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2011 Cherokee Grey Wolf Travel Trailer
by Forest River

See reader's comments and experiences at bottom of page

"The Grey Wolf by Cherokee is engineered with impeccable quality, distinctive features, superior comfort and remarkable affordability"

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This is the 2011 Forest River Grey Wolf review
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: 2009 Grey Wolf

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Important dimensions:
14 floorplans are available  -  (we show all of them below)
(click for full table of dimensions etc.)
Exterior length between 22'2" and 33'11",  Exterior width 8'1"
Exterior height 10'5", Interior height 6'6"
GVWR between 7402 lbs and 7778 lbs
CCC 1709-3822 lbs,  Dry hitch weight 402-778 lbs
Tanks - fresh 36,  grey 30/35, black 30/35 - gallons 
MSRP (see dealers on right for current deals >>>
also, see forum below for prices people are paying)
(Check manufacturer's data for latest details of specifications)
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Forest River says:  "The Grey Wolf by Cherokee is engineered with impeccable quality, distinctive features, superior comfort and remarkable affordability. Grey Wolf offers our customers a chance to
escape the ordinary and relax, to enjoy family and friends and to see nature in all its beauty and wonder.. "

Forest River Grey Wolf Travel Trailer exterior - 28BHG model 
Click for a bigger picture
A 2011 Grey Wolf available at a dealer (PTRV - WI - 8/10) - this is the 28BHG model (see floorplans further down this page.)

Just some of the Forest River Cherokee Grey Wolf construction features: 3/8" Walkable Roof Decking, Radius Truss Roof Rafters, 5/8" Tongue and Groove Plywood Floor, 2" x 3" Floor Joists, Powder Coated, Rust Resistant Frame, R7 Fiberglass Insulation, Linoleum Front to Back, Roto Cast (Seamless) Holding Tanks, 12" on Average Side Wall Stud, Galvanized Steel High Wind Bands

Forest River Cherokee Grey Wolf travel trailer - 17BH exterior

There is a wide range of models available for the Forest River Cherokee Grey Wolf travel trailer.  The picture above shows the exterior of the 17BH, one of the shortest models (22'2" length). 
Roaming Times' reader quote:
"We have a 2008 Cherokee Grey Wolf 22BH. Wonderful trailer and we think Forest River is a really fine company. Would recommend them. The choice of floorplans is impressive I didn't know there were so many."

Forest River Grey Wolf Travel Trailer interior 
Just some of the Forest River Cherokee Grey Wolf interior features: Mini Blinds on All Windows, Hard window valances with lambrequins, Radius Windows, Cherry Stained Cabinets, Large Overhead Cabinets, High Grade Cabinet Handles, Rounded Styled Cabinets, Upgrade Cabinet Hardware, Hidden Switches cabinet with Dry Erase Board front

Forest River Grey Wolf Travel Trailer interior - 26BH model
Above - Interior of a 2011 Grey Wolf available at a dealer (Collier - IL - 8/10) - this is the 26BH model (see floorplans further down this page.)

INTERIOR FEATURES - Click for a bigger picture and details

Forest River Grey Wolf Travel Trailer interior features 

Forest River says: "Whether you are planning a weekend retreat or an extended vacation the Grey Wolf will take you there in style."

 Click for a bigger picture showing standards and options as well as fabrics

Forest River Grey Wolf Travel Trailer fabrics, standards and options


Finally we show a picture from PTRV - WI a 288HOK model (available 8/2010)

Forest River Grey Wolf Travel Trailer exterior 288HOK model

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Click for a bigger picture

Forest River Grey Wolf Travel Trailer floorplans - small picture, click for a larger picture



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"The Grey Wolf by Cherokee is engineered with impeccable quality, distinctive features, superior comfort and remarkable affordability. "

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This is the 2011 Forest River Grey Wolf review
See also RoTi RV reviews
: 2009 Grey Wolf

