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Cikira Classic Cruiser travel trailer 2009"The quality you've come to expect in a Classic Cruiser, with all the comforts of home" - lite with lengths from 14'9" to 21'9"
Cikira Retro-Lite small travel trailer 2009"Looks good behind your tow vehicle..in keeping with the early 1950s trailer style"
Re: Cikira Classic Cruiser travel trailerL.A.inColo.Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for all your honest comments about this travel trailer!! I was seriously looking for one to purchase and after reading the comments, I'm happy to say that I will NOT be purchasing a Cikira. No wonder they're no longer in business.
Re: Cikira Classic Cruiser travel trailerChrisTexanAdditional note, I was worried about wall damage (the front wall likely has some from leakage, but not the side walls). In a fortunate twist, the walls are "dry" because of the linoleum, it actually served as a buffer to keep floor moisture seperate from them. If they'd built it right, they'd have had a vapor barrier run from inside of RV (tacked under tack strip at bottom of wall to hide it) run under the wall, out of the RV, then OVER the rubber underlayer (all covered by the stainless). That way, any exterior wall leaks, would run over the barrier and outside the floor "pan", instead of collecting inside the rubber and saturating the floor.
Re: Cikira Classic Cruiser travel trailerChrisTexanRandall - if you add hotmail or gmail to my name, you'll have my email address, would like to see your solution, keep in mind I want to do a WHOLE floor fix. Others, as with most RVs, the floor is first, then the walls. The floor is bolted to the frame, then the walls are screwed on from underneath the floor at the perimeter (you have to pull off the corner cladding and underlayment to see them). Easy enough to get the walls loose (except the rusted screwheads fall apart). Interior walls and furniture are screwed "down" into the floor from inside. Haven't gone further than some disassembly and discovery yet, ultimately the challenge is getting the interior items "loose", and lifting the walls off the floor (mine actually have settled about 1/8" below floor level in some places due to floor softness). I have a plan in place, but I also have just received an offer for mine "as-is" so might not be a problem much longer if it goes through. Email me if you want (make Subject "Cikira RV" so it jumps out at me!)) and I'll describe in detail what's needed.
Re: Cikira Classic Cruiser travel trailerDave from Ky.Cris, I'm about to start the same thing you were going to do.With about the same camper.How were the sides attached to the floor
Re: Cikira Classic Cruiser travel trailerMichaelI also bought a Classic Cruiser 16LB and have a floor issue - it is soft and wet and needs replacement. It looks like the whole trailer is built up after the floor was installed so I am not sure how I can easily replace the whole floor. Randal Bates - can you forward this email to me? MF1590 "at" aol.com - any hints or experience reports are appreciated! thanks a bunch!
Re: Cikira Classic Cruiser travel trailerRandall BatesHey Chris Texan got an e-mail can send ya the fix easy as pie you will need a table saw to rip some 1 1/2" by 2 1/2 they use 1 1/2 x 3 and 1/2 inch plywood on the floor I used 1" marine ply and ditched the wadding pool option
Re: Cikira Classic Cruiser travel trailerDukeGreat floor plan on my 18CCB, but what a piece of junk. Floor is chipboard, gets damp falls apart, walk across it, it breaks down and falls apart. Side wall are thin fiberglass on chipboard, condensation collects, gets damp and falls apart. Poor fit on all joints. The front fiberglass chipboard gets damp and soft and cups in while being towed, will eventually split. I drilled one inch holes inside on the front and filled the entire front cavity with liquid foam, then put in hole plugs, Had to cover floor with plywood. Had to chalk all seams, joints, etc. It is usable but you really have to keep an eye on things. I consider it to be just another American made piece of junk. Had a 30' Tioga motorhome before this and it wasn't much better. Buyer beware, be truely beware.
Re: Cikira Classic Cruiser travel trailerChrisTexanOh, forgot to mention, I'm in Texas, it hasn't rained since early summer other than a single light sprinkle in 6 months... when I pulled the front table pedestal out to check the wood under it, the wood is literally "WET"... I push on the floor and water is oozing out of it. It's a good testament to how well the rubber sheet prevents water passing (out), and that the seal around the table pedestals was quite good.
