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KZ Cayote Sport small travel trailer 2008"Small enough to tow behind a small SUV"
KZ Coyote travel trailer 2010"Lightweight unit offers great floorplans designed with you in mind. Four interior decors to fit your taste"
KZ Durango 1500 series fifth wheel 2010Medium profile, half ton towable fifth wheel with 5 floorplan options - "excellence in comfort and design"
KZ Montego Bay fifth wheel 2007"Strong construction technique, beauty and affordable comfort"
KZ Sportsmen Classic travel trailer 2011"Simple pleasures are always the best. With 3 floor plans that now feature expandable sleeping areas and a new toy hauler model, the Sportsmen Classic is ready to share the good times"
KZ Spree travel trailer 2010"The Spree travel trailer is affordable, nicely equipped and built to take practically anything your kids can dish out"
Re: KZ Coyote Sport travel trailerDianeWe are looking at A KZ roc khauler toyhauler does anyone know anything about these.
Re: KZ Coyote Sport travel trailerkellyi am looking for a 130 coyote light travel or something similar to buy so if anyone knows where i can purchase one close to Joplin MO pls call at 417-825-4565...thanks
Re: KZ Coyote travel trailerSandyLooking for a KZ Coyote 16c 2006-2010 to buy
Re: KZ Spree travel trailerScottWe also lost a bumper and damaged two bikes, that weighed less than 100 lbs, as stated in the manual. warrany and customer service at KZ were no help passing the buck to the frame manufacture. Very poor quality assurance.
Re: KZ Spree travel trailerPatriciaWe had two bikes and a bike rack on the bumper of our KZ Spree. The bumper just about fell off and KZ won't do a thing about it. The man I spoke to was rude and had the attitude of "it's not my problem!"
Re: KZ Spree travel trailerDebThe first time we used our tt, the bumper broke off. The bikes & bike holder we used only weighed 80 lbs. & the info stated not to load more than 100 lbs. The K-z management will not even return our calls or honor their 2 yr warranty. BEWARE.
Re: KZ Montego BayPaul, Ontario, CanadaWe have been fulltiming in our 2008 Montego Bay since November 2007. Very happy with the unit and would highly recommend K-Z products.
Re: KZ Montego BayOhio KenI have a 2006 37 ft Montego Bay. I like the unit but when I got it from winter storage, the clearcoat on the gray paint is peeling off. Makes the unit look terrible. I've contacted KZ and am waiting to see what they recommend
Re: KZ Coyote Sport travel trailerSusanCan the 180 really be pulled by a Highlander V-8? Well, even in mountains?
Re: KZ Coyote Sport travel trailerCaseyLove the Coyote Sport by KZ. Ruggedly built to go anywhere, but lightweight enough so that it can easily be towed behind small SUVs and light trucks.
Re: KZ Durango 1500 fifth wheelL. PalmerI absolutely love this little 5th wheel with the slide out kitchen. It's just enough for 2 people retiring and want to see the states. I also like that it has the bathroom all in one with plenty of room.
Re: KZ Coyote travel trailerMikeWe've had a KZ Coyote 16c (the little one) for 2 years. Great unit, excellent construction, and really well put together. we're upgrading to something larger later this summer (with 2 kids we've outgrown the 16c), and a larger Coyote is at the top of our list.
Re: KZ Montego BayDebbie i have a 35 foot sportsman lx fifth wheel... i love it .. i have the dream kitcen with an island and cherry wood... a sooooo comfortable lving room and a spacious bedroom.... you always have the small malfuncitons at first but have moved into a permanaent lot and I LOVE my trailer and evdryone i know loves it to.. it is like having a second home .. this is the brand to buy
Re: KZ Coyote travel trailerBarbaraLooking for a used KZ Lite. Will pay cash if priced reasonably. Would like a 20 0r 23 foot. Phone number is 864-515-0194
Re: KZ Spree travel trailerSueJust went to the RV show in Baltimore & was really impressed with the Spree. Seems you get a lot for a good price.
Re: KZ Coyote travel trailerNDDennisWhen I decided on a trailer the salesman showed me the coyote I really liked the way it was layedout and the way it was constructed, it cost more then I was orignally going to spend but now after a year of use I'm glad I did and would highly recomend the coyote to anyone.
Re: KZ Durango 1500 fifth wheelAlbert OlveraI've looked at the K-Z before and was impressed, well I'll be in the market for a new one in 9-12 months and will surely keep your new 1/2 ton models in mind as i'll be traveling solo... well done
Re: KZ Spree travel trailerJustinWe have a 2008 Spree 261RKS. We've been very satisfied and we've used it a lot. Like the floorplan and most things about it. This unit is only 26' but our friends have a 33' spree that they really like also. This is big enough for us.
