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Casita Spirit Small Travel Trailer Rv

This is the 2011 Casita review
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Important dimensions:
Exterior length 13'/16'/17'
Exterior width 6'8", Exterior height 7'8"/8'11"
Interior headroom 5'10"/6'1 1/2"
There are 4 available models (9/10), we show all of the floorplans
Approx dry weight 1880-2480 lbs, Approx hitch weight dry 215-365 lbs
MSRP starting at under $13,000 (9/20100)

Casita says: "Manufacturing since 1983, Casita Enterprises, Inc., has owned the road as Americas Favorite Lightweight Travel Trailer. Its the quality of workmanship and materials that sets Casita Travel Trailers apart. Exceptional customer satisfaction is another plus. Family owned and operated, our pride shows in the level of comfort experienced every time you and your Casita travel highways and byways."

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Latest reader comments about the Casita:
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Casita Spirit 16'/17' model exterior

Casita Spirit small travel trailer interior
Roaming Times' reader quote:
"...bought a 17ft. Spirit Deluxe 2 years ago. I have tried (for whatever reason) to find a trailer that appears better than the Casita for size, weight, quality, style, comfort and I cant! This trailer is fantastic (for me anyway). "
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Casita RV cushion fabrics available