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2015 Four Winds 33SW Super Class C Motorhome ReviewThe 2015 Four Winds 33SW Super Class C Motorhome, powerful Powerstroke 6.7L Diesel, sleeps 8 people with a full wall slide and many standard features.
Four Winds 5000 class C motorhome 2007"Packed with value - nothing else measures up. In comfort. In quality. In value."
Four Winds Chateau Citation Sprinter class C motorhome 2009Versatile floorplans in a fuel-efficient class C that offers "exquisite style and unmatched comfort"
Four Winds Chateau Sport Class C motorhome 2008"Comfort, quality, value"
Four Winds class C motorhome 2009"Based on your family size and travel requirements, it's easy to find a Four Winds Class C Motorhome floorplan that's right for you."
Four Winds Fun Mover class C motorhome 2008Now available with crew cab - for enthusiasts who enjoy traveling with their toys
Four Winds Hurricane class A motorhome 2007Two models added in 2007 feature an expanded living area and enhanced interior amenities
Four Winds Hurricane class A motorhome 2009"First-class comfort and elegant style - a variety of basement and semi-basement models makes it easy to choose the floorplan that's right for you"
Four Winds Hurricane class A motorhome 2010"See how you can enjoy the first-class comfort and elegant style of the 2010 Hurricane Class A motorhomes. A variety basement and semi-basement models makes it easy to choose the floorplan that's right for you."
Four Winds Kodiak Class C motorhome 2009New models - "high end all the way"
Four Winds Magellan Class A motorhome 2008New floor plans - "at a modest price point"
Four Winds Serrano class A motorhome 2009Built on a Workhorse W20D chassis giving "a more comfortable cockpit with more interior living space and a quieter cabin environment" - a motorhome with "true style and comfort"
Four Winds Sprinter Class C motorhome 2008"Designed for those who want a multi-purpose motorhome with upscale features and attractive amenities at an economical price point"
Four Winds Ventura class B motorhome 2009"A luxury class B motorhome with upscale interior amenities, sleek exterior lines and superior fuel mileage"
Re: Four Winds Hurricane class A motorhomeLorna ZemarWe have a 2006 34N Hurricane with 3 slides that only has 11,000 miles on it and the interior is like new. We are asking $45,000 for it.
Re: Four Winds Serrano class A motorhomeDavid Have just read the enquiry from Joel regarding the Four Winds Serrano. It is strongly recommended that he fully explores the French rules and regulations if it his intention to register any American Vehicle in France, as it is understood that this may not be easy and may be impossible, as the vehicles may not meet the regulations of that country. It will be interesting if he could let us know how he gets on.
Re: Four Winds class C motorhomeBradDo i need to light any pilot lights in my 2001 28a?
Re: Four Winds Hurricane class A motorhomeTimbContinue to have LR slide problems. Nownun Billings, Mt. No Rv shop wants to work on a hydraulic system. We did get a mobile repair service to help us. He did what he could to adjust the slide, bled the system. The slide is currently staying in place when retracted. Hydraulic motor is being replaced.The weight of the slide has permantly bowed the supports and one of the two support rollers is frozen. We added a wide piece of Teflon to help the slide get over the non functioning roller.
Re: Four Winds Hurricane class A motorhomeTimBWe have a 2007 Hurricane 34B. We like the layout but continue to have problems with the slideouts primarily the couch/booth slide out. Very poor design. It has one center hydraulic piston (now using the 3rd one) and no other support to help guide the slide. This trip, after closing the slide, it started inching out (when driving or parked). Installed new hydraulic valve and "anti creep valve" from the Equalizer factory. When trying to close the slide it stops moving (frustrating and worrisome when traveling). At a loss on how to fix this without removing the slide and modifying the slide support system.
Re: Four Winds class C motorhomeTerryThe Very first time I went to go camping with my New Motorhome. It was getting hot in motorhome so I started my gen set turned AC on Gen set quit I went back to my dealer he let me use there gen set and told me to bad we can not fix it that was 2010 my motorhome spend the hole summer at dealer got it fixed at Cummins now I'm burning out AC unit's on number three. Now the dealer is telling me that my Gen set all the wires are burned. It is summer again I guess it is time to take my New Four Winds back to the repair shop. I would not buy a Four Winds 31P. All my Dealer can say is TO Bad. My Dealer told not to uses Gen set my Motorhome will Burn Down.
