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Heartland RV claim they are "the fastest growing RV company in the world." They began in 2003 and "got serious about redefining RV manufacturing."  In 2009, they say: "we feel like our quality is better than it has ever been, and our broad product line up is poised for even more significant market share gains. Dealers are reporting that the Heartland products are hitting the mark with the retail buyers and sales of Heartland products are very strong.".


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2015 Heartland Sundance SD 2880 RLT Fifth WheelA luxurious fifth wheel travel trailer with a Class C price.
Heartland Bighorn fifth wheel 2009"Nothing short of spectacular"
Heartland Bighorn fifth wheel 2012"Nothing short of spectacular - in both its luxurious interior appointments and outstanding design concepts. You'll appreciate the hand-crafted touch"
Heartland Cedar Ridge destination trailer 2009Each floorplan for this extended stay trailer comes with a 'suites' bedroom/bathroom arrangement. 6 models with options for every family, whatever the size.
Heartland Edge ultralite travel trailer 2010"Breaks the mold and re-defines the lightweight category with hi-style European inspired design, tons of storage and livable space, large seating and sleeping accommodations"
Heartland ElkRidge fifth wheel 2010"The ultimate in leisure living, providing style and grace - a residential look and feel - creative and imaginative attention to every detail"
Heartland Focus liteweight travel trailer 2011Offering a mix of 7.5-foot wide and hybrid tent-end models, the all-new Heartland Focus "targets the entry-level segment of the lightweight laminated travel trailer market"
Heartland Landmark fifth wheel 2008"Heartland's flagship fifth wheel with stunning new features"
Heartland MPG lightweight teardrop trailer 2010 - preview"Heartland enters the lightweight teardrop travel trailer market with the retro-styled MPG line - a product that is priced right with features that surpass the competition"
Heartland MPG micro-lightweight travel trailer 2011"You - Active Lifestyle, Environmentally Conscious, Appreciate Creative Design, Demand the Highest Quality. So do we, that’s why we created the MPG. Can be towed by many of today’s popular crossover vehicles and smaller SUVs."
Heartland MPG microlite teardrop trailer 2010"You're environmentally conscious, you appreciate creative design, demand the highest quality - so do we, that's why we created the all new MPG microlite travel trailers that can be towed by many of today’s popular crossover vehicles and smaller SUVs"
Heartland North Country travel trailer 2010"Features exciting new living room design and interior concepts offering loads of rich cabinets, plush interior furnishings, abundant counter top space, and several windows that provide a great view of your surroundings"
Heartland North Trail ultralite travel trailer 2007"The all new North Trail ULTRA-LITE Travel Trailer!"
Heartland North Trail ultralite travel trailer 2010"The ultimate in ultra lightweight luxury and value! All-aluminum, laminated construction provides unmatched strength and support - providing your family with years of carefree use. The interiors are open and spacious with numerous multiple slideout floorplan arrangements."
Heartland Razor Toy Hauler fifth wheel 2008"Cutting edge - with incredible interior spaciousness"
Heartland Sundance fifth wheel 2007Unmatched value and performance
Heartland Sundance XLT ultralite travel trailer 2009"The perfect choice for 1/2 ton truck owners - possibly the strongest built lightweight series ever to hit the market!"
Heartland Trail Runner travel trailer 2011"The all-new TRAIL RUNNER features exciting new interior concepts offering loads of cabinet storage, plush furnishings, abundant counter top space, and many windows to provide a great view of your surroundings."

Re: Heartland Sundance fifth wheelLief CarlsenWe have a 2012 277RL Sundance XLT. We bought it new and have been generally pleased with it. However, we just had a wheel bearing fail resulting in the loss of a rear wheel! Since the wheel bearings have never been disturbed since purchase, this represents a manufacturing defect. The bearing, brake, and axle will have to be replaced. Luckily, we were traveling at only 10 mph when the wheel came off.
Re: Heartland Sundance fifth wheelLief CarlsenWe have a 2012 277RL Sundance XLT. We bought it new and have been generally pleased with it. However, we just had a wheel bearing fail resulting in the loss of a rear wheel! Since the wheel bearings have never been disturbed since purchase, this represents a manufacturing defect. The bearing, brake, and axle will have to be replaced. Luckily, we were traveling at only 10 mph when the wheel came off.
