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2010 Northwood Arctic Fox truck camper
See reader's comments and experiences at bottom of page

"Built to withstand off-road use without leaving behind the comforts of home, the Arctic Fox Camper is the most popular full wall slide out truck camper on the market today."

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Important dimensions:
Floor length 9'0" to 11'4", Overall length 16'8" to 19'
Exterior height (approx. with A/C) 9'4",  Exterior width 8'0"
9 floorplans are available (2010 models) - we show all of these below
Dry weight 3468 - 3953 lbs,
Fresh/grey/black tanks - 45-55 / 41-44 / 25-43 gals
(see dealer)
  Click for a bigger picture
Northwood says: "Built to withstand off-road use without leaving behind the comforts of home, the Arctic Fox Camper is the most popular full wall slide out truck camper on the market today."
Northwood Arctic Fox truck camper exterior 2
"Our full wall slides are up to 26" deep, and our aluminum super structure slide out operates under heavier load conditions than competitors. Our transverse floor structure offers a wider main floor giving a spacious feel that is immediately apparent upon entering the coach."

Northwood Arctic Fox truck camper exterior 3

Just some of the construction features of the Arctic Fox Camper: Aluminum Superstructure, .060" - .125" Thick Main Members, 3-1/2 - 1-1/2 Crowned Roof, 2lb. Foam Block Insulation, Full Walk-On Roof, Transverse Floor / More Floor Space, Continuous 1 Piece Fiberglass Cabover, Rack and Pinion Slide Out Mechanism

And, just some of the exterior features of the Arctic Fox Camper: Large Exterior Access Storage Compartments with All Metal Latches, Catches, Pulls and Automotive Bulb Seals Around All Doors, Dual Battery Compartment w/ Slideout Tray, Side Wall Diamond Plate Protection, Outdoor High Pressure Shower, 4-Way Remote Power Jacks, Large Rear Door View Window, Exterior Ladder and 7" Tall Roof Rack, Black Tank Flush, LP Hookup for BBQ & Rear Exterior Speakers

Northwood Arctic Fox truck camper interior 1 
Just some of the interior features of the Arctic Fox camper - Wood Face Frame Cabinet Construction, Heated Enclosed Holding Tanks and Dump Valves, 'FANTASTIC' Reversible Multi Speed Fan Vent, Solar and Satellite Ready, Power Converter with Charger & Charge Wizard, Direct Spark Ignition Gas/Electric Water Heater, Kenwood CD Player w/ 6 Speakers, Generator Ready (Most Models), Night Shades on All Windows."
Below we show the 992 model in chestnut (see floorplans below):

Northwood Arctic Fox truck camper interior 2 


Northwood Arctic Fox truck camper interior 3 

Below we show a picture of a 1140 interior from American RV (MI) who has this model in stock (2/2010):

Northwood Arctic Fox truck camper interior 4 

Roaming Times thinks Northwood have done a really good job with the Arctic Fox truck camper layouts as you can see in the floorplans below.  What do you think?  Add your comments below.

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We show the floorplans below - click for a bigger picture:

2010 Northwood Arctic Fox truck camper floorplans, small picture - click for a larger picture 


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"Built to withstand off-road use without leaving behind the comforts of home, the Arctic Fox Camper is the most popular full wall slide out truck camper on the market today.?"
     What do you think? Add your comments below...
(Today's video is from bobbio101 - many thanks) 

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(Truck camper forum input below.  Latest comments first)