All Forest River reviews   All small travel trailer reviews

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Idiot who purchased grey wolf I have a 28 foot grey wolf bunkhouse which I purchased new. It leaked from a water hose that manufacturer didn't install properly and the slide leaked and the frame was bent as a result. What a nightmare Id say you'd be better not not ever considering a grey wolf as they are the most brutal trailer imaginable. They look nice but don't keep the water out so what's the point. This company is ridiculous.
Idiot who purchased grey wolf I have a 28 foot grey wolf bunkhouse which I purchased new. It leaked from a water hose that manufacturer didn't install properly and the slide leaked and the frame was bent as a result. What a nightmare Id say you'd be better not not ever considering a grey wolf as they are the most brutal trailer imaginable. They look nice but don't keep the water out so what's the point. This company is ridiculous.
richardhave a 2009 grey wolf 17bh , found out that a water pipe had not been properly crimped at the factory and has been leaking into the floor (pipes are burried inside floor ) for 6 years , needless to say entire floor had to be replaced, completley lifted the shell off the frame to do so costing 8 grand . will not recomend this company to anyone .
Bob from KYHi everyone, I went out of my way to purchase a 2015 Gray Wolf 28BHKS from Cheyenne Camping Center in Walcott, IA. I saved at least $4500. Although it was a 500 mile drive it was all good, had a great time traveling their and back and it helped me get used to pulling a TT (have a Class A but decided to go with a TT this time). At the dealer I spent at least 2 hours checking out the RV from the top of the roof to the undercarriage and only had a couple very minor items that they happily fixed. Then the service manager spent at least 1 ½ hours with me to explain the operation and use of every item in the RV, what to expect and explained how the RV should be serviced. Wow.. I was not expecting such great service. Now, I have read the posted reviews and would like to add my two cents. TV antenna and the boost, please remember to switch the boost switch on when using the TV. A little red light will illuminate when it is on. If the boost is not on then don’t expect to get really good reception. This is not a Forest River manufacturing issue it is a user/operator problem, read the instructions. I too have rabbit ears in the house and get 8 to 10 channels but in the RV with the boost switch “ON” I get really good reception from 25 channels. Water leaks/seeps etc. follow the manufacturers recommended service and inspection instructions and you will not have leaks/seeps. Before I signed the dotted line the service manager and I inspected the roof, windows, vents, doors for seals and sealing. Then I knew I had a well-sealed RV. Now I follow the manufacturer’s service/inspection guidance. I learned from experience with my Class A that you must inspect and repair/replace seals and sealant regularly (at least twice a year) in order to prevent leaks. This is the nature of the beast no matter what brand of RV you buy. RV’s flex a lot, from sun heating and cooling and then riding down the road at 60+ MPH (that’s like being in a really heavy storm). And we all know how smooth the RV camping site roads are…ha..ha. I failed to do this with my Class A and my kitchen vent leaked damaging the ceiling and floor… $$$$$, but that was my fault, not the manufacturer or the dealer. Someone wrote about tire ware, I agree it is a problem that requires a bit of research and maintenance. Abnormal tire ware can attributed to improper and over loading of the RV and not regularly rotating the tires. And for the axel issues, I have not ever had any although I do my best to keep the RV off the curbs while turning and for sure out of the ditch too. Those road hazards have damaging affects to both tires/wheel and axels… my car trailer is proof of that. Also I have found it to be very useful, having good side mirrors on the tow vehicle nice to see what is coming up. One advantage my Class A had was a rear TV monitor. I would turn it on when traffic was getting heavy or when I was in a construction area. Currently I am in the process of mounting a rear view mounted TV camera on my TT and placing the monitor over my rear view mirror. They are not expensive and add a bit of safety and security (what a novel touch). Keep on camping from Bob!