Re: Cikira Classic Cruiser travel trailerChrisTexanFollow up to previous comment of 2 years ago (see below). Entire RV floor is shot, after I carefully had sealed every visible joint possible. DO NOT BUY ONE OF THESE, USED OR NEW STOCK!) Ihave now found why, it's an entire design flaw. Cikira sealed the bottom with a rubber sheet (good). They then stapled the edges of the vertically around the edges (bad, think "bathtub lining"). THEN they made it much worse... they added nice-looking "diamond plate" around the edges. But they didn't seal it (at ALL!!!). They then hid the seam with snap-on molding strips which snapped to a frame that they cut "short" all over. They barely added sealant to the edges of the moldings (which are loosely mounted at each end to begin with), which of course immediately separated from the walls, and shrunk leaving open ends. SO now you have 360-degree molding strips, covering an open metal flap which funnels the water straight into the rubber bathtub which surrounds the ENTIRE RV. After the following steps, I pulled a small part of the sidewall lower wraps out to check things out (rotten floor behind).... So my floor is shot, to anyone who says "it's just compressed styrofoam"... in my 2006, there is ZERO insulation of any sort, just bare, rotted 5/8 (guesstimate) OSB or other particle board (can't tell, it's soggy dust on mine). I first pulled out the table mounts to get a look, if you want to look at yours this is an easy place to check... it goes linoleum, wood, rubber sheet. So before I go any further taking things apart, does anyone KNOW for sure how the sidewalls are joined to the floor? I know now that the large bolts going through the frame rails are NOT from the walls, just from the floor. My hope is that the walls are joined from under the floor (bolted upwards), as they appear to be of a "uni-laminate" construction (plywood/styrofoam/plywood). This tells me it was probably pre-assembled, then joined to the floors, which I HOPE means that it bolts from underneath. If so, then I can drop the sheeting around the edges, and remove the bolts (after clearing out the interior as much as possible) in order to slip in new flooring. But I need some confirmation, I don't want to pull all that apart only to not be able to fix it (I know it won't be easy either way)... if they built the wall in place, or bolted it down internally before skinning the outside for instance, then my plan is pretty much shot, so if anyone has an idea of this specific brand/model construction, I'd really appreciate it, otherwise I'll tear in first and figure it out later I suppose!
Re: Cikira Classic Cruiser travel trailerNorm in FloridaWOW! I wish I had seen all these comments before buying my 2006 18'. I'm dealing with all the same issues, especially floor rot in front of the fridge and kitchen area. I've scoured the entire area and find no evidence of any water intrusion yet the problem worsens. I just laid down some plywood and will cover it with vinyl flooring. What a P.O.S.!
Re: Cikira Retro-Lite small travel trailerLouis and Judy, in TexasOur 18' Cikara was bought new in late 2006. Thre is a big soft floor area at the entry, closet, and beneath the couch. Also, the A/C unit apparently leaks thru the roof, because the roof is also soft around this A/C roof area. A real disaster -- seems to be very poor construction. Obviously, we're disappointed with this product.
Re: Cikira Classic Cruiser travel trailerBig MikeBought a 2009 16 ft Cikira after 6 months of research I thought this will be a great camper. Dealer could not speak any higher of Cikira said reall well built da da da. Well the 2 year bumper to bumper sold me. as luck would have it Cikira went belly up. I just spent 898.00 to have repairs that would have all been warranty structural issues and leaks. Beware there scred us all.
Re: Cikira Classic Cruiser travel trailerStanI to bought a used 2006 18cc at first notice after we bought it the floor at the door seemed to be soft.We bought it back to the dealer who told us that ths is normal as it is used and that the styrofoam is compressed due to usage, however we took the camper to South carolina as we are living in a campground now ( being homeless ) and we are now seeing the kitchen floor being soft as well. I tried to contact the MFG without a responce. Even emailed the dealer without any responce, i love the camper but I hope I wasn't lied to just to make a sale on this camper.As it is now I'm at a loss as to is it floor rot or a normal condition. Anyone that can add to this email me at s.zap@hotmail.com
Re: Cikira Classic Cruiser travel trailerStanI to bought a used 2006 18cc at first notice after we bought it the floor at the door seemed to be soft.We bought it back to the dealer who told us that ths is normal as it is used and that the styrofoam is compressed due to usage, however we took the camper to South carolina as we are living in a campground now ( being homeless ) and we are now seeing the kitchen floor being soft as well. I tried to contact the MFG without a responce. Even emailed the dealer without any responce, i love the camper but I hope I wasn't lied to just to make a sale on this camper.As it is now I'm at a loss as to is it floor rot or a normal condition.
Re: Cikira Classic Cruiser travel trailerEric in UtahI have a 2006 Cirka 16cc. Rotten floor. Worst part is that the rotten OSB wood is right over the frame mounts were they screw the body of the camper onto the trailer frame. Looked out my side view windo last week and noticed the front of the trailer bouncing up and down on the frame. SCARRY!
