Paducah Flood Wall Murals
Paducah, Kentucky

Paducah is about halfway between St. Louis, Missouri and Nashville, Tennessee.  The murals are on the Ohio River floodwall.

Paducah, KY, flood wall murals - view along murals

The "Wall to Wall" murals are by muralist Robert Dafford.  The murals have been painted over 11 years by Robert Dafford and a team of artists who work with him.

Paducah, KY, flood wall murals - steamboat

This mural shows the 3 "queens" visiting Paducah.  The American Queen, the Delta Queen and the Mississippi Queen.

Paducah, KY, flood wall murals - steamboats on the Ohio river

The murals span several blocks and depict the history of Western Kentucky.  It's worth a visit just to see these beautiful murals, but Paducah has much more.  It is also the home of the Museum of the American Quilter's Society, the Paducah Railroad Museum, the River Heritage Museum and much more.

We liked downtown Paducah very much.  It's a small place but has a booming tourist trade with it's attractions.  It has an artist relocation program with subsidies for artists and it is obviously a small town with big ambitions.