2011 Itasca Ellipse diesel class A motorhome - Roaming Times review
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2011 Itasca Ellipse diesel class A motorhome
by Winnebago

See reader's comments and experiences at bottom of page

"All new exterior styling takes the 2011 Ellipse to a new level that is matched only by the awe-inspiring interior features, decor and appointments."

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Important dimensions:
Exterior length 40'7"/42'10", Exterior width 8'6"
Exterior height 12'9"/12'11", Interior height 7'0"
4 floorplans are available - we show these below
GVWR 34,320/44,320  lbs,  GCWR 44,320/59,320 lbs
Fresh/black/gray/fuel tanks - 90 / 53-57 / 94-117 / 100 gallons
Freightliner Maxum Chassis, Cummins Turbo-Charged ISL Diesel Engine
MSRP see dealer to right >>>


Winnebago says:  "Itasca Ellipse owners know the value of a true luxury coach. Only the Ellipse combines the smooth, powerful 400 horsepower diesel performance you demand from the Maxum Chassis with the uncompromising luxury you have come to expect from Itasca’s flagship coach. All new exterior styling takes the 2011 Ellipse to a new level that is matched only by the awe-inspiring interior features, decor and appointments. Two 40-foot and two 42-foot tag-axle models, including the all new 42QD are available for those that truly want it all. The open road is waiting. Heed the call in your new 2011 Itasca Ellipse."
A Roaming Times' reader says:
"We have a 2007 winnebago and we really like it. This is our third class a and winnebago is the best."  Ken Croft
See other comments further down this page

2011 Itasca Ellipse diesel class A motorhome - 42QD interior looking forward 

The picture above shows the 2011 Etasca Ellipse 42QD Chain Link with Coffee-Glazed Honey Cherry looking forward. The picture below shows the same model looking to the rear.

2011 Itasca Ellipse diesel class A motorhome - 42QD interior looking to rear 

 Standard Itasca Ellipse interiors include: 40" LCD HDTV Home Theater Sound System CD/DVD player, receiver, amplifier, 5 speakers and 2 subwoofers; Amplified digital TV antenna; Area rug (lounge area 40BD, 42QD and rear bathroom 40CD, 42QD); Key-activated slideroom master lock switch HD video selection system Satellite system ready (front and bedroom); OnePlace® systems center Tinted, dual-glazed, thermo-insulated coach windows Vinyl ceiling Dimmer switch Powered roof vent (kitchen and bath); Mini blinds (kitchen and bath); MCD American Duo® solar/blackout duo roller shades (lounge, dinette, bedroom)

2011 Itasca Ellipse diesel class A motorhome kitchen 

The Itasca Ellipse 42 QB kitchen is shown above.  Winnebago says: "The Ellipse kitchen cuts no corners, employing some of the finest features and appliances available. Corian solid-surface countertops with a backsplash and matching sink covers provide a large, elegant surface for meal preparation. The recessed range top with glass cover and microwave/convection oven or available microwave/speedcook oven let you quickly cook up a feast. Add even more functionality by upgrading the four-door refrigerator/freezer to the residential stainless steel french door refrigerator. It includes an ice and water dispenser and a large freezer drawer. A drawer-style dishwasher and the central vacuum system with vac pan can also be added, making cleanup completely hassle-free. The dining table/buffet has a Corian solid-surface top and storage for your finer dinnerware. The table extends to provide additional dining for guests. The BenchMark® dinette is available in the 40BD.

2011 Itasca Ellipse diesel class A motorhome bedroom

Bedroom Amenities include: Powered King Bed (40CD, 42QD, 42AD); Available Powered Queen Bed (40BD); Ceiling Fan; Stereo System; Available Stackable Washer/Dryer

2011 Itasca Ellipse diesel class A motorhome bedroom amenities 

RoamingTimes.com thinks this is a beautiful and well thought out cockpit arrangement.  Winnebago says: "The Ellipse cab conforms to perfectly fit you with a tilt/telescoping steering wheel and power cab seats in UltraLeather that adjust in six different directions. You will find it amazingly easy to maneuver the coach using the rearview and sideview cameras that are viewed on the deluxe touch screen radio. This popular feature also incorporates a CD player, weather band, iPod/MP3 input and the available GPS with a second LCD screen
that swivels to face your co-pilot."