Re:Heartland Bighorn 5th wheelRpaulI have a 2015 Bighorn 3755FL . The toilet tissue hangs in the 90 going to the tank. Took it in to Camping World for service . They agreed that there was a issue and called Hartland . They said use more water. Am I to put a sign over the toilet telling people to fill the toilet with water to flush. Has anybody had this problem.
Re:Heartland Bighorn 5th wheelRpaulI have a 2015 Bighorn 3755FL . The toilet tissue hangs in the 90 going to the tank. Took it in to Camping World for service . They agreed that there was a issue and called Hartland . They said use more water. Am I to put a sign over the toilet telling people to fill the toilet with water to flush. Has anybody had this problem.
Re: Heartland MPG liteweight travel trailerRobinWe bought our Heartland MPG185 three years ago and still love it. It is a superior, well made camper, and we love the retro look and solid feel. I'm amazed at the negative reviews I read here. Guess we won the lotto with our camper.
Re: Heartland Trail Runner travel trailer daveI bought a new heartland travel tralier in 2010.nothing but problems.4 times out all 4 vacations ruined.water leaks call the dealer in duncansville pa.they said we don't visit campgrounds.called heartland they did nothing.their a bunch of scabs that give that industry a bad name.
Re:Heartland Bighorn 5th wheelMike I want to know what frame material the bedroom slide rollers attach to on the 2006 3400rl big horn
Re: Heartland Razor toy haulerJimI bought a razor toy hauler used from Paul Everett in Fresno Ca. about 15 months ago.I have taken it out three or four times and each time out I have had problems. The main problem I am having is the springs under it will not hold up. They don't have the strength to keep the trailer off the tires and it is melting the tires to the point of blowing out while going down the highway. No fire yet but lots of smoke and lots of damage. I am getting kind of afraid to use my r.v.
Re: Heartland North Trail travel trailerLoriWe have a 2008 heartland north trail 28 ft travel trailer. I've been reading about all the problems and know now I'm not alone. We also have major delaminating with the whole front. We have had leaking for several years. No place could find the leak. After several thousand spent we found the leak on roof also found slide out cable off. The front is now spongy. Feels like you can put your hand through it. Radio cd player stopped working several years ago. We also can't sell it and still owe money on it. What a POS it is. Where do we go from here?
Re:Heartland Bighorn 5th wheelD.PlaceI bought a 2012 Heartland Big Country new. I am so glad I purchased the extended warranty.My local rv repair shop basically gutted all the inferior flex line fittings and tubing and dock fittings due to leak after leak.5 thousand dollars worth over 3 repair trips.Then the lippert frame started flexing in the front nose creating gaps in the side trim while resting on the hitch.I sent pictures to heartland and they told me it must come back to the factory for repair.Because this happened in the 18th month it was outside their warranty period of 1 year.They offered to correct the problem no charge but i had to drive on my dime to Indiana from Seattle.I did it .
Re:Heartland Bighorn 5th wheelUnsatisfiedMy microwave quite working after 13 months toilet also broke a big piece of crap for all this money!!!!!!!!!!!! :-(
Re:Heartland Bighorn 5th wheelUnsatisfiedBig horn supposed to be 1 of the best. That a joke! They leak constantly.. Every since I bought this top of the line Rv it has leaked under the belly. They tell u that u can call and talk to people haha not true they don't stand by there word at all!!!!
Re:Heartland Bighorn 5th wheelDave & Juliebout our Big Horn new (2012) to live in while building our house, we have had nothing but problem after problem with water lines we have had tear up our floor (mold underneath) had to disconnect the fresh water pump because it was leaking but couldn't figure that out because we have never dry camped so the holding tank had no water in it. The TV in the beroom just went out so we have had to replace it. the refrigerator went on the blink last summer and we had to live out of a cooler for over a week, we have never been able to use the VCR (no idea what the problem is with it) the front jacks pop all the time....this is our 5th 5th wheel and have never had problems with any of them until now
Re: Heartland North Trail travel trailerSteve D.We have a 2013 21FBS. We love it. It tows easily, well insulated, and everything works well so far. Can't wait to go camping again!
