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2011 Fleetwood Storm class A motorhome
See reader's comments and experiences at bottom of page

"A 'crossover' - a special motor home because it includes the best aspects of both a Class A and a Class C. Loaded with standard features - a great value at price that appeals to a wide range of RVers."

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Important dimensions:

 3 floorplans are available - we show these below.
Ford Chassis w/6.8L Triton V10 Engine
Exterior length 28'8" - 31'0"
Exterior height (with A/C) 12'0",  Exterior width 8'6"
Max interior height 6'10"
GVWR  16-18,000 lbs, GCWR  23,000 lbs
Hitch rating weight 5,000 lbs

Tanks - fresh / black / grey/fuel - 60/35/35/80 gals
Starting MSRP $82,000 (07/10) but see dealer for pricing

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Fleetwood Storm class A motorhome exterior
Click for a bigger picture 

The 2011 Storm is "a special motor home because it includes the best aspects of both a Class A and a Class C motor home," said John Draheim, CEO of Fleetwood RV, Inc. "Storm is loaded with standard features and provides a great value at price that appeals to a wide range of RVers."

The 2011 Storm is available in three floor plans: a 28-foot single-slide, rear bedroom floor plan with walk-around queen bed and oversized wrap-around booth dinette (28MS); a 31-foot dual-slide, side-aisle floor plan with opposing dinette/sofa in the living room (30SA); and a 31-foot dual-slide floor plan with standard traditional bunk beds or the optional "Bunk Bed-n-Breakfast" space-saving two-person dinette with convertible bunk beds (32BH) - see floorplans further down this page

Fleetwood Storm class A motorhome interior
Click for a bigger picture
  Storm 30SA shown in Antique Sand interior decor with Butterscotch Spice cabinetry
(see floorplans and decors further down this page)

Just some of the Fleetwood Storm features: 
  • Single Piece Windshield
  • Glazed Hardwood Cabinet Doors with Hidden Hinges
  • Bunk Bed and Breakfast
  • Hide-A-Loft Feature
  • Tuff Coat High Gloss Exterior
  • Fiberglass
  • Full Basement Storage
  • Flexsteel Furniture
  • TuffPex Plumbing System

Fleetwood Storm class A motorhome dinette
"The Large Dinette seats four comfortably in front of the big picture window. And with the Dream Dinette system, it easily becomes an extra bed at night - the table swings down and the cushions make into a mattress."

Just some of the Fleetwood Storm standard interior features: 12V Water Pump, Demand Operation, 15,000 Btu Ducted Air Conditioner w/Chill Grille, 30,000 Btu Furnace, Wall Mounted Thermostat (30SA, 28MS), 6 Gallon Propane Water Heater w/Electronic Ignition, AC/DC Load Center w/12V Converter/Battery Charger, Auxiliary Battery w/Disconnect Switch, Central Monitor Panel, Complete TuffPEX Plumbing System, Deluxe Roller Bearing, Full Extension Drawer Guides & Transit-Ship Locks, Dual 20,000 Btu Furnaces (32BH), GFI Circuit Protection, Hardwood Raised Panel Cabinet Doors, Hidden Cabinet Door Hinges, Ozite Lined Ceilings, Ozite Lined Shelves in Overhead Cabinets, Pleated Night Shades in Living Room & Bedroom, Quality Constructed Furniture by Flexsteel, Water Heater Bypass Valve Fresh Water System Winterization

 Fleetwood Storm class A motorhome hide-a-loft queen bed

Roaming Times thinks the Fleetwood Storm is really well thought out. The pictures above and below show options.  Options: 19" LCD TV (Bedroom), Bunk Bed-n-Breakfast - shown below - (32BH), Bunk Bed-n-Breakfast w/ Dual Pane Windows (32BH), Dual Flat Panel TV'S (32BH MODEL BUNKS), Hide-A-Loft Queen Bed w/ 26" LCD TV (shown above), Satellite Radio

  Fleetwood Storm class A motorhome bunk bed-n-breakfast 

Fleetwood says:  "The Bedroom Suite provides plenty of room for relaxing, thanks to the bedroom slide-out on most models. And under bed storage provides an out of the way space for linens and more."
Looks good - Roaming Times thinks Fleetwood are making really nice motorhomes....  

