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Roadtrek 170-Popular class B motorhome 2009"The ultimate SUV - Seriously Useful Vehicle - easy to maneuver through traffic and fit into car sized parking spots"
Roadtrek 190 class B motorhomes 2008"A balance of interior space and exterior size"
Roadtrek 190 Popular class B motorhome 2010"When it's cruising just for the two of you - a balance of interior space and exterior size"
Roadtrek 190 Versatile class B motorhome 2010"Intended to be truly versatile - a balance of interior space and exterior size"
Roadtrek 190-Simplicity class B motorhome 2012"A Balance of Interior Space & Exterior Size - For Less Money! The 190-Simplicity is a lower priced alternative that still provides full class B functionality but without all the extras"
Roadtrek 210 class B motorhome 2009"A beautiful fusion of design, engineering and functionality with optional arrangements for seating and sleeping - the ultimate widebody class B!"
Roadtrek RS-Adventurous class B motorhome"Combines legendary Mercedes-Benz engineering with the ingenious RV design creativity you’ve come to expect from Roadtrek"
Roadtrek RS-Adventurous class B motorhome 2008New class B motorhome on a Sprinter van
Roadtrek SS Ideal class B motorhome 2010"On the most fuel efficient chassis with the industry’s first and only slide room out the rear doors of a class B (patent pending)"
Roadtrek SS-Agile class B motorhome 2009Use everyday as an SUV but with all the motorhome conveniences
Roadtrek SS-Agile class B motorhome 2011"A drive-everyday motorhome on the Mercedes-built "Short" Sprinter - Compact exterior size… great fuel economy… comfortable seating for five... all the features of a typical motorhome"
Roadtrek SS-Ideal class B motorhome 2011 "Class B's only rear slide-out - only 19½ feet long - easy to use everyday but offers all the conveniences of a fully-equipped motorhome – and has great fuel economy!"
Re: Roadtrek 210 class B motorhomediskuszucht-feegeHallo Bin von dem Wohnmobil sehr Begeistert und Würde mir gern einen Gebrauchten Kaufen. Wer kann mir Helfen?auch gern ein Import. Würde mich über Nachrichten freuen. Info@diskuszucht-feege.de Und Danke schon mal im Vorfeld. it freundlichen Grüßen Ekhardt Feege
Re: Roadtrek 210 class B motorhomechuckPOS!!!! 4k miles and the front springs and front and rear shocks all bad! Front was sitting on the rubber bump stops at 4000 miles! Had them all replaced on my money! Wonders all over the road. Still pulls to the left and Chevy place cant fix it. Bathroom door broke and LP gas valve leaked all my propane out on the drive home just off the show room floor, front of the fridge came off a few days later. The van is rated at GVW 9500 lbs. With no people it is 9100lbs. Factory tires are rated at 1300lbs each. Too light duty maybe...Don't know how to get it fixed..... want to sell it. Runs good and well equipped. But running down the interstate at 70 it goes from one side of the road to the other. Hard to drive. NEVER AGAIN will I buy one! Chevy says Road-trek put too much weight on it and Road-trek says Chevy's chassis is too light. Neither will fix it. now I have a $100,000.00 in a van that is not safe to drive over 40 mph.
Re: Roadtrek 190 class B motorhomeWayne loweryI just bought a 2002 roadtrek 190 popular . Absolutely love it.can anyone help me find the right rear battery door. Mine fell off when I left the dealer.
Re: Roadtrek 170 class B motorhomeDaveWish they were 4 wheel drive, The mountain passes are no fun in 2 wheel drive and when we get to the ocean its nice to park on the beach.maybe you have a good answer why they don't, I can pay extra for it no problem. Thank You, Dave
Re: Roadtrek 190 class B motorhomeSharonAnyone know how to open the power rear sofa? Seems to be broken on one side.