Re: Heartland ElkRidge fifth wheelmarsbari bought a new 2011 5th wheel 34tsre in sep 2011. after electrical problems, 1 after the other The roof is completely gone .osb board rot and the membrain gone .the bedroom slide also rot. My dealer wont do anything about it . I wrote to elkridge but no answer. last time i buy a elkridge
Re:Heartland Bighorn 5th wheelJimBought a 2014 big Horne in October 2013, possieon in dec 2014 after waiting 3 months for the dealer to repair minor problems and waiting for parts. Ben making minor repairs since. Now it's end of May getting ready to leave on vacation for summer and the micro wave goes out and one of the cooling units craps out. I will never buy another Heartland. To much investment for junk.
Re: Heartland North Trail travel trailerSorry I bought a heartlandSalesman sold me on a heartland. Purchased a 2009 28BHS because of the "Quality" he fooled me in to. After 2 years I have the front Delaminating, replaced the stereo unit twice, outside spearkers don't work and now this winter the lenolium floor cracked in two places. They want $1600 to replace the floating linolium floor at the dealer. Think it would have cracked if it was "Floating". RV dealers are crooks. Makes me never want to camp again. And yeah, another 1600 to repair the delam that is a manufacturing or design flaw in my book. Wonder why they have diamond plate on the bottom now rather than fiberglass? These dealers pray on the rich and retired, charging $120/hr for labor. Give me a break.
Re:Heartland Bighorn 5th wheelO'Donnell'sSave your money and Do NOT buy from Heartland, especially this type of unit, Silverado Bighorn! The entire roof is leaking and the dealership, "Camping World" or the manufacturer, "Heartland" keep giving us the run around. Both say the damage is due to "lack of maintenance," which is a complete crock. We have only had the unit for ONE year! Again, save your money and go elsewhere!
Re:Heartland Bighorn 5th wheelO'Donnell'sSave your money and Do NOT buy from Heartland, especially this type of unit, Silverado Bighorn! The entire roof is leaking and the dealership, "Camping World" or the manufacturer, "Heartland" keep giving us the run around. Both say the damage is due to "lack of maintenance," which is a complete crock. We have only had the unit for ONE year! Again, save your money and go elsewhere!
Re:Heartland Bighorn 5th wheelJulie and Jimmy2009 3500RL BC .... we love it! We are full timers and this coach feels like home!
Re:Heartland Bighorn 5th wheelJohnInTexasWe have a 2009 BH 3600RE that we bought new in 2010. Water wicks under the slide-outs and the flooring under two of the slide-outs is coming delaminated and mold has started growing in the walls and carpet. What the heck? The dealer from whom we bought the extended warranty disavowed any knowledge or responsibility and said that our extended warranty probably wouldn't cover it either because we most likely didn't do all the maintenance required. What a jerk position to take without any knowledge of what we've done. Our issues are analogous to having the doors start rusting out on your 3 yr old car because the seals didn't keep the water out. If this is how it's going to be, I'll be wanting to get rid of this thing and buy something with better quality. America made? Did it matter?
Re: Heartland North Trail travel trailer32 Foot QBSNEVER BUY A NORTHTRAIL!! We bought a 2010 new in 2009. Since this time, every beem shows terribly down both sides. And oh yes, they have a disclaimer in their manual that that is normal. It looks like a piece of junk! Not to mention the siding is delaminating! Which the dealer said that they know is a problem and has since changed the glue, but they looked at a couple of email pics and wrote it off as water damage. So we requested a field rep and they never got back to us. They don't care about you once you write the check! The dealer we bought it from also NEVER took us through the trailer so we havd to learn as we go. But oh yes, there is a disclaimer about this as well. If the dealer doesn't tell you the basics and you don't do something recomemded in their manual, your screwed. We had allot of little things wrong with it, but most my husband fixed in our driveway. But this, I can't even sell it to anyone. Plus I still owe $14,000 on it. Its just sickining. I hate to see the sides just pealing off. Don't buy one, they won't help you! Their customer service SUCKS!!
Re: Heartland North Trail travel trailerDon LeachI purchased a new 2012 North Land by Heart Land 5th wheel. Worst purchase I ever made. Plumbing leaks, Electrical problems seat cushion holes, finish trim falls off, leaking slide, and the warrantee is worthless as both dealers we ahve tried are not help. They just brush it all aside and put us off.
