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2010 Forest River Surveyor Sport travel trailer
Eco-lite edition
See reader's comments and experiences at bottom of page

"Surveyor Sport combines luxury and affordability for today's family. Interiors include upgrades throughout - you will enjoy large galleys, spacious cabinetry, and plush durable furniture"

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Important dimensions:
Exterior length (closed) - 20'6" - 33'2"  
  Exterior width 7'0"/8'0",  Exterior height 8'7"/8'8", Interior height 6'6"
11 models (2/10)  - we show the floorplans below
GVWR 3,943 - 7,494,  CCC 808 - 3,538
Tanks - fresh / grey / black - 36 / 30 / 30 gals
MSRP  see dealers opposite for pricing

This review is the Surveyor Sport - we review the other Forest River Surveyor models here
Compare? - see other Roaming Times travel trailer reviews

Forest River says:  "Surveyor Sport combines luxury and affordability for today's family. Surveyor interiors include upgrades throughout to make your travels more like home. You will enjoy large galleys, spacious cabinetry, and plush durable furniture."

2010 Forest River Surveyor Sport travel trailer exterior SP275 model 

Above we show the exterior of the Surveyor Sport SP275 model (28'9" length.)  Below we show the exterior of the smallest model, the SP186 (20'2" length.) 

2010 Forest River Surveyor Sport travel trailer exterior SP186 model

 4 of the models are Surveyor Sport expandables (see the floorplans lower on this page).  We show the exterior of the SP234T below:

2010 Forest River Surveyor Sport travel trailer exterior SP234T model

Roaming Times thinks the Forest River Surveyor really is a well thought out trailer with an amazing array of options with lengths between around 20 and 36 feet.  This review is the Surveyor Sport - we review the other Forest River Surveyor models here.  Something for most families.  We show pictures of the interior and all of the 2010 available Surveyor Sport floorplans below.
Some of the construction features of the Surveyor Sport:  Welded, aluminum framed, laminated roof w/ 3" block foam insulation (R14) & ducted A/C, Welded aluminum framed laminated roof w/ 1-1/2" block foam insulation (R9), Welded, aluminum cage constructed, laminated 2" wall w/ 1-1/2" block foam insulation (R9), Welded, aluminum framed, laminated floor w/ 1-1/2" block foam insulation (R9), Electric powered slide-out mechanism

The interiors of the Forest River Surveyor Sport travel trailer are really well thought out with a wide variety of finishes and options.  We show pictures below that highlight the quality and some of the features (see floorplans below):
2010 Forest River Surveyor Sport travel trailer interior - SP293 
Some of the interior features of the Surveyor Sport:  Panoramic galley window, Valances with mini-blinds, No-wax seamless vinyl flooring, Solid lumber core cabinet fronts assembled w/ screws, Residential style cabinet doors w/ concealed hinges, Reversible dinette and bunk cushions, Power range hood with light, Residential style wood drawers w/ metal glides, In-floor heat ducts, Decorative oval wall clock, Knife block behind stove
2010 Forest River Surveyor Sport travel trailer interior - SP293 - 2
2010 Forest River Surveyor Sport travel trailer exterior - SP295 - outside kitchen
2010 Forest River Surveyor Sport travel trailer interior - SP295

Finally, before we show all floorplans, video and readers' comments, we mention some of the advantages of the Surveyor Sport (from Forest River) Aluminum framing around all openings, Full walk on roof, 30 lb. LP bottles w/ cover, 4" square bumper, Tinted safety glass, 78" interior height, Double steps, Detachable power cord, 80 lb. gas struts (queen bed), Wood medicine cabinet, 55 amp power converter, Wood kitchen drawers w/ metal glides, Spring loaded recessed hidden hinges, Raised panel cabinet doors (uppers & lowers), Skylight in tub/shower


Click for a bigger picture

2010 Forest River Surveyor Sport travel trailerfloorplans - small picture - click for a larger picture


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"Surveyor Sport combines luxury and affordability for today's family. Surveyor interiors include upgrades throughout - you will enjoy large galleys, spacious cabinetry, and plush durable furniture"

