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Airstream Bambi
"A trailer that will last for generations"

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Airstream Bambi 75th Anniversary Edition

Airstream says "The most compact Airstream on the road, these travel trailers are perfect for those of you who like to get up and go, at a moment’s notice. A happy marriage of economy and efficiency, every Bambi inch is designed for maximum livability in minimum length. They’re easy on the highway, easy on the hills, easy on your car, and best of all, easy on your budget.

Thanks to its lightweight, hand-riveted, all aluminum aircraft construction, you can travel with a Bambi as fast and as far as with your car alone. Think of your Airstream Bambi as your efficiency apartment at the beach, in the desert or beside a babbling brook. No motel or hotel reservations necessary.

This is a trailer that will last for generations. In fact, it probably has more years of experience behind it than any other trailer ever built. Its great grandfather was first built in 1929 and its design has been road tested and perfected in the years since. When it comes to small trailers, the Bambi is the finest trailer investment you can ever make."

The Bambi comes in the following models:
(Prices 2009/2010 - info to RoTi from Airstream)

  • Sport 17  (base MSRP $30,505)
  • Design Within Reach (base MSRP $49,737)
  • International CCD 16 Bambi (base MSRP $42,134)
  • International CCD 19 Bambi (base MSRP $49,286
  • Flying Cloud 19 Bambi (base MSRP $48,096)



This shows the floorplan of the Safari Bambi 16.
This trailer is only 16'7" long with the lowest hitch weight - just 390lbs.

The Safari Bambi 19 floorplan is shown below.  This trailer is 19'2" long with a hitch weight of 480lbs. The extra length gives a shower and bigger kitchen. This is very nice arrangement with options as shown below the floorplan.

75th Custom Anniversary Edition (base MSRP $60,676) floorplan is shown below.
Airstream says "The 75th Commemorative Edition Travel Trailer combines ultra-refined, polished aluminum interiors with rich, natural materials such as warm wood veneers materials and details which pay homage to founder Wally Byam’s original designs. Designer David Winick took the lead in creating an interior space that is both ultra modern and retrospective. Natural linoleum in warm tones brings out the highlights of genuine wood veneers. Upholstery inspired by 1940’s tailoring heightens textural contrasts, reflecting in an array of aluminum surfaces. Porthole windows, round vents and yacht-inspired details further integrate the past and future in this very special travel trailer."

Bambi 75th Anniversary Edition dinette area

Safari Bambi interior - Stratus option
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Some of the features of the Bambi:
  • All models about 9'5" exterior height (including A/C) and 7'7" exterior width
  • Lightweight, hand-riveted, all aluminum aircraft construction
  • Wide range of options   

  See also the 2011 Airstream Classic Limited travel trailer review


Airstream Bambi
"A trailer that will last for generations"