Re: Heartland North Trail travel trailerJd2008 31qbs Biggest POS ever. Entire front delaminated. Dellamination outside of fridge (entire slide recaulked by dealer). Spongy floor by fridge. Outside faucet replaced twice (leak caused swollen slide floor). Doors won't stay on. Oven Replaced once. CD player won't work, one speaker blown, etc. never buying a heartland again.
Re: Heartland North Trail travel trailerRlpx2I bought a new 2009 31 red in March 2010. Unit is great had some minor electrical with lights and air conditioner. Dealer used new connectors and fixed it. Camper is great size and pulls excellent 5.0 F150. The bedroom area could be about bigger. We added a full queen sealy mattress. I really only can complain about toilet tank sensors says we are full when in reality we are about 1/2. Spray nozzle clean out is great. Have had no problem with spongy floor as of this being 4th season camping. I did replace tires this year as the old ones weather checked Evan after covering them. The TV antenna gets no good reception we do better with Rabbitt ears, Ithink its the digital channels. All and all iI llove the unit. May get a bigger unit in a few years before retirement. Thanks Heartland for a super trailer
Re: Heartland North Trail travel trailerBigalI bought a 2009, worst purchase ever! Slides leak, rotten floor throughout the back half! Debating burning it down!!! Don't buy one!!
Re:Heartland Bighorn 5th wheeldougbWe have a 2008 bighorn and have had problems from square 1 , front electric jack 3 motors replaced, flooring crack and split. Why don't they glue it all down. Now we have cracking under the bedroom slide with heartland and lippert not wanting to talk or repair.
Re: Heartland North Trail travel trailerJammieWe are having all kinds of water leakage. The bumper, windows when it rains hard and the slide. Not sure what to do? Not sure if insurance will fix it either. We bought it brand new, and have taken excellent care of it.
Re: Heartland MPG liteweight teardrop trailermielissaI am the original owner of a 2010 Heartland MPG 181 model. Have had no issues with it. Small enough for me to handle by myself. Perfect little camper.
Re:Heartland Bighorn 5th wheelCorvette MaryWe have a 2009 3670 Big Horn and as of June, 2013 we have had it 5 years. We are SO disappointed in this coach. Heartland won't do a thing. All the slides have the wood underneath rotted and coming off on the inside of the coach, especially on the carpet when you move the slides in and out. The skin on the outside of the 5th wheel is separating. Bathroom lino is bubbled, kitchen lino is cracked from the slide roller, we have already had to replace the toilet. The glue on the ceiling in the bathroom and bedroom has come loose and bled through. A moulding on the outside full length has fallen off. Stereo antenna on the outside fell off. Awning is lopsided. What the hell??? $55,000 and this is the junk you get. Since 2000 this is our 5th coach, first fifth wheel and we always buy new. We will NEVER buy a Heartland product again.
Re:Heartland Bighorn 5th wheelJimCI am the original owner of a BH 3055RL and like the trailer. Had the weld problem with the 5th wheel stepup and Heartland made it good after 6 years (did have to take it to the factory in Elkhart, IN)and the shackels on the suspension have worn out (replaced with a wet bolt kit)and my suspension guy upgraded the springs by adding a leaf. This trailer is big and is hard on tires (storing creates a flat spot and separation). The edge wear is likely a separation problem rather than alignment, I had that happen. Overall a good trailer and a value.
Re: Heartland Trail Runner travel trailer Unhappy CamperIn June 2011 I purchased a North Trail 27 RBS. In July 2012, I went to my camper and found a puddle of water on the end of the slide. Called Heartland and was told sorry - out of warranty. The sides of the slide are bowing out so it was probably leaking for a while. I also have the spongy floors others have had as well as had the outdoor shower leak water all over the bathroom when using it for only the second time, the kitchen sink also leaks. Very poor construction and poor customer service.
Re: Heartland Sundance fifth wheelSteveA great bargain for the price. Some issues as with any RV including the $500K motorhomes I've owned previously. Only real weakness has been poor distribution on the ducted AC to the bedroom. Needs 2 AC units or better duct work.
Re: Heartland North Trail travel trailerJohn G.Just purchased a 2010 - 21FBS and found it very inconvenient when draining both the grey and black water tanks. You have to reach under too far in order to open the valves (or knives). Because the trailer is so low in clearance I almost had to crawl underneath. Hence I have rectified this by adding an extension to the valve openers with a plate positioned near the end of the sewer outlet. Now all I have to do is reach down to pull both valves open. Other than this minor inconvenience, we think the trailer is a gem.
