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Chalet folding travel trailer
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A pop-up trailer that's easy to set up and can be pulled behind just about any kind of vehicle with a wide range of options and arrangements


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Chalet folding travel trailers come in 4 models - LTW, Arrowhead, Alpine and the XL series as shown in the pictures below. RoTi thinks the design and range of arrangements is amazing and explains why Chalet are the Nations leading manufacturer of ultra lightweight hard-sided folding travel trailers.

Chalet folding travel trailers - exteriors - LTW and Arrowhead

Chalet folding travel trailers - exteriors - Alpine and XL series

The lengths of the trailers are: LTW 12'9", Alpine and Arrowhead 15'6" and the XL Series, which Chalet say is the largest solid-wall folding trailer on the market is 18'7" long. The XL features Chalet's patented electric lift system that raises and lowers the roof panels with the push of a button.

We show a pictures of each of the interiors below.  These pictures give only a feeling for the quality of the interiors. To get the true picture you need to see the trailers at your local dealer or get a brochure. The Chalet website (link below) gives more pictures and you can download a brochure..

Chalet folding travel trailers - interiors - LWT and Arrowhead

Chalet folding travel trailers - interiors - Alpine and XL series


We show a floorplan for each of the models below.

With the LTW, you can choose a combination of a double and single bed to sleep three, or a double bed and a galley with stove, sink and ice box. The GVWR is 2000 lbs

The Arrowhead features a gaucho-style couch at one end and dinette at the other, both converting to beds. Besides the huge list of standard features, the Arrowhead also includes two 22 x 22 skylights, a rear baggage door and a larger water tank. The GVWR is 3000 lbs

Chalet says the Alpine "offers two seating/dining areas that both convert to beds, sleeping up to four. It includes our great standard features like a fridge, heater and fan, two-burner stove, sink and more. It`s also the only model that offers optional bunk bedsgreat for kids, pets or extra under-bed storage." The GVWR is 3000 lbs

For the remarkable XL Series, Chalet says it "includes the features, security and comfort you'd expect from the Classic Chalet--but in a longer, wider and taller trailer that provides ample space for larger families with sleeping accommodations for up to six and includes a shower/bathroom that doesn't compromise living space."  The GVWR is 3500 lbs

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Chalet folding travel trailers - floorplans - LWT and Arrowhead 

Chalet folding travel trailers - floorplans - Alpine and XL series 


A pop-up trailer that's easy to set up and can be pulled behind just about any kind of vehicle with a wide range of options and arrangements
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What do you think? Add your comments below...