Re: Four Winds Chateau Sport class C motorhomeFred BI have 2008 25C from new. Pleased with the purchase. My good fortune that it has been very good overall. Toured many States and now in Europe. With hindsight I would have liked hydraulic levelers. I could do with more storage because of the way I use it. Uprating the converter and adding a 2nd leisure battery was sensible. Not good so far is the durability on the upholstery on U-shaped dinette and day/night blinds.
Re: Four Winds class C motorhomeKellyWell we have had HUGE issues with leaking in our coach. the Dealer was useless!!! Thor was great to have us bring it down and they fixed the problem, but 2 years later we have another leak and their response is that we must not take care of it!!!!! I was not impressed. This leak is in the only wall they did not replace 2 years ago. I am very disappointed in this product. We are up on the roof 2 x a year to check for leaks as well as have a coach repair place do the same. How can they say that we do not look after our coach. we believe it is a design issue but of course they will not help!!!!!
Re: Four Winds Ventura class B motorhomeD MorganLove the black exterior. Very classy. Liked everything about it until I saw it only had a 4.2 cu ft refrigerator. Not big enough for the two of us as we do NOT enjoy waiting to eat out in overcrowded restaurants. So I cook great simple meals when we travel. And where would I put the much food and two or three 2 qt beverage containers? What do all you people do? Eat out every meal???
Re: Four Winds class C motorhomeBrown CamperWe have owned a 2005 Four Winds for the past 3 years. It was a Cruise America rental model. It is our first motor home and overall is a value. We have traveled from Ohio to Florida, Tenn and SouthCarolina. Additional features such as an awning and more basement storage but have found the 35o engine, generator, a/c, fluid capacities to be more than adequate. We flat tow a 2008 Ford Focus with Brake Buddy and Blue-OX.
Re: Four Winds Hurricane class A motorhomejessie OystrekWould like to sell 2010 Class A motorhome, 31 G. Bunk model, 2 slides beautiful unit. kitchen in the middle, roomy bathroom with glass shower doors. hardley used maybe 3 times, Excellent condition 9,470 miles. Must Sell do to divorce. 78,000.00 780-238-6040
Re: Four Winds fun moverjoseph bucciarelliwhere can i rent purchase a 4 winds fun mover
Re: Four Winds class C motorhomeSandyI've got a 2010 21ft Freedom Elite. It's definitely a starter home. The quality is truly lacking. After less than 3 years the top vents have fallen apart. The shower hose fell apart. The carbon monoxide monitor fell off of the ceiling. The electrical plug covers have come loose. It only has 13k miles and we're looking to replace it.
Re: Four Winds Hurricane class A motorhomeLindaWe are looking at buying a 2005 Four Winds Hurricane motor home. Can anyone give us some comments about them?
Re: Four Winds Hurricane class A motorhomed mannFor you Ford chassis out there, check out the "Cheap Handling Fix" thread on IRV2.net. You simply re-attached your front sway bar using the inner bolt holes. Can anyone give me the CCC rating on a 30Q?
Re: Four Winds Hurricane class A motorhomeRonLooking at a 06 Four Winds Hurricane 31D. Towing capacity is 5000 lbs. I need more than that. Anybody have any ideas?
Re: Four Winds class C motorhomeJason Just purchased a new 31l four winds class c motor home and after a few months of shopping we feel we made a great choice...
Re: Four Winds Hurricane class A motorhomeChinoBobWe are selling our '06 Hurricane.22K miles. 32R model w 2 slides. 50 amp 2 a/c. Many many xtras. Excellent cond and comes with everything, including all toad towing gear. Way too much more to list. Asking $50000. 714-393-3533
Re: Four Winds Hurricane class A motorhomeWalter2009 34 ft. Hurricane. Our problem water appears under rug rear of engine compartment. It is not leaking from the roof but stains the carpet with a rusty color stain. Anyone have a clue what is causing this leak.
Re: Four Winds Hurricane class A motorhomeRylee smithIts to much much money :(
Re: Four Winds Ventura class B motorhomeSkeptik$90K ?!? Geeze, maybe at $55k but that's the max.
