2011 Casita small travel trailer

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"Manufacturing since 1983, Casita has owned the road as Americas Favorite Lightweight Travel Trailer. Its the quality of workmanship and materials ... exceptional customer satisfaction is another plus

This is the 2011 Casita review
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Important dimensions:
Exterior length 13'/16'/17'
Exterior width 6'8", Exterior height 7'8"/8'11"
Interior headroom 5'10"/6'1 1/2"
There are 4 available models (9/10), we show all of the floorplans
Approx dry weight 1880-2480 lbs, Approx hitch weight dry 215-365 lbs
MSRP starting at under $13,000 (9/20100)

Casita says: "Manufacturing since 1983, Casita Enterprises, Inc., has owned the road as Americas Favorite Lightweight Travel Trailer. Its the quality of workmanship and materials that sets Casita Travel Trailers apart. Exceptional customer satisfaction is another plus. Family owned and operated, our pride shows in the level of comfort experienced every time you and your Casita travel highways and byways."

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Latest reader comments about the Casita:
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We show the 4 models below - click on the picture for more details, floorplans etc.

Casita Patriot 13' model exterior

Roaming Times' reader quote:
"...bought a 17ft. Spirit Deluxe 2 years ago. I have tried (for whatever reason) to find a trailer that appears better than the Casita for size, weight, quality, style, comfort and I cant! This trailer is fantastic (for me anyway). "
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Casita Spirit 16'/17' model exterior

Casita Freedom 16'/17' model exterior

Casita Liberty 16'/17' model exterior

The main features of the Casita are:

  • Aerodynamic
  • Gas efficient
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy fiberglass construction

Casita travel trailers sell directly to the public. They say they have a "network of satisfied customers world-wide that would welcome the opportunity to show you their Casita Travel Trailer and answer any questions you may have." You can see a Casita in your area. Contact them on 1-800-442-9986

Casita describe the following "unique features" about the trailers:

Space-Age Two Piece Fiberglass Shell Construction Strong and lightweight construction. Eliminates siding over frame construction. Easily repaired. Easy to clean. Eliminates rusting and other deterioration, and will last and last, no roof seams.

All Fiberglass Bottom Pan Eliminates rust problems, eliminates under carriage water leakage. Wood floor completely sealed inside of trailer. Prevents rotting from road moisture and dust penetration.

Heavy Duty Steel Frame Improves underbody strength. Protects unit from road and rough terrain damage, and carries heavy duty suspension mounts.

Rubber Torsion Bar Suspension Reduces coach vibration, maintenance free and isolates coach from rough terrain, with independent suspension.

Insulated Interior Eliminates interior condensation. Keeps cool in summer, warm in winter and reduces outside noise levels.

Lightweight, Fiberglass Interior Furniture Eliminates warping, easy to maintain, fits decor and makes trailer lighter.

Aerodynamic Design Low wind resistance when towing. Low cross-wind resistance. Good towing stability, and provides good road stability.

Lightweight Pulls with a small vehicle, SAVES on hitch cost, EASY to hook up to a vehicle, EASY to handle when towing, SAFER to control on road, less wear and tear on car, and SAVES on gasoline when towing.

Spacious Private Shower and Toilet Combination Gives privacy and convenience of larger coaches. Allows larger families privacy in use, with more versatility.

Choice of Sleeping Accommodations Choose sleeping accommodations that fit family needs.

Nearly 50 cu. ft. of Storage Space Can store necessary travel gear conveniently.

Large Screened Windows Provides open, airy feeling and ventilation with a view.

Complete, Usable Galley As Standard Equipment Store and prepare foods properly.

Potable On Board and City Water Hook Up With Water Heater Fresh, hot water at all times.

Top Brand-name Components Quality products insure long life.

Warranty -1 full year on Casita manufactured parts and labor from dealership.

Casita says: "All these things and more added to the lightweight, aerodynamic design of your Casita make it the most outstanding value of the travel trailer industry today."