RandyI'm in Tampa, Florida. Does anyone out there have a used Quicksilver Truck camper for a full size Dodge for sale? roberts_r2@att.netRe: Quicksilver truck camper
Ron Smith I like them but where can I buy one and how about the price?Re: Quicksilver truck camper
Bronco PeggThe Bronco 600 is loaded on my 2005 Chevy Colorado. Air Lift 'lifts' were installed on rear and the truck/camper are level. I'm waiting for extended towing mirrors and tie downs to be installed. Then we are off to the scale for a weigh in. The previous owner hauled the Bronco 600 on Chevy S10. This small, cozy unit is sweet! I will not miss 'tent' camping. Re: Palomino Bronco truck camper
gotliedtob1251 shows 731 kg.went over weighbridge with standard features went 1200kg.overweight on rear axle 500kg so illegal to use in australia.Re: Palomino Bronco truck camper
MontanaI have the 1250 and when I turn on the interior lights, the tail lights and all the exterior marker lights turn on. I can't find any place where wires are shorted. Anybody else had that problem?Re: Palomino Bronco truck camper
MearlI have a full size Dodge, don't see where Dodge is listed. Will it fit? If so where is a dealer in the Dallas TX area and price. Re: Quicksilver truck camper
DawnWould it work on a 2003 Chevrolet sportside?Re: Quicksilver truck camper
John CockrellSteve P. Congratulations,you just got shafted like I did. These campers are just plain junk, they are poorly engineered and constructed. We need to all get together and file a class action law suit. Re: Palomino Bronco truck camper
AndrewNew to the truck camper world. I have a 07 dodge 1500 ram 2x4 4 doors long horn edition. i think is a 8 foot bed need some held choosing a camper. don't know is a 8.2 or 9.3 bigfoot will work with my truck.Re: Bigfoot 1500 series truck camper
KayLJust took my 2011 Bronco 600 on a 2005 Toyota Tacoma with Firestone air bags through some of the toughest roads you can imagine. This little camper isn't really made for this kind of roughness but it and the truck and my poor dog made it through. We only lost the outside door to the refrigerator workings. Drawer slides open (have to tape it shut), back doors don't close as others have mentioned (it does hang over the back of the truck), the roof holds it shut when closed, but Dang! it made it!Re: Palomino Bronco truck camper
billDo quick silver. Have campers for 2 adults that have soft sidesRe: Quicksilver truck camper
DouglasI own a diesel pusher,, very nice But this is very cozy and great idea... I will pass it on. ThanksRe: Quicksilver truck camper
Sad OwnerI have a 2010 Bronco 1250 Camper. I am having problems with the back door, When the camper is level the back door will not open, You have to angle the camper to get it to open, There is no structural material above the door frame from keeping it from shifting causing the door to ride and stick causing damage to the frame. It is a bad set up.Re: Palomino Bronco truck camper
KathyWe have a 2005 Bronco truck camper. Last night - with the pop-up folded in - that the inside lights do not work. Is there something wrong with the electrical or is there something that keeps the lights from coming on when the top is folded? The cooler works and the refrigerator operates but not the lights. The water pump to the hot water heater came on for a brief moment and then turned off. Thank you.Re: Palomino Bronco truck camper
VinceThis is an awesome idea that is long overdue in north America-I have seen these types of add ons in Australia and Europe.Re: Northstar Escape Pod truck camper
steve2003 palamino bronco 1250 great rig on a ford f150,put on air bags and load range E tires and go. does anyone know how to fix the winch mechanism or is it a throw away,any help would be great.thanks.Re: Palomino Bronco truck camper
Larry MI am looking for a popup camper with air and water that will work in a long box Chev. Also I would like to know what it would weigh empty.Re: Palomino Bronco truck camper
Doug in MNCan a hot water heater and an outdoor shower assy be added to a 2003 Bronco1250. I found one for sale but the wife insists on hot water.Re: Palomino Bronco truck camper
rongreat idea about time someone thought of it.Re: Quicksilver truck camper
tulaliprosereally interested in this concept, but looking for pricing. Might have had a deal.Re: Quicksilver truck camper
Happy camperI just went to the Website to see their new products, as per this site. They have a US Factory Special offer, price I was given price By Rosman RV for a standard well equipped unit was 25,000.00. I am going to call the Factory tomorrow. I have done quite a bit of research on these guys. Their reputation seem to be really good! Any Feed Back?Re: Bigfoot 1500 series truck camper
D J I had a very poor experience with Adventure Camper, Inc. Did not stand up on warranty.Re: Adventurer truck camper
MiCasaLayThese are NOT reviews - just ad copy pulled from the manufacturer's websites.Re: Northstar Escape Pod truck camper
chappyI am looking for a 2010 bronco b 1251 or earlier .., a USED short bed - pop up or expandable - for my 1/2 ton short bed. It must have a/c , heating, rangetop, bathroom/shower as I am camping with horses and grandchildren. I live in Texas. $5000 or less iamchappy1@gmail.com Re: Palomino Bronco truck camper
Fredwill one of these campers fit on a 1/2 ton GMC with a 5'8" bed if the tail gate is left down.Re: Quicksilver truck camper
Jevin WeyenbergHello Roaming Times posters. I work in the Parts department for Palomino Manufacturing, I just wanted to let you know if you have any parts or service questions your more than welcome to call us direct at the factory and we will help you as much as we can. Our phone number is 1-800-297-5830. It was a pleasure reading your reviews. Happy Camping!Re: Palomino Bronco truck camper
JoeI have just looked at their New 2012 camoer line up. As expected they are living up to their name!! Very Nice!!Re: Bigfoot 1500 series truck camper
MikeLance is so over priced, it's just a joke. Re: Palomino Bronco truck camper
