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Fun Finder X travel trailer"You won't find more value for your money in a lightweight package .. as attractive as it is functional"
Re: Fun Finder X travel trailer Josephd Maurizzibought new 2014 fun finder 25 foot in June. Excellent design, they put a lot of thought into this trailer. Looked at Winnabago but opted for the fun finder, they had the slam latch doors, the fantastic fans, higher head room, they did not cut corners too much. They did have a cheap mattress. It was like sleeping on a board, Replaced it w/foam mattress $700. They should look at the article in Bloomberg Business Week Dec 14. Title the largest tool in the toolbox. It is about Dodge Ram how you can custom order a Truck. The Rv indutry should take notie. I would love to be able to custom order. I want air ride suspension, cant find it, We had to replace the mattress, I want 4 season capability. cant find it. ect. The only bad thing is the underside has a foam board finish. The wind caught it and pulled it down and tore it. I pushed it back up their and seemed to be ok. I would put a couple of cross members in across the width of the trailer wood slats to hold it up in their. We have pulled it about 5000 miles so far. Built in generator would be nice. We are boondockers. So we pull this trailer over some rough road. We are limited on length too where we camp. Mountains, Desart ect. all in all I love the design of this trailer.
Re: Fun Finder X travel trailer Josephd Maurizzi5719 Fry Dr
Re: Fun Finder X travel trailer JanetThanks to all who have shared their problems with this line of camper trailers and warning the rest of us who are looking to buy one! This is a obviously a pretty lousy company when they won't help their current customers with legitimate & major problems! I am going to avoid them like the plague!! I don't know why such companies don't proactively resolve problems their manufacturing processes and/or employees caused in an immediate and positive manner! It's as if they think no one will know and they can shabbily keep doing what they are doing. Very sad!! Since they're useless to current owners, I hope they go out of business soon!!
Re: Fun Finder X travel trailer Happy Fun Finder Happily have owned Funfinder 160 for 7 years. Trailer has been great. We have taken it on several long trips, thousands of km and never a problem. Would recommend this trailer to anyone.
Re: Fun Finder X travel trailer Sam Fun Finder Travel Trailers !, I owned good and bad through out my 55 years , But out of everything I owned I got to give it to Cruiser RV the makers of the Fun Finder , They are the Best ( Hands Down ) for making The Worst piece of Junk Travel Travels . Don't waste your hard earned money on this Company's Junk,
Re: Fun Finder X travel trailer 21 slide-out2008 210wmb front window has design flaw which can cause undetected leaks, wood-rot, and mold on bed platform, adjacent closets, and lower front storage compartment.
Re: Fun Finder X travel trailer Darren ThompsonI bought a 2011 FFx 19 with the electric corner jacks....what a mistake !! The jacks are complete junk had 2 go already on 10 trips out. Weep hole is on the top !! fill up with water and seize up. Known defect. To manually put them down you have to tear off the whole motor assembly. I am tearing them off and putting on manual cranks.
Re: Fun Finder X travel trailer Elainewe have a funfinder xtra 276 and our shower/tub water drains into the black water holding tank. Does anyone who has this trailer have the same draining system? We are told that this is the way it is made but find it extremely odd to have shower water draining into a very small holding tank.
Re: Fun Finder X travel trailer JonBought our new Fun Finder XT276 this spring...first camper ever. Everything works like it should on every outing this summer. No problems like some claim. Really enjoy the unit and it pulls like a dream.
Re: Fun Finder X travel trailer DouglasAs to the delamination mentioned by Don...Yes! We have the Fun Finder XT190 from 2008, it had been adequate, if cheaply made. But now that the skin is delaminating, my dissatisfaction is complete and would not recommend this trailer to anyone.
Re: Fun Finder X travel trailer SamIf your looking into a New Garbage FunFinder X Travel Trailer (STOP) and don't waste your money , Buy a Tent ,Trust me you sleep better
Re: Fun Finder X travel trailer JeanetteWe bought our UN-Fun Finder less than a month ago and its been in the shop twice already and headed in again. We were stuck in the bighorn mountains when the slide out would not come back in. Turns out the moter was dead on one side. Had to cancel the rest of our vacation to come home and get it fixed. The heat will not come on without the airconditioning also coming on at the same time. Very much regretting this purchase so far, not only because of the problems but because the dealer doesn't seem to care.
