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Keystone says: "Because we are the largest manufacturer of towable RVs, our incredible volume allows us to offer you more high quality features for your money than any other brand on the market today. When it comes to giving you more for your RV camping dollar, no other brand can compare. And they are built in the heartland of America." 
Keystone also says: "When we began Keystone RV twelve years ago, we structured our entire company to work for the same boss - our Customer. Our customers have responded by making Keystone RV Number 1 in retail RV sales in North America..."
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Keystone Bullet ultra lite travel trailer 2010"Easy to tow with the new more fuel efficient crossovers, cars and trucks, the Bullet Premier Ultra Lite travel trailer heralds in a new generation of RVs. Sleek and smooth on the outside and loaded with features and conveniences inside."
Keystone Bullet ultralite travel trailer 2008"Easy to tow with the new more fuel efficient crossovers, cars and trucks - heralds in a new generation of RVs"
Keystone Cougar fifth wheel 2010"Number 1 in its class for 7 straight years - more features, more innovative floorplans and higher quality, all at a popular price"
Keystone Cougar fifth wheel 2011"For eight straight years the Cougar is #1 in its class. The reason? Cougar offers you more features, more innovative floorplans and higher quality, all at a popular price."
Keystone Energy toy hauler travel trailer 2010"The all new Energy toy hauler line is lighter weight, less expensive and packed with more standard features than any of the competitors."
Keystone Fuzion toy hauler travel trailer 2010"With automotive exterior lines and innovative interior patio door the New Fuzion is 'More Than A Garage'. Boasting a stylish modern interior with custom furniture and cabinetry the Fuzion has a look that is unparalleled."
Keystone Hornet travel trailer 2010"All new aerodynamic profile, 7-foot tall ceilings, more storage, and new Mega Slide System - wide range of floorplans, easy-to-tow design - a high-end look with out the high-end price - step out of the ordinary and step into the new Hornet"
Keystone Montana fifth wheel 2009The #1 selling fifth wheel in America with the "comfort and luxury consistent with that - none of the details have been overlooked or forgotten"
Keystone Montana fifth wheel 2011"North America's #1 Selling Fifth Wheel for Ten Consecutive Years - luxurious new decors and easy living features"
Keystone Montana High Country fifth wheel 2010"Helium Technology - advanced materials and manufacturing - significantly reduces weight with all the features, comforts and luxury you expect in a Montana"
Keystone Montana Mountaineer fifth wheel 2011"The Mountaineer Edition offers the benefits of a Montana plus contemporary style and floor plan amenities ... Quality, value and style - where it counts"
Keystone Outback Loft travel trailer 2009"A toy hauler that looks like no other RV with second story bonus room for viewing racing events or enjoying the scenery"
Keystone Outback travel trailer 2009"One of the industry's best selling lite weights, the Outback has been totally re-engineered from the frame up. Now lighter in weight with more aerodynamic profile"
Keystone Passport Express Super Lite travel trailer 2010"With many vehicles on the road with reduced tow ratings and smaller, more fuel efficient engines, meeting these needs has inspired the Express Super Lite."
Keystone Passport travel trailer 2008"Lightweight, fuel efficient travel trailers - don't travel without your passport"
Keystone Passport ultra-lite travel trailer 2010"This ultra-lite finds favor with families who want to maximize fuel efficiency but maintain all of the conveniences of a well appointed, feature-packed RV. You'll never want to travel without your Passport"
Keystone Passport ultra-lite travel trailer 2011"Finds favor with families who want to maximize fuel efficiency but maintain all of the conveniences of a well appointed, feature-packed RV. You'll never want to travel without your Passport"
Keystone Raptor"Own the Road in the #1 Selling Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler"
Keystone Raptor fifth wheel toy hauler 2009"Packed with more standard features than any other sport utility trailer on the market - with the largest bunk house bedroom in the industry that becomes a living room or garage at the touch of a button"
Keystone Raptor fifth wheel toy hauler 2010"The #1 selling toy hauler in North America - delivering multi-zone living with flair, sophistication and your own personal style"
Keystone Residence destination trailer 2009"Not just a destination - a home away from home" - tall ceilings, extra large windows, residential furnishings ...
Keystone Springdale travel trailer 2010"You get more for your money with a Springdale - you don't have to spend a fortune to have all the conveniences that you want. Top quality materials, brand name appliances and family friendly floorplans"
Keystone Sprinter travel trailer 2010Introduced in 1996 as Keystone's first product line - it just keeps getting better - designed specifically to "make camping easy" - now with 17 floorplans!
Keystone Summerland travel trailer 2011"The Floorplans You Want with the Features You Need, at a Price You Won't Believe - Summerland meets and exceeds the needs of the first time and experienced RVer."
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Re: Keystone Raptor fifth wheel toy haulerJack SchaferSadly... don't know what to think. I'm trying to put together a buying group of 5, for a fractional purchase deal... and I'm willing to be the manager AND coordinator of the deal... my payment for that is my 20% interest. I've done this with condo's and boats, and always came out well... and everyone on a deal with me was happy. I thought this would be a good "next step" for a small fractional ownership program, but that doesn't look possible. | This is ya'll's industry. Can I make this work on a 20% basis, with 6 - maybe 8 units in invintory ??? Feedback is appreciated.
Re: Keystone Raptor fifth wheel toy haulerJack SchaferSadly... don't know what to think. I'm trying to put together a buying group of 5, for a fractional purchase deal... and I'm willing to be the manager AND coordinator of the deal... my payment for that is my 20% interest. I've done this with condo's and boats, and always came out well... and everyone on a deal with me was happy. I thought this would be a good "next step" for a small fractional ownership program, but that doesn't look possible. | This is ya'll's industry. Can I make this work on a 20% basis, with 6 - maybe 8 units in invintory ??? Feedback is appreciated.