Readers' comments
HarleyduoLooking to buy a Chalet Arrowhead or Alpine for less than $7,000. Retired teacher would like the ease of setting up and hauling. Selling my teardrop due to double knee replacement and difficulty getting in and out. Contact Prefer a unit that's been garage stored in the off season and must have A/C and a furnace.
LynnWe're interested in buying a used Chalet LTW that has one bed, sink, 2 burner stove & fridge. We live on Vancouver Island and are willing to travel to the rest of B.C. Email: - 21/07/2013
MarkBought new Chalet XL1930 in 2007. No bath, AC or skylights. Have used it 4-5 times every year. Our main criteria when we bought it was a small, light trailer with a permanent queen size bed. My spouse and I are both 6 feet tall. Generally pleased but some issues have developed: 1. The awning is poorly designed and was improperly installed. I fixed it myself with little help from the factory. 2. The roof panels are delaminating/bubbling a bit. No leaks. 3. Wiring connections sloppy. 4. Some of the foam weather-stripping is coming loose. 4. Faucet valve ceramics froze and cracked even though the system was drained. 5. Tires rubbed on the inside of the plastic fender wells. I put on slightly narrower tires. 6. With the top folded down there is a 3/4 inch gap between the weather stripping on the front roof panel and the side of the camper. This allows entry of water spray, rocks, bugs, etc. 7. Very cheap plastic fittings for the sink drain plumbing. In summary, I would look at other options, but still am fairly satisfied.
Russ MBought a Chalet TS116 back in June, 2012 (new). I really enjoy the space that this camper gives you. Have had many problems with quality control..fantastic fan, A/C, hot water tank all didn't work from day one. Window spider webbed one month after purchase (caused by heat on a hot day), would of cost me over $800 to fix but the dealer footed the cost for the window, I had to take care of the labor. Now I have found a water leak in the ceiling around the fan...what next?
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Shane in CaliforniaBEWARE OF CHALET! In 07-2012 I bought a BRAND NEW TS116 truck camper and am having the WORST EXPERIENCE. Sure it LOOKS nice, but after taking it out a few times I have come to regret my purchase. Things like using a cold water only hose for connecting sink to holding tank baffles me. It just burst when i put hot water through it- flooding the floor! On the hose itself it says cold water use only. The power running to the 12v stereo is crossed with a 120volt line somewhere, because anytime i turn the generator on it blows the fuse on the stereo AND in the main fuse panel. Now for the biggie- THE FOAM USED AS INSULATION IN THE FLOOR HEATING DUCTS IS MELTING DUE TO THE HEAT FROM FURNACE. The foam has a reflective tin foil skin- but apparently it wasn't enough to prevent the EPS foam to melt! Now 1 of the floor registers is partially blocked due to these 'planks' of insulation foam distorting and warping and melting. And the smell is wonderful too when furnace is on... Am waiting to see how Chalet responds to this. I will give an update. OH- my camper cost 50k. Not cheap.
FredI am 60 years old now and will be retired and will be full timing traveling the country in a few years, living as cheap as I can and saving my money so I can start a coffee shop someplace as a layed back retirement job. The Charlet was on a veryshort list of rv's I was considering when I learned they were having proiblems with leaks and wall delamination. What a disappointment!!! Speaking of leaks I'm learning even high value rv's have too much of that problem. Really thinking my best bet may be a van camper or even a tent. Finally, want to know how rv manufacterers can double/trible their orders? Simple: offer a two year general warrenty and a specific five year warrenty against leaks and wall/ceiling/floor delamination. I believe anyone paying from twenty grand on up deserve at least that much!
Dissapointed Chalet customerAn update on the previous post for fairness. Through further negotiations with Chalet, they have offered to replace the roof at their factory for $875 and a 90 day warranty.
Dissapointed Chalet customer We purchased a Chalet LTW late 2009. Utility wise, we love the trailer. Towing it with our VW Jetta TDI. Setting it up is a piece of cake. That is the good news. But, within the first year the forward roof section started to delaminate creating a very noticeable bubble. The trailer was still under warranty and Chalet did repair it. Now a little over a year afterwards the rear roof panel is starting to do the same thing. I have been in contact with Chalet and they say they will replace it for $1800. And this note. In which I quote"I take the most pride in my position here in giving the best customer service possible. At this time with this issue my hands are tied as I wouldn't be here much longer if I was to give away a new roof panel installed. At this point it doesn't sound like there is anything I can do to rectify the situation. If there is please pass it along to Chris & myself." That is our experience with Chalet's customer service. It is very disappointing to have a three year old trailer fail like this.
DorieDewI am looking for a high quality but ultra lite travel trailer like the Takena, but can't find in my area (L.A.)-- willing to travel to get one but would like to compare. Where is that specialized Dealer with lots of ultra-lites? I just purchased a toyota rav4 V6 tow up to 3500 lbs. What is possible with this small suv?
mefly22007 Chalet Alpine with storage box, cassete toilet, & trail boss pkg. We loved it at first until the storage box sagged into the front of the trailer and the roof began to absorb moisture making it hard to raise the roof panels. Caution in any wind! Traded off after three years due to on-going maintenance issues.
DHave 2010 1865XL, tows very well with 5.7 hemi,very easy to place and back up, nice lay out for the limited space, Noted leak after towing in heavy rain - had to seal front underneath and change hatch seals, noted small leak (fresh water)from toilet, difficult to use small shower without spillage (Modified with better curtain and sealling), limited access to warranty dealships in Western Canada, Good value for the dollar, takes about 30 minutes to totally set up at site, A FAR SIGHT better than Wanderer Trailers (Who don't back thier warranty.)
Fam of 4 BCWe also have a 2007 Takena 1860. We noticed an odd stipple on the front interior walls right away but got no where calling the factory. Sadly we did not push as hard as we should have as the stippling is much worse and we have exterior evidence of delamination. We are now looking at getting it fixed on our own dime which seems wrong as it appears to be a factory defect.
marciaWe have a 2008 LTW and have NEVER been able to get the awning up. Is there a trick we don't know??? It just doesn't seem to fit?? Does anyone have any tips? thank you!
Judy We're interested in buying a used Chalet Arrowhead, Alpine or LTW. We live on Vancouver Island and are willing to travel to the rest of B.C. or Alberta. Email: jcwahn at - 2/3/2011