Re: Heartland North Trail travel trailerbradI own the 31 red it was 2 years old when i bought it. It had spongie floors in kitchen and now in the living room. Under the trailor the wood pannel under the black weather shield is roton and wet it must be repaired or mold will start
Re: Heartland North Trail travel trailerJim KWe have a 28RLS that we purchased not quite 3 years ago. We had to have the slide fixed as the cable pulleys pulled loose and we are now having the Apollo half-time oven replaced because the microwave part doesn't work. A common problem that Heartland will not help with. Now I think the front has delaminated as I have fixed a leak where the front meets the roof twice and it is leaking again. It looks like I will have to fix it every time I tow it.
Re:Heartland Bighorn 5th wheelAli and JorgeWe own a 3055 --- 2007. We bought 2nd hand but had been used only a few times as we know the owners very well. We have had big problems with the under carriage--Springs, alignment, shackles, cracked mooride, wearing of tires. We also noticed that the fiberglass under the goose neck was coming away from the trailer which we had fixed last year. This year coming home from Az we noticed the same problem with the fiberglass bubbleing under the gooseneck. We took it to a reliable rv dealer and they took the whole front off. They have found poor materials holding the 5th up under the gooseneck, we are having new metal replacing the old material and welds fixed from not enough strength holding the trailer up. This has cost us close to $10,000.00 so far for the poor wormanship in this trailer. The warranty won't cover the costs and neither will the insurance company. Bighorn won't even return our calls. WE WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER BIGHORN 5th WHEEL!!!!! The RV shop has removed the top bubble part of the trailer along with the gooseneck fiberglass--they found poor material holding the floor up and the welds broken in spots. this is not covered by warranty or insurance. It has cost us close to $10,000.00. We do NOT recommend this trailer to anyone and will never buy from Bighorn again. The won't even answer our phone calls.
Re: Heartland North Trail travel trailerDebMarkwere looking to purchase a new trailer, and we loved the look and lay out of the NT 2012 30 RED, but have they addressed the spongy floors and did the manufacturer come good with the ones that had defects.
Re: Heartland North Trail travel trailerunhappy with heartland2008 Heartland 280Bh floor went incredibly spongy within a year.no satisfactory support from factory who wants to pretend they have no problem or responsability, even though they advertise as having one of the strongest , least flexing floors in the industry. it is an embarrasment when friends step onto the floor, they think they are going to fall through.
Re: Heartland North Trail travel trailerCraigWe are really considering purchasing the 2012 32BUDS. After touring one amongst several dozen others, we concluded that we absolutley love the features and amenities of this one. Has ayone had aany experience with this or a similar model? Mid-late February 2012 is target for purchse. any advice greatly appreciated. Happy Trails
Re: Heartland Sundance fifth wheelEric and AngelaLove our 2010 3200RE Sundance fifh wheel. Everyone who looks at it loves the big living room. My only complaint is the small space between the wall and bed not much room to get out of bed without hitting your foot on the wall and there is a big drop on the other side of the bed that a person could really trip and get hurt. Also very hard to make bed.
Re:Heartland Bighorn 5th wheelBill KnightOne important plus for ALL Heartland products is that warranty service can be done by any RV servicer YOU desire to use - You Don't HAVE to go to your nearest Heartland dealer. You do have to make a phone call to Heartland Service BEFORE you take the trailer to the servicer to get authorization. I have a 2008 Bighorn 3670RL, and am pretty happy with it, and am very happy with the owner's online forum and Heartland's support of owners rallies around the country. There must have been at least 30 minor rallies, a 4 regional rallies, and 1 national rally last year.
Re: Heartland North Trail travel trailerDavid DWe have a 2008 North Trail 31BHD and also have the problem with the spongy floor. It is most noticable down the center from the front couch to the start of the back bedroom. The dealer is taking no responsability and the factory CSR listened to us and had us send pictures but then they talked to the dealer and decided it was sold as a new unit but as is with no warrenty because it was a bank siezed unit from a bankrupt dealer. Pretty disappointed in the heartland product. There were several small issues that we just fixed but this one is more then I can handle on my own.