Re: Keystone Raptor fifth wheel toy haulerJack SchaferSadly... don't know what to think. I'm trying to put together a buying group of 5, for a fractional purchase deal... and I'm willing to be the manager AND coordinator of the deal... my payment for that is my 20% interest. I've done this with condo's and boats, and always came out well... and everyone on a deal with me was happy. I thought this would be a good "next step" for a small fractional ownership program, but that doesn't look possible. | This is ya'll's industry. Can I make this work on a 20% basis, with 6 - maybe 8 units in invintory ??? Feedback is appreciated.
Re: Keystone Outback travel trailerBPHas anyone purchased a Outback 310TB (I believe 2015 is the first year; this is a toy hauler)? I have seen many negative comments about Keystone (some have no dates so I'm not sure how relevant they are) - I love this model but don't want to buy a bad product. Any feedback is appreciated.
Re: Keystone Outback travel trailerBPHas anyone purchased a Outback 310TB (I believe 2015 is the first year; this is a toy hauler)? I have seen many negative comments about Keystone (some have no dates so I'm not sure how relevant they are) - I love this model but don't want to buy a bad product. Any feedback is appreciated.
Re: Keystone Outback travel trailerMariomario
Re: Keystone Outback travel
Re: Keystone Outback travel
Re: Keystone Outback travel
Re: Keystone Passport travel trailerRichard LacroixOur 2013 Passport GT shows what appears to be condensation just where the ceiling meets the side wall in the bedroom. Sometimes top half of inside wall is wet. Outside temp was 41 at the lowest, we maintain 55 inside. Anything we can do?
Re: Keystone Raptor fifth wheel toy haulerMikeOur initial experience with RV America in Johnstown was great; probably because we were looking at buying. During the final process of the sale we decided to purchase an extended 8 year warranty (supposedly a comparison to a "bumper to bumper"), what a waist of money this may turn out to be, considering what we have already been through in the first months of ownership! First road trip, less than 1 month old...A lemon? We took out our brand new 2015 42' Keystone Raptor on a road trip for the first time. During our trip we encountered many unexpected issues. The shower poured out water from it never being sealed, the toilet leaked around the seal ever time it was flushed, the black and grey tanks leaked, even the self leveling system wouldn't work; the center jacks wouldn't come down and pressure released from the hydrologic system made a horrifically loud banging sound every 10 minutes. As you could imagine this was not a pleasant experience and we were a little surprised as we were told before our closing that their staff does a thorough walk through and test all of these types of things to be sure there are no leaks and components are working properly! This would be the first of many lies. Unfortunately, these were just a couple of the major issues we encountered, our actual list for warranty service was much longer! Okay, so it may be a lemon but where is the support from the service department? RV America strives on customer service and satisfaction, not our experience! Once we returned from our trip we took it into RV America in Johnstown; this was at the end of October. The service department seemed to understand and empathize with us for our frustration; much to our surprise this too was another lie! To date; January 17th; almost 4 months later we still do not have the warranty service repairs complete and RV America still has our brand new Toy Hauler that we were only able to use once! They take no responsibility or ownership, just one lie after another, pointing the finger at others along the way. Throughout the months leading to our review today, we have been promised multiple completion dates. We were told each time a different reason as to why they had not been able to satisfy their committed deadline to us. These excuses ranged from having to get approval on warranty items, not having parts in stock, the holidays, even placing blame and pointing the finger at the Keystone manufacturer! The latest is they are still trying to recreate some of the issues we experienced to rule out user error. So are we going to have to prove we aren't ignorant in order for these warranty service items to get done? We have actually been RV's for 20+ years! We have now been given a projected completion date for the middle of February. At this point we are not confident this will truly happen. One thing we do know is that our season is about to begin again and we have NO Toy Hauler. What would we have done if we were year round RV's or it was prime season for us? As mentioned at the beginning we purchased a 8 year warranty, is this what we are to expect each and every time it is taken in for warranty service? Even if it is a lemon they sold us, wouldn't the right thing to do be to stand behind the Keystone manufacture and provide the level of service RV America initially showed us during the buying process? 4 months and still waiting to get warranty service done is unacceptable to begin with but even more unacceptable to a family that just bought a brand new Keystone Raptor in September 2014, used it once only to have to take in for service in October 2014; now January 2015 and NOTHING! Aside from the above service experience, we also have our 2007 Winnebago on RV Americas lot for sale by consignment. It has been up there since September 2014. We have not had any communication from them in regard to how things are going. The price is listed at what they recommended. We were told our RV would also be listed by them show in the RV Trader as well as their site. We see nothing listed in RV trader and their site doesn't do our Winnebago justice. Although we were told they would be detailing our RV , they did not. This is now reflected in the poor pictures they have posted of our RV on their web site. The recommended selling price isn't even listed on their website! Overall, we are no where near satisfied with RV America Johnstown or warranty service. We would not refer or recommend their services! Please do not be fooled by their fancy show room, large amount of inventory or even your sales experience... Once the deal is done RV America in Johnstown doesn't care on bit about their customers! Don't make the same mistake we did, do your research and read the other negative reviews that are out there too!
Re: Keystone Bullet ultralite travel trailerC J SwansonHi. 1995 keystone. Excellent even know. 2011 Keystone 3050 BH. Yikes. Dangerous leaking propane valve and lines. Tires pop. Axels bent. Slides leak. Takes competent electricians 2 hours to diagnose problems with lights. Windows stick and gard to slide. Everything else works fine. Great layout.
