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Winnebago Itasca Ellipse diesel class A motorhome 2011"All new exterior styling takes the 2011 Ellipse to a new level that is matched only by the awe-inspiring interior features, decor and appointments."
Winnebago Itasca Spirit class C motorhome 2009"No motor home gives you the freedom to travel like the Itasca Spirit. Get behind the wheel and get going."
Winnebago Itasca Suncruiser class A motorhome 2010"Every aspect was planned to make the Suncruiser the most user-friendly motor home – both on the road and at the campsite"
Winnebago Itasca Sunrise class A motorhome 2008New floorplan with full wall slide that increases the living space in the lounge, galley and bedroom.
Re: Itasca Sunrise class ABOBWWe love the floor plan of the 32H. We bought the motorhome new and it's been horror stories since the first trip with problems in every major system: grey water plumbing, roof leaks, full slide problems, , slide topper issues, gas furnace issues, etc. Even took it to the factory the first year and since then, we had everything refixed because Winnebago fixed it to the way it was designed and not fixing the design problems. If you have a 32H, you will have roof leaks, poor seals, full body slide problems, and more. Many are design/engineering problems. Good luck getting them fixed too. Many RV shops will not touch the large slides and Winnebago won't communicate the fixes. In some cases, the extended warranty folks will not honor the claim. For all its heritage, I cannot recommend a Winnebago or a full-body slide.
Re: Itasca Sunrise class ADon HumphreysWe decided to trade our 2008 Itasca Sunrise because I wanted the extra power and ride of a diesel coach. Tried to work with Bleakley at their mid-Ga location but the sales manager really insulted us with an extreme low-ball offer for our trade. Consequently, we checked out the used diesel inventory at various dealers and found something that looked good at LazyDays in Florida. Susan Krystal was our sales person and she helped us find a used Winnebago Journey Diesel and we worked out a trade. I liked the gas 2008 Sunrise but wanted a diesel coach and we found what we wanted at Lazydays and bought a 2002 Journey 39 DL. We have to on three trips in the new to us 2002 Journey and love it. The diesel coach is so much more solid and provides the power and performance needed in the mountains and over the road to Florida camping destinations. I would encourage buyers looking at new gas coaches to think about what they can get in a used diesel coach. So much more is available when you go with an older coach an if it's 10 years of age or older, you can get an extended warranty if you have concerns about mechanical issues. I still like Bleakley RV for service but am not happy with their trade-in policies and would instead recommend LazyDays near Tampa FL because of how well they treat customers - even those who aren't spending a million on a coach. It seems they will go out of their way to work out a deal. Also, Susan our sales rep was terrific.
Re: Itasca Spirit class C motorhomePegHave a 2002 Itasca Spirit with water problems over cab area. Is this common? Has been repaired 2 years ago and has developed problems again.
Re: Itasca Sunrise class AHankersmithWe have a 2008 Sunrise 32H which we love. We did have one problem on our 23 ft slide out. The slide out dropped down about an inch and would not close completly. We took the rig to Mesa RV in San Diego( whom I recommend completly) where they made the adjustments.
Re: Itasca Sunrise class ADon HumphreysQuick update as I noticed a comment from Bob regarding the full-wall slide. It's almost three years since initial report concerning the 2008 Sunrise 32H with the full-wall slide. No more problems to report. The few problems we experienced were corrected successfully by Bleakley RV. The full-wall slide has worked flawlessly. A tip may be in order though. Make sure you have batteries that are in good shape and always be sure to have the engine running before operating slides. If you happen to have a battery with a bad cell, it may not be passing enough current to slide actuator motors even if the engine is running. In other words, a battery problem often does not show up until the battery is under load. On another topic, I think the coach would benefit from beefing up the suspension with larger sway bars and adding a saftey-steer. It's really an issue of a gas coach vs diesl pusher when it comes to handling...but even discounting for that, cross winds can move the coach around quite a bit which is why I would suggest having either airbags added to the back or just upgrading shocks and sway bars as mentioned in a Motorhome magazine article.
