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2009 Winnebago View Class C
See reader's comments and experiences at bottom of page

"Built on the popular Dodge Sprinter chassis with a beautiful interior"


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2009 Winnebago View exterior

Winnebago says: "The View embodies our revolutionary vision that launched the RV industry 50 years ago. It features Adaptive ESP technology that senses vehicle load and performance parameters to maximize handling, control and driving stability. Inside, the View incorporates SmartSpace design to create streamlined, feature-filled floorplans."

Built on a Dodge Sprinter chassis and powered by a Mercedes-Benz® 3.0L V6 154 hp turbo-diesel engine, the Winnebago View has a length of 24'6" and an exterior width of 7'6".

The exterior height is 10'11" and the interior height an impressive 6'8".

interior shown below is the 24J floorplan model with the Race Way decor. (There is a choice of 4 decors available.)

2009 Winnebago View interior

Winnebago View interior looking forward

There a 4 floorplans available - we show these below.  The 24J (the model shown in the picture above) has a rear bed arrangement.  The 24H has a spacious arrangement with a sofa/bed, dinette and rear bathroom layout.  The 24P is a new floorplan with rear bunks and a sofa/bed arrangement.  The 24A is also a new floorplan with a near full-wall slide.  (This is the model featured in the picture directly above.)  All of the models offer an optional front entertainment center.


We think the View is a terrific class C.  Base MSRP starts at $93,873. (May 2009)


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Winnebago View Class C

"Built on the popular Dodge Sprinter chassis with a beautiful interior"