Re: Heartland MPG liteweight teardrop trailerPatBought the mpg 2011 185T. First trip out the rear hatch unlock due to to defective equipment. It ripped the hydroulic post that hold the hatch up. Also, the inside latches that hold the tent bed up during travel fail to hold it. Very disappointed. We will see what Heartland does to correct the situation. Very possible we just got a couple of faulty parts.
Re: Heartland Sundance XLT travel trailerBluestatuePurchased a new 2009 in Feb '09. We've traveled to seven states with it so far. Other than a few minor issues when new, it's been a great Travel Trailer.
Re:Heartland Bighorn 5th wheelS SmileyWe have a 2010 3670 of which we are having a problem with the kitchen floor bubbling-up because of the slide roller. So far we have not gotten any repair. Heartland is saying this is normal because the floor is not glued at the factory. The reason being that the roller would tear the flooring. According to our dealer Heartland's engineers are trying to find an answer. We have had a bunch of little problems that are just aggrevate you.
Re:Heartland Bighorn 5th wheelSidWe purchased a 2011 Bighorn 3585RL in February and we are completely pleased with everything about it. It is quality all the way. We love everything from the large opposing slides to the 42" tv. The king size bed is very comfortable and my wife loves the washer and dryer. The 3585RL pulls great and we have had no problems other than a small leak the bedroom slide which was fixed immediately under warranty. Very happy with this purchase.
Re:Heartland Bighorn 5th wheelBilly B.We have a 2008, BH 3055, Was new when we bought it. We like the unit a lot with the comfee room and all.BUT! A pasenger side front axle 4 leaf spring pack broke and dealer ended up replacing all four spring packs and both axles with a 6 leaf spring pack. We had to replace all four tires at that time. We took a trip this past November to Ms, Ark, & Az. and back to California. After the return trip I had the Right rear tire outside rib worn away real bad. The tire is like camberd in on that axle and the front axle. One Rv shop tells me I have bent spendales.Goes back in the shop to check the alligment on the axles next week. I have talked to another BH. owner and his did the same thing and was out a lot of $$ to get things right. The only way his was fixed was to redrill the spring shackle hole and move the axle back. I know from my experance in the commercial truck world if the axles are not square with the king pin you will ware tires out quick. Has anybody else had this problem?? Please share. Plus leak behind shower wall runs out above outside compartment door.
Re: Heartland Landmark fifth wheelBunnysueI purchased a 2011 Landmark San Antonio 41' 5th wheel end of Jan, 2011 & had to wait about 8 days while it was being "prepped" (as quoted per sales person, making sure everything works) Upon returning to the rv park, I discovered the icemaker did not work and later discovered water had leaked into the drawer below. The keyless entry was never explained and did not work. I found the monitor for the rear camera in a cabinet while putting things away from the move, that hadn't even been mentioned during our "walk through". The led lights kept, what I though was burning out,were not wired securely, stil having those types of issues. The awning ribbon broke after about a weeks use, the rubber covering on the handle by the entrance door has split, during a recent rain storm, water leaked around window frame on one slide. When I recently moved the sofa, I found a gas monitor,that had never been mentioned. Gettingf ahead of myself,found the recliners would not stay reclined unless you put your feet in the seat to hold them back. The handle on kitchen faucet came loose and finally dropped off, closet door came off track just opening it, the refrigerator continues to be a problem in that it takes about 3 days for the temperature to cool down enough to preserve food. I know Iam skipping over someother small details but the "straw that broke the camels back", was after filling my fresh water tank for a trip, discovered after I arrived that the water was now in the belly of my camper hanging down like a big baloon. I drained what water was left from the tank and on my return trip, I took a rather steep exit to rest area and when I stepped out of the truck found a waterfall flowing from the underbelly of my less than 6 month old rig! Now some of the smaller issues have been taken care of by an authorized Heartland Service center, and have an appointment to return for more work to be done.
Re:Heartland Bighorn 5th wheellynda2006 3055 needing electrical schematic for the towing system-everything is out: tail lights, blinkers, and trailer brake. Perfect in the truck. has to be the trailer. Made a funny clicking and brakes were catching during highway towing before total failure. help
Re: Heartland North Trail travel trailerRon CastanagaI purchased a model 26rls trailer camper around May 2011. Everything looked great but it trips a lot few minutes after you turn on the A/C, water heater and ref. Heartland should recheck the size of wiring circuits with allowable tolerances. I returned my camper 3x for repair. Heartland please make this model as reliable as KZs. Headaches and stress can kill at 108 degrees temp in okj.
