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Camplite Truck Camper 2011

CampLite 10' truck camper exterior

Important dimensions:

CampLite 10' truck camper specifications

Roaming Times thinks that the CampLite truck campers are very special. Lightweight and recyclable!
There is not a splinter of wood in this travel trailer. It is 99% recyclable, said Livin Lite President Scott Tuttle

Manufactured by Livin' Lite (the Green RV of the Year manufacturer) who says: "This ultra-lightweight camper is specially designed for smaller, more fuel-efficient trucks such as the Ranger, S10, Canyon, Colorado, Tacoma and Frontier. If you have a small pick up truck and have been looking for an affordable truck camper that would not exceed your vehicles payload capacity this is it!"

(The first model of CAMPLITE truck camper is a 10 edition. Coming soon is the CAMPLITE enclosed truck camper designed for full size trucks, which is 13 in length and will include a wet bath and optional LP system - we'll give you info about that when available - there is a floorplan link further down this page.)

CampLite 10' truck camper interior

Roaming Times' reader quote:
"A great truck camper. I have had several truck campers and they involve a lot of work and muscle. Now that I am retired I am looking for a lightweight truck camper for my Dakota, the Quicksilver (Livin' Lite) will be my choice. "
by silverfox (see forum below)

CampLite 10' truck camper interior - kitchen

"Weighing in at a feathery 950 lbs., the CAMPLITE hard-sided truck camper offers all aluminum construction from the aluminum floor to the aluminum cabinets to the aluminum framed and skinned, vacuum-bonded walls and roof, and European lightweight windows from Dometic."

CampLite 10' truck camper interior - kitchen, bed area

There is also a towable CampLite of course - you can see details of this here .

CampLite 10' truck camper - interior 2

CampLite 10' truck camper exterior 2

An amazing truck camper; brilliantly conceived and developed.

Congratulations Livin' Lite.