..

jon :  my neighbor i grew up with here in ct is a relative of stephen king and she had been in the house as a child. said it was pretty cool and interesting, dont quote me (i would have to ask her) but if i remember correctly there where some pretty interesting collectible and i think maybe even a hidden passage way.

John :  I can tell you that he does live there, at least part of the year... Several years ago I was visiting a friend who lived about eight blocks from there. One morning we woke up early and were looking for someplace to eat breakfast- we were rolling along the front of a shopping center about 8.15 in the morning and he was coming out of the supermarket with a sack of groceries under each arm. If I hadn't seen him I probably would have hit him (this was a few years before he was truck by the mini-van.)

Lucretia McEvil :  We went to Maine on a much anticipated vacation. One of our highlights was to see Stephen Kings home in Bangor. I can't tell you how neat it was to see his place. A great moment for me would have been to see Mr. King himself... Maybe next time.

texaszoe :  I also drove past SK's house when we visited Bangor. There were no other cars lined up to see it. It was pretty cool to say I have been there.

tiddvicious :  Stephen King does live in this house on West Broadway in Bangor, I live down the street from him. He is not a prisoner in his own house, nor is it a ruse that he lives there. You can see him infrequently in warmer times of the year when he lives here. He lives in Florida during the winter, like most sane people, he does not wish to spend his winter months in our arctic climate.

Diane :  I think if SK minded the fact that tourist and/or fans were creeping around his house, he would live somewhere else, or have some kind of security to prevent such events. I do however believe that people should keep it to a minimum, and perhaps there should be set times where people can came and and admire, the "house" of the "Great American writer".

Scooter :  Stephen King Inc. doesn't really live there. It's just a clever ruse to keep the throngs of curious fans distracted. He probably lives in a large compound outside of town with a high fence on a gated road with a 24/7 guard detail and a private airstrip. The locals play along because he brings lots of tourists into town. Maybe he really lives in palm springs with all the other ridiculously rich people?

Tiffany :  I love Stephen king's books every year my family and i go up to Maine and where we so it is another 2 to 3 hours to drive to get up to Stephen's House just to see it but this year i think im gonna go up to see his house. i really like him and his books.

Yvette :  I have never been to Maine.But seeing Mr.Kings house on line was all I needed.Such a beautiful home.I too believe in his privacy.I live in Fla.Sarasota county and my son got Mr.Kings autograph for me.What a wonderful surprise that was.He said Mr.King was very nice.Maybe one day I will see Mr.King in person and thank him myself.Thank you for so many wonderful years of reading and great movies.Your fan forever and God Bless.

SamanthaD :  I have lived in Bangor most of my 22 years of life, and I never really have gotten the obession with SK. He was my brother's Litter League coach for 2 years when we were kids, I remember he used to bring Ice Cream after ever game for the teams, and of course, every game I went to I got one also, for being such a devout baseball fan. A little known fact of why SK gives back to the community so much is because he grew up in foster care, YES - SK was a Foster Care child! - and he always feels a need to help other children in the community and the community in general. And of course, he is a big baseball fan! As I got older, I understood why Stephen stayed in Bangor - his home town - after becoming famous - it's quiet and he has more privacy here than anywhere else he would live. That and he and his wife really do love Maine and the outdoors. I wish that people would give him a little more privacy, I hate seeing 20 cars sometimes lined up around his house with people poking their cameras between the gates trying to get a glimps of him.

Lalarey68 :  Stephen King is a wonderful person who has done so much for Bangor and the children of Bangor. For someone that is "not very friendly" he sure cares an awful lot for his community. I have seen him in public and found him to be very pleasant. I hate to see anyones privacy be invaded, but I am sure he is pretty much use to it. Maybe that is the reason behind someone saying he is not very friendly. "The guy in the shop" makes a pretty good living off him, maybe it's not something Mr. King appreciates.

Patricia :  We're visiting Maine and are staying in Bangor right now. We just passed SK's house to get to our motel (we got lost in the neighborhood). We're going to look around Bangor tomorrow, as we've already been to the northern coastal areas. I just love Maine, all of it!

Larry :  I heard that Stephen King is really afraid of bats. And his wife Tabithais in charge of bat control. And hey, everyone has somthing that they're afraid of. After all,Im afraid of raisons. They look like dried up dead flies...chich is nothing to be ashamed of...I mean really, everyone is afraid of something...

eliot :  id love to visit bangor because im a great fan of king but i live in manchester

Jordan :  Poor stephen king just because he's a famous author doesnt mean he deserves to get harrassed like that. Don't you notice the blinds are always closed no wonder. I hope you people will leave him alone.

Lightningpinkgrl :  i live in bangor maine, People around here dont mind him, they just leave him alone as he's not big to us because we know him. I live about a mile down the road. he's just another person to everyone around here.

Shehryar :  I am a big fan of stephen king.One of my wishes is to meet him in person.i suppose thats not gonna happen any time soon but what the heck.Love the house,only King can live in that house(spooky).

Ruth :  My husband is from Bangor and all his family. I would love to visit Bangor as I am a big fan of Mr. King. In fact I am writing a book about Brooklyn and two images Pauline & Cybil and hope to have maybe Mr. King read it. They are only dolls but have the ability to enter our real world. Wish me luck. Ruth Brown

TheFrenchGirl :  I'm a French fan of the Master of Horror, as I'm glad to call him, and I would give everything to tell him how his books make me crazy... But have you ever met a King's reader who's not totally horrified by his stories?

quick :  never been to bangor, love the books. by the way thanks for the manuscript.

Adriana :  Poor Stephen, can you imagine being a prisoner in your own magnificent Victorian house,I bet the poor man could not step outside to pick up his own newspaper if he wished to do so, with so many people always waiting to get a glimpse of him and of where he lives. Because of all of us fans(constant readers) his house will become a public monument, just like good old Graceland.

Franca :  We just came back from Bangor and went to see the house. If you didn't know it belonged to Stephen King, you would not give it a second look. It's in a "regular" neighborhood and is much like the other neighbors homes; sans the bats and spiders gate. It is my understanding that he is a private person who used to allow trick or treaters up to his front door; until the publicity became too much. Who could blame him?!

Cori :  We've been to Bangor twice and both times we went to the house and the only thing we saw was the house, no signs of any movement. I think Steven King travels a lot, it's possible - but not likely - to see him. Also the guy in the shop told me he's not very friendly, he guards his privacy.

L &J L, Western NY :  What's the liklihood of running into the Master of Horror while visiting Bangor, ME? We will be traveling there the week of October 9th and it would be great if we could see him while we are there.

Ken K :  I think that a house is just a house unless Stephen King lives there, then it becomes really spooky. I wonder what he's like in real life .. with an imagination like that ..

Shari :  We went past the house and didn't stop because there were so many people at the front gate. I think that if you are in Bangor it is certainly worth while to at least see it. The house is a splendid example of Victorian architecture and the wrought iron gate is a bit of whimsy.

Ron :  My wife and I visited Bangor and went to see this house. There were a few tourists looking, I think it must be an annoyance for the neighbors. We also went to the shop - very very small but quite interesting.

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