LeahMy husband and I purchased a 2015 Grey Wolf 26RL RV a few weeks ago. We immediately had to leave for a job in Illinois. We are from Louisiana, but our RV in Texas. Although we have a dealer in our town they didn't seem interested in our business thus the purchase in Texas. I noticed a few days ago some severe rust on gas line to RVQ hookup and along the I-beam support of the trailer and one of the brackets. I am sickened by this. What should we do??
Floradidn't mean I don't like my camper. Lovely space and storage. The dealer is awesome. I guess it is standard the antenna and if needed, I can get an antenna that is stronger. It is standard so is what it is. Grey wolf is a great camper all in all.
Flora JakubekI purchased a 2015 Grey Wolf and was told the antenna options are great, no cranking, good reception in three areas to put tv. Well, not one unscrambled station comes in 15 miles from our home are three stations. Manufactureer was cold and they said it should go 20 miles. should but won't My neighbors has rabbit ears that I attached to the tv. I got 5 stations with that. The dealer is great, but said he can't do anything unless Forest River will. Very disappointed.
ElkyI bought the Cherokee Grey Wolf 29BH 2015 three months ago. Very happy with the layout but very disappointed on the leak problem. We have had a new leak every camping trip n this unit is only 3 months old.
andyhey guys.. so i bought a wolfpup 2011. i live in it. off grid style.. this thing RULES!! no mold.. no leaking.. its just a matter of doing it right.. make sure ur level at all sides. keep it clean.. AND ALLWAYS HAVE A DEHUMIDIFYER! when i trade up "hopefully not for another 10 yrs".. i will def get another forest river.. and if u use it in the winter u have to build a heated box for your tanks. and keep the lines and fittings warm.. DUDE!!! I LIVE IN MINE.. AND IT RULES! FREEDOM!
Art KortWe bought a 26BH Gray Wolf in July of 2014, had it out 4 times and it was great. Everything worked as it should. Our dealer did not do a good walk through. But it was easy enough to figure out. Very happy.
Bug_DahUnhappy owners of Cherokee Wolf Pup 16FB purchased in May 2013...discovered the original 13" rims/tires were undersized and only allowed 55 lbs of cargo capacity..after two weeks Forrest River said they needed to replace with 15" rims/wheels to give adequate capacity..tires now overly worn on outside edges after less then 1500 miles ??? second camping trip the gray water overflowed into bathtub...discovered the gray water tank will only take 9.5 gallons before overflowing..they have vent pipe stuck too far into tank creating an air pocket in the tank..same for Black water..practically all the pipes water/gas/drain are NOT sealed to the outside allowing road water into the insulation..fresh water tank said 21 gallon capacity , but is only 15 gallons..they say you have to count the 6 gallon water heater capacity??? Not in Fresh water tank original specs !!! Fresh water tank loosely connected to floor..can move 3 inches either way!! Hot water heater never shuts off..have to turn pilot off/on. scraps of wood sawdust under storage space under bed. Toilet defective and leaked into back inner chamber!!! stabilizer jacks each had a broken bolt on when purchased...gas lines were danglining underneath unit by 6"..dangerous..
MindyTina, what model Wolf Pup do you own? We bought a 2014 model and have the problems you listed and more!
2013 Greywolf 26DBHThe unfortunate part of internet reviews is that unhappy people go out of their way to speak out about why they are unhappy, yet happy people never think to tell anyone. I'm one of those happy people that like to tell others I'm happy so the overinflated negative perceptions don't drown out the good. We are happy with our purchase and would recommend it to anyone. A bad experience typically stems from a bad dealer, not manufacturer. Bad manufacturers go broke. Our good dealer was Hanson RV in Warman, SK