Re: Keystone Bullet travel trailerDorraineMy husband and I purchased a 2015 Keystone Bullet travel trailer in July 2014. Our first trip out in August 2014, had not been quite 500 miles in it and had a blowout on the right rear tire. Our trip was low key! Good highway! No speeding! The sights we stayed at were all asphalt paved. So no rough travel! The tire blowout caused damage to the metal strips underneath around the wheel base and the black plastic pieces on the trailer around the wheel were cracked and bent. Keystone says its not their problem and the tire company will not contact me back. It is in shop for repairs and has been for 30 days. So now its October 2014. Used the trailer one time and heading into winter. Won't be using it much until next year. Not a happy camper! The trailer itself is beautiful and pulls nice but the tires that Keystone puts on them are faulty. THEY NEED TO TELL US UPON PURCHASE, BY THE WAY THESE ARE LOUSY NO GOOD TIRES AND YOU SHOULD INVEST IN A BETTER SET OF TIRES AFTER YOUR PURCHASE!
Re: Keystone Outback travel trailerKevinI bought a 2011 outback with a power rear slide . The rear slide out is leaking bad, I re-caulked the rear plate but it is still leaking. Any suggestions?
Re: Keystone Montana fifth wheelRandyOur 2012 Montana 3402 RL living room slide leaks water all over the dining room table and couch when it rains. The seals look like they are installed correctly. I even washed it down with a water hose, trying to find the leak and no water came inside the coach. Next time it rained with the slide out, the dining room was soaked and the lamps had water leaking onto the dining room table! What's up with that? I've been all over that slide looking for something that's causing the water to come inside of the slide and I can't find a thing! By the way, I have Diamond 5 year extended warranty on the coach and they won't cover the seals leaking or the damage to the trailer. They say it's Montana's problem, but Montana says the coach is out of warranty, so have a nice day. I am so frustrated with this problem. I previously owned a Holiday Rambler 30 foot tow behind and never had any problems with it in 12 years. I wish they come back into business. I'd dump the Montana in a second!
Re: Keystone Passport travel trailer BKMy husband and I bought a 2014 Keystone Passport on 6-10-14 from Happy Trails RV in Lumberton , Texas. We took our first trip in it on 6-12-14 to New Mexico. On 6-20-14 we put our power Solera awning out,this was the third or fourth time to do so - it would not retract back in. We had to google how to see how to manually retract it. Thank goodness we were at an RV park that we got phone service. It was not simple or easy for 4 people in our mid 60's to put manually retract it with a power drill and ladder , that thank goodness the RV park let us use ! We had to bungee cord it for our trip back to Texas. This ruined an other wise great trip. Re-thinking traveling with a travel trailer for our retirement years. I will not ever buy another Keystone , solera awning or from Happy Trails RV in Lumberton , Texas. By the way, we brought Happy Trails our travel trailer on 6-30-14 with the problem awning. Finally went to pick it up 7-28-14, tried the awning before we left --they were already hooking the trailer up to the truck and I decided to try the awning, the service guy said -"oh, it works , I tried it 3 times." Told him I wanted to try it before bringing it home. It went out and WOULD NOT retract back in !!! Did the same thing it did on our trip. We told them to unhook the trailer and keep it till fixed. As of today 8-15-14 , after many calls to Keystone and Happy Trails RV, we still don't have our travel trailer. Fixing to go get it and see what we can do legally. Sad it has to come to this, it they would just take care of their customers. This is one former customer. Very disappointed in these companies customer service.
Re: Keystone Springdale travel trailerMikeWe just took our 2014 Springdale 31BBL out for its maiden voyage and had a blast. The exterior kitchen is great and there is more room in it than in mu in-laws 31 foot 5th wheel.
Re: Keystone Montana fifth wheelKamloopsThinking of buying a 2014 Ram 3500 to pull our 3100 RL Montana. Clearance between truck box and fifth wheel is only a few inches. Will a sliding hit h and raising the king pin assembly solve this? Will fifth wheel still ride level? Has anyone raised the coach up on the axels? Can't flip the axels as springs are already above.
Re: Keystone Fuzion toy hauler travel trailerRonI have a 2010 F405 Fuzion Touring Edition II Toyhauler and it has been the worst camper I have ever had. I have had every electric motor replaced at least once. Two slide outs completely rebuilt, batteries won't last more than 30 hours with just the refrigerator on in storage for a couple days. I was on a trip in Washington in 2011 and it took Camping World 8 weeks to fix my trailer because they couldn't get the parts. And I live full time in my trailer and Keystone would not reinburst me for any food or lodging but the warrenty did cover the problems. I just replaced all 6 tires because 4 of them went flat in a trip from Texas to Alabama to Iowa. The problem looks like it is because my suspension is under weight and is broke or bent out of shape. I ordered new suspension and was told the suspension I had was for 3500 to 6000# axles and my trailer has triple 7000# axles and the gross weight is 18,500#. This thing has been nothing but a lemon, I love it but .... it is a lemon.
Re: Keystone Montana fifth wheelWoody141I have a 2010 Montana Fifth Wheel, and need to find some of the interior trim molding for the side of the entrance door. Anyone know where I can get some of the original molding?
Re: Keystone Outback travel trailerKitermanJust where is the slide out motor on a 2014, 210rs? I can't seem to find it any where.
Re: Keystone Montana 5th wheel Steve JOnesBought my 2012 Montana 3400RL new in 2012. On our first trip, had another driver flagged us down to tell us one of our tires was buging. Since then after 1700 miles I have had three additional flats or blowouts. All tires are 2010 date. I always checked tire presures before and during trip. These are Goodyear Marathon ST235-80R16 Load E. I am going to a Goodyear dealer this week as it looks like Keystone will be of no help.