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Herbert JonesWe just purchases this unit. Everrhing in it worked properly on our maiden voyage of 500 miles. We went to crater lake Oregon. However we had one of the new tires blow out because of a defective sidewall. We were just informed by the dealer that it will be 2-4 weeks before they will receive the relacement tire. Oh for joy the summer is slipping away. Re: Forest River Rockwood ultra lite travel trailer
Happy CamperI have a 2006 Rockwood 2306 with triple bunks. This has been a solid and reliable rig for family camping and early fall hunting trips. No leaks and issues that some others seem to have dealt with. I would buy another Rockwood in a heartbeat!Re: Forest River Rockwood Mini Lite travel trailer
SusanWe purchased a 2012 LaCrosse 301LRS travel trailer. We have had water leaks, problems with the refrig, electrical problems, wheel bearing problems, many cosmetic problems but the most difficult problem is the floor. The lay out of the trailer is lovely but it has been nothing but a bad nightmare. No dealer including the one we bought it from wanted to honor the warranty. We paid cash for the trailer and now we have spent over $6000 in repairs etc.... DO NOT BUY WE PLAN ON HIRING AN ATTORNEY!!!!!!Re: Forest River Prime Time LaCrosse travel trailer
craig rogersWhere could I rent one in upstate give it a whirl.pull behind my Chevy Silverado 1500 305 v8Re: Forest River Rockwood Roo travel trailer
KENJWe have a 2011 georgetown 378TS there is a TV in main area and one in the bedroom, the one in livingroom plays off the DVD play in motorhome, is the on in the bedroom supposed to play off the DVD. play er that came with motorhome. We have just bought a DVD player and hooked it up to TV in bedroom. The only complaint we have had is the couch/foldout bed, the air mattress leaked right from day one but dealer in canada where we bought it brand new is about as helpful as brick.Re: Forest River Georgetown class A motorhome
John & DorothyWe bought a Rockwood by Forest River in 2004. We had it parked at a campsite for 9 years. Took it off the site and wanted to sell it and did. All the wall were moldy including the floor. We had leaks and they were repaired, called to have it fixed because wetness persisted and still leaked. We lost a lot of money, put up with mole (which we were unaware of). Don't buy a Rockwood. We lost money. Re: Forest River Rockwood Mini Lite travel trailer
Claudine and EDWe purchased a 2014 wildwood xtra-lite travel trailer in March 2014. This camper had the worst Craftsmanship I have ever encountered! There are places where there the cocking is not sticking and our slide out leaks water! This camper is only 3 weeks old! Brand New off the production line! We called the manufacturer and they basically pushed us right back to the dealership and told us that it was the Dealerships fault that they have not contacted them to fix it in over a week! My camper is apparently not the only one with the slide out leak and terrrible workmanship and customer service. ! I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS CAMPER TO ANYONE!Re: Forest River Wildwood travel trailer
ScottPurchased a 2014 Forest River Wildwood DBUD new March 2nd. After one camping trip we took it back to dealer. Floor bubbled up,seal on roof was separating,furnace makes clicking noise so loud family couldn't sleep. Toilet leaked and wallpaper was coming off the wall.Antenna was stuck so could not rotate to get signal.When I brought it to the dealer his words were" This is common with new trailers". Never buying Forest River product again.Re: Forest River Wildwood travel trailer
GarrettMy wife and I purchased a 2013 Cedar Creek 38RE, and have regretted it ever since. The water tanks have fallen out and are resting on the axles right now, the slides have cracked on the insides, the electrical system has melted exterior lights because they get so much power to them, I have been shocked and knocked to the ground by the wires going into the vacuum which has never worked since we purchased it, the automatic leveling system has never leveled on its own- always have to level manually, the table came loose and fell over during the FIRST trip in this thing busting the wood finish on the island, interior trim has fallen off for no reason while we were sitting eating dinner, the electrical system has ruined several batteries, the paint is fading at the top of one of the end caps, the inverter is intermittent, the furnace blower and ignition is intermittent so we did not have heat during a 35 degree night, glass inserts in cabinets doors have fallen out for no reason, the cabinet doors are misaligned so that you have to carefully close them or they sag and then come open, the oven door does not seal when shut/gap of about 1/2 inch, paint on various panels is changing colors other than that of the body, and so on. There isn't a dealer in the fourth largest city in the country willing to work on it, and the warranty people are basically worthless at resolving customer complaints. I called them the first week of January, I still have not received a call back regarding the issues with this unit. They simply do not care, and yes, I'm talking about Jeff at Forest River. Buy a Forest River product again? NEVER! I would rather give myself a vasectomy than buy one of these things again. They advertise and market these as one of the premium fifth wheels available, yet the craftsmanship and workmanship are literally nonexistent. So if you have a choice, buy ANYTHING other than a Forest River product. MY wife and I are speaking with an attorney and filing a complaint with the state's AG office and the BBB. Forest River? Don't walk, but RUN from one of the POS's. Re: Forest River Cedar Creek fifth wheel
