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Damon Astoria class A motorhome 2009"The dawn of a new era in affordable luxury - ridiculously affordable - ridiculously livable"
Damon Avanti class A motorhome 2009The initial Avanti model "up to 70 percent better fuel economy than comparable Class A motorhomes"
Damon Challenger 2007"Most motorhome for the money"
Damon Challenger class A motorhome 2009"Designed and built for the luxury gas motorhome buyer - for much less money than you’d expect with more standard features"
Damon Daybreak class A motorhome 2009"Surprisingly affordable - offering outstanding features in a compact size. Aerodynamic, fiberglass front and rear caps give a sleek, contemporary look. Storage is everything and it has plenty..."
Damon Essence class A diesel motorhome 2010"A luxurious diesel pusher that provides unbelievable extras ... Everything is high end, except for the price tag, a luxury suite on wheels"
Damon Outlaw class A toy hauler 2009"The original Class-A toy hauler - includes a loft with sleeping for two over a garage"
Damon Tuscany - SIX slides model - luxury motorcoach 2008"Sophisticated and elegant design"
Damon Tuscany luxury motorcoach 2008"A sophisticated combination of high-end living features and elegant automotive design."
Re: Damon Outlaw class A toy haulerJason CogleI just used my Damon Outlaw this week to go to Laconia Bike Week. On the way home it rained. The wipers have always been unreliable. I've maybe used them 8-10 times since I've owned it. Everything is tight (with Loctight), but when you use it, the wipers' travel increases. Well, the right wiper traveled so far out of its normal range that it hooked on something and before I could pull over and unhook it the motor burned out. That about sums up our experience with this piece of garbage. EVERY time we use it, something major breaks. BUYER BEWARE!!!!
Re: Damon Outlaw class A toy haulerJason CogleTara - I agree 100%. My wife and I bought a new 2010 Outlaw, and we've had NOTHING but problems. Every time we use it, something breaks. They are completely unwilling to stand behind their product. All they can say is, "1-year warranty." How many times does the average person use an RV in one year? The warranty is useless, but I guess Damon is smart for having a 1-year warranty since they're putting out such a piece of garbage.
Re: Damon Outlaw class A toy haulerJason CogleTara - I agree with you 100%. My wife and I bought a 2010 brand new Damon Outlaw. Every time we use it, something breaks. They are the biggest pieces of garbage out there. Great layout, but HORRIBLE product.
Re: Damon Outlaw class A toy haulerJason CogleTara - I agree with you 100%. My wife and I bought a 2010 brand new Damon Outlaw. Every time we use it, something breaks. They are the biggest pieces of garbage out there. Great layout, but HORRIBLE product.
Re: Damon Outlaw class A toy haulerJRb3rd - I'm interested in your Diesel Outlaw 2009 with 5000 miles - call 830-426-9777
Re: Damon Outlaw class A toy haulerOne Leg TomI really like the Outlaw. It fits my needs to a T. I would like to know if they can be upgraded to a diesel with a 6 speed allison for a toy tow'r! We have a show log cabin (eaglelogcabins.com) on a trailer that weighs 5,000 lbs. I do outreach to disabled vets and children at hospitals so I need maneuverability too.
Re: Damon Daybreak class A motorhomechucki have a 1998 damon daybreak 31 ft. when I start to remove the gas cap I hear air coming out or going in. what would cause this ?
Re: Damon Outlaw class A toy haulerRonDear B3RD, I would like to know more about your, RV for sale. nrdurginATyahoo.com RE:I have a 2009 outlaw. Scorpion package & all options. Added a tracking satalite dish. Freightliner chasis. Diesel motor. Like very much but no time to use. Should sell it. No problems. only 5000 miles.
Re: Damon Challenger class A motorhomeJohnBob, the sane crew built ours. Their mind was definitely not on the job at hand.