Re: Keystone Bullet ultralite travel trailerGaryWe're looking for comments good or bad on a 2013 or 2014 Bullet 217RBS. We were told by the dealer that Bullet is a mid-high level trailer and a Z-1 or Zinger is low-mid level trailer.
Re: Keystone Sprinter travel trailerDonald GoodeI bought a 2014 Sprinter 320BHS. Absolutely love the layout. I had a big problem on day 2 though. I picked it up on Saturday and started messing with it on Sunday. Turned on the furnace using gas to warm up the trailer and after 20 minutes the blower fan broke two fins and made a crazy loud noise. I have the unit dropped off for repair now. But this shouldn't have happened on a brand new unit. I'm looking forward to a lot of weekend fun with this thing. Had lots of upgrades added to it.
Re: Keystone Raptor fifth wheel toy hauler chief916Not sure this site is active cause there seems to be very little activity on it but I will throw this out there for anyone to comment on. I've been pulling my Raptor 300MP using an Anderson 3225 hitch. Scary to look at but works like a dream and I've pulled at speeds up 65 mph in a passing situation. Anybody else out there using this hitch? It works by clamping down on my goose neck ball.
Re: Keystone Raptor fifth wheel toy haulerchief916Just bought a 2010 it. But can anyone tell me how to determine what bulbs are used for the front landing lights?? Mine were corroded and I had to destroy the bulbs to get them out.
Re: Keystone Montana fifth wheelDanaHave owned two Montana's currently own a 2008 3450rl great floor plan I also have experienced graphic problems Burlington Graphic co gave me half and Keystone the other but is costly to have them installed I am going to attempt this on my own You have to be somewhat of a mechanic to own one of these or have a good extended warrenty
Re: Keystone Outback travel trailerJim TumblinI have a one month old 310TB outback. It has been used one time spending the rest of the month in the shop. Great floor plan but lousy quality and service. Do not buy from this company.
Re: Keystone Montana fifth wheelJim Wilson &Nancy wilsonWe bought this new in 2006,3075 rlf , have nothing but problems with it..finallgot a attorney had a little satisfaction would never recommend a keystone product,
Re: Keystone Montana fifth wheelDodge-ManI have a 2008 Montana 3400RL, after my 1st call to Keystone and speaking w/ them about my galley sinks piping leaking and bubbling up the "particle board" cabinet flooring, I came to the realization that I would be better off doing all my own repairs then dealing w/ Keystones "BS" ESPECIALLY when the Keystone Rep on the phone told me "Well it is a trailer-house" WTF ! ! I think everyone else on this site knows full well how much they payed for their unit, I do believe i could have found a way better "trailer-house" for 1/2 the price. I have experience just about every problem that ya'll have written about and tires are an issue, and the decals are inferior. My tow vehicle is a 2008 Dodge Ram 2500 w/ a 6.9L cummins 2wh drive long-bed quad-cab, w/ upgraded tires and rims, a cat-back exhaust, and a Bully-Dog Tuner for monitoring, the only thing I would want to add is Load-Leveling airbags since the tongue weight is quite a bit on the 3400Rl once you've moved all your things in it for a long stay. I will close w/ this, ANYONE that has asked about my Montana, I have told "Look for something other than a Keystone ! !" and those that ask about my Dodge (born and raised on chevys) I have told "You'll have to pry my cold dead hands from the wheel" I bow to the makers of my Dodge truck, and I spit on Keystone ! ! ! BUT KEYSTONE DOES NOT LISTEN TO CUSTOMER FEED BACK AND DOES NOT CARE ! ! !
Re: Keystone Montana fifth wheelMTWe have a 2008 3400RL. We love it. But the graphics have all peeled off. Keystone sent us new graphics but will not pay to replace them. They still are sitting in storage. Has anyone had to use there spare tire? We recently had ours put on our rig at an rv dealership. We continued our trip. The person that put it on said nothing to us about any problem with the spare. But we had a serious problem with it. The lug nuts did not tighten down on the rim causing the lugs to shear off. This was a terrible mess the tire was gone it ripped the fender off. We were in a small town with no hope until we were rescued by a good Samaritan. Apparently the rim for the spare tire is to thin to fit the lugs. But Keystone said this has never happened before. They will not pay for any of the damage, but our insurance is covering everything but the spare tire rim. Be careful. Also we replaced all our tires with G rated tires a long time ago. The tires that came on this rig starting going on our first long trip but we were able to catch it before they blew. We found them at Discount Tires.
Re: Keystone Montana fifth wheeljudi twhere is the thermostat located
Re: Keystone Montana fifth wheelLester We bought a 2010 Montana 5th wheel 3400 RL. On the way to Arizona we noticed a buldge on one of the tires. Closer inspection we found out the tires were 5 years old on a new rig. I talked to a rver in thousand palms with the same trailer he had two blow outs. Check tires before you buy. We had to buy four new tires while on our vacation which took a chuck out of our vacation money.
Re: Keystone Montana fifth wheelBillJim, in regards to your tire issue, we had 6 yr old Goodyear Marathon tires on our 5th wheel, and had one blow out on a weekend trip. Upon closer inspection, we found that the other 4 tires (including the spare which has never been on the ground) had rubber splitting, and/or broken belts. We visited the local Goodyear store in the town near where we were camping, and got 5 new tires before we returned home. Goodyear was excellent to work with us. The provided a new Goodyear Marathon tire free for the blown tire, and 50% off for the remaining tires, as well as paid in full for the damage to the side of our 5th wheel from the blown tire. We were very satisfied with the service we received. Our tire rating is sufficient for the weight of our 5th wheel however. We are not exceeding or maxing out the weight rating of the tires. We will, however, more closely inspect our tires, and replace them sooner in the future. Were our 5th wheel heavier, we would be looking at a heavier rated tire though.