Re: Roadtrek 190 class B motorhomeMartinI have a 1997 Roadtrek and need a new radiator screen and a new rug, if it's possible to get them. Anyone know where? madbicycleman@gmail.com
Re: Roadtrek 170 class B motorhomeMaudebesoin du metal qui tiens la fenetre arriere (frame)ou dois je trouver cette piece ? et j'ai aussi besoin de changer le tapis au complet a l'avant ? ou dois trouver ca
Re: Roadtrek 190-Popular class B motorhomeBruceI would love a picture of a 1991 dodge roadtrek popular custom trailer hitch from under the van. This hitch was designed by Roadtrek. I have the sketch, would like to see it installed.
Re: Roadtrek 190 class B motorhomeBriggsboI'm looking for a way to buy spare parts as well...especially some way to fix/replace the side, rear windows which have become unglued and one actually fell out and broke. I need those little aluminum sliders and a piece of glass that's curved.
Re: Roadtrek 190-Popular class B motorhomeMrargie LavinOne of the many problems we have with our 2010 Roadtrek 190 Popular is that when we open the awning, we cannot get into our van. They have installed the awning too low. Is anybody had a problem like that?.
Re: Roadtrek 190-Popular class B motorhomeTomTo Maggie... We purchased a 2011 Popular- Same window problem. Dealer removed & resealed. No problem since. Can't comment on the toilet, but suggest that a dealership will remedy.
Re: Roadtrek 190 class B motorhomeMargie LavinEvery time I write the compute freeze. Why is that?
Re: Roadtrek 190-Popular class B motorhomeMargie LavinLast August we bought a 2010 Roadtrek Popular and have had problems since then. We bought a lemon. The major one is the side window in the back leaks, The side wall and bed gets wet, and the pump for the toilet does not work. We live in a small province and nobody knows how to change that pump, and we can't find where the problem is for the window. Is anybody had problems like that.
Re: Roadtrek 190-Popular class B motorhomeCarilynI just bought a 1997 roadtrek 190 popular. It has the bed in the back. I want to put a bench seat in the back so that I can buckle up a couple more people. Has anybody done this, or can anyone give me some advice/suggestions on how to get a couple of safe seats in it
Re: Roadtrek 190-Popular class B motorhomeCarilynI just bought a 1997 roadtrek 190 popular. It has the bed in the back. I want to put a bench seat in the back so that I can buckle up a couple more people. Has anybody done this, or can anyone give me some advice/suggestions on how to get a couple of safe seats in it
Re: Roadtrek 190-Popular class B motorhomeCarilynI just bought a 1997 roadtrek 190 popular. It has the bed in the back. I want to put a bench seat in the back so that I can buckle up a couple more people. Has anybody done this, or can anyone give me some advice/suggestions on how to get a couple off safe seating seats in it
Re: Roadtrek 190-Popular class B motorhomeDebbieI have a 1994 roadtrek 190 versatile I need to replace ac how to get old one out my email debmego@gmail.com
Re: Roadtrek 170 class B motorhomeReneWe just bought a new Roadtrek 170 Versatile. I try to locate the optional folding mattress for the front to make a bed. I can't find it at the local dealer or online. Anybody knows where I can find them?
Re: Roadtrek 190 class B motorhomeAnneWe have a 1997 Roadtrek, and need to remove and replace the rear air conditioner. Does anyone know where we can get directions? Thank you.
Re: Roadtrek 210 class B motorhomeRonald LaveryHas anyone ever removed the micro convection oven from a roadtrek 210? The motor that turns the turntable broke. we have a new motor but aren't sure how to remove the oven to replace it.
Re: Roadtrek 210 class B motorhomeKathleenI need a new rug for my 2002 Dodge Roadtrek. Can anybody help?
Re: Roadtrek 190-Popular class B motorhomeJohn PuccettiWhat mileage do you realy get from a 2011 190 Popular? Our computor says 9 mpg
Re: Roadtrek 190 class B motorhometensjunkyI have a96 versatile, without a generator....If I put one in will I have to wire it ....or are they already set up for it ?