Re: Damon Tuscany luxury motorcoachBrad JenningsSelling my 2008 Damon Tuscany 4056, six slide outs, diesel, 40k miles, my cell is 817-401-1153. thanks,
Re: Damon Challenger class A motorhomeSpaceyLaceyWhen I first got my 08 challenger it had missing floor beams & needed to be redone at the dealer, then the shower leaked & was again fixed under warranty. Since then things have been great but 3 things I hate: the windshield wipers are always breaking, the handles are all broken outside, the pleather couches/chairs are flaking & it looks terrible. I'm getting covers for them this week. Otherwise I love my RV! The engine is built Ford tough & after tweaking bedding & dbling up the bunk mattress pads we are all very comfy on our trips.
Re: Damon Astoria class A motorhomeBritcanuckI have a 2011 Damon Astoria which I really enjoy. Had a few warranty issues but they where promptly dealt with. I am trying to change the air filter and it seems to be a horrible job. Have to remove a panel in the power cord locker which is held on by 8 star head screws (not Torx)tightened by a power tool. There are electrical connections attached to the panel which have to be removed. After all this the panel is removed and the filter is exposed. Is there an easier way to do what should be a straightforward job? philkjp@shaw.ca
Re: Damon Challenger class A motorhomeRB We bought a 2012 Thor Challenger in September of 2011, and have had major issues ever since. It's been in the repair shops longer then it's been at our house. It's been to two seperate Camping Worlds and even to Thor and problems still not fixed. Camping World always tears something else up during any repair and keep saying that everything should've been fixed by Thor when they had it. I have a list of at least 25 problems with it, right now the electric awning motor broke and Camping World took the motor out and put zip ties to hold it in place, then they lost the motor last week. I could go on and on about this, it looks like I may need a lawyer.
Re: Damon Challenger class A motorhomeTbird19482Looking for a service manual for a 1994 Damon Challenger. Am having trouble with low and High beam headlights, where is the relay at? also at botton of steering col. is a canister that goes to the start key it gets hot what is it and should it be replaced?
Re: Damon Outlaw class A toy haulerb3rdI have a 2009 outlaw. Scorpion package & all options. Added a tracking satalite dish. Freightliner chasis. Diesel motor. Like very much but no time to use. Should sell it. No problems. only 5000 miles.
Re: Damon Outlaw class A toy haulerBarden CaliJust got ours...where do you get the legs for garage door to stand up & the screen so the dogs dont get out. We are in southern Cali. catt15@rocketmail.com
Re: Damon Outlaw class A toy haulerSteve and Kim2007 3611 8.1L Workhorse, towed Hybrid Escape...Love it! Had it since Summer 2011, second owner. Bought it in Tx and took a week to get home in Ca., and have taken long weekend trips locally. Everything works very well. Have made three BIG upgrades - 1200Watt inverter - filler foam w/ Temperpedic topper from CostCo to make the loft queen into a California King (yes, had to relocated the bedside table) - and a new bigger (40") flat screen TV in the salon with a real swing mount. So glad we could get the Workhorse Gas8.1/496 - Allison 6 speed (sadly out of manufacture) because the Ford V10 is less power and 1 less gear - and for the Diesel Freightliner fuel costs more than Premium Gas in Cali!!!! The garage is GREAT for our 2 Saint Bernards! Now we want to get a screen wall for the backend. If you have any questions about our rig, write to us at scarab0088@yahoo.com
Re: Damon Challenger class A motorhomeBonabobI own a 2009 Damon Challenger. It came with vinyl (leatherette) seat covers, 2 captain chairs and 2 couches) The unit turned 21 months old and the vinyl is peeling off the backing everywhere. Damon sent me the same defective material and said install it yourself. Damon Many owners are having the same problem and Flexsteel will not help because they say Damon supplied the defective material. Damon (Thor) does not stand behind its products, it merely hides behind its weak warranty.
Re: Damon Outlaw class A toy haulerVicapI have a 2010 Outlaw and just purchased a 2010 Smart Car to haul in the garage. I installed the e-tracks that came with the Outlaw with a center width of 52". The Smart has a 54" track in the back and a 50" track in the front so split the difference. The e-tracks had to be cut to accomodate the slope of the floor. I use Mac tire webs to tie it down. I used the third e-track over the rear stair covering to spread the weight of the car over a larger area. All this after checking out the mega-wisdom from various forums. How smart are we??