Re: Keystone Outback travel trailerCarrieWehave a 2004 Keystone 26rs. We love it. We have had no problems. We just purchased a new 310BHS.
Re: Keystone Montana fifth wheelmalcolm The nose decals on my 2005 2955 were so bad, I spent two hours just removing them using a 3m eraser wheel (not heat)attached to my drill. My unit inside still looks and smells new and I installed a electric fireplace below the secretary. Looks fantastic. It is only a matter of time before the side wall graphics will have to go as some have split and shrunk in the sun. Not a good image for Keystone.
Re: Keystone Outback travel trailerKLBrand new outback and each camping season have been disappointed to find the plastic under the back king slide is cracked and shattered. Keystone will not fix or repair this and I would not recomment this model or company. There is obvioulsy a major flaw with the back slide and they have taken the cheapest material for this huge slide out. But under the small dinette slide, funny there is metal under this slide.
Re: Keystone Outback travel trailerMarkWhere should I start. Problems with our 2005 Outback 23RS. 1. Micorwave quit working - They fixed it. 2. During construction they drilled a screw into the water holding tank. It held water until the screw fell out. They fixed it. 3. Furnace quit working. They fixed it. 4. Most of our decal work is peeling. They said they would fix it. 5. Flooring is cracked - They will not fix it. 6. Stitching is coming out of the sofa. - They will not fix it. 7. Cracking around the wheel well. - They will not fix it. 8. Back rail slide brackets are cracked - They will not fix it. We loved the design of the trailer when and purchased the trailer because we had heard that it was good quality. I guess that was before Keystone took over the line.
Re: Keystone Springdale travel trailerFrank Madisoni just purchased a 2010 Keystone model 287 i was impressed with this trailer over many that we looked at. this is our 3rd travel trailer and first Keystone. i think the value is very good.
Re: Keystone Montana fifth wheelLarryHotrod, I couldn't find my galley dump valve either, until I looked between the wheels of my camper. Your galley is located roughly in the same place as a 3400rl. Hope this helps.
Re: Keystone Outback travel trailerMikeI bought the Keystone Outback 23RS with manual rear slide out and front cargo door in 2010, Brand New. Problems we have had was the rear slider rails detached from the ceiling. This was fixed by the dealership and I paid for it myself to save on the 7 year 'insurance rebate' deal that can be had on the lifetime warranty I purchased. Some other issues have been: the screws holding the outside stove in place fall out almost every trip out as the clip design is not strong; the screws holding the stove top in place as well as the microwave were either in not straight or missing or not flush - I repaired all these myself. The drains on the units holding tanks stick out too far out of the covered underbelly and got broken off on my last trip out on a gravel road; one of the side lights on the unit didn't work; the equalising hitch bars were difficult to latch with the sliding pin - i had to drill these out to make them bigger; the rear slider side hold bars - one of them the clip attached to the wall to give pressure to the vertical holding bar, broke off; the fittings under the sink work themselves loose over time, and can leak on the floor. Positives are that it is light; cargo area works great for my applications; heats up quickly ( I got the Arctic package ); is luxurious; has good ground clearance and drainage pipes are located near the tires which is important; tows well; nice outdoor kitchen, sink, cutting board, good speakers, stereo, TV; is quick to set up and put away. With some more attention to detail (ie: better screws; reinforced slider railings; lock tight on all plumbing fittings; better engineering on tank drain connections under trailer - I think that it could be a very good and trouble free unit. 'OUTBACK' and rugged with an Arctic Package means the user expects to be able to use the unit in Canada's more remote camping spots and be able to take our bumby and frost heaved roads. That is why we pay the extra $ to purchase.
Re: Keystone Montana fifth wheelloveallexceptoutsidegraphicWe have a 2005 Montana 5th wheel which we purchased new. The graphics have failed to stand up and have peeled terribly for the last three years. I talked to the dealer about replacing them two years ago. They did not say they could be replaced under warranty. Could they be replaced by warranty or at a discounted price? It really makes the camper look bad on the outside. Our inside still looks wonderful.
Re: Keystone Montana fifth wheelnothappy2011 3150rl Water heater Shorter pin box Longer one reduces turning radius in gm prod. Air conditioner vibrates Insulation very poor Done…..Sliding bath door adjust Door cyl threads pulled out in wind gust Mattress looks like a hammock after 10 days of use they replaced it with a cheeper matt Air through compartment from “enclosed under belly tanks” Enclosed underbelly is a joke Fixed Door switch Carpet staples sticking up everywhere Sofa drawer Woofer unbelievable If you haven’t seen this one, Chair Heat vent trash Chairs knocking off curtain holders Lite placement sofa Sliding bath door Not fixed Compartment and interior open to outside air thru vent under bath steps due to improper or no under belly sealing Heat vent under stair Cd drawer crooked No level bubbles that even the cheapest trailers have
Re: Keystone Bullet ultralite travel trailerHiI'm deciding why travel trailer to get. I really like the bullets but they have curtains to both rooms. Also out I the three that I like only one of them have ouside kitchens. What should I do?
Re: Keystone Montana fifth wheelSnug HarborI have a 2005 Montana 3685FL, I have decal problems also. Recently I have had problems with the thermostat not working any clues what to look for other then rodents or fuses?