Fleetwood Storm class A motorhome bedroom 

And finally, the cockpit:

     Fleetwood Storm class A motorhome cockpit


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We show the floorplans below - click for a bigger picture:
The 2011 Storm is available in three floor plans: a 28-foot single-slide, rear bedroom floor plan with walk-around queen bed and oversized wrap-around booth dinette (28MS); a 31-foot dual-slide, side-aisle floor plan with opposing dinette/sofa in the living room (30SA); and a 31-foot dual-slide floor plan with standard traditional bunk beds or the optional "Bunk Bed-n-Breakfast" space-saving two-person dinette with convertible bunk beds (32BH).  Roaming Times thinks the 3 floorplans shown below are really well thought out and there really are some nice innovative features...

Fleetwood Storm class A motorhome floorplans - small picture, click for larger picture 


  RoTi logo
"A 'crossover' - a special motor home because it includes the best aspects of both a Class A and a Class C motor home. Storm is loaded with standard features and provides a great value at price that appeals to a wide range of RVers."
What do you think? Add your comments in the forum below...
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juan martinez i have an 06 model have not had any issues except for when i first tried the furnace for heater they forgot too plug the fan in when they bluilt it now one of the corner pieces on the roof fell off where can i get one at stop by where i bought it they cant get one for any ideas >>?????Re: Fleetwood Evolution Camping Trailer
Gary TerryWe have the 2014 Bounder classic and love most of it! However, we are very dissatisfied that the back AC drains onto the Drivers side slide and I'm talking gallons of water, I have to spend an hour tilting the home to remove most of it, the remainder we have to put towels on top of the slide as we pull it in. Huge pain, got to be a solution. Dealer/Service Center tells us everyone has that problem, we haven't found anyone else who does!Re: Fleetwood Bounder Classic class A motorhome
Laura ZehnleMy husband and I purchased a new E-1 from Ketelson in Denver. The CD player went out 1st. This was 2008. Then we lost heat, and then the crank would not work!! The roof leaked and the interior and roof is a disaster. I paid over $11,500.00 CASH for this camper. Fleetwood is now out of business and we have no recourse. Ketelson Campers said they could repair and clean the inside and seal and rubberize the roof. There are a lot of us going through this. What ever happened to someone standing behind what they sell and promote. America has gone down the tubes. Laura Z. P.S. We learned a valuable lesson--to investigate before you buy anything. 7-28-14Re: Fleetwood Evolution Camping Trailer
CatherineWe really like the layout of the Fleetwood discovery, but want one with a king bed. do any exist?Re: Fleetwood Discovery
JoeyDo you have this problem? Own 2007 Southwind 35A with a problem of sink cabinet trim pulling away from wall when sun shines on the outside wall. Closes back when wall is shaded. Fleetwood service center was no help Re: Fleetwood Southwind class A motorhome
RJ.I have a 2005 E-1 and have the screen door problem also have had now leak problems but of course I keep it in a garage for the winter and keep snow of the roof that way.Tow it with a B4000 V-6 Mazda Pick up and no problems there, as for water line problems none, however I took the time to cover all lines with foam pipe insulation tubes thus giving more protection I love the high clearance of this unit. Note I live in North Idaho and when it comes time to sell this I know it will make a great base camp for hunters. Re: Fleetwood Evolution Camping Trailer
PamWe own a 2008 E 1. First the good: it tows well and goes about everywhere we would like to off-road. It has an airy and spacious feeling when it is open. The bad far outweighs the good. The roof leaks from many micro cracks, and this unit has always been garaged and lightly used. It also leaks in the front, I assume from the seal between the box and the top, and has stained the canvas quite noticeably. The door has fallen apart and is now being held together with Gorilla tape. It is very hard to set, and if my hubby wasn't a six-footer, it would be nearly impossible. The cook top is two tiny burners so close together that the second one is essentially useless, and the first is hardly any better. To use a frying pan on the first, I have fold down the pieces meant to surround the top (grease guard?) and lean it against the window. You CANNOT put two pans on it at the same time unless they are about 4" wide. Amazingly, there is no roof vent! So no matter what the weather, we have to have windows open wide on both sides for cross ventilation or you are gassed when cooking. The table is too big for the space between the seats, making it very uncomfortable for even skinny folks. The table itself is a piece of junk that fell apart early on. The curtains are cut such that there is not a 1/2 of overlap; I use clothespins to keep them shut. The concept gets an "A", the execution gets a "D". Note to the no doubt male designers of these: "If momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy".Re: Fleetwood Evolution Camping Trailer