Re: Damon Outlaw class A toy haulerRetired FarrisI bought a 2012 Thor Outlaw and a 2011 Smart Car. What are the advised tie downs to use on the Smart Car. I also have to resolve the problem of the extra back door on passenger side coming out of garage. I have to have the step cover reinforced in order to put the Smart Car in the garage. Any suggestions? plfandcsf@aol.com
Re: Damon Tuscany luxury motorcoachHmhHave had a 2006 and 2009 Damon Tuscany. The first one we had a lot of leaks. Traded it in for the 2009 4076. We have had fewer problems.......no leaks. Loved the floor plan. It is a great motorhome for the money. However, we are looking at the new Itasca Ellipse. The quality is much better, but the price is a bit higher.
Re: Damon Challenger class A motorhomeMike A.We absolutely love our Damon Challenger!! Great value for the money. Has anybody had any problem with the wheel fenders separating at the seams?? Splitting?? They seem very inadequate in structure!!
Re: Damon Challenger class A motorhomeMike A.We absolutely love our Damon Challenger!! Great value for the money. Has anybody had any problem with the wheel fenders separating at the seams?? Splitting?? They seem very inadequate in structure!!
Re: Damon Outlaw class A toy haulerTaraI own a 2007 damon outlaw that was bought brand new. We have had so many problems.They must use very cheap parts or get them from a junk yard. Something breaks every time we use it,which is only about 4 or 5 times a year.I wish I could turn them into lemon law or something. I will never buy another Damon product again. I'll prob own this one forever, cause who the heck would want it.Buyer Beware. They look cool, but are only full of headaches. Breaks my heart that we wasted such a large amount of money on this hunk of junk!
Re: Damon Astoria class A motorhomeFrank & Mary DavisWe have a 2008 Astoria PE, 3772. After having travelled extensively in a HR Admiral we decided we needed a better floorplan and Diesel. The Astoria fit the bill perfectly. We had minor problems during the warranty but all were handled very quickly by Damon and Freightliner. These problems don't come close to what we have experienced with previous motorhomes. We have owned 8 RVs in the past 30 yrs. We have 35K+ miles on this one and it is the best of all.
Re: Damon Outlaw class A toy haulerPaulRenteria.comWith push button Stabilizers, In-Motion Satellite and pop out living room-my kind of camping! Finally a Class A where I can streach my legs at the wheel & where my knees do not hit the door while sitting on The Throne~ What a Dream to see my Harley & Golf Cart in the Garage!
Re: Damon Daybreak class A motorhomeRuolBought our Astoria new late in 2008 and now have 30,000 miles on it. Have had a few minor issues, but we love it. The Astoria gives us useable features usually only found in coaches we could never afford, and it looks great!
Re: Damon Challenger class A motorhomeBobI purchased a new 2009 Damon Challenger. The customer service from Thor/Damon cannot be beat.They are the best. However my coach must have been built on the day after the annual Christmas party because it is in the shop more than it is used for poor workmanship.
Re: Damon Outlaw class A toy haulerMAXwell Racing GroupThis coach is fantastic, Damon was the first toy hauler and has done it right... I really want an Outlaw for my ATV addiction. Two of my buddies at the dunes have the Scorpions and it is sweet, I'm looking for some where that rents these! Can anyone help, I MUST have one.
Re: Damon Challenger class A motorhomeMaxwell KrobYes, I've also found the Damon coaches to be much cheaper, but now I own an Astoria and wish I has saved the cash on my first two coaches. I think they just stay focused on make it a value.
Re: Damon Astoria class A motorhomeMaxwell KrobAfter owning a Fleetwood diesel my wife really wanted a better floor plan and more space. We looked around and she loved the Astoria by Damon, I was unsure, it was cheaper then what we had looked at in the past. But a year later I agree, it has been a great experience. And as an engineer I know the quality is there. Also the dealership was very helpful from start to finish.
Re: Damon Avanti Class-A MotorhomeEckhard ZeppmeiselDear sir, i'm very interested, maybe do you have dealers in Austria or germany too. regards Eckhard Zeppmeisel
Re: Damon Astoria class A motorhomekittyWe have a 2007 Pacific Addtion Astoria brought NEW. We have had nothing but trouble with this coach. Every few weeks something else goes wrong and or breaks that shouldn't. We are retired folks and this is our home. We are having to spend money with thought we could use to travel. I feel this Coach is a lemon and should never have passed inspection but some how it did and we are stuck with it. Damon's home office just said sorry not their problem. So becareful in buying Damon Products.
