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Newmar Dutch Aire luxury motorcoach 2009"Making its debut in 2009, the Dutch Aire offers you one of the best values in the luxury motorcoach class with an almost incomparable level of luxury"
Newmar Essex diesel pusher luxury motorhome 2010"The Essex Diesel Pusher is simply one of the most luxurious coaches you will ever find. Breathtaking.. bold.. beautiful.. the Essex is truly a luxury coach to behold."
Newmar London Aire luxury motorcoach 2008"A symbol of your love for the finer things in life"
Re: Newmar London AireGaatorWe bought a 1999 Newmar London Aire in 2004. We fulltimed for three years now live it only for the winters. We LOVE this coach - which is our fourth. Quality, quality, quality. Still finding features six years later - 1/30/2011
Re: Newmar Dutch Aire luxury motorcoachBrian I'm back. after rving in our 40' Mountan Aire , I love it no issues my next one will be a 40' like the one I have , 2 slides is good enough , with a tag, I would like 500 hp I'll move up to a 2004 to 2006
Re: Newmar London AireTerryMy brother-in-law recently passed away and my sister wants me to sell their 2008 London Aire. It is so nice, I hate to see it be let go at such a low price. I have it out on rvt dot com for sale.
Re: Newmar Dutch Aire luxury motorcoachWes@ 2micro4u regarding putting a Smart car in the garage of a Newmar Canyon Star Toyhauler: A Newmar dealer told me that the Smart is too heavy for the Canyon Star. Any opinions on a Smart in the garage?
Re: Newmar Essex diesel pusher luxury motorhomeHans RI ahve a 2008 Essex. If money is not a problem for you this is the coach. I wish I could afford to trade in for the latest model. Love the full wall slide. Thanks.
Re: Newmar London AireBrian I'm back I found a 40' 2000 Mountain Aire low miles like new we love it . spent all summer on the road.
Re: Newmar London AireP. MercerI have an '07 Essex. It is my 3rd Newmar. They are just the best and have the best factory service in the business.
Re: Newmar Dutch Aire luxury motorcoachCooneyI'm looking at buying a used Dutch Aire - 2007. Looks good and enjoyed reading the review. I think I'm better with a used Newmar than a new coach at the same money. Also think with any new coach there are some initial problems and I think the 2007 has got these finished.
Re: Newmar Dutch Aire luxury motorcoachJimI traded in a Newmar for a 5th wheel thinking this would be a good move and I would not have to tow a car to get around with when we stopped. Worst mistake I have ever made. Newmar's quality in their Class A's is great. I really miss that. Instead of having quality drawers, cabinets, doors, walls I have paper thin drawers, cabinets, doors and walls. We were going to take it South for the winter but not sure if it will go that far without stopping to have a dealer tighten it up. I wish I had my Newmar back.
Re: Newmar Dutch Aire luxury motorcoachRolfWe have the 2009 Dutch Aire 4304 and we love it. 4 slides and a great layout. This is our second Newmar, we had a 2002 Essex. Newmar is the best. No problems so far. We visited the factory in Nappenee, Indiana in 2005 and they were so friendly and helpful. Previously we'd had a Fleetwood and a Foretravel. OK and good respectively but if you want the best its got to be Newmar.
Re: Newmar London AireJoelI've owned a 2001 Mountain Aire and it was the best coach (3rd one at the time)i then owned a 43PBQ Navigator the worst coach i ever owned (225 items about a third kept reoccuring they could never fix them one example 5 radiator assemblies) i traded that coach in for a 2007 Newmar Essex this is now the best coach i've ever owned. i got service from Newmar in Elkart and the experience was great (they are the nicest folks you could meet) By all means purchasing a Newmar is one of the best coach buys.
2002 Newmar Mountain Aire BrianI am looking at the 2002 Mountain Aire 40' I like the style the shape and so on would you recomend the mountain aire ?
1999 Newmar Dutch Star Diesel Wendy Lwe are having a problem with the dump control..any one e have any ideas love the unit local dealership Rodney Ontario Canada Based upon your experiences, would you buy one of this manufacturer's RVs again?: Yes. Rating: 4/5.
RE: Newmar 2004 Mountain Aire Stephen L. JuntunenHave to agree with comments related to disappointing quality in our 06 MADP. A few too many slipshod details ie: can't change covecection oven light without tearing cheap cabinetry apart; poor quality engine hose to hydro hot; sloppy woodwork finishing; etc.
2003 Newmar Dutch Star Diesel Catherine PWe have a 2003 Newmar Dutch Star Diesel. Wonderful RV and a pleasure to drive. Easy in living in it and caring for it. Have no dislikes and enjoy all the interior since we added the extras we wanted. Company very good to deal with on warranty issues which mine have only been minor. Based upon your experiences, would you buy one of this manufacturer's RVs again?: Yes. Rating: 5/5.
2001 Newmar London Aire Gene and Gail YWe have a 2001 Newmar London Aire. Literally, EVERYTHING is good about Newmar. This coach is our second, if I hadn't lost most of my money in the market crash, I'd buy the latest London Aire, it's the best looking coach I've ever seen and has everything updated the way I would have done them from our 2001. We have always had "likes" and NO dislikes about our coach. It would have been nice to have more slide outs, but they were not available when we bought it. Our whole Newmar experience has been wonderful, both the Mountain Aire and the London Aire. Any Warranty issues were handled very satisfactorily by Newmar; I give them the highest possible grade. And I enjoy visiting the Factory in Nappenee, Indiana. The Newmar people are very friendly and always helpful with any questions I've had. I just cannot imagine an RV company doing more for its customers than Newmar. Based upon your experiences, would you buy one of this manufacturer's RVs again?: Yes. Rating: 5/5
Newmar DutchstarMarilyn CDutchstar by Newmar has been the most reliable RV out of the ten that we have purchased. The performance was outstanding with the Spartan chasis and 350 Cummins engine. No problems on our last 3 month trip and over 8,000 miles.
Newmar KS DPRobert SThere have been minor problems with my Newmar KS DP, however Newmar has taken care of all of them, under waranty. You can not just get in and go, you have to give them the care and proper maintenance. As for service centers, there are good and bad. Some are better than others, but not one of them does it all the first time. It usually takes two or three trips to get everything right. They need to have better informed service tech's. The dealer/service center I deal with is an authorized dealer/service center. The service dept personel need better training on their products, and equipment pruchased with their units.

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