Ken MI have a 2008 E2. Before it was two years old, the roof cracked from front to rear, right down the middle. Warranty would provide a new roof, but would charge me $1200 to ship it! No go. I had the roof Rhino-lined, the same indestructable stuff used for pickup truck beds. Within 6 months, the Rhino-liner split in the same fashion, more than 1/8 gap the entire length. Water was beginning to ruin the headliner. Finally, I ordered a 10'x15' sheet of EPDM rubber roofing material. It is glued to the edges and caulked as well as fastened tight at lower edges front/rear with an aluminum strip. No more leaks and it expands/contracts with the temps. Very frustrating on a newer camper that I had to come up with a solution myself for a faulty materials choice by Coleman/Fleetwood that has affected so many people. And yes, my plumbing leaks too but after the roof issue, that will be easy. Sheesh.Re: Fleetwood Evolution Camping Trailer
Dennis SWe have a 2011 Blunder Classic, which is a very good looking MH,,, but 45 pages including pictures dates time etc. it don't work to show proof or even get the attn.of the dealer(s), 4 in our case ,one flat refused to look at it. Main issue is the blk tank .IT HAS A DISK CUTOUT still in it and will not drain, Ive seen it float by ...while testing for it and the TECH saw it too. and the Dealer of Grass Valley did nothing. It took 6mths to get to a repair shop that would do the work... in San Jose initials are CP at A___n rv ... excellent, thorough, super reputation, I support. They should build the Rvs then all would be good. Mind you this is only one issue of a list of very poor quality control problems. it been over a year since we acquired and the MH is still sick, and stnkyRe: Fleetwood Bounder gas class A motorhome
e2There is a ridge that sticks up about 1/8 inch that has developed on the roof that extends from side to side approx above the tires. I assume it has something to do with the extreme heat in the summer beating down on the roof. I calked where the ridge crosses under the plastic piece down the center of the roof to stop any leakage. Asked several RV shops and they do not have a clue what has happened. I keep it covered so I have not experienced the micro cracks that others have mentionedRe: Fleetwood Evolution Camping Trailer
DE EggmanWe have a 2005 Tioga our second tioga and we love it it drives great, handles great. love the layout lots of storage. this one is our 14 th unit we've been camping for 47 yrs. we've had 3 5th wheels one class A and 4 Class C's the rest were travel trailers and tioga's have been far the units we ever owned. the only thing to buy is Tioga. keep up the good work guys... .Re: Fleetwood Tioga motorhome
Dale MacWe have a 2008 40x coach experiencing some issues be forwarned the door awning will need repair, the brake activation control switch will have to be done, two water tank connections will need to be attended too, regular trany services and oil changes on all components. We enjoy the unit but it has been high maintenence so far. We only travel 5000 miles per year so bring the chq book. Great unit all in all. Re: Fleetwood Discovery
ToddSSaw a nice '07 Fleetwood E2. It looks well taken care of, but am reading a lot of posts on problems with plumbing, screen door, and roof leaking. Should we continue with the purchase? It seems as if for the most part consumers are happy with this model as long as those minor bugs are taken care of.Re: Fleetwood Evolution Camping Trailer
SamI have a 2007 fleetwood/coleman E-3 evolution folding camping trailer i am looking for the complete hard top roof for my trailer can any body help?Re: Fleetwood Evolution Camping Trailer
SamI have a 2007 fleetwood/coleman E-3 evolution folding camping trailer i am looking for the complete hard top roof for my trailer can any body help?Re: Fleetwood Evolution Camping Trailer
SaraWe purchased a 2011 Tioga Fleetwood motorhome two summers ago in the Denver area -- a HUGE MISTAKE -- it is CHEAPLY made with only retailer profit in mind and not customer satisfaction and longevity. Our problems are constant and always ongoing: door latches that won't work, cheap compartment enclosure hardware on all cupboard doors and drawers that break on the first use (nothing attaches properly and screws are too small), refrigerator and couch that are much too small, cheap outside compartment seals that come loose either by sticking to the doors when they're opened or the seals completely dislodge from the edges -- upfront replacement cost for the consumer, compartment doors with hardware to hold them open made of plastic and break easily, low grade carpet, etc. We have used our motorhome seven times and each time we return home we have another major project on our hands -- spend additonal hours fixing something that is broken or which has been dislodged after traveling 50 miles. DO NOT PURCHASE A TIOGA MOTORHOME CLASS C -- they ared not worth the money and the quality of the construction is beyond BAD!Re: Fleetwood Tioga motorhome