Re: Heartland North Trail travel trailerjerryWe have a 31qbs it is a 2009 pickit up in 2008 we love the bunkhouse for the kids.
Re: Heartland North Trail travel trailerDeborah S.We purchased the 21FBS 2011 model and have loved every thing about it except the radio/DVD player. We cannot get good reception from the radio anywhere. The dealer replaced it once already and said it is doing all it can do. We camp in some wooded areas but normally without many trees over our camper. I figure you should get as good reception as you would in a car. Actually I have a clock radio in the camper and it picks up just fine. I'm wondering if we put a different antenna on the camper if that would help? Other than that We LOVE our North Trail!!
Re:Heartland Bighorn 5th wheelTony PGreat 5th wheel. We have a 2009 Bighorn and we're trading it for a 2012 before we go FULLTIME - yeah. Love RVing and love Heartland.
Re:Heartland Bighorn 5th wheel2ofus in CAWe have a 2009 Bighorn 3600RL. Great 5er with 4 slides and very few problem. We really like it. At the end of this year I retire and we're going full time. The bighorn will be our home and we're really really looking forward to it.
Re:Heartland Bighorn 5th wheelJohntyI agree with Kath, the 3685RL arrangement is awesome. I like the 3455 also but it means an extra slide instead of the one big kitchen slide.
Re:Heartland Bighorn 5th wheelKathWe have a 2008 Bighorn 3400 Rl. We love it. We had no problems just a lot of pleasure. Our next will definitely be another Bighorn. I like the look of the new 3685RL with the center island and the big kitchen slide. Great design.
Re: Heartland North Trail travel trailerBen MassingillWe noticed a posting about a 2008 North Trail 28BH with delaminated front and spongy floor near sink area. We too have experienced these exact situations. Just wondered if others had too? Otherwise we have no complaints and have loved the unit. Just hoping front and floor hold up!
Re: Heartland MPG liteweight travel trailerPaul PThis really is the coolest trailer. We bought it last year and we've had so much pleasure from it and no problems.
Re: Heartland MPG liteweight travel trailerHelenWe bought this last year after reading the previous review and going to the dealer. Love it. No problems other than we don't really have time to use it as much as I'd like and we have to pay for storage. But the trailer is great - we have the 181 model. I think that was the only model the dealer had but if I had a choice again I'd like to see the tent end model. I wonder how convenient it is to use the bed in the end?
Re: Heartland Landmark fifth wheelClaude B.My wife and I just ordered a 2011 Landmark Grand Canyon model and are looking forward to receiving it in late April 2011. We're scheduled to leave Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada in late June to drive to Alaska for a 7 weeks vacation. We've never owned a fifth wheel so if anyone out there has any tips for us please feel free to let us know. Thank you!!!
Re: Heartland North Trail travel trailer28 yr Master Certified RV TechAs a career RV tech, I am somewhat impressed with the North Trail coaches, and I am hard to impress!! I get to fix all the things you never see upon delivery. My only BIG gripe, which could become a killer, is some Wide Trax suspensions can (and have) gouged the steel LP pipe between the front and rear axle. I know, because I have repaired 3 in the last year or so. Do yourself a favor and slide under your coach and check for this. Most dealers don't. It could save you and your family's lives. I am currently trying to get a recall started on this. If you find this on your coach call the NHTSA at 1-888-327-4236 Thanks and safe, happy camping to you all.
Re: Heartland North Trail travel trailer28 yr Master Certified RV TechHave you checked your steel LP line near the Wide Trax link between front and rear axle ? The rocker link can hit lp line-I know-I have fixed several before customer's taking posession. This is damage just from the factory to our dealership.
