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People love small trailers and small camping trailers - microlites, teardrops - very small RVs - some so small they can be moved around by hand.
We give here reviews of small trailers - popular brands such as Airstream, Aliner, Casita, tab, tada, r-pod, Quicksilver and many more - as well as your views and opinions.
RoTi is a feast for small travel trailer lovers ...
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2015 Shasta Airflyte 16 Reissue Travel Trailer Exterior
2015 Shasta Airflyte 16 Reissue Travel Trailer

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RoTi small travel trailer reviews
2014 Palomino PaloMini 150RBS Lite Weight Travel Trailer Single slide, rear wet bath, better fuel efficiency, fully loaded w/amenities and affordably priced.
2014 Sealander Caravan and Yacht 2014 Sealander Caravan and Yacht is a unique innovative lightweight mobile vehicle combination of trailer and amphibious vehicle is a caravan and yacht in one.
2015 Little Guy 5 Wide Teardrop Camping Trailer The Classic teardrop shape and is their biggest seller
2015 Little Guy Trailers MeerKat Trailer At 900 lbs it's for people who enjoy camping, but don’t want to sleep on the ground
2015 Scamp 13ft Standard Travel Trailer If you like the idea of a small, lightweight trailer without the inconvenient setup, then the 2015 Scamp 13' camper is the perfect trailer for you.
2015 Shasta Airflyte 16 Reissue Travel Trailer In honor of the company’s 75th anniversary, only 1,941 copies of the 1961 Shasta Airflyte travel trailer will be produced
2015 TAB (T@B) Teardrop S-Floorplan Camping Trailer 2015 T@B (TAB) Teardrop is popular again! Recently covered in the homepage of the Yahoo online news, teardrops are on the increase and in demand due to the uniqueness of its customizable nature.
Adventurer 950B truck camper Ideal for families - "features the industries FIRST slide out bunk!"
Airstream Bambi small travel trailer "Its great grandfather was first built in 1929"
Airstream Basecamp small travel trailer This is different - "this is not a living room on wheels"
Airstream DWR Design Within Reach travel trailer "Airstream's famously sleek aluminum skin design with an interior incorporating unique design, materials and modern classic furnishings"
Aliner Amelia small travel trailer "Just 2300 lbs, the Amelia is well equipped with everything you need for an enjoyable trip"
Aliner Expedition folding camper "In 2008, the Expedition was completely redesigned, improving on a time tested model"
Aliner folding camping trailer "The original solid wall, folding camper, proudly celebrates 25 years"
American Teardrop Trailer camper 2011 "Easy, secure, light weight, comfortable, affordable, fun - having FUN just became a whole lot easier"
Bigfoot 1500 series truck camper The lightest and most aerodynamic of the Bigfoot truck campers - "long-lasting, low maintenance adventuring"
Camp-Inn Teardrop Trailer "Great little camping trailers"
CampLite 10' truck camper by Livin' Lite 2011 "If you have a small pick up truck and have been looking for an affordable truck camper that would not exceed your vehicles payload capacity – this is it!”
CampLite automotive travel trailer by Livin' Lite 2010 Roaming Times thinks that the CampLite travel trailer is very special; ”There is not a splinter of wood in this travel trailer. It is 99% recyclable”
CampLite automotive travel trailer by Livin' Lite 2011 "The best value on the road for young families wanting to utilize their smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles - There is not a splinter of wood in this travel trailer. It is 99% recyclable”
Casita small travel trailer 2009/2010 "America's favorite lightweight travel trailer"
Casita small travel trailer 2011 "Manufacturing since 1983 - It’s the quality of workmanship and materials ... exceptional customer satisfaction is another plus”
Chalet folding travel trailer A pop-up trailer that can be pulled behind just about any kind of vehicle - easy to set up and with a wide range of options and arrangements
Cikira Retro-Lite small travel trailer 2009 "Looks good behind your tow keeping with the early 1950s trailer style"
Coachmen Capri Micro Lite - No special tow vehicle needed (This RV is discontinued, see Coachmen M series review)
Coachmen Clipper Sport Camping Trailer 2009 "A folding trailer with floorplans and prices to satisfy virtually every family"
Coachmen M-Series small travel trailer "Truly ultra lite - starting at under 3,000 lbs, easily towed by many crossover vehicles or minivans"
Coleman Americana LE Series camping trailer Classic Americana Series styling and timeless quality, at new lower price points. A sensible choice for many camping enthusiasts.