MelissaWe currently own a WildWood T26TBSS and we have absoultly enjoyed it. We now have 2 teenagers that are always involved with school activities and don't have time to camp anymore. We are selling ours. If interested call Richard at 864-710-2103. Asking $10,500. If you would like to see pictures email me at We have not had any problems with this camper and hate to sell it, but we would rather sell it that let it just sit.Re: Forest River Wildwood travel trailer
BobFollow-up to last comment my rig spent three more months in the shop and I picked it up on January 1,2014 and drove to Florida and when I tried to use/adjust the levelers. They as well as the slides stopped operating while out and down, leaving us stranded. We also continue to have numerous plumbing problems and the floors are loose and squeak. I am trading this piece of junk off and will never buy another Forest River RV. Getting service and even a response from them is impossible!!Re: Forest River Georgetown class A motorhome
kleinertv-nose kitchen,wetbath, 2fuel station, instant water heater next to the stove to use the stove vent. The roof will be all solar and the AC will be a window AC. !00gal fresh water is nice and a way to recycle the toylet waste if you AMERICANS will think like SPACE X is to open up the box and you see how we can build LIKE HONEYCONE. I also want to have storage above the tires on each side for four 6 volt dc batteries on each side for dual solar system. No vents on the roof. VENT |S ARE TO GO OUT THE SIDES A toy hauler can be 7'x17' or 8'x 19 to 22. No steel anywhere and no wood. Fibergrass sides. the roof firbergrass or metal.I BET I HAEV TO BUILD ITRe: Forest River V-Cross travel trailer
Nightmare Not Luxury Owners 2 seniors no children. Bought a New 2012 Forrest River 39FL Berkshire in May 2012. Been in shop total of 12+ of the 18 months of ownership. This is not counting onsite service. It has been such a major issue,that Forest River gave us an additional 3 month extended warranty. Needless to say the Nightmare didn't stop there. Our Extended Warranty is over but the RV is and has been in the shop for the past 2 weeks. This time at our expense! Airbags, A/C, Toilet, Floor tile 3x all Replaced, Slide 3x, Step 2x,Refrigerator decor,trim,draws,window,closet Rod, shades,awning,water leak,Kitchen cabinets,Microwave. Not once have we taken it out did we not have to cut our trip short or bring it in to the shop for repairs.Forrest River informed us ( what do you expect from a House on Wheels). Forrest River will have one last attempt to satisfy this customer before it is turned over for Legal Remediation. Re: Forest River Berkshire luxury motorcoach
Art KortWe bought a 26BH Gray Wolf in July of 2014, had it out 4 times and it was great. Everything worked as it should. Our dealer did not do a good walk through. But it was easy enough to figure out. Very happy.Re: Forest River Cherokee Grey Wolf travel trailer
BobPurchased a 2013 Georgetown XL 378 in September of 2012. On our first trip in November of 2012 the right side slide started coming out as we were driving. I had to stop every 50 miles or less and bring it in. I took it to Little Valley RV in Phoenix and they had it four months and said they could't find anything wrong with it. They did manage to damage the entire left side of the coach and it had to be repainted. They got over-spray on the front of the coach during the repaint I would warn anyone not too take your rig there. The slide continued to malfuction so I I took it to Camping world in Longmont CO. They have had it for 3 months and are still waiting on parts. I can't get any assistance from Forest River. I also fould the leather on the passenger seat to be defective, a leak behind the shower and the passenger window is defective and they can't get the correct window from Forest River. I have owned the rig for a year and it has been in the shop for seven months. I will never buy another RV from them and recommend others not too.Re: Forest River Georgetown class A motorhome
Glenn FidlerBought a 2010 Rockwood windjammer, 2 years later the floor is all wavy and moves when you walk on it, piece of crap.. will cost $3000.00 to fix.Re: Forest River Rockwood ultra lite travel trailer
