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2015 Monaco Dynasty 45 Palace Class A Diesel MotorhomeMonaco has made a bold statement with its introduction of the new 2015 Dynasty. Its features are specifically designed for the wealthy RV owner who is accustomed to luxury.
Fleetwood and Monaco full wall slide coaches 2007Fleetwood and Monaco side-by-side
Monaco Cayman 2011 motorhome press releaseMonaco announces the 2011 Monaco Cayman luxury motorhome - article with links and reviews
Monaco Cayman luxury motorhome 2011"4 creative floorplans, the new Roadmaster RR8R chassis, new full-body paint and graphics, the power of a Cummins diesel, ceramic tiles - Cayman delivers quality and style"
Monaco Covina Class C motorhome 2009All new for 2009, built on the Dodge Sprinter chassis
Monaco Diplomat 40SKQ 2007"Front kitchen livin'"
Monaco Diplomat class A motorhome 2011 press release"A lot of time and effort with the floorplans - you're really going to love everything with this coach..."
Monaco Diplomat luxury motorhome 2011"More powerful and luxurious than ever - this beauty brings the muscle. And prepare to be wowed with the Diplomat’s four new creative floorplans"
Monaco Dynasty luxury motorhome 2010"A luxury motorcoach that’s designed for both the journeys and the destinations. Designed to add volumes to your life story."
Monaco Executive luxury motorcoach 200845' with 4 slides and luxury throughout
Monaco Knight luxury motorcoach 2007"Value packed beauty ... with plush new sofas and decors"
Monaco Montclair class B+ motorhome (B plus) 2009The luxury that Monaco has always been known for, with the affordability and ease-of-handling size of a Class B motorhome"
Monaco Montclair class B+ motorhome 2010"Looking for a compact RV with a price tag to match, or a sleek motorhome that offers luxury amenities and high style? Montclair is all that, plus a bit more."
Monaco Riptide class A motorhome 2011"A choice of 3 interior décors, 2 exterior graphics packages, and 4 creative floorplans - it’s no wonder RV shoppers are buzzing over Riptide"
Monaco Signature luxury motorcoach 2008Top of the line Monaco - "Getting there in magnificent style"
RVision Trail Sport ultralite travel trailer 2011 (by Monaco) press release"The spaciousness of a full size trailer in an ultra lightweight trailer that is easy to tow"
Re: Monaco Riptide class A motorhomeken staderGreat coach at a great price - Monaco are doing great things now
Re: Monaco Cayman luxury motorhomeGeoff MReally beautiful. The full slide model looks amazing.
Re: Monaco Diplomat luxury motorhomeRip KeeleyWe have a 2010 Diplomat and love it but these new arrangements really are better. I love the feel of the big tag axel motor home it just handles the road so well. I also love the quality and storage space built into it too. Great motorcoach.
Re: Monaco Dynasty luxury motorcoachjoe & carolWe have a Monaco Dynasty 2008 bought used from Lazy Days RV in Tampa. We absolutely love the coach. Lazy Days has treated us like Royalty. Came back for them to take care of a few minor problems, most of which I caused from ignorance, ie we we in a class C. We stayed 4 days and my bill was $170. We are in their crown club so we ate and drank free. Great coach and great experience so far. We have only put about 5000 miles on coach since purchase.
Re: Monaco Dynasty luxury motorcoachKen and Rosemary HWow, it's great that monaco are continuing and building great coaches like this. I've had 2 monacos and was pleased with both of them
Re: Monaco Covina Class Cecwe bought a covina this summer,the model without the rear bedroom - has a larger wardrobe and a longer slideout. It has as much living space as our 34ft no slide class A had. I would recomend this model
Re: Monaco Montclair class B plus motorhomeTammyWe love ours. It's wonderful to drive and no problem at all with loading. Really nice motorhome.
Re: Monaco Montclair class B plus motorhomeJill LWe really like ours. A really nice motorhome that's taken us many miles and will take us many more with very few problems. We carry all our stuff and really enjoy this MH.
Re: Monaco Covina class C motorhomejsaI'm seriously looking at this model as our next upgrade, from a Great West Van.I've never researched bigger models, so I hope Monaco quality is as good as the Canadian "B" manufacturers.The storage and amenities seem excellent. Diesel fuel is high at present, a cause for concern.