Re: Cikira Retro-Lite small travel trailerChris CoolingThis just made my short list. Cikira has changed the build for 2011, reducing the msrp to $12k and I am seeing 2011s for under $10k on the web. They have made it a more entry level unit without changing the ext design or weight. Any feedback on these is welcome dvdchris at yahoo.
Re: Cikira Retro-Lite small travel trailerGeorge in FloridaI own a 13FD Classic Cruiser that also is prone to leaks, and unfortunately, a rotted floor. I thought I had sealed the leaks in the rear seams, and the one around the front window, but apparently I missed a major rain leak somewhere. The door area is becoming softer and squishier every day even though we haven't had any rain in months. I have no idea how to fix the floor short of tearing out the insides. Definitely going to need professional help. Too bad, otherwise it is a pretty good unit.
Re: Cikira Classic Cruiser travel trailerBrian in TexasI have a 2006 Cikra Classic Cruiser and like many of the comments I have read, I have a soft spot in the floor right in the center of the doorway. I've also noticed minor lumps under the vinyl floring all over. I think the OSB is very prone to absorbing water, especially in humid conditions, unfortunately. I've been thinking about laying 1/4 plywood over existing floor and simply putting new tile down. Any comments?
Re: Cikira Classic Cruiser travel trailerChrisTexanOwner of a 2006 Classic Cruiser 18CCD, have to agree with another poster, since I've had it (bought it used) the CC has developed a large (area) soft spot in the "kitchen" area (no noticeable leaks, feels much more solid underneath (but not completely compared with surrounding areas) but sags badly on top with weight applied, leading me to think it's a ply/stryo/ply sandwich maybe?), and a major rot by the door (can push it up and down freely from top to bottom and DO NOT STEP there or you will probalby go through). I just spent a Sunday looking for leaks or other sources of water (nothing significant found anywhere near these trouble areas). Door was well-caulked, roof membrane appeared well sealed, and membrane underneath was smooth and sealed. Only thought is past (prior to purchase) water intrusion in the kitchen area (a forward skylight had a golf-ball sized hole from a hailstorm or something similar) caused some of the kitchen rot, however there is no clear evidence of anything at the door area (surrounding wood across the "beams" is solid as a rock, so whatever moisture caused this "settled" in the 2sq ft area between the beams and the door frame. The door doesn't seem to fit well closed (pushes out a little at the bottom) which appears to be the only source of possible water entry in the vicinity. Otherwise we really love it, our A/C seems appropriate (in Texas heat) for the size of the RV, in milder areas it might be overkill (and it is loud). The frame seems excellent, I would say the floor is the #1, #2, and #3 weakness, the rest is seemingly solid. Can't get to Cikira's website to ask how hard it's going to be to replace the floor, and what type it is for sure, that's not a good sign "bandwidth exceeded" for their site at 9AM CST).
Re: Cikira Classic Cruiser travel trailerJim AuthWe have a 2005 Cikira 18 FB Classic Cruiser. The floor is made with OSB Plywood and it Rots if it gets wet. We had 4 major leaks do to poor design and workmanship. Which has led to 4 sections of Rotten Osb Flooring. Also, the Carrier 13,500 BTU rooftop A/C is over sized for the 100 sq. ft. of space in our 18 ft. Cikira. The A/C short cycles, because it is to many BTU's. So it does not remove the humidity inside of the trailer. Just our expereance with a 2006 18ft. FB Cikira Classic Cruiser. Jim A.
Re: Cikira Classic Cruiser travel trailerKenneth NLooking seriously at the Cikira. Really like the stuff they're producing. Like the Classic Cruiser but my wife likes the retro look.
Re: Cikira Retro-Lite small travel trailerSophieReally disagree about the Cikira retro. I think its an improvement over the old ones and the new interiors are so much better. You can keep your 53 model I'm really into the new retro and think Cikira have done a terrific job.
Re: Cikira Retro-Lite small travel trailervintage56trlrI own a 1953 travel trailer and these companies who keep coming out with the "retro" just don't get it. The newer ones just DO NOT have the charm that the old one's do or the style. Maybe they should talk to some of us who have them!!!
Re: Cikira Retro-Lite small travel trailerSusan MooreI don't really understand this retro look thing and the nostalgia for 50s and 60s RVs. I think the new trailers like the Fleetwood Terry are much better and probably more efficient and comfortable.
RE: Cikira Retro-Lite small travel trailerKath HThis is really cool, I love it. I saw one of these retros, not sure it was this one, but this looks great.
Re: Cikira Retro-Lite small travel trailerBuckhornReally love the retro look. This seems like a really nice trailer. Thanks, I'm going to look for a dealer.

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