Re: Winnebago Itasca Ellipse class A motorhomeBrian KHigh quality and really beautiful. I drove a 2010 model and loved it, it almost drove itself. Love the dash arrangement.
Re: Itasca Spirit class C motorhomepamI have a 2005 Itasca spirit love it, has been a great vehicle
Re: Itasca Sunrise class ABob StaggersWould be nice to know what Don was told about the slide problem on the 32H. Am considering the 32H but have found numerous negative posts concerning the full wall slide.
Re: Itasca Sunrise class AGary VOur ITASA 32H is our 1st motor home. My wife and I loved the layout and the tasteful dark interior. We purchased the Coach in Marysville Washington from Roy Robinson in August of 2008. All the service has been performed at Olingers in Hillsboro, Oregon. We would have purchased the coach at Olingers but they did not have the 2009 Model we wanted. We have suffered from both weak and bad house and starting batteries, clogged shower water control valve, alignment issues with the full wall slideout, leaking hot water pipes,outside shower control failure, micro-wave control panel cracking, refrigerator door insulation and issues with the home entertainment system. Olinger service has been terrific. They actually identified the slide out issue. We really thought we were buying a top quality coach and I'm surprised that the quality was not better. Winnebago is lucky to have a great dealer like Olinger that takes of problems that should have been fixed at the factory or the selling dealer. Olinger is great Winnebago is okay.
2008 Itasca Sunrise slide problemDon HumphreysWe purchased a 2008 Itasca Sunrise 32H in April 2008 from John Bleakly in Douglasville, Ga. The RV was used - had less than 6,000 miles. The original in-service date was 7/19/07. We were treated fairly on our trades - traded a 30' TT and a 2006 Dodge Ram Hemi. Regarding the RV, when we first saw the RV, we noticed that the full wall slide would not come in all the way but were assured it just needed an adjustment. Upon delivery we were told that the prior owner had dropped his Polaris JetSki Keys into an area where they interfered with the track on the slide and removing the keys fixed the problem. On our first shakedown cruise, the fullwall slide would not retract fully when we left campground near Callaway Gardens. Brought the RV back into the dealer. Again, they adjusted the slide manually, and zeroed out the system, and said they had tested the slide 3 times with no problems. It's now June 06, 2008 and we are on a month-long vacation. We just left on site and moved to another and guess what. The full-wall slide will not retract fully and is out approximately 5" on the front. Guesss the dealer did NOT find the cause of the problem. Can not go down a highway like this. Called Bleakely and asked about getting help. They only have local numbers and could not look up a service facility and suggested I try the phone book. Nice. Also received suggestion that we call the number on the back of our extended warranty card to find a mobile RV service. Fine. Six calls later, we got a referral to someone who has repaired RVs near the beach who seems to understand the HWH - Quickie Slide system very well. The dealer made mechanical adjustments, the mobile tech suspects an air bubble getting caught in a shuttle valve may be the problem as the slide is hydraulic and he's recently worked on another RV that has had recurring problems. We have an appointment Monday which is fine as we will be here for a week. Will re-post if he can fix. Until then, I'd be hesitant to recommend an RV with a full-wall slide that uses the Quickie System. Everything else is basically OK with the RV but this might be a real problem if everytime we go somewhere and break camp we have to find a qualified mobile tech and pay a $200 deductable. Also found out after the sale, that Winnebago does not extend an existing warranty after a coach is sold even if sold when less than one year in service. This is not what we were told when we purchased the RV. Get it in writing.
1999 Itasca SuncruiserBevWe have a 1999 Itasca Suncruiser and the galley is way too small for fulltiming. I was shocked at the lack of storage in this rig. We've had to get rid of so much stuff that I truly did not want to give up. The interior is cheap - plastic instead of wood. The shower is too small and too short. We bought it from an individual out of town - we should have found one somewhere local to have seen in person before buying. We wont make that mistake again.