2011 Itasca Ellipse diesel class A motorhome cockpit 

Decor choices:
Click for details and a larger picture

2011 Itasca Ellipse diesel class A motorhome interior decor choices 

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Four really well thought-out arrangements. 
 Congratulations Winnebago...

We show the 4 floorplans below - click for a bigger picture

2011 Itasca Ellipse diesel class A motorhome floorplans - small picture, click for a bigger picture 


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"All new exterior styling takes the 2011 Ellipse to a new level that is matched only by the awe-inspiring interior features, decor and appointments."
What do you think? Add your comments below...
(Today's video is from
Winnebago - we await a 2011 dealer video

Lichtsinn Motors has the 2011 model in stock check their website.

Compare with other class A motorhomes

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Winnebago comments with links to reviews 

Re: 2010 Winnebago ERA class B motorhomePloppyWe love ours. Great mileage. Easy to drive. Quality Mercedes. Everywhere we stop people come up and compliment on what an awesome vehicle it is. Get tons of compliments esp. when stopping for fuel. A definite keeper...if you are thinking of getting one you wont regret it...love it!
Re: 2014 Winnebago Trend 23B Class C Motorhome ReviewHappy HighwayThe 2014 Winnebago Trend 23B is a nice vehicle for me, as a Senior Citizen. I did have the Dealership install "running boards" to make it easier to enter and exit the cab area. For one or two persons, in retirement, the space works for me. It might be a bit cozy with children on long trips. A very good mileage vehicle for those of us on Social Security, just wanting to travel each day.
Re: 2014 Winnebago Trend 23B Class C Motorhome ReviewHappy HoghwayThe 2014 Winnebago Trend 23B is a nice vehicle for me, as a Senior Citizen. I did have the Dealership install "running boards" to make it easier to enter and exit the cab area. For one or two persons, in retirement, the space works for me. It might be a bit cozy with children on long trips. A very good mileage vehicle for those of us on Social Security, just wanting to travel each day.
Re: Winnebago View class C motorhome Mel SmithGreat unit by Winnebago. We have 2006 View J and it has about 50,000 miles on it. We average 16.5 mpg. It has one achellies heel. The turbo reasonator has a nasty habit of melting and delaminating puting you in "Limp Mode" of about 45 mph! This has happened to us FOUR (4) count 'em 4! times causing spoiled trips and dangerous times on the interstates. Having personally talked to Mercedes people they have NO FIX..nor one planned. The turboreasonator melts because it is made out of PLASTIC. Mercedes. Plastic.? I carry a spare with me now. I have ordered an aluminum aftermarket one from the SPRINTER STORE (online). They say it's just a bit noisier but it doesn't MELT! BY THE WAY I HAVE MET dozens of View/Navion owners who have had the same thing happen!Dozens! My advice? Buy a VIEW, NAVION or VIA or ERA and immediately replace the turbo reasonator. The hose likes to uncouple as well occasionally. Finally. I find it hard to believe that Mercedes doesn't fix this by a new part that doesn't melt. All I've gotten from Mercedes is a shrug of the shoulders. Check the internet comments. You'll see this is a widespread problem.
Re: Winnebago ERA class B motorhomeBW McDonaldTwin beds are a must for us.
Re: Winnebago ERA class B motorhomeMJAnyone know how the A/C and heat work for the rear seat when driving? Planning on taking a couple kids and manual says the cab A/C is not designed to cool the entire coach.
Re: Winnebago Outlook class C motorhomeKatnDaveMoved up from a 5th wheel to our 2009 Winnie Outlook 30D when it first came out and the floor plan has yet to disappont. The space we enjoy without the dedicated bedroom is the best and with the two slides, well it's like stepping into your living room. While the model comes with a few sleeping options, we choose to utilize the over cab bunk and find it quite comfortable. I've made a few modifications to our Outlook since we got it that have made it even better. One being the addition of a power conditioner and the installation of a second captains chair in place of the sofa. The only complaint I would have for Winnebego is that the Outlook does not come with a gravity fill outlet for the fresh water. The fresh water tank can only be filled when hooked to a water supply. Oh well, you can't have everything. We love traveling in or Winnebego 30D home away from home. :-)
