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Excel Classic fifth wheel"Unsurpassed quality construction"
Excel Limited Edition fifth wheel 2008"No other RV in history can match the Excel Limited Edition for home-like amenities and uncompromising quality"
Excel Limited fifth wheel 2010"Lavish luxury - combines our most advanced features and amenities into a 5-star hotel on wheels"
Excel RT fifth wheel"Designed to be pulled over rougher roads and into less civilized camping sites"
Excel Wild Cargo toy hauler fifth wheel"Brings the action with you wherever you go. Every inch of Excel’s new Wild Cargo is geared toward your fun-loving and action-packed lifestyle"
Re: Excel Classic fifth wheelFun runnerWas told excel went thru layoffs etc due to economy and suffered quality control issues when production came back.. I am highly impressed with fit and finsh. Everything is tight and well fitted. Only trouble was a seal failure in front hydraulic landing gear in 2012. I removed it and easily resealed it for about 15 dollars in seals. Excel said they were not repairable but are easily resealed.
Re: Excel Classic fifth wheelFull timerDear "LS"customer, in your post you give no discription of your "5 page" list. Fit n finish is of cheaper units was better? No, they just build it with cheap crap and know it, so they hide it realy well. -10 degrees stated in the warranty? Excel IS by faaaaaar the best made fifth wheel in the world. You buy something else and have a dime a dozen unit that has a 1/100 chance of de-lam. Ill take excels 1/14,000 YES, ONE IN EVERY 14,000!!! Sounds to me you bought from the wrong dealer. Hope you dont screw anyone else up in their research in THE BEST RV IN THE WORLD! Excel is great we have have just moved up to the limited. Our old unit... My son will be using it for the next 15 years untill we grow to old and we "PASS DOWN“ another! Thank you peterson ind, we love you!
Re: Excel Classic fifth wheelRocky DriggsI've had two excels. My 98 was bought in 2006. lived in full time and been all over the usa. Has been in N. Dokota in winter. It was -8 many days, i say days and nights -15. I didn't even have a good skirting up. anyways it was a good camper. just bought a 2009 this year 36 foot. payed a little high, but i have everything a house has and more. ive seen many campers out there. and excel is on the top of the list. if i didn't have this one i might buy a country air. my budy has a 92 he's been livin in to this time. Thank you.
Re: Excel Classic fifth wheelLSThe article I wrote was about the LTD,not a Classis, which we had previously and were happy with.
Re: Excel Classic fifth wheelLSWe owned an Excel Classic 2000 36' RKE & it was a superb unit. We full-timed in it until 2004. Decided to purchase another Excel 2 yrs ago,full-timing again. Bought a 2009 Excel LTD 33RSE from RV Sales in Moriarity, NM. HUGE MISTAKE!! We have 55 pictures plus 5 typed pages of items (seriously wrong) w/unit.Been back to dealer 2X & some items were taken care of & not and in a month going to factory. Things just keep popping up and we aren't hard users of a unit. IT is our home and treat it as such. No way they can correct errors as they will have to start from beginning and completely rebuild unit.I can't begin to list the problems and we aren't knitpicking here. The way they advertise their units is a crime. We are ashamed to have friends see this unit. They should be ashamed they are turning units such as this out of their doors. This has been a nightmare for us. The finish work is something that isn't as nice as some we have seen in must cheaper units. In places, not even finished. BEWARE if you are considering an Excel. It is NOT a first-class unit by far.
Re: Excel Classic fifth wheelhopingtoRVCan anyone tell me what each of the initials mean for the Excel line of 5th wheels. We are looking at 30' and up and can't seem to find the answer!
Re: Excel Limited fifth wheelWalter WoodI have a 2004 Limited 33RSE and have been living in it for the last 2 years full time. I have had no problems with the RV itself. I have only had a few very minor problems such as water heater element, light fixture, and the "Half Time" oven. None of theses issues were caused by Excel, they were supplier/vendor issues which I easily took care of myself. This is my 3rd RV unit and I can assure you I will buy another Excel. I even spent the winter of 07/08 in my unit in Wyoming during the worst winter in 25 years. 15 below zero temps and 50+ MPH winds and nothing froze up. Note that it was loosely skirted with styrofoam planking only. I am sold on Excel Limited RV 5th wheels. 12/29/09
Re: Excel Classic fifth wheelDavid HansenI want to know if Exel has a 39' to 42' 5th wheel. I plan to be a full timer and would like the x-tra.