Steven H.Interested in BUYING a used CHALET ALPINE (2004 model or after) that includes heat, AC and that will sleep 3-4. Can travel from NC along the East Coast or west to GA, TN for pick up. Email: or call: 919-815-2419. Thanks - 1/26/2011
2Eagles~~SoaringWe are now going on 5 years with our Chalet XL1930, since our last posting we almost ended up with a 25 foot Air Stream. But after looking at the extra large hitch and stabalizer needed and the price of storage, not to mention the 2 miles per gallon less we would be getting, we decided to keep our Chalet XL1930. Our relatives with box trailers tell us we made the right choice, since we go camping twice as much as they do and most of our outings are 3 days to 2 weeks. The Chalet makes those quick last minute get aways possible since it is in our garage nice and clean, charged up and ready to go at all times. We can even open it up just enough to open the door and load the fridge a day before we leave. Maintenace is just packing the wheel bearings on two wheels once a year. And new batteries at 4-5 years. 2Eagles~~Soaring
K. OliverI have a 2010 Mercury Mariner, 4 cylinder, auto 6 speed trans. Does anyone have experience in towing a Chalet Arrowhead with similar vehicle? Especially on hills/mountain passes. Manufacturer recommends maximum towing cap. as 1500 lbs. The Arrowhead is 1380 dry weight, but would be more after loaded.
Bush AlaskaHave a 2009 Takena 1860, pulling it with a 2007 Toyota Tacoma V6 w/6000lb tow package & Equil-i-zer 6000lb anti-sway, weight distribution hitch. Truck alone avgs 21mpg hwy, pulling trailer avgs 13.5 hwy. Have made 3 trips on Alcan and one cross country in Lower 48. Trailer pulls easily with no sway even in heavy crosswinds. No mechanical problems. Front window leakage first year caused mold in front panel & ruined mattress. Factory replaced entire front panel & mattress, and resealed everything at no cost. Very nice and cooperative people at the Chalet factory in Albany, OR. Trailer is very comfortable and the Equil-i-zer hitch distributes weight to the truck's front tires resulting in "no squat". This is all the trailer we'll ever need, and we have enjoyed it very much.
AndyWas real impressed with the new 2011 bigger model. Right up to the point where I saw the water intake air vent uncovered and exposed to the outside. My water would be mud with the roads I go down.
thHave owned a Chalet XL for two years. Love it! The bump up provides extra room. Pulls nicely; sets up quickly.
JohberWe purchased a Takena travel trailer in 2007, but I think we took delivery in January 2008. The travel trailer has been pretty much trouble free until now. Yes the 1 year warranty is expired. Over time we have noticed that the siding on both sides of the travel trailer ar buckled. We brought this to the attention of the dealer where we bought the trailer. They have been in communications with the factory in Albany, Oregon. We really don't know what caused this problem.. Water ?? Bad glue day at the factory ?? The factory did send an email with options.. # 1, 2, and 3. The first two options are for repair and see what is wrong. # 3 option is for the factory to re do the side panels... Which they are trying to estimate now, and give us a quote for that. I feel this is something that should not have happened. I'll admit that the warranty is over with. We have heard rumors that some other owners have had the same problem.. So we'll see how this comes out in the end for us. I don't know if this could be called a factory defect, blad glue day at the factory or ?? We have no problems with the RV dealership we purchased this from. It's just the factory...
L. J. ColonaI have had my LTW for three summers. I have towed it over 19000 miles with a four cylinder small pickup. What a great trailer. It has been over 12000 ft high and on dirt roads that challanged goats. The only problem has been the bungee cords on the roof, which I reconized as a potential when I bought it.
CarrieI have a 2005 model XL 1910 18 ft that has everything but toilet and A/C for sale in Boise,ID. A breeze to tow with a V6. Gently used by myself and previous owner so is in premier condition. 3 cubic ft 3-way fridge, 16,000 btu furnace, electric lift system for roof, 3 burner stove, 6 gal hot water heater, fan-tastic electric fan in roof vent, outside shower, electric brake system, dual propane tanks, dual batteries, 15 gal potable water tank with pump, queen size bed and dinette that makes into a full size bed. I built in an extra shelf in the cabinet for extra shelf space. 2 locking outside access doors for storage. It is NOT self contained, no toilet/bathroom. NADA books it at $9660.00 and I'm asking $9300.00. I will NOT go any lower on the price, I paid $10,000 for it and I only used it once. I'm selling because I'm unemployed, lost the truck I used to haul it and need the money, it's breaking my heart to have to sell it. Please email me with serious inquiries ONLY to queenofnanas(at) or call 208-863-2057 8/12/2010
bikingrandmaI got on the most recent Chalet website and they don't make the Oregon expandable truck camper anymore. They also have some new trailers and a huge new camper that does NOT fold down.
DaveYes, Chalet is a low volume manufacturer, in response to another comment. I used to live practically around the corner from the factory in Albany up until a year ago, and had a friend that worked there for awhile. As difficult as he is to please, he said that he was impressed with the product and would recommend them to anyone. The Chalets that I have been in have all been a few years old and still looked as if they rolled out of the factory yesterday. I know they're pricer than some others, but then Toyotas cost more than Yugo's so go figure. I'm trying to find one of these Oregon campers and haven't had much luck, also looking into a Four Wheel camper. To be honest I may go with the Four Wheel since the top can hold 1,000 lbs. and they're a bit easier to find.
jhofwaAm retired and thinking of either the Oregon shortbed truck camper or a larger used Chalet to be pulled with my 08 Tundra CrewMax 4x4. Plan to drive from WA to AK next summer with wife and our two dogs. Air conditioning would be nice on the Chalet, if they are dependable, as I have a son in Las Vegas, NV. Am concerned about being able to sleep in these RV as I'm 6'5" and not slim. Any suggestions would be appreciated - please send to email: Price is a concern so suggestions on used models would also be appreciated. Have never had an RV and my only "camping" was while in the Army... Many thanks. Jim
BerniceI think the Oregon really is cool. Most truck campers look terrible on the back of the truck but the low profile look of this really does change the look and I'm guessing it really improves the ride with reduced wind resistance and drag. Going to check it out thanks for the review.
Jerry OlsonI have a 2005 Chalet Alpine for sale on Craigs List out of Fresno, Ca. Just like new and always garaged. My phone # 559-734-0346 e-mail is Jerry Olson

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