Re: Roadtrek RS-Adventurous class B motorhomeB ThompsonI bought a 95 chev 210 Roadtrek new. I still have it. It has 227,000 plus miles. I have only had a few normal problems with it. I wouldn't sell or trade it for anything. For a new owner I would say join the Roadtrek club. The information that is shared is very helpful.
Re: Roadtrek 190 class B motorhomebillhow do you remove the drivers side window/ventilator assembly behind the refrigerator
Re: Roadtrek RS-Adventurous class B motorhomeokieredheadMy husband and I are looking at purchasing an rv within the next year. One concern I have with class b is the fact that my husband is 6'4" tall. Wondered if this would be an issue with the Adventurous.
Re: Roadtrek 190-Popular class B motorhomeFatty FalconeI smelled gas, saw a small leak on the drivers side of my chevy 2003 190 popular, so I removed the fuel tank ( plastic ) and found that it leaked at the factory pressed in filler connection seal at the top of the tank, I could not find a after market tank for a 2003 and a new tank from chevy runs $1200.00 with out installation so i took JB weld and give it 3 coats and my problem was solve, I just hope it holds up ? Fatty
Re: Roadtrek 190-Popular class B motorhomeFatty FalconeI just replaced the propane regulator for the BBQ, on my 2003 roadtrek popular 190, do to it being mounted on it's side instead of flat,( no room to mount it flat) the trailer hitch has to be removed to get access to it.
Re: Roadtrek 190-Popular class B motorhomepennysmomWe recently purchased a 1998 Roadtrek 190 Popular and are readying it for our shake-down trip before planning a lengthy trip early next year. Can someone tell me how to replace the sewer hose on a 1998? What's there is only about 4 feet long and fairly brittle.
Re: Roadtrek RS-Adventurous class B motorhomeChef SchnauzerI just looked at the newest RoadTrek - WOW - I have been toying with the idea of buying a Road Trek and Just started saving up for a healthy downpayment. I'm going to have to go used - I guess I'd hire a mechanic to test drive it for me. And the advantages of desiel - do they still exist? Seems to me the price of desiel it just never retured to it's position (relitave to unleaded). I gotta tell you, I can't wait for my first B class freedom mobile. schnaume@yahoo.com
Re: Roadtrek 210 class B motorhomeroute 66 travelersjust returned from a road trip from st simons is, ga, to los angeles, ca, on our new roadtrek 210 versatile. five of us traveled on it in good comfort. the van handled the mountain grades without any problems. its a new engine, we drove approx 5800 miles rd trip. best gas mil was 14.8 and we were loaded pretty heavy for five people. the only problem was the ac doesnt cool enough for us. it has the standard overhead cool cat ac/heat pump unit. anyone know about any replacement acs for the roadtrek that puts out more colder air? i reaaly dont want the heat pump because the unit also has a furnace. other than that, we love our rig and plan to put alot of miles on it.
Re: Roadtrek 190-Simplicity motorhomeReed4We just bought the 2012 Roadtrek 210 Simplicity. It really is great. Only 22' long but it has everything we need.
Re: Roadtrek 190-Simplicity motorhomeKobeI've been looking at Roadtreks for years. I'm amazed they brought out a lower cost model - market demand I guess. Thanks for the review I'm going to look at it.
Re: Roadtrek SS-Agile motorhomePaul DouglasBy far the Roadtrek is the best overall vehicle I have ever owned, and I have owned a lot. Mostly luxury vehicles but this is the best.
Re: Roadtrek 190 class B motorhomeThe Bailey's, CaliforniaThe 190-Versatile is not only making an excellent 2nd car, but a new way, on a moments notice, to visit friends and decide and stay overnight in our Roadtrek. We are having fun!!
Re: Roadtrek 190 class B motorhomeNancy M El Cajon, CAI have a 93 Roadtrek Popular and love it. Even though it is old, I never want to get rid of it. I want to fix it up, however and am looking for some parts. If anyone can tell me where I can get some used parts I would be grateful. I think the Roadtrek is a superior RV of it's class.
Re: Roadtrek SS-Agile motorhomeKen BI like the Agile better than the Ideal I think - not sure about the rear slide-out...