Coleman Destiny Series camping trailer "The reliability of North America's most popular camping trailers at a smaller size and price - when quality and economy count, you can rely on the Destiny Series"
Coleman Highlander Series camping trailer "Incomparable top-of-the-line comfort, features and easy towability. Rated as North America's most popular high side wall folding camping trailer"
Coleman Switchback camping trailer "In the camping mode, it features a backpacker style tent, which deploys to create a spacious 12'10"x6'7" space with accommodation for 4 or more campers"
Coleman Travel Trailer, Ultra-Lites and Fifth Wheel RVs 2010 "For camping & outdoor enthusiasts looking for an affordable RV that is built to last - includes many amenities typically charged by other manufacturers as an upgrade"
Cozy Cruiser teardrop trailer "Takes teardrop camp trailers to a new level - this little trailer is big on amenities. Bring your own 'bed & breakfast' along on your next travel adventure"
ECO travel trailer "A new ultralite travel trailer line that is designed to be used by families with smaller tow vehicles"
Eggcamper small travel trailer Molded and bonded uni-body construction is a strong part of the eggcamper design philosophy...
Eggcamper Teardropp camping trailer "reminiscent of the teardrop trailers popular in the 1930s"
Escape travel trailer Lite high quality, 100% molded fiberglass RV trailers designed specifically for smaller tow vehicles.
Fleetwood / Coleman Evolution Camping Trailer 2009 5 models - "Rugged construction and good looks inside and out"
Forest River Cherokee Wolf Pup small travel trailer 2011 "Wolf Pup Trailers by Cherokee are fully self-contained with ample tank capacities. The Wolf Pup can be pulled by most minivans and small SUV's"
Forest River Flagstaff tent camper - Classic Series 2009 "Family values - enjoying good times together at a price you can afford without sacrificing comfort and convenience"
Forest River R-Pod Ultra Lite travel trailer 2009 Small travel trailer with "unique shape and construction"
Forest River R-Pod Ultra Lite travel trailer 2010 "Affordable luxury at the lowest tow weight in its class - all models are fully self-contained - now also available with unique shape expandable tent models"
Forest River R-Pod Ultra Lite travel trailer 2011 "The r•pod is a perfect example of 'form follows function', with it's unique shape and construction giving way to a 78" interior height! - 11 floorplans including 3 expandable tent models"
Forest River Rockwood Mini Lite travel trailer 2007 From 16'7" to 21'1" - "totally vacuum laminated aluminum framed cage construction"
Forest River Rockwood Mini Lite travel trailer 2009 11 models from 16'7" to 25'8" with a wide range of floorplans and features - everything from very simple to a family unit with double bed and triple bunks
Forest River Rockwood Roo expandable travel trailer 2009 13 models with great floorplans and features ... "the Rockwood Roo focuses on easy set-up and camping comfort"
Forest River Rockwood Roo expandable travel trailer 2010 "Family convenience, quality, and fun have all been wrapped up into one expandable trailer focused on easy set-up and camping comfort."
Forest River Rockwood Roo expandable travel trailer 2012 "Family convenience, quality, and fun - loaded with amenities your family will enjoy every day they camp"
Forest River Shamrock expandable travel trailer 2009 "Sturdy, lightweight construction, excellent towing characteristics with quality and long-lasting value. The comfortable interior delivers the right combination of convenience, function, and tough durability"
Forest River Shamrock expandable travel trailer 2011 "Sturdy, lightweight construction, excellent towing characteristics, quality and long-lasting value. The right combination of convenience, function, and tough durability."