RE: 2003 Itasca Suncruiser / Workhorse chassisDriftwoodAngelWe have a 1999 Itasca. This happened to us and it was an 02 sensor. Might want to have that checked. It's been fine since that. The mechanic ran a check on everything else and everything else was fine.
RE: 2003 Itasca Suncruiser / Workhorse chassisGregg in OregonBelieve me I know how you feel. We had the same issues with a 2002 Itasca Sunrise. After 5 tows, and a completely new wiring harness the issue seems to be resolved. However, Workhorse was the only one who stood up to the plate. Not the biggest dealer in the country that sells eggs either!! It turned out Itasca put too many accessories on the ignition wiring harness. Once I found this out workhorse replaced and I have put 2,000 miles without an issue.
2007 Winnebago Itasca Horizon 40TDRobin HWe really like this coach. Freightliner chassis with Cummins 400 HP diesel. So much power and so much comfort. The only things we've had problems with is the central vac system. Wouldn't like it even if it worked correctly which it doesn't. We've had repeated problems with the washer/dryer combo. The solar panel electrics keep giving faults. They've fixed this 3 times. But a wonderful coach nevertheless. Based upon your experiences, would you buy one of this manufacturer's RVs again?: Yes. Rating: 5/5.
2002 Itasca SundancerRudy BallItasca make a great RV. I have a 2 slide 30' 2002 Itasca Sundancer with 78,000 miles and no major problems (and not many minor!!!) The Sundancer is built on a Ford E-450 chassis with a 305 horsepower Triton V-10 engine and this is a great combo. But it's time to move on and if I can get the money together ahm a gonna get myself a Sunrise with a full slide and a lotta lotta space. Itasca's the way to go!!
2004 Winnebago Itasca SuncruiserJim ScraseWe have an Itasca Suncruiser that we bought from Olinger in Oregon. We've had quite a few problems including exterior paint peeling and electrical system weird happenings. I found Winnebago ok to deal with, not wonderful but ok. Olinger were very good especially the maintenance and repair department. If I was buying again I would buy a Winnebago if they could convince me that their quality control has improved. I think it probably has. A friend of mine has a 2006 Winnebago and he's had many less problems than me. I would definitely buy from Olinger's again. I agree with the people who say the dealer is as important as the manufacturer when making a choice.
2000 Winnebago Itasca SpiritKelly BrandonI have a 2000 Winnebago, an Itasca that I've had since new. Wonderful coach. I'll buy a new Winnebago if I ever wear this one out!
2007 Winnebago Itasca Cambria WindlassMy "high end" Winnebago Itasca Cambria broke down on the first trip...Ford initially unresponsive, spent night in Gas station after being towed out of road, had to call police to get tow; then, generator failed to start, door fell off closet; after tow to city and "fix", failed to start again. Finally started ... will take to dealer tomorrow.
2006 Itasca Meridian RossOverall, a nice coach BUT... Dealor prep was minimal. The breaks were bad prior to delivery. It had to be impossible for any mechanic to miss. The house batteries can not hold a charge. I have had it back at Mike Thompson's RV 2 times for the problem. On a recent trip to Redwoods National Park. I got tired of running out of battery power after 1 hour and bought 2 new 6V batteries and problem solved. It came with 2 12V Interstate batteries from the factory. Poor battery cavity design. I had to take a hack saw to the compartment to make the newe batteries fit. (they were standard 6v size)
RE: Itasca Meridian RossI agree, I took a delivery from Mike Thompson's Rv in Colton, CA. The brakes had been overheated coming through the pass. They made a very loud squeeking noise when applied. The dealer said they needed to be "broken in". I later had to have them repaired at Freightliner and they told me how it happened. I know it was the Winnebago Delivery Driver as I heard the problem on my drive home after delivery.