Re: Fun Finder X travel trailer toytrucks8Purchased a 2007 Fun Fnder X 16. Great layout. Pulls great in the mountains of Washington State. Pulling with a 2012 Ford Explorer 4WD. Seems to be quite well made for such a light trailer. Do not see any of the problems others have listed.
Re: Fun Finder X travel trailer B & P from AZFirst outing plumbing leaks under entertainment center, ruined some of wood. Bathtub cracked, had to be replaced. Second outing, slideout leaked badly. Both problems required 2 months each at dealer for repairs. Afraid to move it this year.
Re: Fun Finder X travel trailer Gaius GracchusOur family purchased a viewfinder and we had leakage from poor caulking around windows and faulty stabilizers in rear plus other problems. So far problems are being addressed under warranty but not sure what will happen when warranty runs out.
Re: Fun Finder X travel trailer Crystal Jensen2009 model purchased brand new in 2010. Owned it 24 months, used it twice, been in the dealer's shop for warranty repairs for 18 of those 24 months. Truly regretting my purchase. Never bought anything of sizable expense brand new before in my life (not cars, not houses, not campers) first ever purchase of a brand new off the lot item and so so unhappy and dissatisfied with the Fun Finder. LOOK AT OTHER BRANDS. BUYER BEWARE.
Re: Fun Finder X travel trailer Bill WrightMy daughter has a 2006 Fun Finder X, has been nothing but trouble since she bought it new. Besides electric and plumbing problems, front is delaminating and they are telling her $4K to repair. This is the sorriest excuse I have seen for a camp trailer. I wonder if anyone has considered a lawsuit against the maker?
Re: Fun Finder X travel trailer Nathan Bryan AZJust got a NEW 2011 FunFinder FDS & its falling apart around me , Its JUNK , I traded in a 2010 Skyline Layton that is a way better Camper.I live @ 5 1/2 hours from the dealier and he told me Im not going have Problems with it ,Less then 1 week I called the Dealier and asked him if I can undo the deal and get my Laton Back becouse this thing is falling apart, & he said NO ,Then I asked if I could get a different 189FDS thinking this one was made on a Monday or a Friday ? And he said NO , I told Him Im going to bring it back ,park it and leave it there till everything is done right , He told me that he is understaff to handel things of Problems this big. I had it with this thing ,My Wife loves Camping , She said I'm not going anywere in that thing . My Comment is ! Its JUNK and don't beleave anything that how much better it is then other brands , Out of a 1 to 10 I give it less then 1 and thats being nice, My Laton was way way way better made at 1/2 the$$$ and twice the Camper of the FunFinder JUNK JUNK JUNK
Re: Fun Finder X travel trailer DianeOur skylight over the tub leaks condensation under the trim and is ruining the ceiling. Anyone else have this problem? How to fix it?
Re: Fun Finder X travel trailer robertit would be nice to find a dealer that answered his phone.
Re: Fun Finder X travel trailer DonWe have been enjoying our 2007 FF139X tremendously, just right for the two of us. However, we are now experiencing delamination of the front cap where it curves to meet the roof -- no water leaks, and it's only a couple years old. Anyone else having this problem?
Re: Fun Finder X travel trailer ChrisWe have a 2007 X-160. Absolutely fantastic for our family of 5 and two (large) dogs. Tow it with a Toyota Sienna with no problem.
Re: Fun Finder X travel trailer NicoleWe own a 2008 25BHS and really enjoyed it but now are looking to sell and try something smaller...something a suv can pull!
Re: Fun Finder X travel trailer waleedhi..im from kuwait, and is very suitable for my family and me be honest,iI think to buy it, but I have a question Is it possible to drive the car and my family at home. my email : waleed990@msn.com
Re: Fun Finder X travel trailer MikeWe have the Fun Finder 1007 160 with the bunks and overhead bed, it fit all 6 of us as the youngest are 9 and 10 and can double up on the overhead bunk. We use it for mountain camping and campgrounds and love it. Easy to tow with a GMC Envoy and the only small trailer we could find that fit all 6 of us.
Re: Fun Finder X travel trailerColinWe have the 160 bunks model. Really one of the best things we did was buying this. All our family, including the dog look forward to our outings in it. No problems whatsoever just fun all the way. Thanks for the review and glad to add my recommendation to it.
Fun Finder X 160 travel trailerBill KempWe have the 160 floorplan with the bunks. Wonderful for my wife and I and the 2 kids. Great trailer, great quality and great value.

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