Heartland Edge ultralite travel trailer 2010 "Breaks the mold and re-defines the lightweight category with hi-style European inspired design, tons of storage and livable space, large seating and sleeping accommodations"
Heartland Focus liteweight travel trailer 2011 Offering a mix of 7.5-foot wide and hybrid tent-end models, the all-new Heartland Focus "targets the entry-level segment of the lightweight laminated travel trailer market"
Heartland MPG lightweight teardrop trailer 2010 - preview "Heartland enters the lightweight teardrop travel trailer market with the retro-styled MPG line - a product that is priced right with features that surpass the competition"
Heartland MPG micro-lightweight travel trailer 2011 "You - Active Lifestyle, Environmentally Conscious, Appreciate Creative Design, Demand the Highest Quality. So do we, that’s why we created the MPG. Can be towed by many of today’s popular crossover vehicles and smaller SUVs."
Heartland MPG microlite teardrop trailer 2010 "You're environmentally conscious, you appreciate creative design, demand the highest quality - so do we, that's why we created the all new MPG microlite travel trailers that can be towed by many of today’s popular crossover vehicles and smaller SUVs"
Hi-Lo Sporty Towlite 15T - 2008 Just 15' long - telescopic travel trailer
Hi-Lo TowLite 15T telescoping small travel trailer "Lightweight, compact and convenient, and yet still offers all the benefits of a Hi-Lo trailer"
iCamp Elite Chinese small travel trailer "Many mini vans and passenger cars can pull it"
Jayco Baja camping trailer (14F) 2010 "Made for adventurous RVers who like to haul equipment, gear and toys for exploring off-the-beaten-path terrain"
Jayco Jay Feather Sport travel trailer 2008 Jayco's most lite weight, compact model from 16' to 21'. "Packs a mighty punch in a small package - perfect for quick trips and weekend getaways"
Jayco Jay Flight Swift SLX lite weight travel trailer 2011 "Affordable, towable and liveable. The new Jay Flight Swift SLX comes in three space-saving floorplans, each designed to be towed by most minivans, SUVS and crossovers"
Jayco Jay Series camping trailer 2009 "Ditch that tent - the Jay Series is Jayco’s most popular and affordable camping trailer"
Jayco Select camping trailer 2009 Jayco’s premier camping trailer with "the finest interior amenities, featuring high walls for extra storage and headroom along with modern kitchen conveniences"
Keystone Passport Express Super Lite travel trailer 2010 "With many vehicles on the road with reduced tow ratings and smaller, more fuel efficient engines, meeting these needs has inspired the Express Super Lite."
KZ Cayote Sport small travel trailer 2008 "Small enough to tow behind a small SUV"
KZ Sportsmen Classic travel trailer 2011 "Simple pleasures are always the best. With 3 floor plans that now feature expandable sleeping areas and a new toy hauler model, the Sportsmen Classic is ready to share the good times"
Lance truck camper 830 "The all-new distinctive Euro-style design with a spacious floorplan"
Little Guy teardrop camper trailer Easy on the eyes, the pocketbook and on the environment - so lite they can be towed by virtually any car"
Livin Lite Jeep camping trailer 2010 "A unique camper that is going to bring the RV lifestyle to a truly mainstream audience"
Northstar Escape Pod truck camper A camper designed for a flatbed truck (giving more space than a pickup) - a less expensive alternative to a class C or B?
Northwood Arctic Fox truck camper 2010 "Built to withstand off-road use without leaving behind the comforts of home, the Arctic Fox Camper is the most popular full wall slide out truck camper on the market today."
Oliver Legacy small travel trailer "lightweight, low maintenance, self contained"
Oregon expandable truck camper by Chalet Light weight, hard sided and expandable! Aerodynamic, comfortable traveling. "A perfect match for single rear-wheeled trucks."
Palomino Bronco folding truck camper 2011 "Ideally suited for today’s pick up trucks with a low profile that enhances fuel efficiency and easy handling on the road. A roomy interior is created with a pop-up roof that increases living space."
Palomino Bronco truck camper 2009 "This lightweight truck camper features a pop-up roof that raises with an easy-to-operate crank system"
Quicksilver 10.0 tent camper by Livin' Lite "Designed in response to the demand for an even lighter, more easily towed tent camper that can be towed by the smallest of cars and even some larger motorcycles!"