Re: 2014 Winnebago Travato 59G Class B Motorhome ReviewRobert RyanAVIDA here in Australia(to name one company) does do a much better job of a Class B based on the Ducatoo. early days I think for Winnebago and the Travato.
Re: Winnebago Destination class A motorhomeMoleseyWhere would you go to hire this and does anyone know roughly how much it would cost.
Re: Winnebago ERA class B motorhomeSteve DHas anyone noticed any issues with heat because of the dark exterior color?
Re: Winnebago Destination class A motorhomeRod MillerI have a 2008 Destination and I would never own another Winnebago. Just got out of the shop fixing the transmission. Had it repaired about every 6 months. This piece of garbage has cost me thousands.
Re: Winnebago ERA class B motorhomeLarryWe have taken our 2012 ERA to Reelfoot Lake Tennessee during Eagle-watching season and to the Everglades during mating season. In both locations we photographed birds from the window of the ERA using a bean bag mount and telephoto lens on the camera. At Reelfoot on a Mississippi River levee and on a loop road in the Everglades. Great photos. ERA is so maneuverable and comfortable. Wonderful vehicle.
Re: Winnebago View class C motorhome justinemilyUltimate ideas about caravans and trailers.
Re: Winnebago Destination class A motorhomeGaryPurchased a 2008 Winnebago Destination 39W. Drove from NC to CT and averaged 9.5 mpg. Coach handled like a dream and was a pleasure to drive. Would recommend this coach to anyone.
Re: Winnebago Via class A motorhome sgborchertWe recently purchased a Via 25T. We are having great difficulty finding a bedding (fitted and top sheets) that fit the "twin" beds, as they are narrower than conventional twins. Does anyone know where to find sheets that actually fit? Also, how to cover the two additional pillows that convert the 2 beds to 1 larger bed?
Re: Winnebago ERA class B motorhomeEllenI love the king sized bed!! My husband, chihuahua and I sleep like babies in it! The couch with a table is comfortable for dinners and tv watching at night. No twin beds for this family. Not yeat anyway!
Re: Winnebago Adventurer class A motorhomeMrs. SmithYour search engine is terrible!! When looking for specific rv reviews, it sends me everywhere but where I'd like to go...
Re: Winnebago Tour class A motorhomeJody27,150 miles, 350 Cummins, side radiator, exception condition and well cared for. See RVonline Ad or craigslist SFbayarea. This coach will not disappoint. Priced right $61,000 Call 925 348-4152
Re: Winnebago View class C motorhome ShadowPurchased a used 2008 View with 3000 miles on it in April 2010. Have put 32,000 miles including 4 trips over the Alaska Highway. Maintained very accurate mileage records and overall gets 15.5 mpg. Wind makes a big difference in mileages, as does #1 diesel. Occassionally get 18 and have experieced as low as 11.5 on I90 in S. Dakota in wind. Zero mechanical problems. ECR reprogrammed on recall but do not notice a difference. Drives like a dream although rough roads make it act like an RV. Added Aux sway bar from Sprinter Store and made a big difference in sharp corners, like Highway 1 thru the Oregon coast.
Re: Winnebago Destination class A motorhomeWayne D.We just purchased a 2008 Winnebago Destination and I was wondering if anyone else had this issue - when you try to level the unit the air bags don't dump - is this normal or has anyone else had this and if so how did you fix it?
Re: Winnebago View Class CR.H.R. Montana08 purchased 09. 55 thousand miles.Wind is big factor in MPG.Bed in back is high, hard to enter and hard to exit,but comfortable. MPG 12 to 16 at 65mph.$1200 for ten thousand check with replace plugs and service whole vehicle at a Mercedes dealer. MB warranty worked fine. MOst difficult to back up without hitting something. The wide angle camera lens is useless.should be a 24 millimter lens aimed so can see and judge hazards and following cars. Drives as good as a Cad.
Re: Winnebago View class C motorhome mike hi have a 2006 view and think it great have used it alot sort trips log trips great for 4 people enjoy
Re: Winnebago Destination class A motorhomeNick GreenPosted last comment. 2008!!!!! not 1998. Sorry!!
Re: Winnebago Destination class A motorhomeNick GreenWe have a 1998 Winnebago Voyage since new. Love it BUT we have paint flaking off the roof edges badly. Assumed effects of sun but then illogical and why not off cars/boats. Anyone know of any defect/restitution? Thanks.