What do you think? - add your comments here
Mel SmithGreat unit by Winnebago. We have 2006 View J and it has about 50,000 miles on it. We average 16.5 mpg. It has one achellies heel. The turbo reasonator has a nasty habit of melting and delaminating puting you in "Limp Mode" of about 45 mph! This has happened to us FOUR (4) count 'em 4! times causing spoiled trips and dangerous times on the interstates. Having personally talked to Mercedes people they have NO FIX..nor one planned. The turboreasonator melts because it is made out of PLASTIC. Mercedes. Plastic.? I carry a spare with me now. I have ordered an aluminum aftermarket one from the SPRINTER STORE (online). They say it's just a bit noisier but it doesn't MELT! BY THE WAY I HAVE MET dozens of View/Navion owners who have had the same thing happen!Dozens! My advice? Buy a VIEW, NAVION or VIA or ERA and immediately replace the turbo reasonator. The hose likes to uncouple as well occasionally. Finally. I find it hard to believe that Mercedes doesn't fix this by a new part that doesn't melt. All I've gotten from Mercedes is a shrug of the shoulders. Check the internet comments. You'll see this is a widespread problem.
justinemilyUltimate ideas about caravans and trailers.
ShadowPurchased a used 2008 View with 3000 miles on it in April 2010. Have put 32,000 miles including 4 trips over the Alaska Highway. Maintained very accurate mileage records and overall gets 15.5 mpg. Wind makes a big difference in mileages, as does #1 diesel. Occassionally get 18 and have experieced as low as 11.5 on I90 in S. Dakota in wind. Zero mechanical problems. ECR reprogrammed on recall but do not notice a difference. Drives like a dream although rough roads make it act like an RV. Added Aux sway bar from Sprinter Store and made a big difference in sharp corners, like Highway 1 thru the Oregon coast.
R.H.R. Montana08 purchased 09. 55 thousand miles.Wind is big factor in MPG.Bed in back is high, hard to enter and hard to exit,but comfortable. MPG 12 to 16 at 65mph.$1200 for ten thousand check with replace plugs and service whole vehicle at a Mercedes dealer. MB warranty worked fine. MOst difficult to back up without hitting something. The wide angle camera lens is useless.should be a 24 millimter lens aimed so can see and judge hazards and following cars. Drives as good as a Cad.
mike hi have a 2006 view and think it great have used it alot sort trips log trips great for 4 people enjoy
Gentsu GenWe love our 08 view. NOTE on MPG. Yes, it only gets 15mpg + fully loaded at 65, but if you are willing to cruise at 55 it will return a true 17-18mpg. One day running rural montana roads at about 50 we got 18.5.
StephanieKThe Via/Reyo come with a single door as standard. An optional drivers door is available, but the option costs a little over $1000. We debated quite a bit over this but decided to save the money and ordered ours without it.
Hastings LambI recently purchased a 2012 Winnebago Via 25Q and had a serious engine problem causing my vehicl to suddenly and rapidly decelerate. Come to find out it was a defective EGR valve and mercedes benze repair facility told me he had seen several Via's recently with the same problem. It caused considerable financial problems involving vacation interruption and neither Winnebago nor MB is willing to help. Any like or similar situations as it almost caused a highway accident between my Via and several fast moving semi trucks!
Chinook RV'erHi Rich, Checkout Chinook Class C. Your not going to get great MPG, ( 10-12) however the Ford V10 has plenty of power And Chinook is a wonderful RV. Also the Chinook owners club is great, with plenty of help from the owners.
RichMandrakeIm a newbie but looking for a reliable class C and really like the View...a Buddy of mine who is somewhat knowledgeable said he has heard directly from an owner/owners that the view has poor power and that carrying any load up a hill you have to shift down to first gear...He suggests a Class C with a more powerful engine....Any feedback on your Experience with the View's power when going uphill or towing?..thanks...Rich
Nangagutza We've had a '07 View J since Sept, '06, 52K miles on it. We love it BUT. We've had three turbo resonators before this aluminum one, an intake temp sensor, the engine-house solenoid, new set of steps, the entire power center, three sets of batteries, new rear brakes and rotors and the engine air conditioning is now out. It handles well, but low speed sway is something to behold. Get seasick driving out of a parking lot. We've had it across the country a couple of times and up to the Arctic Circle. Capacities are good for boondocking for a week with care. A little short on storage and weight capacity, and it seems there is always something wrong, but otherwise an almost perfect little tripper. Wish Winnebago would spend a little more on making it more reliable.
Reyo ownerI don't see a site for the Reyo, which is similar to the Via. It looks nice, gets about 15 mpg but it has a plethra of problems. We have ours in for engine repair once in AL, LA, NC, twice in FL and over seven times in CT. We had the EGR replaced X3, turbo resonator X2. We have been towed, spent overnights in hotels awaiting service, had to rent cars while we waited for parts as the engine kept going into limp mode. We still have a problem with the antipollution system and have been waiting almost a month for a delivery of parts. One part was not available in the USA or Germany. We also had repairs or replacement to the coach in AL, RI, FL, and CT., including a new window shade, motor for Kwikee stairs, new refrigerator after losing medication and food, range hood fan, closet door, water valve that fell apart, entrance door handle, door shade, kitchen drawers, noisy windshield, inverted tv/radio switch, crackling exterior paint, insulation falling on dash, slideout rewired. Winnebago will not take the 7 month old unit back. We can't use it until the engine is repaired. We are waiting for a new closet door, and exterior paint repair. We have yet to travel without needing repair work.
SharonDo any of the View Profile owners pull a tow-car? If so, what kind, and what has your experience been?
Robert RyanThis is very similar to the Australian Esperance Supreme. Except it is built on a Isuzu Gaily chassis.
Gentsu GenWe are now 4,000 miles into a View 24H. Here is the straight scoop on mileage: if you are not loaded to the max (we run about 700 lbs below GVWR) and go 60 mph on a flat road, this thing gets an honest 19 mpg! Run at max weight at 72 mph (my car speed on CA freeways) and you drop to 14. My advice: slow down and enjoy both the scenery and enjoy 30% better mpg!
Keith JI saw the videos of the View and the View profile. I think the View is nice but it would be difficult not to spend the extra and go for the Profile.
J and JOur new 2010 View, J model,seems to be working out great. We let go of our 38' diesel pusher, and "downsizing" is interesting. We made our first voyage to Seattle and navigation the freeways was so much less stressful. We found we didn't lack for anything.. in other words, even though the pusher had storage for a life time, we had all the equipment and space necessary with the View that we needed. It was great to pull into filling stations, grocery stores, etc. and not worry about getting blocked in. Our mileage was around 15mpg with this new unit. No rattles, no leaks, just a great first experience. We found, to experience a simplier way to RV was so much less stressful. Yes, the big ones are gorgeous, but with every added foot and feature, comes more worries... been there, done that. Taking the "kitchen" sink, is definitly, passe'.
Rod PI really don't know why anyone buys a class A. We've had 2 but a class C is better. I don't know why anyone buys anything other than Winnebago. We've had 5 Rvs and the 2 that were not Winnebago we regretted. The View is a great RV. We have a 2008 and I wouldn't think of anything else but I like the look of the View Profile and that might tempt me.
aussieI really cant get over this `obsession' that Americans have that a `dodge' isnt supported anymore dodge hasnt been available anywhere apart from America for the last 3 decades It's a Merc sprinter parts available worldwide (far more so than any Chrysler bits) and turbo diesels rule the roads v8 (v10's in america???- say whhhaaa) I see all the camper owners in america complaining about 8-10 mpg well you should be I get about 28 mpg in a bigger 4 tonner ( thats about 8800 pounds according to wiki) makes me wonder what I am doing right or you guys are doing really wrong... ?????
chris we just bought a 2009 view 24H. After one weekend trip, we also find it much easier to drive than our last RV - a 21 ft Four winds. My husband and I look forward to traveling and think the View will be perfect for longer trips across county. We would enjoy meeting and traveling with new friends from FL if we ever get down there from our current home in northern IL.
kay60+ couple, active, man with Parkinsons. Sold 30ft Class A. bought a new Winnebago View. Love it and have put 8000 miles on it in 3 months. Would like to visit with other retired, partly disabled couples with small motor homes that might like to travel. We live in N Florida.
Dan in VAWe too have a 2008 24H View with 20K miles. It is so easy to drive I found myself running errands with it while my car was unavailable. 15+ MPG smooth, quiet, clean. The Mercedes chassis and motor are the latest in driveline and Diesel technology. Chassis maintenance can be expensive if brought in for service. Oil changes require 14 quarts of specialty synthetic, and costly fuel filter every 10K miles. This high cost may keep some from performing required maintenance. Fortunately I can do my own.
Dan in VAThe new low sulfur clean Diesels are clean. They don't smell or smoke. Putting a white paper over the exhaust pipe exit will reveal no black soot. I have a 2008 Winnebago View on a Sprinter chassis by Mercedes. It's smooth, quiet, clean, and returns 15+ real world MPG. Old technology burning new Diesel fuel will smoke and smell. Eventually those will be replaced by the new technology motors. The Sprinter and the diesel the future.
porscheracerWe have an '08 View 24H, as well as an '05 Winnebago Vectra 36RD. Each is the best of its world. The View, although somewhat cramped compared to a larger unit, is the perfect "sprinter". It returns an honest 15MPG in mixed driving, and drives like a van. We have had it for 5 months, put 5000 miles on it, and have had exactly zero problems. Winnebago are great.
Josh CollinsI've had 2 class A's but with fuel prices going up I think I'll go for a class C next time. The view looks terrific and I know the Sprinter gives good mileage.
terry regennitterThe only thing I would consider for a new motorhome is the Winnebago View. 15 yrs. full timer.

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