Re: Keystone Montana fifth wheelJimMy wife and I purchase our second Montana 3400rl last year. The two items which we have been severely disapointed with are #1 Graphic quality, peeling, cracking which were made by Burlington Graphics and #2 tire quality. We have taken our two 3400RL's to Florida on 2 trips total and in that time have gone through 6 tires; went through 4 just on last month's trip home. The tires all had either bulges or had ply tread separation from the tire casing. I had checked and double checked the the proper psi inflation and finally resorted to going through a commercial truck stop scale to have all axels weighed. It was then that I discovered that the factory tires from Montana were maxed out on my rig. Now these tires (goodyear marathon) might be fine for weekend camping trips but they certainly have been dangerous for someone who thinks they are going to travel a couple thousand miles. These tires are load range "E" and I want to purchase a load range "G" but am not having success in finding anything. Got some suggestions? By the way, Neither Keystone nor Goodyear will warrant their tires since they are on a trailer; nice. Therefore, I have a new Montana which needs all new tires! I
Re: Keystone Cougar fifth wheelKeith and SuzanWe bought a brand new cougar 2011 27RLS. Luckily we noticed that the roof membrane came detached from the substraint. It was slightly over one year old and very disappointing since we paid market for this. Anyone else experience similar frailty?
Re: Keystone Fuzion toy hauler travel trailerrorydo not waste your money on a fuzion toyhauler nothing but poor quality and problems!!!
Re: Keystone Raptor fifth wheel toy haulerkatrinabought a 2012 300mp the motor has gone out wont come off the truck, the out side cover are broke and the interior is comming unstitched only had it 2 months does any one else have problems with there lifts? need a bigger motor?
Re: Keystone Bullet ultralite travel trailerironhuntermy laredo trailer has bubbles under fiber glass covering on the front and one side, they move and change size when the sun hits them, the front is the worst, the bubbles are big.
Re: Keystone Outback travel trailerHarveyBought the 280RS November 2011, love the layout. First trip in March 2012. Issues that we found 1: Hot water heater not working, not on electric nor gas, call dealer told me that it takes 3 hours to heat the water,told him BS our previous RV 2009 Wildwood T-25SLA heated the water in 1/2 hrs on electricity and it was hot. 2: Grey water valves leaking in fully closed position, not impressed. 3: Garage door skewed 1" opening on the top left corner, not happy. Love the layout but i am starting to get buyers remorse. It is at the dealer for repair now. will pick it up next week. I am thinking that if it start this bad already we might be buying the extended warranty to cover our $$$, just in case. Next extended use will be in September 2012 will post again.
Re: Keystone Outback travel trailerHarveyBought the 280RS November 2011, love the layout. First trip in March 2012. Issues that we found 1: Hot water heater not working, not on electric nor gas, call dealer told me that it takes 3 hours to heat the water,told him BS our previous RV 2009 Wildwood T-25SLA heated the water in 1/2 hrs on electricity and it was hot. 2: Grey water valves leaking in fully closed position, not impressed. 3: Garage door skewed 1" opening on the top left corner, not happy. Love the layout but i am starting to get buyers remorse. It is at the dealer for repair now. will pick it up next week. I am thinking that if it start this bad already we might be buying the extended warranty to cover our $$$, just in case. Next extended use will be in September 2012 will post again.
Re: Keystone Residence destination trailer2010 401 FE for sale in WV Very good condition, clean. Furniture etc like new! satelite, xtra rack on back. few hail dents. 2nd owner , had 1yr just sitting on property.$25,500 304 346-6950 leav mess.
Re: Keystone Raptor fifth wheel toy haulerMikeI have a 2006 model 3712 tripple axle and I keep loosing a rear wheel while driving. The axle placement checked fine. Is anyone else having this problem?
Re: Keystone Fuzion toy hauler travel trailerjohnVery disappointed after spending more than $50k for what I thought was a well built 5th wheel. The assembly is shotty at best. I've had problems at every turn, things don't work, wired wrong, water leaks, rust everywhere, & the one that angers me the most is mice roam freely in & out because of the piss poor design & workmanship. I could write a lengthy list but I'll just say don't waste your money on this junk.
Re: Keystone Montana fifth wheelGuyWe've got a 2011 3150 and absolutely love it...great floor plan, great craftsmanship, pulls great with Dodge 2500 turbo-diesel!
Re: Keystone Bullet ultralite travel trailerGrammaCheck out the bubbles on the roof! Keystone says they are noramal and fine!
Re: Keystone Montana fifth wheelJake the plumberI have a 2005 Montana 3650 which has had a problem with the graphics since I bought it. I contacted Keystone and they deny responsibility. Burlington Graphics no longer sells replacements.
Re: Keystone Montana fifth wheelLindabee.oh how awesome.Anyone want to buy me one for Christmas:) I live in my Motor Home and this would be like heaven.My cat and dog would love it to.
Re: Keystone Outback travel trailerKidBear2012Recently purchased an Outback 210RS, and am trying to find out hous to get to the water pump for winterizing the camper. It appears to be under the colding couch, but there seem to be no attacning screws or lift off panels. Anybody got an idea as to how to get there?
Re: Keystone Raptor fifth wheel toy haulercharliei have a new 2010 rapter toy hauler 30 ft. used it three times. and not into camping. listed for 56,ooo.oo paid 48,000.oo seling it for 34,000.00 comes with a reese 16k hitch and it is realy nice
Re: Keystone Montana fifth wheelGaryGraphics are poor quality on my Montana 3500 rl.The edges are turning up.Just got a quote of $2000. Seems like a common problem. Keystone should stand behind what they sell.
Re: Keystone Raptor fifth wheel toy haulerRickTo Bob - We have a 06 raptor installed a standard knife switch to isolate battery - solved problem.