KimI may have a number to call for the screen door problem. kimmcgaffey@gmail.com PUT FLEETWOOD IN THE SUBJECT...Re: Fleetwood Evolution Camping Trailer
GolferJust bought a 08 e4 and having problems with the air conditioner, the fan only works fine but in cool mode it pops the 20 amp breaker, Some say go to a higher amp but I'm not liking that idea..Re: Fleetwood Evolution Camping Trailer
Brown's I have e 3 in 08 love it. Roof thats another story cost 800 to have it sprayed looks cool life time on spray job. Has any one repaired the in side of theres what do i do lol its dryed up looks beter but need to fix Re: Fleetwood Evolution Camping Trailer
amishjimOne other note about Rhino Lining: It's blast resistant! As seen on the TV show Smash Lab(a Mythbusters clone), they blew up a pickup truck with a Rhino lined bed and the bed was the only thing to survive. Then they coated a building and it survived...Re: Fleetwood Evolution Camping Trailer
JodieWe have the 2008 E4. It's awesome! Have had none of the issues I'm seeing on here. We are looking to sell as we are ready for something we can load all 4 quads on and not have to take an2nd vehicle/trailer every time we camp. Asking $16,000 2008fleetwoode4@gmail.com Re: Fleetwood Evolution Camping Trailer
DiddyWe are considering the 31N too. The one we have driven handles poorly - much worse than our 2003 Coachman. Anyone else notice the sloppy steering wheel?Re: Fleetwood Tioga motorhome
David LuseDoes anyone know how high the 1997 Fleetwood discovery 36' is? I want to know if it will fit through the barn door. Please reply to dsluse@iglide.net Anymajor issues with this year/model? Thank you.Re: Fleetwood Discovery
Bonniehave E4 new in 08 , love it till the roof leaked , need to find out how to fix ceiling inside looks bad Re: Fleetwood Evolution Camping Trailer
stephenMy wife and i just bought a 2005 flair as our first motorhome.We have had it for two months and have camped 10 times and have added 1700 miles to the 22,000 that were on it.We have had no prob at all and really like our coach.Great entry leval coach to those looking to go this route.Re: Fleetwood Flair class A motorhome
mixer152i got a fleetwood E2, 2006 and it has gone many many places that regular trailers would not. I to have a leaky roof, and with fleetwood gone i could not get warranty work....ima try the spray on rubber coat mentioned previously, sounds like it might work. We clean our very regularly, but we have a mold/mildew issue...any sugestions on cleaning solutions?Re: Fleetwood Evolution Camping Trailer
jcbrownHave a 2006 E2 and experienced the same micro-cracking and roof leaks mentioned previously. Coated entire roof with Liquid Rubber and re-calked edges. Anyone have any experience or suggestions on replacing the interior ceiling? The water damage in ours is pretty bad. Thanks!Re: Fleetwood Evolution Camping Trailer
harrislooked at a 98 20 ft terry online any one know how much this weighs?Re: Fleetwood Terry Premier Travel Trailer
DinoI have a 05 E3 and only major problem is the roof. Sales rep tells me that its a manufacturing defect, They quoted Rino liner for $800. Coated the roof myself with Liquid Roof and seems to work very good at a much lower cost. Great camper with minor normal maintenance. Re: Fleetwood Evolution Camping Trailer
Nashville RVerWe bought our first rv several months ago after renting one for the first time last year. We didn't do a lot of shopping around but did do extensive Internet research. We purchased a 2011 Fleetwood Tioga 24 DSL. We love the rv but are disappointed in the quality - cheap hardware, wood trim covered in contact paper, and just sloppy workmanship. Our unit spent 5 weeks in the shop 100 miles away for a list of fixes that included window Leaks, trim that feel off the slideout while driving down the road, exhaust bracket broken, diesel generator problem, both sinks leaked, etc. We got our rv back 3 days before a planned week long trip and half the things that were supposed to be fixed weren't!! Our dealer is over 120 miles away!! We expected a few issues but nothing quite like this. In retrospect I think we would have done much more shopping around and manufacturer research! Re: Fleetwood Tioga motorhome