Re: Monaco Montclair class B plus motorhomeDanWe own a Monaco B+ and are enjoying the downsize from a 42' Executive. It has everything we need. Like Monaco.
Re: 2008 Monaco ExecutiveMike BrenmarI agree that these new Executives sure look nice. Our 2001 Holiday Rambler also made by Monaco has been ok, a lot of problems but fixed and we've now got more than 60,000 miles of happy rving. I'd definitely go for a monaco next time.
2008 Monaco Diplomat 40SKQThree BearsWe just purchased a 2008 Diplomat 40SKQ. Love the set up with the front kitchen as the refer in front is easier to get to while on the road. The tv away from the cockpit is also a plus. Less storage than our previous 36 foot Safari Simba but well worth the change for the ambiance of the electric fireplace which can be used to take the chill out of those nights when the heat isn't necessarily needed or used w/o heat for the beauty alone. It seems like a great unit. Our first trip is this weekend so we will be back to inform of the gas mileage, functionability, and overall perfomance of the unit. We don't think we will be disappointed.
2008 Monaco SignatureDon BerneI'm not really concerned about how many slides and I have a 2008 4 slide Monaco Signature. This has been a great coach so far and I would recommend it. I don't think 6 slides would be a problem but I think the clean elegant Rexhall arrangement is better. A great looking coach at a very very good price. The Damon Tuscany also looks good but the Marathon would be way out of my price range.
2006 Monaco KnightJoeDWe bought a 2006 Knight 40DFD new and like most of you, had a few problems to get fixed. But this is a great coach, lots of room with the wall slide. I'm not sure about "Jim & Karen" concerns with the bath in rear ... if you have not driven Monaco's RR8R chassis with the 8 air bags (2 on each wheel, and outboard on the chassis) you are in for a real treat. I have no desire to give up this coach, but if I did, I would buy another.
2008 Monaco with Workhorse UFO chassisRandy CooperI drove the Monaco UFO at the Redmond rally. It was very impressive. Handling was amazing and it was very quiet. I don't think I'd ever want a front-engined motorhome again with the doghouse and all the noise.
2005 Monaco CamelotDuchessWe have an 05 Camelot and we love it. One of the best on the market we found after two years of research. Monaco make great coaches.
Re: 2007 Monaco Diplomat 40SKQSy RogersI like the concept. How about a nice murphy bed in the front as the two drivers chairs are unused space. and have the living room in the back. Just a thought . Make the decor country.
2001 Monaco Signature SeriesJECWe purchased used. Monaco from dealership Palm Desert Ca. RV has electrical problems. Had to discharge dealership due to incompetent technicians. Warranty issues, dealer experience. Giant RV Palm Desert Ca. Based upon your experiences, would you buy one of this manufacturer's RVs again?: Yes. Rating: 4/5.
Re: Monaco MontclairmauriWe've had 2 Monacos and been very pleased. Sure we had some problems but they were really the dealer's fault. I'd definitely go for Monaco again and this looks really nice. We had a c and never used the cabover.
Re: 2008 Monaco CamelotRonnie CashA beautiful coach, I particularly like the 42KFQ arrangement with the central sofa and TV setup.
Re: 2008 Monaco ExecutiveKnockaboutWhere's the kitchen counterspace?????
2007 Monaco KnightLoriWe have only had our Knight for 6 months. And have 12K miles on it. We have not had a single engine problem with the coach. Our problems have been ssmall but fixable. Little things that could drive you nuts. It has not gone into storage once. After every trip it returns to the dealer to for warrenty work. I feel my dealer is slow to fix problems as I see manycoachs in for repair. Love the room. My dealer just started this year to sell Monaco. So we are all learning togeather how to repair the coaches. Based upon your experiences, would you buy one of this manufacturer's RVs again?: Yes. Rating: 4/5.
Re: 2008 Monaco ExecutiveWayne SI don't appreciate the glassed in showers that you can see through when you pass through the area or going to the w/c.
Re: 2007 Monaco Knight full wall slideJim & Karenlike the rear bath, but what does that do to the weight distribution of the coach? don't care for the full wall slide concept--hard to believe structurally sound.
