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T@B (TAB) - teardrop trailer
See reader's comments and experiences at bottom of page

"T@B is so light you can usually move it around by hand - and pulled by most light trucks and SUV's - even many passenger cars"


Important dimensions:
Exterior length 15'6"
Exterior height (with A/C) 7'9"
Interior height 5'9",  Exterior width 6'7"
4 floorplans are available (6/09) - we show these below
GVWR 1939 lbs
Net cargo capacity 324 - 419 lbs, Hitch weight 110 - 154 lbs
from around $18,000 (see forum below for readers experiences)
T@B teardrop trailer being towed

The manufacturer says "It is so light and maneuverable that you can usually move it around by hand.  Most light trucks and SUV's can easily handle the T@B. In addition, many mini vans and passenger cars can also pull them."   (Check your car owner's manual: if you have a tow rating of 2000 lbs or more, you can tow a T@B )

The U-shaped floorplan is shown below. It has a U-shaped dinette and sofa bed that convert to a 70"x80" bed.  This was the original T@B arrangement.  The Cool Cat air conditioner with heat pump is an option

 TAB teardrop trailer U-shaped floorplan and dinette arrangement
TAB teardrop trailer interior


TAB teardrop trailer L-shaped galley arrangement floorplan and dinette
TAB teardrop trailer interior of L shaped arrangement

The 2 floorplans above can be combined into the "Queen Bed with L-Shaped Galley" floorplan (see the queen bed model floorplan and pictures here).  This has the "L" shaped galley on the front wall of the trailer and the U-Shaped sofa bed that converts to a large 70" x 80" bed.

"Clam Shell" arrangement:

This arrangement has an outside galley.  The two sofas convert to a 70" x 58" bed.  The front wall storage and a bench seat.

TAB teardrop trailer clam shell arrangement interior

Just some of the features of the
T@B :

TAB teardrop trailer - porta potty option
Yes it does! - Porta Potty (option)

TAB teardrop trailer - optional awning
Isn't that cool? - The optional awning

  • T@B is a fully laminated travel trailer.  AluFiber skin is laminated over foam insulation.  The double pane, tinted, poly windows are top hinged for venting and feature rollaway screens and privacy shades.  Choose from Jolt Grey, Orange Krush, Mellow Yellow, or Cherry Red exterior trim colors 
  • Al-KO Kober ultra light frame.  The galvanized frame features rubber torsion, independent suspension axles.  Plus, the frame includes a surge brake coupler, parking brake, easy-up tongue jack, and four corner stabilizer jacks.
  • Interior colors available - Owners Club Blue, Outburst, Block Party or Star Burst Green
  • Premium vinyl flooring
  • Various optional extras available

T@B trailer exterior finish options