Re: Winnebago Destination class A motorhomeeric bMe , my wife and four kids have had our 37ft destination sence July 08 when new, we have had a nightmere of a time with it, 16 trips to 3 different shops from WA. State to south Cal. Still not fixed, we are in discussion of what Winnebago is going to do with our lemon, love the RV everything about it, but ours is a macanical, electrical and unsafe coach, I express this before here but I see it got deleted, we even almost got killed in it going 70 miles an hour and the parking brake (1 of many electric problems) decided to engage full brake of highway in the middle of day, almosted wreaked and almost got ran over by big rig trucks cause I could get completely off the high way, way very feared for my family's life, for that much money it should be a better coach, ill update what winn. Is going to do with it . Lesson learned, if you have a good coach, don't trade it in! Till next time, I'm Eric b.
Re: 2010 Winnebago ERA class B motorhomeTerry KelleyOur Sprinter has been from PEI to Vegas and Alaska.Banff, Jasper and Lake Louise and the Alaska Hwy. We took it up the Dalton Highway, Dempster Highway (Yukon) and the Top of the World Highway (Yukon to Alaska). Never felt cramped or had a problem. We dry camped in the Yukon and Alaska ( Copper River ). Trip was so awesome we are going to do it again this summer.
Re: Winnebago ERA class B motorhomeKathy McDonaldI agree, I would prefer two twin beds. I do not want to have climb out of bed.
Re: Winnebago View Class CGentsu GenWe love our 08 view. NOTE on MPG. Yes, it only gets 15mpg + fully loaded at 65, but if you are willing to cruise at 55 it will return a true 17-18mpg. One day running rural montana roads at about 50 we got 18.5.
Re: Winnebago Journey class A motorhomeSteve BowersWe have a 2009 Journey 34Y and the floor plan is in my opinion one of the best ever. This coach on a 208 inch wheelbase with great mobility offers usable space matching or exceeding many of the 37-39 ft coaches we looked at. Unfortunately, the quality control seems to have been lacking and this coach has spent 25% of its life in the shop. Great when we have it, unfortunately that's far less than you would expect for the price you pay.
Re: Winnebago View class C motorhome StephanieKThe Via/Reyo come with a single door as standard. An optional drivers door is available, but the option costs a little over $1000. We debated quite a bit over this but decided to save the money and ordered ours without it.
Re: Winnebago View class C motorhome Hastings LambI recently purchased a 2012 Winnebago Via 25Q and had a serious engine problem causing my vehicl to suddenly and rapidly decelerate. Come to find out it was a defective EGR valve and mercedes benze repair facility told me he had seen several Via's recently with the same problem. It caused considerable financial problems involving vacation interruption and neither Winnebago nor MB is willing to help. Any like or similar situations as it almost caused a highway accident between my Via and several fast moving semi trucks!
Re: Winnebago View Class CChinook RV'erHi Rich, Checkout Chinook Class C. Your not going to get great MPG, ( 10-12) however the Ford V10 has plenty of power And Chinook is a wonderful RV. Also the Chinook owners club is great, with plenty of help from the owners.
Re: Winnebago View Class CRichMandrakeIm a newbie but looking for a reliable class C and really like the View...a Buddy of mine who is somewhat knowledgeable said he has heard directly from an owner/owners that the view has poor power and that carrying any load up a hill you have to shift down to first gear...He suggests a Class C with a more powerful engine....Any feedback on your Experience with the View's power when going uphill or towing?..thanks...Rich
Re: 2010 Winnebago ERA class B motorhomeRoger SThis model is designed for couples who do not set up long-term camp in an RV park. Great for road trips and stops of a few days in state and national parks. Agile, great mileage (18-20mpg), comfortable (for 2 adults).
Re: Winnebago View Class CNangagutza We've had a '07 View J since Sept, '06, 52K miles on it. We love it BUT. We've had three turbo resonators before this aluminum one, an intake temp sensor, the engine-house solenoid, new set of steps, the entire power center, three sets of batteries, new rear brakes and rotors and the engine air conditioning is now out. It handles well, but low speed sway is something to behold. Get seasick driving out of a parking lot. We've had it across the country a couple of times and up to the Arctic Circle. Capacities are good for boondocking for a week with care. A little short on storage and weight capacity, and it seems there is always something wrong, but otherwise an almost perfect little tripper. Wish Winnebago would spend a little more on making it more reliable.
