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Aerbus Premier Class A Motorhome By Rexhall IndustriesThe Aerbus is Rexhall’s premier entry level Class A motorhome. Their #1 seller, the Aerbus comes with a bevy of standard equipment and luxuries with over ten innovative floorplans to choose from, the Aerbus is your best choice.
Rexhall Aerbus / RexAir luxury motorcoach 2008"Every uniquely designed interior is luscious and comfortable"
Re: Rexhall facilitiesJimmy After 14 challenging years in a Gulfstream 102 Limited, I just bought a 2000 Rexhall 3250 unit with 20,000 miles on the odometer in Oct. Paid Paid for it from Nielson RV in Utah. Now, in Jan, 6000 miles later I have had the front brakes replaced. (No problem.) I did have a problem with the slide in (went OUT just fine) and Nielson took care of that at no cost. (Good outfit) Got the extended warranty and glad I did as the PS pump is going out. I had the 30,000 mile maintenance items done at a Ford Service Center, recommended by Rexhall, in Livermore, Ca who did a good job. I'd recommend going out of your way, if necessary, to get your maintenance work done there on your RV. As to Rexhall quality, I can't really comment, as my previous 1996 Gulfstream was an entry level quality unit. But the solid roof cap, welded body, Corian countertop, roof mounted solar panel, Led lighting, golf cart house batteries, dual AC's, air horns, day/night shades, hydraulic levelers, and almost 8 MPG, etc on the Rexhall has been great for the wife and seven Chihuahuas..
Re: Rexhall motorcoachJerryMade a factory tour..Liked the looks and design. Was almost ready to buy..and then they quoted the price on a gas unit.Was at least 40,000 more then I expected..Bought a Monico
Re: Rexhall motorcoachGeorge from OrlandoGreat running coach,when it starts. We have had nothing but electrical problems since we bought it two years used. The layout is great, thats what sold us. The Ford V-1o runs great, and the slides are really large. If anyone knows what is the problem with the electric please let me know. Its been to five different service locals ( all reputable ), and thats another story with the RV industry.
Re: Rexhall motorcoachKenWe got a 1999 rexair and love it: the interior layout sold us on it. First RV for us and no complaints for the four years we have owned it.
Re: Rexhall motorcoachPatThere nice, and I definitely like the design. Aerodynamic, smooth lines, flush fit slides, etc. The way a vehicle of this sort should have always been built. BUT... have you seen the suggested retail price on these things? WOW! With Rexhall's rep and past troubles keeping the factory doors open I think they're blowing it big time.
Re: Rexhall motorcoachDavid HallOwn a 2004 rexair--and don't know where to start with all the problems,from both slide outs leaking.And you don't want to call Rexair they are no help and they always give you someone who doesn't speak english.
Re: Rexhall motorcoachChristian BWe own a 1996 32' Rexhall Aerbus and love it. Great coach, not to stoked with the Ford (we just had to replace a radiator at $960 for the radiator only! Thanks Ford! Anyway - great coach, best we owned yet and if I were rick - we'd get the 2008 in a heartbeat!
Re: Rexhall motorcoachMarThis is the bus I've been looking for the past year or so that I've been seriously searching for a motorhome. Beautiful lines and two full wall slides, way to go. With the addition of a Diesel I think you'll have hit all the numbers.
Re: Rexhall motorcoachDennis H.I recently purchased a 1995 Aerbus and I am basically happy with it. A few things were not up to expectations though. The most unsatisfactory thing is that I have called there service dept several times and they refuse to return my calls. I would keep this in mind if I were to buy another coach from them.
Re: Rexhall motorcoachRonald BWe bought a 1996 32' Aerbus from a private party about 5 years ago and have not been unhappy with it. I LOVE the 2008 Rexhalls. They have finally designed the interior to take advantage of the full slides. If I had the money I'd buy a 2008 Aerbus or Rexair today. I want them to make a success of the new design. Good mpg is going to be a key to class A sales in the future. Okay, quality too.
Rexhall Aerbus / RexAirHank MarshallLooks Like Rexhall has already made a 33 foot version of the new aerbus. Great job. This will be another good alternative to people who want to save gas and yet not give up the quality of a class A motorcoach.
2001 Rexhall VisionMeck SklanskyWe have a 2001 Rexhall Vision. We've had 3 coaches before this but this is the best. The only problems we had were with Ford chassis items during warranty but these were fixed. In 2004 we visited the Lancaster factory and were impressed with the factory and people. If we were buying a new coach it would be a rexhall but I think we'll probably stay with our Vision, why should we change?