Re: 2008 Monaco ExecutiveRuth 43Why don't they have an Executive full-wall slide model for 2008? I think the floorplans show a reduction in width just at the point where people need MORE width, ie near the bathroom. Also, none of the 3 floorplans show the refrig. on a slide opposite another slide - this is another area where people get in each others way.
Re: 2008 Monaco ExecutiveKashi and Ken RobertsThe "feel" of fulltime living in an RV is really important as well as enjoying all the people and places we meet and visit. We greatly enjoy the technical detail and maintaining our coach. We have a 2003 Executive and it "feels" great. We've always felt that our home stands out from the crowd and the 45' Monaco Executive models look even better.
Re: 2008 Monaco ExecutiveKen NorbertThese new Executives sure look nice. We have the 2002 41' Executive with 2 slides. It's a beautiful coach and we've not really had any problems. One thing we have that is really nice that doesn't seem to be on the 2008 models is a second bath with w/c. Not sure about the 45' length, seems a bit too long, getting in and out of some places with our 41' is bad enough and I wonder if 45' would be too restricting?
2006 Monaco KnightPat SWe traded our 99 LaPalma on an 06 Knight to give us more room and an upgrade to the diesel. Unfortunately, the coach has seen more time at the dealer than it has on the road for us. Every time it comes back, there's something else that is wrong.
2007 Monaco KnightDelta BunnyWe looked at the Knight at the Salt Lake RV Show. This is a beautiful home and very well priced. My wife really wanted the full tile from front to back, but it is not available. The one displayed at the show had laminated tile instead of real tile. We are considering the home. We like the idea of not having the TV over our heads. If you like room, this is the coach to consider.
2005 Monaco Knight JimRWe are retiring this year and bought a Monaco Knight in 05. We have not had a single problem and have had friends that bought other manufacturers and have had terrible problems - love my Monaco Knight
Re: Monaco SignatureMonaco LoverI like the Cambridge but you cannot access the rear bathroom room when the slides are in. Also the one I drove had the slide interfering with the driver's seat so that the seat was froced too far forward when the slide is in.
Re: Monaco SignatureRogerI like the rear bathroom model but there are some compromises. The bathroom at the rear is really nice but it takes up about 10 or more feet of the length. This means that effectively the living area - apart from the bathroom at the back - is much smaller - equivalent to a 35' coach. The powder room is nice but the exit is in the space in between the slides. This is an improvement on the earlier model where the refig was directly opposite and this is a big improvement. The Signature is a beautiful coach.
Re: Monaco SignatureFern Personally I like the 45' Buckingham. But, at this price, and I am not saying it is not worth it, not too many people can afford it. It costs more than some houses in my neighborhood. For fulltiming, where you have sold your house it is more affordable and very exciting. I hope that campgrounds can keep up with the level of big rigs that are coming to their parks. I am talking about power, space, amenities and courtesies.
Re: 2007 Monaco KnightTerriThere are several aspects that are new this year that I like from the interior point of view: the kitchen in the front and the TV in the hutch (in the Knight 40 SKT) and the full wall slide (in the Knight 40 DFT) But 0h! oops - don't get so comfortable that you kick back and let the motorhome drive itself! (what is wrong with this picture?... see the one next to the dinette and above the cargo space).
Re: 2007 Monaco KnightKen HI have a 2002 Knight that I bought new. I had many problems to start with with leveling jacks and water leaks. These problems were solved after many trips to the dealer's workshop but I think Monaco didn't have adequate quality control. I hope it's got better now but reading some of the consumer reports I think it might still be a problem. I like the side hinged cargo doors I think that might be a useful improvement.
RE: 2001 Monaco Diplomat 40' w/2-SlidesRod KeeneI had the same problem with my monaco floor tiles. You mentioned the Armstrong tiles being more flexible but I think it's the floor underneath the tiles is not rigid enough. The RV should be built on a chassis that doesn't move. It's necessary to have a rigid chassis and good suspension IMHO.