Re: Four Winds Hurricane class A motorhomeKathy T.Looking for a 2002-2006 Hurricane 34B model in the 40-50,000.00 price range. 330-881-3205
Re: Four Winds Serrano class A motorhomeJoelHello, I'm French and American RV lovers! I would buy a Four winds serrano 31 V or Z, but I need to know the consumption of diesel ( because in France the diesel price is horrible ! ) . could you help me? give me your experience about your use with this model! thank you in advance! hello of a French who loves US and has lot of respect for your country ! ( and excuse-me for my poor english ! )
Re: Four Winds Hurricane class A motorhomewallyHi, Im looking at a leftover Hurricane 30Q does anyone have any pros or cons on this unit. If you recently bought one what price range was the purchase. Trying to get the lowest price and beat the depreciation. Thanks for any help
Re:Four Winds Kodiak Class CTamara Kay Love it! King bed...and room for all my 7 kids we want to take them on long educational homeschool trips... Just have to figure out the $ ?
Re: Four Winds Serrano class A motorhomeJohn and PamWe just bought a Serrano X I love it's layout style and quality. We are taking our first long trip October. We have taken small trips and no major problems. We bought our's at Dandy Rv. Great to work with. We had the View 24ft and this size for us is wonderful.
Re: Four Winds Hurricane class A motorhomeMonaco ManHi Wayne & Linda. I assume that the manufacturer has used the 6 volt, deep cycle golf cart batteries as the house battery pack. Most manufacturers do this and they use two 6 volt batteries, hooked in series which gives you 12 volts. By using the deep cycle 6 volt golf cart batteries, you have much more battery capacity for your house system. My Monaco uses eight 6 volt batteries with four sets of two hooked in series to give 12 volts and then the 4 sets are hooked in parallel to provide additional battery capacity. I hope this helps you understand your battery system better.
Re: Four Winds Hurricane class A motorhomeWAYNE & LINDAJUST BOUGHT A 2007 34b 13000.miles DRIVES GREAT. HOWEVER. I found THEIR were 6 volt BATTs. FOR the coach. HAS any one ever heard of this ????
Re: Four Winds Hurricane class A motorhomeFrank GI have a 2010 Hurricane. We have had it about 1 1/2 years. We have had nothing but problems with it. The first thing, there was no AC in the front of the coach. We had to take it to 3 different service areas befor it was fixed. The steering was really eratic, was hard to hold on the road. Still not fixed after having it worked on at 4 different Ford dealers. It leaked around the windshield and the rubber gasket had to be replaced. Had problems with the slider not sliding out. We are extremily unhapper with the RV.
Re: Four Winds Hurricane class A motorhomeTim GetzlaffI have a 2010 Hurricane 34B w/bunk beds for sale. Used 5 nites only. Mileage is from the factory to the dealer in Houston, TX 1700. 50 Hours on generator. Deliverd in May 2010 and used for the first time on July 11, 2011. Monthly maintenance performed regarding starting and running of engine, generator, etc. during my absence and storage. Leaving the country again and do not wish to store it in my shop again. Contact 409.351.0370 or email sevenb47@ymail.com
Re: Four Winds Serrano class A motorhomebonkJust bought 2011 serrano 31z. It gets really hot in the cab from the transmission hump cover. The exhaust pipe is very close to the floor board at this point. Does anyone offer an after market heat shield and does anyone else have this problem?
Re: Four Winds Ventura class B motorhomeSusan SI LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT; the burled wood the ease to drive my husband passed away 3 years ago I love the white tan and the decor was done by someone who has a knack for design. GET ONE NOW I understand the wont build these in 2012 TOOOOOO BAD
Re: Four Winds Hurricane class A motorhomeA & M BrysonAfter about two years of looking and researching my husband and I bought a slightly used 2008 Four Winds Hurricane 34B last summer and absolutely love the layout!! It only had 134 hours on the generator and 8000 miles on the engine. Although both our children are grown I talked my hubby into buying a bunk model, and because I’m a quilter and there is plenty of room in the bedroom to set up my sewing. I can close the door and I don't disturb my hubby in the living room. This layout is great because when our kids come and visit we have room to sleep 4 extra adults!! (We let them decide which couple gets the bunk beds and which one gets the pull out.) And the bunks can be used as extra storage when not in use (they are great for golf clubs). We did have an issue with leaks at the living room and bed room slides but they were fixed under warrant and are fine now. We also had an issue with the thermostat control and again it was replaced under warrant and is fine. All in all, the unit is wonderful and the price made it possible for us to full time because we didn’t have to mortgage our Motorhome. From what we have found no Motorhome (like a house) is perfect so we found one that fit us and got fixed what needed to be fixed. :O)
Re: Four Winds 5000 class C motorhomelinda k baileylove to see a 34 footer in myarea live at 46366 .contack me on fhe closes area .