Re: Keystone Outback travel trailertimber11we just bought our 250rs about two months ago, apone review of many rear pull out versions we found it to have best overall design for the rear pull out, however we had the rails replaced after just one USE! i fabrictaed a stand to support the rear pull out while in transit. they did not have northern canada in mind when they enginered that! we have whats called (FROST) up hear their for their is no such thing as a flat road. i am also going to design a simple extended support for the slide when it is out. we had the usual issues that a new trailer would present and some new ones aswell- the bathroom door striker jammed and locked my 2-1/2 year old inside while she was of coarse up to no good and before i could jimmy the door open she felt it nesscary to make a deposite into the facilities (my travel shampo containers) which i inturn had to go in after!! was not to happy after that. the kitchen faucet also leaked and made nice mess for me to clean up and the fuse panel door would not stay shut. oh and lets not forget the insert on the fridge door which slid out and missed my 18month old baby girl as she was crawling by on the floor. the only saving grace for keystone at this point was the dealership they have worked with us on all our issues and i am happy with their repairs and efforts we bought our first pull behaind their and it was a pioneer by fleetwood. their is no comparison i might add and i think keystone has some excellent designe features for the price market they are going after. lets not forget no trailer is without fault i dont care who built it. with that being said they need to get some (CANADIAN) feed back maybe they should talk to the old custom coach guys?? when you build a trailer do not boast rugged unless you can back it up and remember we dont camp in parking lots up hear.
Re: Keystone Montana fifth wheelKarenTwo months and still waiting for our brand new 2011 Montana to be fixed. By the time we get it back it will be time to winterize it then by next year the warrenty will be up, do you think Keystone will extend the year warrenty? I don't think so!! We are in a campground of close to 800 campers we have had the same spot for 30 years everyone comes by asking about our camper. We do not have anything good to say about Keystone and how they are handling this, they do not have a good name around here. We should have gotten a loaner and be reimbursed for the price of the lot for 2 months and counting.
Re: Keystone Bullet travel trailerPamelaI am seriously planning my retirement. I love the price of the bullet and all the features. I need reliability of service due to being by myself. Is Keystone planning on having service people available for people who winter in states there is warmer climates that will travel to sites? I had a class A winnebago vectra...unfortunate times, I no longer have it. I was so happy that Winnebago had traveling service that would take care of things for people that were on permanent sites. I have been doing extensive research and quite frankly...I am afraid to buy a keystone bullet now. I was eyeing up the 294BHS. Any feedback?
Re: Keystone Outback travel trailerAbout Had ItWe bought our 2010 Keystone Outback Sydney edition straight off the showroom floor and waited 3 months for it to be made. We loved the setup and were extremely impressed at what the new camper had to offer. For the 1st season we were very happy with it and only had one problem with one of the speakers. Took it in for service, got it fixed, no big deal. Since that time it has been one thing after another. The plastic strap hlding the bedroom doors shut broke while we were on the road. By the time we got home, the door was hanging from the track all skuned up and the track was twisted and broke. Ordered the parts and fixed it ourselves (we even bought extra straps just in case it happens again) After that we noticed the trim around the slides started falling right off the walls. Again we fixed it ourselves by gluing it back on but by now we are noticing that we had less trouble with our ld unit, a 1979 Prowler. Next we had an issue with the ourdoor faucet. It cracked and started leaking under the kitchen sink. $65 for the part and again we fixed it ourselves. Now even though it's a 2010 and we have used it only about a dozen times, the rear slide motor went in the unit. We took it in for service and thank godness we bought the Route 66 warranty that covered the cost of having it fixed. It was in the shop for a month waiting for the new motor. Got it back and all seemed well. We have used the slide 3 times since it the motor was replaced and low & behold the slide is broken again. Now we are noticing a few electrical problems with the unit. We thought it was just our luck until we met some people that bought the same unit at the same show and their camper is only 1 digit off from ours in the serial number. We found that they have had nothing but trouble with their unit since day 1 also. I guess my next question is "were they both made on a Monday?" We are seriously thinking of losing money and trading this unit in for a different brand. You think it's too late to get our '79 Prowler back?
Re: Keystone Montana 5th wheel KarenWe have the 2011 3400RL Montanna. We picked it up in the spring and have only been able to use it 2 months out of the summer. It has been at the company getting repaires ever since. The TV in the living room has a scratch on the screen about 2 in. long, the power button on the TV in the bedroom blinks on and off, The shower drain was tipped so we had water about an inch deep in one side that wouldn't drain, when we closed the pocket door between the bedroom and living room pipes from the shower fell back in the wall so we couldn't open the door all the way there was a leak underneath, we noticed it when the underbelly was sagging from the weight of the water. Keystone will not allow service people to travel to fix anything. They will not pay for your mileage or lot rent that you can't use. We live in our camper in the summer we are paying for a permanent site that we are not using. We know the business we bought our Montanna from is doing all they can. They have to get permission from Keystone in writing to do anything under warrenty then order parts, parts take a week. We are very dissapointed by Keystome. We have had 3 other brands before and never had a problem. They will not give us another camper. We are thinking of trading this one off. I would think twice before buying a Keystone product.
Re: Keystone Montana fifth wheelBill SI was told by Campimg World that my 2010 F350 Superduty V10 is not big enough for the Montana 3400RL. What's up? I bought this truch just for that purpost
Re: Keystone Outback travel trailerCAMPER2011We bought a 2011 Outback 298RE and our slide out leaks in the back bedroom. I would not buy another unit from Keystone due to the problems I am having with the Unit & Keystone to get it fixed!
Re: Keystone Outback travel trailerRoamerWe have the Outback 250RS, and the rails for the rear slide are starting to detach from the ceiling. There is alot of weight riding on the tip of that rail when the trailer is in transit. I'm taking it in for a dealer to look at today. has anyone had similar issues, and what was the manufacturer's response?