Bob NebelWe also own a 2008 American Tradition with the full wall slide and rear bathroom. We love our coach. It has performed well with very few minor problems.These were taken care of by the American Coach Factory Service Team headed by Randy.I had my problems repaired at a FMCA National Convention and therefore didn't even have to add additional travel to our trip. Fleetwood and American Coach has always been known for there service and I can say they live up to their reputation. Safe travels, look at American Coach before you purchase. Re: Fleetwood American Tradition luxury motorcoach
05 Evo 1Enjoying it alot with no problems to speak of other then RV maintnence, tighten screw an so on which I do. Alot less then a 30ft. class A an its not $300 to fill up. Added alum,3 bike rack to rear bumber an moved spair under unit. Tiny stirofoam bubbles by cross member that came out last summer in dry wheather, anyone seen this?Re: Fleetwood Evolution Camping Trailer
dredthis is in response to mattinutah's question about Spray on material. I can attest to the strength. I had my toyota tacoma sprayed 11 years ago. I have been pretty brutal on the bed with various sharp heavy objects ( boulders, brick, cinder block,etc) The product performs fantastic. As a roof sealer, its a no brainer. Re: Fleetwood Evolution Camping Trailer
BillROur 2006 E1 developed the hairline cracks and water damage on the ceiling. After looking at all the forums I decided to use EPDM Liquid Roof as a coating. I used 2 gallons and coated up to the Rails on top. Then caulked where the roof meets plastic with a good non hardening rv caulk. It came only in white. Did it outside on a clear day. I probably will recoat in a year or two.Re: Fleetwood Evolution Camping Trailer
OliveOylThe roof on our E3 (2008 but purchased new in 2010)leaked the first winter it had snow on it. Fooled around awhile and finally found a spray on bedliner company that fixed it for $600. Looks nice and warranteed for 10 years. Cheaper than Line X and Rhino so shop around.Re: Fleetwood Evolution Camping Trailer
mattinutahShoot, roof leak finally happened. dealer is recommending a rhinoliner seal on roof which is $800 but they claim good results. I thought about the individual glass repairs but out here in the desert I think I would be spending a lot of time on it. Anyone else used the rhino or line - x? Re: Fleetwood Evolution Camping Trailer
Dave WWe purchased a 2011 Fleetwood Storm last October. It has been nothing but a nightmare. From generator failing (during hurricane Irene) to windshield moulding falling out, to fan to cool refrigerator improperly located etc etc. Our biggest complaint is the overhead bed in the front of the unit! When going down hill, braking etc it screaches and rattles to the point of being unable to carry on a conversation in the coach. Our dealer has tried numerous fixes as advised by Fleetwood. Some relief has been obtained, but the problem is still there. Personally I think it's a design flaw that needs to be remedied back at the drawing board. It has completely soured my wife and I on the whole motorhome experience. Re: Fleetwood Storm class A motorhome
CampersueFinally after repeated times of taking in the trailer to the dealer we have fixed the problem of the fridge. A new one was put in and Dometic (the company that makes the fridge) suggesteed we buy a fridge fan. It is about the size of a box of soda. We picked one up at the dealer. Put in the batteries and placed it in the fridge for the test. For a week straight the inside temperature of the trailer has been 90 degrees or higher and the fridge has been a constant 40 degrees or lower during the night. Dometic suggested that we place a glass of water with a thermometer in it to check the temperature. I used a meat thermometer. We are so happy now. With good suggestions from other campers and this fix, we are ready to feel secure about our trailer except for the fact that bugs get in between the canvas and the frame. Keep up your good suggestions. Thanks, SueRe: Fleetwood Evolution Camping Trailer
GilbyMy neighbor is storing his at my place as he has no room. If I could I'd buy it it looks so good. He is selling it for $7000.00. It's a 2005 or 2008, not sure.Re: Fleetwood Evolution Camping Trailer
bobI own a 2007 fleetwood providence. I have had problems with the full slide. Am still having problems with it. Once the locking mechanism didn't work. Next it wouldn't close all the way on the bottom. Now the locking mechanism isn't working again. Am have problems with the awning on the full slide will not stay tight.Re: Fleetwood Providence luxury motorcoach
Mike and Wanda from STLWe just bought an older Terry 5th wheel (21 ft) and the price was what we could afford. The trialer needs a few repairs but on the whole it still is as good as it gets. I'm trying to find out about replacing the Atwood 6gal hot water heater with a tankless model. Any suggestions?Re: Fleetwood Terry Premier Travel Trailer
craigDan, my wife and I purchased a 07 39v with motion sat. All you have to do to disconnect the disconnect is to plug the tv into the other power recepticle?Re: Fleetwood Discovery