2007 Winnebago Itasca Horizon Gary CollinsWe have bought a 2007 Itasca Horizon 40FD that has several layout features that we really like. These are three of them that are really cleverly designed: First, the TV is in the living area and not right at the front. This gives the front glass area a much less cluttered look and has an important safety aspect. With our previous coach we had an incident where the big TV right at the front and suspended from the roof started to fall out of it's fastenings!! Second, the bathroom can be closed off from the bedroom and from the living area. This is a great feature when one partner wakes much earlier than the other. Third, the windows on the passenger side slide are almost full wall and the free standing dining table and chairs next to this give a wonderful open feeling that I've never seen in any other RV. Congratulations to Winnebago for the design of this coach.
2000 Itasca Suncruiser TimWe have a 2000 Suncruiser and we bought this rig new. It was our first new motorhome (we had two previous pre-owned motor homes). There were a few minor problems and adjustments that needed to be made, but they were all cheerfully fixed by our local dealer. The Suncruiser has only one slide, but it's very large and opens up the living area quite well. We did find out (after 4 years) that the microwave/convection oven was incorrectly installed. There is a vent that must be uncovered if the unit does not vent to the outdoors in order for it to cook properly. The vent was not uncovered at the factory so I had to remove it and re-install the microwave. Of course, after that amount of time, Winnebago would not cover the cost, even though it was clearly a mfg defect. All of the systems on our motor home have been functioning nominally for the six years we've owned it. No water leaks, no slideout malfunctions, no hydraulic problems. We thought it rode a little rough when it was new, and that continued even after it was broken in. I replaced all the shocks with Monroe gas RV and the ride is much improved. The quality of the paint is excellent and easy to maintain. The one piece fiberglass roof, if sealed as recommended every year, is an excellent choice. We store it indoors when not in use and I'm sure that has something to do with the finish remaining in great condition. We'll be selling this one and buying a new one next year. It will probably be another Winnebago. My wife likes the functional design of the galley and I like the quality of the furniture. The couch/bed is not like a sofa bed, it actually folds out into a queen size bed with a full mattress, something we probably won't be able to get in our next rig. I would like to have more foot room in the dinette area, but it's okay unless you sit there for a long time. The bedroom is good size for a 33 foot rig and the storage is ample. Cargo carrying capacity is almost 3,000 lbs and that's plenty for us. If you buy a motor home or any other RV thinking you're buying just another car, you may not be happy. An RV takes an inordinate amount of time with just routine maintenance, and since there are so many parts in an RV that really aren't meant to travel down the road, you'll be constantly tightening screws and bolts. If you can get past all that, the experience is unbeatable. Based upon your experiences, would you buy one of this manufacturer's RVs again?: Yes. Rating: 5/5.
2001 Itasca Suncruiser Bud MExterior paint on the bottom is bad. Cannot remove road streaks and weather oxidation. After trials with recommended wash, wax, even rubbing compounds, using buffer, streaks, dullness and road film remain. Any suggestions for solution short of repainting? Hydraulics have given us problems, slide outs continue to ease in when parked. Have had the hydraulics worked on multiple times due to this problem. After about a year, one of the surround speakers fell off at which time we discovered it had been broken off and dealer had "jury rigged" with duck tape to keep it in place instead of fixing and securing it properly. Instruction manual is woefully inadequate! Fabric on divan is of poor quality, plus pad under carpet has pulled away from walls and around turtle leaving dip in carpet surface. We would purchase this product again but would approach purchase with caution! Purchased from McClains in Oklahoma City, with warranty work very satisfying whereas additional warranty work from their location in Denton, Tx, frustrating and unresolved. Based upon your experiences, would you buy one of this manufacturer's RVs again?: Yes. Rating: 3/5.
2005 Itasca Suncruiser TonyWe have a 2005 Suncruiser. Generally positive. We'd definitely buy again. New floorplans look really good.

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