See reader's comments and experiences at bottom of page

Base MSRPs between about $30,000 and $49,000


What do you think? - add your comment here
KathyI know this question has been asked before but I haven't seen an answer yet. We are looking for a small RV that is safe to leave our dog in while we site see. Anyone with experience with this that can offer advice or suggestions? You can email me at
NatalieWant to buy a 1958 13 to 15 ft Restored or not restored
RESI have owned both the T@B and the TADA. Both were cute and worked for myself BUT not my wife. I will only consider an Airstream at this point. I look everyday over the internet and will at some point purchase. Can only go used. 30 JAN 13
joeybAnyone that say's it's overpriced is nuts. Is airplane over priced? Is fiberglass 17foot trailer over priced YES $14k. Anyone that has shopped for New American truck knows over priced, your going loose 10k driving off lot. Are you going to loose with AS not so sure, they have tradition of going up some $2k in 40's now worth 30k plus. You want best you get Airstream.
BolerNowBambiLaterWe have a 13ft. Fibreglass icon now, but I am waiting for my future Bambi! As a vintage egg owner I understand quality of non stick built durability. No rot & soggy floors, as long as you maintain the rivets. The reason T@bs & Tadas (or other white sticks) are cheaper is construction. Do the research ... Yes the white box is 13000 now, but an AS or a fibreglass trailer won't devalue because of quality.... pay more now, get more when you sell. I'm all for quality.
sherrylooking for a bambi.
NancyTeena, I am looking for a Bambi travel trailer like yours. How do I contact you?
RandyTeenaR - you didn't give contact info. What state is the rig in?
TeenaRAfter much agonizing, we are selling our 2002 19' Bambi. $22,000.00-Price includes Reese anti-sway hitch system and mud flaps (used on F150 truck). Please contact for more details. Sorry; not available for overseas shipping.
JudyI own a used (2009) Dutchman Tada and the only advantage the Airstream Bambi has over my Tada is that it is wider. When two people are in my Tada, it is difficult to pass each other. The quality is as good as the Bambi and the price is much less.
Redtailhawk369I'm selling a 1965 Silver Streak Sabre 19' in Very Good Condition. I can send picture. I live in California. I have it posted on Craigslist in the Los Angeles California section. You can also email me at: Thank you..
DeeStill looking for a 20ft Airstream Bambi in Ohio. Let me know if you have one for sale
Jennifer (JenBry)Hi! Well after much deliberation as to whether or not we could part with it, it's back on the market. 2008 19' Airstream Bambi with Special Edition (SE) package. Beautiful interior, Satellite ready, Sony Flatscreen, Plumbing rarely used, Bed always covered, clean! Priced below market average at $34,999 Negotiable. In San Francisco bay area ~ will travel for the right situation. Available now! airstreamlovers at 619-306-8212 - 6/7/2011
RonHow does a R-Pod trailer compare to a Bambi. I have noticed they are lighter, cheaper and has some real good features.
JenBryWe have a beautiful '08 19' Airstream Bambi in top condition. Aluminum skin, panoramic window. Extras. Please contact for more information, price, photos, etc. Serious inquiries only please. email: airstreamlovers at - 1/7/2011
paintinbikerthink the smallest Bambi would be towable with a 2010 Chrysler Town and County vsn Limited 6 gear 6 cylinder. What yall think?
HooverWe bought new in 99, 19 ft Bambi, initial problems solved by buying a F250 diesel instead of V6 Explorer. It pulls great hardly know its there, but hard on SUV driveline. Towed over the biggest grades into Crater Lake, Los Angeles, Down highway 1 to Santa Barbara, up to Reno and many points in between. The bed is tough to make but sleeps 2 6fters fine, the shower is a dream, can stand up tall. Would like a bit more room, inside, and a 2 compartment kitchen sink. Sounds like I've been spoilt, is pulling the box trailers different? May sell if the offer is right Hooverdawg(at)gmail(dot)com
Rita KTo Thomas Beach - why is a mercedes worth more than a ford. Airstreams are the classic. You want cheap? look at another brand.
Thomas BeachYeah... Airstream trailers are very nice. Yeah, they have a no maintenance outer skin. But I would like for someone to tell me why I should plunk down $30,000.00 for a 16 ft. trailer?!?!? I'm sorry. But these trailers are simply overpriced for their relative worth.
AnneHi - I'm considering buying a Bambi. I live in Canada and want to use it in the winter some of the time. I've heard there are issues with condensation / corrosion. Love to hear some feedback. Thanks.
Wrapped in Aluminum I am a very happy owner of a 16' Bambi and not only take short trips in it but have spent as much as 3 months at a time in it. I saw a couple posts that seem to infer that it doesn't have a bathroom or shower. That may be true for the T@B but I can assure you that the Bambi is fully self-contained. I can also say that yes, it holds its value but I would have to be terribly hungry to ever even consider parting with it!
ZaWe are looking for a small RV that is safe to leave our dog in while we site see. We would like to park in a camp ground and do day trips etc and would like to take our dog with us. Any info/advice would be helpful.
NewbieDolly J., do you have any pics to post of your '63 Globetrotter? I'm trying to find the perfect model to hone in on and yours sounds promising...
Randolph I have a well loved 2000 19ft Bambi for sale. Hate to sell but must. All original, Less than 10,000 miles, GREAT shape, lots of pictures. Have a couple of adds running. Serious inquiries only.
Biflly JReally would like to buy a used Bambi. I think there is just something about this model that's really cool. Anyone with one for sale please email me at Any year.
R. HawthornI have only one issue. In 1929 Bambi was fine on the road at 45-50 mph with a single axle. Today's highway speeds of 65-70 mph I feel justify a dual axle arrangement. Bambi's current single axle design is an accident waiting to happen. Think safety Airstream - not nostalgia.
Happy CamperOver the years my family has owned various travel trailers and motor homes, so I recognized the quality immediately when we purchased a 5 year old Bambi. The previous owner logged approx 30,000 miles with it, it weathered 2 hurricanes, and they admittedly never washed it. With just a good cleaning, all our camping buddies thought the unit was brand new. The full time bed means no sofa converting every day, the shower is bigger than it needs to be, and the dinette is just right. For 2 people it is perfect. I've had offers to sell for more than I paid, but that's not going to happen any time soon.
MorrisI've always wanted an Airstream and the Bambi is THE model but it's too small and too pricey. How can any couple sleep in the bed. I agree with the comment that RV manufacturers should sleep in their own product. But I do like Airstream and just looking at the pictures makes me want one.
DominickHaving that corner bed in the newer models makes it difficult if not impossible to make and if one is sharing the bed you have to crawl over each other in order to get in or out of the bed, It has only one tiny closet for storage. no drawers for silverware. And a area with a vanity that could have been use for more storage or bigger closet instead.Makes one wonder if the designers have ever camped in their creations...Dominick
jwohlfeilWillTravel - I agree ! ! ! Being a tent camper and astronomer I fell for the T@B when I saw it. And once I saw it in person I realized the T@B was too small, and on the same lot was the Airstream Bambi. I want one. But the price is the biggest issue with the Airstream. After two years of dreaming about an Airstream, I'm currently shopping for a "white box" travel trailer. I'll still keep it small (18 foot) but something like the Fleetwood Pioneer is only about $12,000 - and believe me, I understand - NOT cool or cute at all, but gets me into a travel trailer for cheap (at least cheaper than the Airstream.) For now I'll just keep dreaming about the Bambi (now discontinued), and thinking one day I might have a Safari to pull around.

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