Kevin SSeriously considering the Bronco 1251 SB. I own a Dodge SLT 1500 Off Road Quad Cab. Is there any input on users mounting this unit on a Dodge similar to mine?Re: Palomino Bronco truck camper
Robert WilliamsIs it possible to purchase just the camper in a larger format to fit my international 4700 short frame truckRe: Northstar Escape Pod truck camper
Robert WilliamsIs it possible to purchase just the camper in a larger format to fit my international 4700 short frame truckRe: Northstar Escape Pod truck camper
JoeHow is water kept out in a downpour, it looks like rain can enter or seep in the windows? All drawers should be opened during the viewing of the video. Re: Palomino Bronco truck camper
MarshallThe Colorado is a joint venture between GM and Isuzu.Re: Northstar Escape Pod truck camper
1251 Bronco Sept 09Heading out on year 2 with our camper - looking for a web site that shares stories - anyone know of truck camper sites or blogs? Re: Palomino Bronco truck camper
aaronetI don't know where you all get your information but the Chevy Colorado is a Toyota Tacoma rebadged, there may be a few different engine options but for the most part it's a Toyota.Re: Northstar Escape Pod truck camper
USer8Colorados are great strong vehicles but this is a moot point... no one can afford a $3500 bed to put a $4000 camper on.... and those who can, buy a bigger truck with a bigger camper anyway.Re: Northstar Escape Pod truck camper
KCThe Mini Cooper in the pictures and flyers is towing the 11 model which does not have a bathroom and it only weighs 1200lbs.Re: CampLite truck camper
Jorge I've had 2 Palominos and they were both good. Re: Palomino Bronco folding truck camper
1251 Bronco Sept 09Steve - the door problem happens with the units that hang out past the bed - I try not to set up without having my rear jacks deployed with a tad lift. That brings the sides more square, and eliminates that bowing problem - i also started using my tailgate to with an 8 foot piece of plywood to help support it. Engineering of it requires some thinking of where to shim on either side to compensate for the bowing. Watch your clearance on the holding tank pipes when backing in, i use spacers in the front of the bed to meet the bumpers on the camper it's about a inch or so. Re: Palomino Bronco truck camper
JoAnn Lance has finally done something that the Europeans have been doing for a long time, great design. At last, no more country kitchen oak cabinets. If they could liven up the palette a little bit like Bimobile does now we are really cookin. Re: Lance truck camper
Gary CoombesIf this is only 950 lbs it's amazing. My Lance is at least 2000 lbs dry weight. This looks good too.Re: CampLite truck camper
ptoolWhy aren't the prices included with this internet information. What are the prices of these truck campers? - (Editor's note - go to the manufacturer's site - link above)Re: Bigfoot 1500 series truck camper
Steve PWe recently purchase a 2011 Bronco and we are very happy with the design and comfort. We are having a little trouble getting things to fit square. We have a sheet of plywood to the truck box to help with the level. We have tried leveling with the ground,and with the truck,but our back door comes apart when opened fully, and the bathroom door does not seem to fit properly.Any helpful hints or suggestion?Re: Palomino Bronco truck camper
MikeI visited the Northstar factory in Iowa 2 weeks ago. Looked at everything they had. Got the tour of the factory with the owner and saw how they were built from start to finish. I was pretty impressed and will be ordering one this weekend. I opted for the Adventurer 8.5 since it has a larger bathroom and I have a heavy duty truck that will easily handle the weight. The Freedom is pretty sweet too.Re: Northstar Freedom truck camper
BonnieFor Sale: Brand New/Never Used Livin' Lite Quick Silver Truck Camper. We purchased it a couple years ago and thought our kids might like to camp in that while we stayed in our motor home. Didn't happen, so have decided to sell. If interested, please e-mail me: bpharo@vacuumplaters.com Would like to work something out.... Thanks! Re: Quicksilver truck camper
bikingrandmaI got on the most recent Chalet website and they don't make the Oregon expandable truck camper anymore. They also have some new trailers and a huge new camper that does NOT fold down. Re: Oregon expandable truck camper
Ron Kent Hooper AttorneyI would like to know how much of the truck bed is available for storage, i.e ice chests, guns, food, sleeping bags ets. Its hard to tell how much room is taken up when the unit is folded. Does it protrude below the top of the bed when folded. It would appear that it could also be put on a log bed truck behind a large metal tool chest found at home depot and many stores. However, what can be done to prevent water and dirt from coming in the bed if located behind a tool chest on a long bed truck.Re: Quicksilver truck camper
T-MacWe bought a 2007 B1255 and we are very happy with it. First I had it on a 2005 GMC Sierra 1500 Ext Cab 4x4 and added air bags. Now I have a 2010 Tundra, on which the box is deeper. This created a problem. Because of the deep box I had to build a 2" false floor and set it in the truck box to raise the Bronco high enough for clearance. Not a big deal, but the gap between the top of the Tundra cab and the Bronco is greater than I'd like, as a result. (More wind drag). I put air bags on the Tundra, too. I pull a 20" Lund boat behind, and thanks to the lower profile of the camper, it is a breeze. The camper is very functional, practical, and comfortable.Re: Palomino Bronco truck camper
Deborah Mac ManesI am selling a beautiful 2008 G811S ARCTIC FOX SILVER EDITION TRUCK CAMPER. Seldom Used. Like Brand New. $21,995.00. Contact me at 860-420-7651 or email me at dmacmanes@gmail.comRe: 2010 Northwood Arctic Fox truck camper
BryceI love it! its about time they come out with good camper designs for mini trucks besides Toyota's i would put it on my GMC Sonoma i know it would handle it with no problems at all! Re: Northstar Escape Pod truck camper

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