JerryI have a E4 08 model, screen door bad, leaky sink, no big deal I fixxed those. Now my roof is leaking, dealer wants 2500 to repair with rubber. Does anyone know how I can fix this myself? please help quickandeasycontainers@gmail dot com. I designed a piece to help load a golf cart on the platform if anyone is interested. Re: Fleetwood Evolution Camping Trailer
bcs in slcFix for roof leak. I used West marine two part epoxy with a fiberglass woven strip. Easy to prep and apply. step 1- identify the ends of the crack ,and drill of 3/8 diameter hole at the end of the crack just threw the surface of the fiberglass .this will prevent the crack from spreading any further .step-2 sand acrossed the cracked area slightly wider than the strip of woven fiberglass that will be used . Step -3 put some acetone on it terry cloth towel and lightly clean area to remove any loose debris . this also creates a good bonding surface for the epoxy . Step - 4 size up your strip of fiberglass and lay it over the crack having an approximate 2 inch overlap on either side of the crack. you need at this point to determine how wide the crack is .if it is larger than a quarter inch you will want to add a filler to the epoxy . then remove fiberglass strip set aside for later step . Step-5 mix your epoxy and add filler if needed. Apply epoxy to the crack area and slightly wider than the fiberglass strip. Step-6 once the epoxy is hard lightly sand and clean with acetone .now mix epoxy re apply epoxy then placed fiberglass strip on to wet epoxy .it is important to brush in the epoxy to the fiber glass strip .it is a good idea to use the filler material in the e poxy resin on this step . Step -7 once epoxy has harden repeat step 5 very important to sand and clean every time. Step-8 once epoxy is hard sand with 100 grit and clean . Then use a jellcoat paint to cover epoch. my roof had crack in 3 places around my fantastic fan. I was told that I was eligible for a new roof but fleetwood with belly up . so this is the repair that I have come up with an it has been solid for the past 3 years . I have been down many ure off road 110 degree deserts heavy high altitude thunderstorms and even several inches of snow . not 1 drop of water as come in since this repair . here are my suggestions for materials needed . -West epoxy hardner and resin -self measuring pump -west filler -disposable plastic cups for epoxy -disposable gloves -mixing stick -cheap disposable paint brushes can buy a box of 50 harbor freight -Re: Fleetwood Evolution Camping Trailer
Skippy DunbarI still have my 2008 E1, that I use several times a year on short and long trips. After my third trip across country I still have not had any of the problems others write about. I think I may have close to 25,000 miles on the coach. Planning to replace the barrings and brakes after this season.Re: Fleetwood Evolution Camping Trailer
larrySorry I bought an entry-level MH. Bought new in 2008 but only used 5 times due to illness. Less than 2000 miles. Battery disconnect switches don't work, trimming inside is falling off, (the staples didn't hold), entry door keeps sticking and won't hold the screen door when opening, rubber gaskets around storage doors has fallen off and a couple storage doors won't stay open, rubber around some of the screen on windows have also came apart. Am now waiting for an appointment to get my air conditioners fixed. The dealer I bought it from no longer deals with Fleetwood and wants nothing to do with it.Re: Fleetwood Terra LX class A motorhome
LeeWe purchased a 2010 Jamboree 31M used. We have enjoyed it very much, except the dealer lied to us and told us it had a 60 gallon water tank, when in reality it is only 35 gal. It appears this is the only model with a 35 gal tank and others have the 60 gal. We do a lot of dry camping, therefore are wondering if anyone has been able to add an additional tank to this model to expand it's capacity, and how we might do that.Re: Fleetwood Jamboree class C motorhome
KevinThe screen door is an easy fix. Screw in short sheet metal screws just below the notches in the door. The slides fit on the screws and you can have it open to any postion you want.Re: Fleetwood Evolution Camping Trailer
Como43We rented a Tioga last summer and it was great. We've compared many RVs and now have decided on the Tioga Ranger 31N with the queen bed and bunk beds. This is a really great layout for us and our 2 kids.Re: Fleetwood Tioga motorhome
MikeHi, I'm very interested in purchasing one of these evolution units either an E2 or E3 and a bit concerned by all the comment about roofs leaking. Would appreciate any replies letting me know if this a an easy fix and where they all seem to be originating from. I know these campers use a one piece roof system so is this related to the AC? Also appreciate any feedback overall with regards to the campers themselves. Thanks mike@militarymahogany.comRe: Fleetwood Evolution Camping Trailer

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