Re: Keystone Cougar fifth wheelVernonWe are the proud owners of a new 2012 276RLS 5th Wheel. After picking it up, we spent 7 days in two camping situations to give it a thorough test. First 3 days was at a KOA [full hookups] and we ran the rig through the ringer; testing everything. It snowed, [no leaks], it rained [no leaks], the heater worked perfectly, the roof air was tested while we went for a walk, and returned to find that it was indeed working fine. The dumps worked great and so did everything else. Then we went Boon-docking [dry camping] for 4 days and were able to test the battery system, generator [Yam 2000IE portable], propane system, and all the other things one would need while 'boondocking' in the wilderness. Below is a list of things I/we fixed or modified to make this 276RLS the very best RV we've had. Incidentally, we had a $70,000 27 foot Lazy Daze Class C befor this and found easily 10 times the "BUGS" we found in this Cougar. 1. The water pump sounded like a Semi coming down an off-ramp with his "Jake-brake" cackling! There's a fix for that. Two little soft pieces of pipe [12" long] to go between the pump and the 'stiff' pipes. Easy!!! 2. The little table under the rear window [where the power cord is stored], badly needed to have a couple of 12v DC outlets [one each side] so that we could run my VHF/UHF radio and also charge up our cell phones. There's a fix for that too!!! Me!!! I went to the store; got two plates with 'cigarette lighter sockets' and ran the wire [4 conductors - two for each] and connected these sockets to the bottom two [2] fuses in the panel. It's an easy process of snaking the wire between the floor and the Polar shield where it's safe. 3. The dinette seats have a little board [covered with upholstery] at the end of the seat. One of these was about 1/2" longer than the other, and as I exited the dinette, my leg [knee] caught on it as it protruded about 1 1/2" out from the front of the seat cushion. I ripped it off the seat. There's a fix for that too!!! Me again! It's easy. I took that piece off; measured it against the one on the other side = found it to be longer, took it to my shop, carefully removed all the staples that held the upholstery to it, and removed about 3/4" of the wood. I then replaced it [only using the necessary 6-8 stables - unlike the 20-30 that the installer shot into it], and re-installed it. One slight exception. I used toggle bolts 1/8" x 2" in lenght [you know, the ones with the spring loaded wings], and drilled the holes through this piece & the seat, pusshed the bolts through and then screwed the butterflies onto the inside. It's a little unsightly on the inside, but what the hay!!! It works. Then I pressed the upholstery buttons back over the screw heads and from the outside, you wouldn't know it was ever a problem. 4. I went around the whole RV interior and ensured that the same whimpy screws [which hold the cupboard hinges etc], were secure and if not, replaced them with longer/bigger screws. Easy fix, afterall, this is a $40,000 RV not a $240,000 Class A coach [which incidentally, are built about the same; and I quote myself: "A beautiful RV - thrown together by 'staple-happy' installers who probably couldn't even afford one for themselves." Sound a little prejudiced? Yes, but when you look behind a window valance and find 200-250 staples where there should only be 20-25 at most, you tend to be that way. My overall impression of this 5th Wheel... I give it a 4 1/2 stars out of 5. It's spacious, comfortable, easy to maintain, a total joy to tow [Ford F250 diesel], and looks absolutely gorgeous, as well. We've camped in tents, vans [custom type], a Transvan, a Class C motorhome, and now this Cougar 276RLS and it, by far; exceeds the quality of all the others [put together]!!! Nuff said!!!
Re: Keystone Montana fifth wheelDrewAnyone know the cause when hydraulic slides creep open a bit after they are closed? I have a 2010 3075 Montana with this problem and the dealer doesn't seem to understand it either.
Re: Keystone Cougar fifth wheelGeorge JensenWe purchased a 2011 244RLSWE in Oct. 2010. We started having electrical problems with it when the dealer was showing us how everything worked and it spent the next 1 1/2 to 2 months at the dealer getting fixed. WE then found cracks in all the vents and sky light in the bathroom. The door hinges on one door would not stay in as the screws were stripped and another door was warped so bad it would not close. The grey water shut off valve would not close so the grey water would fill the drain pipe and when you took the lid off to attached the hose the grey tank would empty right away. It seems to be one thing after the other. WE are ready to trade it off for another, not keystone more reliable camper. This is our third 5th wheel and the first one we have had problems with. We are telling people to stay away from keystone unless they want to do their camping at the service center getting it worked on.
Re: Keystone Montana fifth wheelhotrodwhere is the galley tanke on a 2002 35 foot fifth wheel montana camper. is there another valve for this tank.
Re: Keystone Passport travel trailer Roger WrightI have had problems with my unit and get the runaround with the mfg. of this product. Electrical not sufficient enough to run all of your ammenities properly together. Axles left our camper stranded in florida. Cost of fuel cost us over 500.00 for the return trip not to mention reservation cancellation. It took almost a week just for Keystone to decide if they would cover this. This camper is only a few months old and I Would DEFINITLY NOT Recommend any purchase of any Keystone Product if this is the type of service that this company provides.
Re: Keystone Residence destination trailerDawnWe have been in the 402BH for two weeks now. We put our own couch in there as well as our king bed mattress. Both are a bit too big for the unit, but the comfort is well worth the inconvenience. There is alot of storage but most of which is a bit too high to maximize use!! A step stool works but I don't like having to drag a step stool around with me when I have to do dishes...but that's just how it is I guess! Someone commented on the doors in the bathroom. Yes! Too many doors that can get banged around! The televisionis in a weird place. You have to turn your neck or else sit sideways on the couch to watch television. Just awkward more than anything. But this unit is very nice, very very sturdy and well made. The ceilings fans and high ceilings really help things look and feel more like "home". I would have really liked to have one of the other models, but this one suited our lifestyle a bit better with two bedrooms instead of just one. There's no fireplace, but the extra sleeping space was worth the sacrifice. So far - so good. No major compliants, just some minor inconveniences moreso than anything else.

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