Quicksilver 2.0 motorcycle/atv camper by Livin' Lite "Incredible value. Based on similar designs that have been around for decades but mainly made from aluminum instead of plywood, making it extremely durable and long-lasting"
Quicksilver 6.0 automotive tent camper 2010 by Livin' Lite "Designed in response to the demand for an even lighter, more easily towed tent camper that can be towed by the smallest of cars and even some larger motorcycles!"
Quicksilver 6.0 tent camper by Livin' Lite Easy to tow - aerodynamic and only 5' wide - and you can open it up while still attached to the car!
Quicksilver Automotive Camper by Livin' Lite "Back to the basics - the best overall camping value for your money"
Quicksilver truck camper by Livin' Lite "Light enough for two people to slide it into the truck bed, while being very affordable, and extremely easy to set up"
Scamp 13' small travel trailer 2008 "Compact and affordable, the Scamp 13' is great for couples or small families"
Scamp 13' small travel trailer 2010 "Compact and affordable, the Scamp 13' is great for couples or small families - easily towed by small cars and trucks"
Scamp fifth wheel Small, just 19'. Scamp says: "Built so well the quality stands out .. they don’t wear out .. they last almost forever"
Scamp travel trailer- 16' model "Lightweight and easy to tow - a small trailer with a lot of options - easily set up with bathroom arrangements"
Serro Scotty HiLander small travel trailer "Legendary style meets everyday life. Stand apart from the crowd with this timeless classic."
Serro Scotty Pup small travel trailer Raises the bar in small campers - ultra lite - a dry weight of just 1350 lbs and still offers a mounted toilet, 3.0 cu fridge, stove and sink
Serro Scotty small travel trailer An old American classic trailer is new again
Serro Scotty Sportsman small travel trailer "Re-live the golden age of travel trailers with a classic design. Although small in size the Sportsman is big on features."
Serro Scotty Tonga small travel trailer "Designed for two, the Tonga is perfect for the couple on the go. With a large front kitchen meal prep is a snap."
Silver Shadow Teardrop Camper Trailer (by Little Guy) "A retro, throw back, classic teardrop trailer, ideal for camping, traveling, and spending time outdoors hunting, fishing, or just enjoying nature - attractive, economical, affordable, versatile and a whole lot of fun..."
So-Cal teardrop trailer "So-Cal has painstakingly re-engineered the 'original' teardrop, with modern materials and technologies, while maintaining a hand fit and finish"
Starcraft folding camping trailer "Generous sleeping capacity, sound construction and the most-asked-for amenities at a great value"
T@B (TAB) teardrop trailer by Dutchmen "T@B is so light you can usually move it around by hand - and it can be stowed in most garages!
TADA (T@DA) small travel trailer "For the person who wants it all and still wants to stand out from the crowd. All of the great features of T@B - plus a bathroom"
Takena small travel trailer by Chalet "Unmatched value, with superb quality and ultra lite weight for fuel efficient towing with most mid-sized minivans and SUVs"
TrailManor TrailMini folding travel trailer "Tips the scales at a lite 1850 lbs - you can tow with tow vehicles that are not able to handle most other liteweight trailers on the market today"
Viking Epic folding camping trailer "Thoughtfully designed floorplans with space expanding slideout giving an incredibly roomy camper with great features"
Viking V-Trec sport utility trailer A lite multi-purpose trailer that's ready for work during the week and fun with the toys on the weekend! Affordably priced and towable by many 1/2 ton vehicles"
VRV - Versatile Recreational Vehicle - by Livin' Lite - 2010 "Versatile – cargo and camping in an ultra lightweight design that can be towed by a large number of vehicles"
VRV - Versatile Recreational Vehicle - by Livin' Lite - 2011 "The ultimate in flexibility - the VRV (Versatile Recreational Vehicle), a unique combination of a cargo trailer and camper! Featuring QUICKSILVER's famous ALL-ALUMINUM construction”