Re: 2007 Monaco Diplomat 40SKQTerriGlad that the designers are pushing the envelope. The fridge, right behind the passenger is useful. The many times I got up to get something to munch or drink, while on a long straight drive, would have been a little less hazardous. Also, the one piece windshield is a step forward. Now - if it is also not vulnerable to chips and cracks it would be very practical. Hate to think what it will cost to replace. it. The two sofa's are not in good alignment with each other for eye contact for conversation. I like the TV out of the cockpit. It should never have been there. The bedroom is very nice, particularly the wardrobe. The continuous tile flooring from the entry and through the kitchen is very practical. Not particularly relevant to this unit - but to all units: where is there a place for books? where can you place shoes while waiting to be cleaned so that they can go into the closet with the clothes?(we walk in from sandy, muddy ground at times), where can you hang a wall clock that will not fall down? Designers-keep thinking, it is getting better all the time.
Re: 2007 Monaco Diplomat 40SKQTony KI like the floorplan very much. I think it makes sense to bring the kitchen forward and have the TV in the middle of the coach. I think it's a good safety feature too - I had a bad experience with a big TV (not flatscreen, the old big one) starting to move and almost falling down onto the driver and passenger while driving. I also like the one piece front windshield.
RE: 2005 Monaco DiplomatDon SI have an 07 Monaco with the same plumbing issues. It flooded almost immediately after delivery. Miserable QC from the factory and dealer.
2000 Monaco Windsor 36ft.Dale ReaganWe bought this RV privately from a couple who said they'd owned it for 3 years and had no problems with it. But when we came to look closely you could see that tiles had been replaced and we have the same problem with tiles cracking. I think it's just not solid enough and the tiles are too big for the movement of the floor. I've been told that the 2001 Monaco Windsor had smaller tiles fitted for that reason. I think maybe I need to remove all the tiles and replace them with smaller tiles. This is not a good coach we've had many problems. The cabinets are not sturdy enough and the fastenings are cheap. We've had water leaks on the slide that we can't seem to correct and regular electrical system faults. I would not recommend this coach to anyone. Based upon your experiences, would you buy one of this manufacturer's RVs again?: No. Rating: 2/5.
2001 Monaco Diplomat Jerry WUnit has been 98%+ trouble-free. Only problem has been some paint/decal separation around belt moulding. Layout is logical and functional; really like the north-south bed layout; loads of storage space. Only one return visit to factory service center to resolve paint issue; we were treated like kings; Monaco Service was fabulous! Based upon your experiences, would you buy one of this manufacturer's RVs again?: Yes. Rating: 5/5.
2005 Monaco DiplomatCasey BoltI've had a lot of problems with this coach and I think that this is the case with most owners of new RVs. I don't know why but every RV manufacturer seems to have lousy quality control. Everyone I speak to with a new coach has problems. I had a list of 42 problems when I took it back to the dealer after the first month. The worst problem was a water leak that flooded the bedroom (this was a really unpleasant experience and when I spoke to Monaco I really didn't get satisfaction.) The front toilet (this coach has two) stopped working almost as soon as we took delivery. The backup camera stopped working after 2 weeks and the jacks wouldn't come up properly without putting them up and down and up and down etc. It was in for repair for 23 days and the 42 items were reduced to 16 not done properly. After another month we had a total of 27 items and back in to the repair shop for another 17 days. Etc, etc, etc. I don't think anyone should buy a new RV. I still think Monaco is one of the better RV companies, I hear even worse stories about Fleetwood. Would I buy another Monaco? I'm going to keep this coach for at least another 4 years (it'll take another year to get the few problems remaining sorted out) and then I'll buy one at least 1 year old and only if I'm sure that all the inevitable problems of a new coach have been fixed.
Re: Monaco Montclair class B plus motorhomeMariaI'm a great Monaco fan. I've had 2 of their RVs and now I'm looking to downsize from a class A to a class C. This looks ideal but not sure about the sleeping arrangement of the shorter models.
RE: 2001 Monaco Diplomat 40'Jack MOur 2001 Monaco Diplomat 40' now has over 65,000 miles on it, and has been lived in almost continuously and the tiles have never broken. Makes me wonder if the way that our coaches are levelled using the hydraulic jacks is the culprit, but I am certainly not an expert on this subject.

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