Re: Winnebago Vectra Class ADon HumphreysWe have checked out many different brands of RV's and for now been basically happy with the Winnebago/Itasca models. We did own a gas model - a 2008 Itasca Sunrise- but deep down, I knew a diesel was what I wanted and so we traded for 2002 Winnebago Journey. I also like the Vectra and may trade in a few years for a slightly newer Vectra model. From what I can tell, all RV's regardless of the manufacturer have issues. IF you are not a fixer-upper person, what's important is to go with a brand that offers a warranty and it will be helpful to find a dealer who will be there for you. The good thing about Winnebago is that they are still in business and do have a dealer network across the US for service. If you are new to RV-ing, it will be helpful to keep in mind that all RV's will need maintenance from time-to-time. I would say that that I would consider Winnebago to be the the minimum quality coach I would consider and it might be good to avoid some of the other 'discount' brands.
Re: Winnebago View class C motorhome Reyo ownerI don't see a site for the Reyo, which is similar to the Via. It looks nice, gets about 15 mpg but it has a plethra of problems. We have ours in for engine repair once in AL, LA, NC, twice in FL and over seven times in CT. We had the EGR replaced X3, turbo resonator X2. We have been towed, spent overnights in hotels awaiting service, had to rent cars while we waited for parts as the engine kept going into limp mode. We still have a problem with the antipollution system and have been waiting almost a month for a delivery of parts. One part was not available in the USA or Germany. We also had repairs or replacement to the coach in AL, RI, FL, and CT., including a new window shade, motor for Kwikee stairs, new refrigerator after losing medication and food, range hood fan, closet door, water valve that fell apart, entrance door handle, door shade, kitchen drawers, noisy windshield, inverted tv/radio switch, crackling exterior paint, insulation falling on dash, slideout rewired. Winnebago will not take the 7 month old unit back. We can't use it until the engine is repaired. We are waiting for a new closet door, and exterior paint repair. We have yet to travel without needing repair work.
Re: Winnebago View class C motorhome SharonDo any of the View Profile owners pull a tow-car? If so, what kind, and what has your experience been?
Re: Winnebago View class C motorhome Robert RyanThis is very similar to the Australian Esperance Supreme. Except it is built on a Isuzu Gaily chassis.
Re:Winnebago Outlook2007 winnebago outlook 29BThe two radios do not turn off. One in the cab and the one on the outside. I am going to add a toggle switch so I can cut the power. Also, the light on the one in the cab is bright, so it will be good to cut the one off when not in use.
Re: Winnebago Via class A motorhome Caroline TBeautiful. I really like the extra bed over the cab, just like a class C. I think I'd much rather have this than a C and I like the fact that it's diesel.
Re: Winnebago View Class CGentsu GenWe are now 4,000 miles into a View 24H. Here is the straight scoop on mileage: if you are not loaded to the max (we run about 700 lbs below GVWR) and go 60 mph on a flat road, this thing gets an honest 19 mpg! Run at max weight at 72 mph (my car speed on CA freeways) and you drop to 14. My advice: slow down and enjoy both the scenery and enjoy 30% better mpg!
Re: Winnebago ERA class B motorhomeWILLIAM BURNSNEEDS TWIN BEDS
Re: Winnebago View class C motorhome Keith JI saw the videos of the View and the View profile. I think the View is nice but it would be difficult not to spend the extra and go for the Profile.
Re: Winnebago ERA class B motorhomeLottieWhy doesn't ERA offer twin beds?
Re: Winnebago ERA Class BDarleneFive thousand miles later I'm still finding new touches and loving it. Handles like a race car, though its high CoG means it doesn't corner at speed, but it will do a u-turn on a cow path! Plus, I enjoy standing around gas stations graciously accepting compliments on what a beauty she is. Still, I'd like at least foot of closet hanging space and a couple of wide, shallow drawers for clothes (but don't take the rod out of the bathroom). Like the border agent said, now I really am living the dream - 1/5/2011
Re: Winnebago ERA class B motorhomeljsTwin beds a must
Re: Winnebago Itasca Ellipse class A motorhomeBrian KHigh quality and really beautiful. I drove a 2010 model and loved it, it almost drove itself. Love the dash arrangement.
Re: Winnebago Vista class A motorhomeken cooperLove the one and a half bathroom arrangement. Great idea. I have a 2010 Vista 30W. Really like it but if this arrangement had been available I'd have gone for it. One day maybe.


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