Re: Roadtrek RS-Adventurous class B motorhomeTrekkerCan you really park the RT Adventurous in a regular size parking space? like grocery parking? some people say yes, but RT is 23 feet long, there is no way it will fit, unless you take 2 parking spaces. Please clarify RT Adventurous owners. Thanks.
Re: Roadtrek RS-Adventurous class B motorhomebarbaraWe have a Roadtrek adventurous and we love it. It gets great gas mileage. If you have a flat, BE AWARE THAT THE SPARE IS ON A STEEL RIM AND THE LUG NUTS THAT HOLD THE SPARE ON ARE SHORT AND THEY ARE THE ONES TO USE WHEN YOU PUT THE SPARE ON THE RV. If you use the 5 lugs that came off the flat tire, they will be too long and will ruin the hub. Reading the book would have told us that. But who would think that a spare tire goes on with different lugs?
Re: Roadtrek 190-Popular class B motorhomeJonI own a 1994 Roadtrek 190 Popular and I am extreamly pleased with it. My grandfather left it to me when he passed away in 2008. Growing up with my grandparents I was around when they bought our Roadtrek new from the lot. I do have some issues with the generator as my grandfather could not keep up with the monthly maintenance during his later years. I was in the military overseas and couldn't help maintain it. The passenger door window goes up when it wants too. Going down, not a problem. We have had the engine replaced twice, due to bad mechanics but it runs GREAT now. Now my wife and I enjoy the Roadtrek on the weekends and been camping in it a couple of times. I highly reccomend the Roadtrek Club especially for new R/T owners. They have awesome ralleys every year. Something that my grandparents and I used to take advantage of. The left and right rear farrings were damaged when a tow truck driver didn't know what he was doing and cracked both of them. Due to my line of work I was able to fix it and you cant even tell except for the paint. But once again, Roadtreks are really a way to go. However I am eventually going to get a trailer to tow behind for longer camp stays. But for weekends and what not GREAT RIG!
Re: Roadtrek SS-Ideal motorhomeAl CYes you are right Gypsie about the twin beds it would be nicer. We were looking also at the Agile but like you said it's nicer to look outside then to look at the gally. I am with you all the way on that.
Re: Roadtrek SS-Ideal motorhomeGypsie in styleI have look at the SS.Ideal. Too bad they don't make twin beds. As for the SS.Agile they have twin beds BUT the stove and sink is on the wrong side. It's much nicer to have both of them on the side of the awning and still talk with your friends. Looking at my neighbor does not interest me. So I have to look at Great West or Pleasure Way.
Re: Roadtrek 190 class B motorhomeHappy HikerWe just bought a 190 Popular. Any suggestions about how to maximize the storage space? Never had an rv before so we are looking for ideas and suggestions from the road warriors out there. My husband and I are used to traveling light. Thanks!!
Re: Roadtrek 170 class B motorhomeDanielleI am debating between 170 and 190. Want something small double bed with the comfort of home. Fuel efficiancy. Only 2 people I have read about pleasure way...any comment about them?. Thank you
Re: Roadtrek 170 class B motorhomeDave RPurchased 97/170 in 2006 with 112,000 mi 180,000 km now has 132,500 mi212,000 km no major problems. Great to travel in we were rear ended in Montreal and pushed into an 18-wheeler with no personal injuries and the RT survived well .Reccommend one strongly.
Re: Roadtrek SS-Ideal motorhomeMountain Mama on the Roadtrek SS Ideal, I heard that the back doors open and there is a slide out. Is the slide out made from metal, or is it like a pop out camper out of tent material? Does anyone have one and how do you like it? We are going to retire and buy a class B motorhome and have been looking at the Roadtrek and Leisure Vans Free Flight. Thanks! Mountain Mama
Re: Roadtrek 190 class B motorhomeJan MI'm a real roadtrekkie. Love them. My father had one and we used it a lot when I was a child. We're spending the winter at our home in Arizona and I'm going to buy the 190 and tour.

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