Re: Excel RT fifth wheelBenjamin LWe've had 2 Excels and have nothing but good to say about the company.
Re: Excel Wild Cargo toy hauler fifth wheelKirstyWe have the 39SKM and like it very much. The garage area is enormous and the bedroom with the slide is better than my house. This is really nice and we try to use it every weekend and look forward to using it.
2005 Excel 36FLR fifth wheelCurtis GallowayOwned a Cougar before purchasing our 2005 Excel 36FLR. The floor plan, construction and durability is supperb. Have had the unit parked in the pines of northern Californa since purchased and it still looks a good as it did the day I bought it, inside and out, with very little maintenance. I would purchase another Excel or Peterson Industries product in a heart beat without reservation.
2004 Excel 33RSE Limited ffth wheelW. WoodI spent the 07/08 winter in Wyoming in my 2004 Excel 33RSE with no problems except for frost around the window frames. The temps dropped to 15 degrees F. below zero with winds of 50 MPH+. Worst winter there in 25 years. Hard-piped and insulated the sewer, heat traced and insulated the water hose and skirted the bottom with styrofoam. I sold my Fleetwood Prowler to a co-worker who told me that it froze up solid. Enough said !
2007 Pleasureway Excel John DThe DVD player was defective. New unit was installed. The quality of the interior finish. ie Corian, Leather, Maple raised cabinet doors. Pleasureway has a very knowledgeable and helpful tech service manager. The dealers techs seem inexperienced and have too much work. Based upon your experiences, would you buy one of this manufacturer's RVs again?: Yes. Rating: 5/5.
2005 Excel Limited EditionsparkyWe have an 2005 Excel Limited Edition. It is a solidly built product and we enjoy our floorplan. Our gas mileage has actually gone up even though this fifthwheel is 1000 pounds heavier than our last fifthwheel. Everything rides well in it, recommend Excel.
2004 Excel Limited 5th wheelMike GPurchased it new in November 2005 - the front jacks have gone out twice - the RV pulls well Purchased 2004 RV new in NOV. 2005 at RV Show. After 20 months had a well maintained tire with less then 5000 miles it, blow and cause damage to the wheel well. Found out Peterson Industries (the Manufacturing company) put 2002 tires on the 2004 unit and sold it to me new in 2005. The unit is still under their two year warranty (does not include tires). The tires were three years old when I bought the new unit. When I contacted their costumer service they told me "too bad!" You may run into an honest Excel dealer; but be aware of Peterson Industries if you call with a concern, they are not rated as high as their RVs. purchased at RV Sales, Moriarty, New Mexico I would be happy to speak with anyone at Roaming Times, if they would like more information about my incident. Based upon your experiences, would you buy one of this manufacturer's RVs again?: No. Rating: 1/5.
Re: 2008 Excel Limited EditionMo MitchellWe've had 2 Excels and we loved both of them. Good RVs and a good company to buy from. We lived full time in one of them for almost 3 years and it was almost problem free.
Re: 2007 Excel Classic5683 TravelerI bought a fiver built by KZ (Sportmen) new in '03 and lived in it full time since that time. I looked at a lot of trailers but KZ had always won an award for quality each year and I know why. I paid half of trailers like the Excel at under thirty, out the door with a seven year warranty. And the inside looks like the Excel 30! Guys, overall, this is a well made trailer and a bargain at the price. 2857PX3 fiver with '02 F350 club cab diesel.
Re: Excel Classic fifth wheelRuss CalneWe have a Teton Prestige Monterey. It's a 1998 and we definitely need to get a new 5th wheel. I've been looking at all the ones that we know are higher end rigs - Teton, Hitchhiker and Carriage. The Excel probably also fits into this class. I talked to an owner this week, we're in a park in California, and he strongly recommended the Excel. It was a Classic 33RSO and it really seemed to be well constructed with a beautiful interior. Seems to be priced well for what you get. The other one I'm thinking about is the Arctic Fox. We had a Nash trailer that was very good, made by the same company as Arctic Fox. Any experiences on them?
2005 Excel fifth wheel 36RDOColin and Marie KeithleyWe bought the 2005 36RDO 5th wheel new and have never regretted it. We've had almost no problems and the manufacturer not only makes a good product but also stands behind it. We even went to Kansas and met the owner of the company. They gave us a great welcome and they're very helpful. A beautiful RV inside, well thought out.

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