TrinaI will never buy anything from Forest River Cherokee Grey Wolf again. We have had nothing but problems since the day we bought it. We camp a lot but take great care to make sure our trailer is well cared for. In 2 years our slide has failed twice and caused significant water damage and mold, the awning arm broke on its first use and was never replaced under warranty, the refrigerator decides for itself if it wants to shut down (never had this issue with other brands), the black water holding tank is much smaller than they indicate, and the DVD player fuse gets blown at least once per trip and the sofa sagged so bad on our first trip and we were told that we must have had too much weight on it (my tiny mother had slept on it). Mechanically, we've had the bearings fail, the brakes fail, the axle bent, and while these were being repaired the mechanic noted that our "new" tires would soon need replacement!!!! As for camping convenience, I'd say there is none. There is so much wasted/inaccessible space that it is crazy, the cupboard doors open upwards instead of sideways but do not have self holding mechanisms so you are always one handed as you need the other to hold the cupboard door open, there are no cutlery drawers to speak of, and very little room for dishes or groceries. We've personally taken over 2 wardrobes for food and dishes and have begun using 2 of the bunks as wardrobes since they are too small for anyone over the age of 6 anyhow. The two wardrobes in the "master bedroom" boast rods for hanging clothes but if you hang a hanger in it, the door is no longer able to close as it seems someone forgot to measure the width of a hanger before designing it this way. While our dealer has been sympathetic and strives to have all of our issues dealt with, they are at the mercy of Forest River Warranty bosses and little is getting done. I'll go back to my Four Winds brand whose only issue in 5 years was being too small for our growing family.
TinaLast year I posted that tires were shot, axel bent, dealer replaced axel and new tires, I paid labor, not even a year later 1st trip out this year, tires worn on inside AGAIN, Love the trailer but, come on now, Obviously there is a problem, contacted the dealer, see what happens.
ShanerWe've had our 2008 28'BH for 3 full years and love it. Im claustrophobic and never have an issue with guests in our trailer. Other than minor warranty issues (small rip in awning, pilot light in oven), its been very good. We camp with lots of freinds and our floorplan is the most open and comfortable.
Tina2011 wolf pup 1035 miles on it tires shot on the inside, gonna see what they will do
Camper JohnHave a 2011 Forest River Cherokee used 5-times and all the tires wore out. They are Trail Express. BEWARE of these tires, they are ALL BAD and have not been recalled. Lots of small stuff going wrong on this Fifth Wheel. Would never buy one again.
Alec M.With my first look, I could only say, "I want it!" "BADLY" 2/20/2011
Chuck KWe have the toy hauler version and we love it. Forest River is the way to go.
Craig PWe had a cherokee for a couple of years and really liked it. Like the floorplans now. Didn't know there were other floorplans when we bought ours, we just bought what the dealer had. We liked it but these reviews make you aware of the possibilities. Thanks.
GloriaWe have a 2008 Cherokee Grey Wolf 22BH. Wonderful trailer and we think Forest River is a really fine company. Would recommend them. The choice of floorplans is impressive I didn't know there were so many. Maybe we would have bought differently. Like the look of the 33' model and it doesn't look a problem to tow.
John ParkesI've always been a fan of Forest River. I've had 2 of their RVs and been totally satisfied both times.
kwayneI'm a big fan of Forest River. I've had one trailer and I've now a 5th wheel. I've been satisfied with both of them. The 5er is good but we leave it in one place most of the time and the truck bed has the permanent wheel in it. But I also really like the Forest River destination trailer idea, going to check it out.
Greg HWe have a 2007 Forest River. This is our first RV and we've been very happy with it. The bunk beds work fine and it's perfect for a family of 4. No real problems and it tows well. We've had a few minor issues dealt with by the dealer and they are not easy to deal with but Forest River are very helpful when you talk to them. I would certainly buy Forest River again but I would choose a different dealer.
SueWe have a 2004 Cherokee. The only problem that we have had is with the A/C Fan getting jammed. They fixed it under warranty once, and then they replaced it as they had had quite a few problems reported with them. Now it is working great. I wish they had an outlet under the dining table. Also, the TV cabinet sits at an awkward angle, which has been revamped in later models. I like the picture window and the snack bar&stools, lots of cabinets and interior durable. Our dealer Berryland RV's in Pontchatoula, LA has been great- no issues. Based upon your experiences, would you buy one of this manufacturer's RVs again?: Yes. Rating: 5/5.


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