Re: Heartland North Trail travel trailerCindyHWe just drove our first TT back from Elkhart. 26LRSS. AWESOME AWESOME. We were concerned about the towing with a 1/2 ton RAM. This trailer handled like a dream. We saw other TT's on the road and they were flopping and swaying. We were solid. Not sure if it was because we got the equalizer anti sway or the wide-trax system for the NT but we were NOT disappointed. We can't wait to head out the door
Re: Heartland North Trail travel trailerDaveI just purchased a 21FBS. Nice trailer but a few things would make life a little simpler. Why put the interior lite switch up on an over head cabinet. You have to get in to turn the outside lite on. Put it just inside the door down low on the side of the counter cabinet where it can be turned on from outside after opening the door. There is no battery cut off switch. $5 item. Cost cutting? Only lite trailer with a raised wheel well in the dinette foot area. Inconvenient and in the way. Necessary to remove the dining table to close the slide. Inconvenient. Make cut outs for the two legs and leave the table in place. Cheap stereo/dvd/speakers. After all these litte things this is a great towing trailer, its quiet inside, lots of floor space, great bathroom, looks great!
Re: Heartland Focus liteweight travel trailerHarry and KimWe bought a 2011 FOCUS 21 foot. First thing the microwave stopped working and had to be replaced. Next the sound system quit playing DVD's and had to be replaced. But even with those problems the travel trailer was a great buy. And customer support following the purchase is the best. We are happy with our trailer.
Re: Heartland MPG liteweight teardrop trailerRay Family in UtahAfter our family of 3 finally outgrew our T@B TQ, we upgraded to a MPG 183. We like the layout inside and having the bathroom with shower is going to be nice. Inside has decent storage, with 2 full pass-through storage(s) give you plenty of room to take gear. Tows VERY nice behind our 94 Ford Ranger XL 4X4 V-6 with the assist of a anti-sway hitch. FYI the radio is also a DVD player. None of the specs show this. Going to be fun in the mountains this summer.
Re: Heartland MPG lightweight teardrop trailerRhonda and TomWe are the owners of the first MPG by Heartland on the East Coast. It's great. It's everything this article describes. We LOVE it!
Re: Heartland Sundance fifth wheelTom & Paula HPicked up our 2010 297RE Sundance yesterday. Continue to be impressed by the fit,finish & function. Planning our first trip in two weeks.
Re: Heartland MPG lightweight teardrop trailerUncle SnapMy wife and I purchased the 183 off the floor while at the Charlotte NC RV fest last month. Very impressed with the balanced and light towing weight behind my '64 chevy 6-cyl sb truck (I am a classic car buff). Prodigy inertia electric brake controller all that was needed to make this a safe and sway-free ride to week-end campsites many hours away! Grandkids enjoy the bunk beds on inclimate days! With the slide, it's more spacious than the competition (Scamp, Tad, etc)- we've yet to fill up all exterior compartments! Found mis-wiring of tail lites and antennas -fixed easily by myself. Applied a non-slip padding under table top edges and under sink cover board to prevent movement while in tow. No other problems or needed mods. We like the modern engineering and construction techniques throughout(and it provides for a quiet evening while inside). The "retro" exterior completes the classic appeal. My wife likes the rubber-type laminate flooring and kitchen cabinets. I like the MPG's modern door, slide windows, and its curves. Have already spent 3 weekends with it! Oh... what about the MPG logo? Still waiting for response on that one.
Re: Heartland MPG lightweight teardrop trailerEdwinMcCainMessengerYes, the MPG has a tall wardrobe. I have great color photos.
Re: Heartland MPG lightweight teardrop trailerredcaddoLooks interesting. Would like measurements. Is there a wardrobe or place for clothing? I do not see much storage.
Re: Heartland MPG lightweight teardrop trailerHeartlandfanWe bought a Heartland Northtrail 31Red and absolutely love it!! I travel for work and have literally lived in it M-F for 18 months and still love it! I travel with my husband, 2 labs and a shiz-tzu!!
Re: Heartland MPG lightweight teardrop trailerChrisTerrific. I have a TAB and like it but the MPG looks like my next purchase.
Re: Heartland Edge ultralite travel trailerChuckWe bought a 2010 M21 and we're pleased. It weighs about 900 lbs more than our T@DA but, among many other features, it has 7 ft ceilings, a walk-around queen bed, and the same "Euro"-style windows we loved in the T@DA (why aren't these more common? Once you've had them, you're hooked!). We pull it with a 4-Runner with a weight-distributing hitch (highly recommended) and get 13 mpg overall. It is roomy, well-designed and comfortable. Our only complaint? My wife says it's interior color scheme must have been designed by a guy! Can't wait for travel season to start up again---I'll comment again if our opinion changes after our next 5000 miles....
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