Re: Four Winds Hurricane class A motorhomeRobert and Linda in FLWe have a 34U and we love the floor plan. We took it out 3 days after purchase and we spent 5 months on the road. Love the way it drives. We hade only one issue and it was minor.
Re: Four Winds Serrano class A motorhomeGaryI was thinking of getting the 2011 Serrano 31x and never owned a class A. I was Wondering if anyone had any info good or bad about the front kitchen.
Re: Four Winds 5000 class C motorhomeBobSeeking feedback about a reliable class-c diesel. What has your experience been? Any particular manufacturers you'd suggest? Thank you.
Re: Four Winds Ventura class B motorhomeFred J.Just pick up one of these. Traded my 40 ft. diesel pusher. No more parking issues. I will put it on the highway this weekend. At least my wife will drive it.
Re: Four Winds 5000 class C motorhomerobert marcheseif this were manufactured with the Dodge 4500 or 5500 chasis I'd be interested in purchasing one!
Re: Four Winds Chateau Sport class C motorhomeWarren RenchWe have the 29R, and are totaly happy with it. If we had to do anything different, it would be to have the slides on the drivers side only.
Re: Four Winds Hurricane class A motorhomeSteveHi Folks, We are thinking at buying a used Hurricane but when we drove it the cab had so much motor noise. Does anyone have advise? Thanks, Steve
Re: Four Winds Ventura class B motorhomeLuhra TivisThe Ventura Class B is perfect!! It has excellent accomodations for myself & my two little dogs, it will be easier for me to drive than a big RV would be, it has great gas mileage. I can drive it to my author appearances, giving us a comfortable journey, and then it is small enough to park in hotel parking garages. I can hardly wait until we take delivery of our Ventura!!
Re: Four Winds Serrano class A motorhomeN. PowersWe own a Serrano. It is working out great. Lots of 'teething' problems as it was an early one off the line, but the layout, driving experience, size, storage, and living experience have been great. The engine is not at all noisy at speed, but you will get some noise cold and when accelerating. Plenty powerful out here in the mountains (better than our Sprinter class C), but I wish the downhill braking was a little better. We have tall mountains in Colorado! I'd recommend to anyone looking for a smaller but very livable class A. But chose a good dealer as they will be fixing lots of little things early on.
Re: Four Winds fun moverHeadshapeRobert K Chris K...You are a real Dork!!!
Re: Four Winds Ventura class B motorhomeHappy CamperI just got the Ventura 2010 Motorhome 2 weeks ago, and I love it. So far I've driven it 1,200 miles, and am Amazed at the ease and Comfort of the Ride, plus it gets an incredible 21 MPG, at an average speed of 65 MPH
Re: Four Winds Ventura class B motorhomeDonnaI love the look of this. I am looking for a van to trade my 40 ft. Country Coach Inspire for and I think this is the one for me.
Re: Four Winds Serrano class A motorhomeHein DusseldorfI Visit Lazyday and look at a Serano four winds, I must say first impresion It is a great size ,lots of storrage, i test drove it, the engine cold sounds very loud!, and on temperature , on cruise speed the sound is accepteble, aldo making speed the sound stays very loud! in my opiniun it is a little underpowerd. i do not like the engine choise. This RV is regular qualety for fair price!
Re: Four Winds Hurricane class A motorhomePhilI have a 2007 34N. I lost a TV and Microwave when a power surge took place at an RV resort in Palm Springs. Is it possible to install a hard wire surge protector, notwithstanding the Roto-Cast Utility Station.
Re: Four Winds Serrano class A motorhomedwight hinnantwould like to purchase a serrano
Re: Four Winds Hurricane class A motorhomeSteve HayesWe have a 34B 2008 Hurricane for sale 20K miles, very very clean, kept inside for storage email me at kieferhayes@sbcglobal.net

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