Re: Damon Challenger class A motorhomejaseessThe motor home on the wheel with all the comforts and facilities, which is really a great experience.
Re: Damon Tuscany luxury motorcoachKen CMy wife and I purchased an 09 model 4072 and we love it. Great ride back to KY from the NE last month. Looking fwd to our winter trip to CA. Tuscany is a great coach!
Re: Damon Avanti Class-A MotorhomeGrandguy never owned but like the coach chasi and engine. Interior design needs more options before it's my 1st choice.
Re: Damon Astoria class A motorhomeJohn PicklesI am desparately looking for a 'green' vehicle. preferably with LNG power. Is it available. I can purchase an LNG 12 year old in NZ but would prefer to be more up-to-date model. I plan to drive it home to the UK, via. Australia, Asia. I currently live in Singapore. What an advert for Damon!
Re: Damon Avanti Class-A MotorhomeRon CarterDon't believe what salesmen tell you, the Avanti is certainly no more noisy than any other motorhome in my experience. This is our third and our best. The Avanti is in a class of its own in my opinion.
Re: Damon Essence class A motorhomeCharles CooperI saw this at the Louisville RVIA show. Really liked it. Damon are really making nice coaches with fair prices. It didn't say anything about MPG. Same figure I guess - 7 or 8 mpg?
Re: Damon Avanti Class-A Motorhomeold travelerI like what I see, but would like to hear from someone who actually owns one. I had a salesman tell me the engine is noisy.
Re: Damon Tuscany luxury motorcoachNelson familywe just bought a 2008 tuscany with 3 slides as our first coach!! it is beautiful!! anyone know how it rates to other manufacturers, like a monaco....our monaco salesman told us the damon wasn't as good quality, but we think he was just mad we didn't purchase from him!! any thoughts?...
2001 Damon ChallengerJamesi have a 2001 damon challenger with 41k and runs great for a 454 but what i don't like is i get a lot of air noise while driving and i can not cool the darn thing. we replaced the front windows $$$ helped a little but still can't cool with 15k unit...any suggestions??
Re: Damon Daybreak class A motorhomeBryan NReally like the 3270. Looked at one today and it really is good. Seriously thinking about it. Like the simple floorplan it has everything we need.
Re: Damon Tuscany luxury motorcoachPrairieDogI love the floor plan of the 4076. I like everything about it but the roof. It needs a one piece fiberglass roof. I would also like to see the generator on a roll out slide up front.
Re: Damon Astoria class A motorhomeDrewI can't comment on Damon quality, but the basement compartments are unusable with the slides out; I'd never get a floorplan with a split bath- leaving the shower in the hallway...bummer using it on a cold morning when you've got to heat the whole mh so you don't freeze. And what about being in a public viewing area?
Re: Damon Outlaw class A toy haulerprincess-blueyMy son says air lockers are better than limited slip diff. Off on a tangent here, Flotex carpet is a hybrid between vinyl floor covering & carpet. It is mop-able carpet & feels like velour underfoot! It is used extensively in Australia in shopping centres & hospital wards etc... I believe it would make a valuable addition to any RV!
Re: Damon Outlaw class A toy haulerprincess-blueyI like the new 3808, it's a good start! I'd like to see a standard King size bed, with plenty of room to walk around, plus a hard sided pop top over the loft bedroom for those of us with claustrophobia. I like the scorpian upgrade package. I'd also like to see more ground clearance & limited slip diff for the more hard to reach camping places, (like the Finke Desert Race!). Does it come in right hand drive for potential Aussie customers?
Re: Damon Avanti Class-A MotorhomeKP I have heard that they are noisy and sluggish due to the front mounted motor. Our test drive seemed that way as well Anyone have any experience
Re: Damon Avanti Class-A MotorhomeRV.'er guyActual test fuel mileage was approx 14.3 mpg @ 55 MPH

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