Re: Rexhall Aerbusgeoff42I like the idea that Rexhall are adding an RV park to their service and sales center. I've had 2 rvs that I took back to the manufacturer for service (Carriage and Fleetwood) and in both cases I was very satisfied. I'm really interested in the rexhall I think it is the coach that would best suit us when we upgrade later this year. We're retiring and going to fulltime and we've been looking for the ideal coach. This looks good.
Re: Rexhall AerbusRoss KI like the idea that they are adding an rv park to their facilities.
2002 Rexhall RexairLeo HolmesWe've had our 2002 Rexhall since new and it's been very good. We had problems with slides leaking. We were able to take it back to the factory about 4 months after we bought it and they fixed the problem. After the repairs they really tested with a high pressure hose and we've never had a leak since. We really felt good about the factory treatment we received. We felt as if the technicians were on our side. They fixed a few minor items at the same time and they were fixed properly which we've never been able to say about dealer service centers. If you can get to take your RV back to the factory I think this is the way to go and Rexhall were fantastic. We're thinking about buying a new coach maybe next year and we've read lots of the RoTi reviews but think we'll probably go back to Rexhall.
2008 Rexhall Aerbus / RexAirHank MarshallI have been waiting for a RV manufacturer to build something very areodynamic and modern. This coach is perfect. Most of the new coaches look very boxy and retro in their front end designs. I would like to see Rexhall take this exact same coach and make a 32ft model. Gas will keep going up and people will stop buying the huge 40ft RV's and need options of a Class A that will save gas by being a 30 to 32ft model. The slide outs will make up the difference in the square footage. Hank
1996 Rexhall RexAirDave in DallasOur first coach was a 96 Rex-Air. We loved it. Two years ago, we attempted to purchase a new Rexhall on a Ford V-10 chassis. We never could get a straight answer as to price. Nobody wanted to quote a firm price. Glad to see the price on the ad. We'd have bought if we could have had that information.
2008 Rexhall Aerbus / RexAir - excitingBernieWe have stepped out of a Newmar 5th wheel and the Rexhall has excited us to move into a motorhome. The things that really excite us are: Double full length slides, the gas pusher GM bigblock. We had a Chevy, crew cab dually with this engine and made the mistake of trading for a 350 Ford diesel and regretted that move terribly. People think they need diesels in trucks and motorhomes. All we found was that fuel costs were way above gas, diesels are expensive to maintain, you get stuck with water in the diesel, jelling of the fuel in cold weather, and last but not least the cost is extremely higher than a gas engine. If you are not a trucker on the road I don't believe you can justify the extra cost for many years. This Rexhall excites me and if I have to have more power there is always a Whipple type supercharger for the GM bigblock and this would be a great option for this motorhome. I will probably by this motorhome if I can ever get to see one. We live in Wyoming.
Re: Rexhall AerbusC. BellThe Rexhall is the most innovative design since the Classic 1970's GMC motorhome. This is a winner. I would like to own one.
Re: 2008 Rexhall Aerbus / RexAirunclejBeautiful coach we have looked at them in quartzsite az.we baught a fleetwood last year so we are lockeed in for 4 years then will be looking you up.
Re: 2008 Rexhall Aerbus / RexAirTony KI think Rexhall have hit a home run with this. I'm just thinking about how to pay for it ...
1998 Rexhall AerbusKen BarrI have a 1998 Rexhall Aerbus 37' long with a 275 HP Cummins diesel. We've had it since new and have done nearly 65,000 miles. This has been a fine coach, a few problems but all sorted and we've maintained it well and it's given us very good service and a lot of pleasure. We have one slide which we thought was wonderful when we first bought it but when I look at pictures of the new slide arrangement I'm just amazed. 2 whole wall slides, why haven't other manufacturers done it? It gives the perfect arrangement. The interior pictures look real nice. I'm looking forward to the Workhorse UFO diesel option and then maybe it'll be time to upgrade my Rexhall.
2002 Rexhall RexairAlan CarlsonWe really like the feel of the coach. The handling is very nice also, much better than my old gas RV. It's a pleasure driving with the Cummins, it feels quiet even going uphill. The exhaust brake is fabulous going downhill, very often I never need to touch the brakes at all, the exhaust brake and the automatic shift down do all the work. We've had a lot of problems in the coach. One of the biggest problems was the slides leaking. Puddles everywhere the first time we drove during a heavy storm. This was fixed during our first warranty visit back to the dealer. We had more than 30 items on the list, too much to detail here. Most of these things were fixed to our satisfaction first time but it took time and I don't know why some of them were not fixed by the manufacturer or the dealer before delivery. The new arrangement looks wonderful. Based upon your experiences, would you buy one of this manufacturer's RVs again?: Yes. Rating: 4/5.

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