Re: KZ Coyote Sport travel trailerstephenI took the KZ Coyote Sport CS180 to Alaska in the summer of 2007 including several hundred miles of dirt/gravel roads (Atlin Rd and Top of the World Hwy among others). KZ make one tough trailer!
Re: KZ Montego BayMichael and RebeccaWe have a 2006 Montego Bay 34ft and we love it. KZ was so good when our coach lost it power the first time we took it out to a camp site. they came all the way to Alabama to get it and return it back to out home. We would recommend a kz home to any one.
2007 KZ Coyote Sport CS130SDLike KZ. Have a 2007 KZ Coyote Sport CS130 that we've owned for almost a year, been on 3 trips with it. Love it! Tons of storage, we use the overhead bunk and put baskets there for clothing, towels, toiletries. We enlarged one end of the "cutout" on the dinette/bed area and now have a full queen size bed. We did replace the mdf bench seats with sturdy plywood and new foam for the bed for our own comfort purposes, as we leave this set up as a bed all the time. My husband is 6'4" and he fits comfortably in bed and can stand up in the unit itself. The fridge is large, it is easy to tow with our Ford Escape. Can't say enough of how we appreciate all the big unit features in this small light unit...AC, microwave, bathroom with shower, closet, furnace, pantry storage....
kz 22ct coyote travel trailer tooltime7My wife and i are proud owners of kz 22ct coyote travel trailer, with the dealer throwing in free options for us.. the only issue i had during its maiden voyage was when putting up the popout lamps on the support poles, i blew a fuse.. a trip to the towns local napa store and 2 bucks later we enjoyed our week stay at our very first campground, virtually trouble free.any damage i suffered was from my grandkids and superglue fixed that.We are doing vast improvements on our own to provide maximum storage to further enhance our trips. we have created double shelves in the cabinet over the sink, the wardrobe next to the fridge has 3 baskets to put additional items in. After all, who usually wears suits to campgrounds? also on the side where the fridge is we are attaching a cabinet 38 oinces high 14 in wide and 10 in deep to put folded clothing in.i have put an extension countertop that folds down to provide extra counterspace and we have hook racks for hats umbrellas and dutpan and broom , backpacks etc, all to provide floor space for maximum living space.. in summary, without the design and construction of this model, all this would have been very hard to do. We will swear to the greatness of this model.
2008 KZ Coyote Lite 18'Jerry MoenWe bought the 18 ft. Coyote Lite, and are on the second trip. this pulls great! Excellent workmanship. I have looked at dozens and this is tops. Built very solid. I reccomend to everyone!
2003 KZ Sportsmen 285PX3TravelerI bought a new Sportsmen 2857PX3, three slide fifth wheel from the factory new in September 2003. I have owned many travel trailers in my life, the first when I was a teen. K-Z builds one of the finest trailers on the market, esp. in light of the prices. I cannot say enough good things about the company.
Re: 2008 KZ Coyote SportlowwriderI think its cool
Re: 2008 KZ Coyote SportHollieWhat is the weight of the CS210? Also - do you have dealers & financial options in Colorado?
2003 KZ Coyote SportTravelerI don't care too much for small travel trailers but I must comment on K-Z. I bought a new 2857PX3, three slide fifth wheel from the factory new in September 2003. I have owned many travel trailers in my life, the first when I was a teen. K-Z builds one of the finest trailers on the market, esp. in light of the prices. I cannot say enough good things about the company.
Re: 2007 KZ Montego BayPaul BanningI have a Montego Bay and am very satisfied with it. I think KX are good quality and we've never regretted buying ours. The floorplan is good and the latest arrangements look even better. Good value.
Re: 2007 KZ Montego Bay5683 TravelerI have owned pop-ups and bumper pulls all of my life. After a great deal of research, I bought my first fifth wheel, a KZ Sportsmen, brand new from the factory in September 2003. Though there has been a very few minor adjustments, it has been a good dream living full time in this unit since receiving it. I am delighted, overall, with KZ and their product. If you live or travel through the north Texas area and own a KZ and need service, I cannot recommend a better source for service or sales than Athens RV in Athens, Texas.
2003 KZ SportsmenAllen TaylorWe bought a KZ fifth wheel new and we've been very happy. It pulls very well and we've always felt comfortable with this aspect. It's nicely finished and good quality for the price. I would recommend it.

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