Bug_DahUnhappy owners of Cherokee Wolf Pup 16FB purchased in May 2013...discovered the original 13" rims/tires were undersized and only allowed 55 lbs of cargo capacity..after two weeks Forrest River said they needed to replace with 15" rims/wheels to give adequate now overly worn on outside edges after less then 1500 miles ??? second camping trip the gray water overflowed into bathtub...discovered the gray water tank will only take 9.5 gallons before overflowing..they have vent pipe stuck too far into tank creating an air pocket in the tank..same for Black water..practically all the pipes water/gas/drain are NOT sealed to the outside allowing road water into the insulation..fresh water tank said 21 gallon capacity , but is only 15 gallons..they say you have to count the 6 gallon water heater capacity??? Not in Fresh water tank original specs !!! Fresh water tank loosely connected to floor..can move 3 inches either way!! Hot water heater never shuts off..have to turn pilot off/on. scraps of wood sawdust under storage space under bed. Toilet defective and leaked into back inner chamber!!! stabilizer jacks each had a broken bolt on when purchased...gas lines were danglining underneath unit by 6"..dangerous..Re: Forest River Cherokee Grey Wolf travel trailer
RobI thinking of purchasing a 2013 Berkshire. I'd like to know if anyone has had problems with this model Motorhome.Re: Forest River Berkshire luxury motorcoach
janet mcdWe purchased a Surveyor sport 2013 and have had a problem of water poring into the cargo space under the bunk when it rains. Re: Forest River Surveyor travel trailer
EricI special ordered a 2013 Rockwood 8312ss "Diamond Package"...Got the trailer in November 2012...went camping for the first time Easter weekend with the family...woke up easter morning with water on the floor in the bathroom and the kids room, coming from under the walls...the slide topper over the large slide was holding water...a list of 13 things was wrong with this thing...we sent it back to Rockwood in Indiana...they had it for a month, said they fixed stuff and couldnt find the leak...get the trailer back, and go on our summer vacation...while I'm there, it starts to leak again, and the slide topper is still holding water!!!...On top of that 4 things that were on the first list are broken again, the piston arm for the outside kitchen door completely falls off!!...Now its going back to Rockwood AGAIN!!! My camping season is done!!! I will be making a YOUTUBE video very soon....PLEASE DO NOT BUY A ROCKWOOD!!!Re: Forest River Rockwood ultra lite travel trailer
RobI have a 2010 Roo and the exterior vinyl is separating from the underlayment. Looks like a bubble. Any ideas on how to repair?Re: Forest River Rockwood Roo expandable travel trailer
LarryWe have a 2010 LaCrosse travel trailer. have had wheel bearing problems in the past. This past week when coming home from our vacation the wheel bearing seized uo and the wheel came off as we traveled at 65 mph. luckily the wheel was on the passenger side so didn't go into traffic. When we took it to get fixed the guy told us the axles were not the correct size for the weight of the trailer. just wondering if anyone else has had this problem Re: Forest River Prime Time LaCrosse travel trailer
MindyTina, what model Wolf Pup do you own? We bought a 2014 model and have the problems you listed and more! Re: Forest River Cherokee Grey Wolf travel trailer
2013 Greywolf 26DBHThe unfortunate part of internet reviews is that unhappy people go out of their way to speak out about why they are unhappy, yet happy people never think to tell anyone. I'm one of those happy people that like to tell others I'm happy so the overinflated negative perceptions don't drown out the good. We are happy with our purchase and would recommend it to anyone. A bad experience typically stems from a bad dealer, not manufacturer. Bad manufacturers go broke. Our good dealer was Hanson RV in Warman, SKRe: Forest River Cherokee Grey Wolf travel trailer
Georgetown OwnerBought a class A Georgetown from Forest far can t get the warranty respected...had three different professionnal/Specialist give thee opinion.....still can t get the repair done after three month of arguing...extremely disapointed.. Re: Forest River Georgetown class A motorhome
VernonWondering whether the sofa can be removed and replaced with a couple of recliners. Love my Lazy Boys.Re: Forest River V-Cross travel trailer
Jim GoffWe downsized from a Winnebago Chiefton to a 2013 Georgetown 337. WE just returned from a 5000 mile trip to Arizona for a month and we love everything about it. We have 8000 miles on it and have not had a single problem, other than loose screws, etc. The interior designers did a nice job of maximising the space with a super clide, wide hallway, and a king size deep pocket bed. It feels much larger inside than a 34, but the short wheelbase and 22.5 wheels make it very maneuverable even in parking lots. We love it. Re: Forest River Georgetown class A motorhome
Mark KearseThis is a follow up on previous comment. Talked to April at Forest River and discussed problems. She has sent me to J and L Repair in Fontana, CA. This is where they send those that need to be in the factory but are on the West coast. Drove almost a thousand mile to get there and during trip developed a leak in the windshield, handle of refer broke off in my wifes hand when she opened it and upon arrival in LA area found all our hanging clothes on the floor as the hanging rod had pulled out of the ceiling. Delivered coach to J and L on Jan. 28th with list of problems. Waiting to hear next week of progress. Joe at J and L seems to be one that looks to fix the problem rather than bandaid so I am hopeful that all will be fix, covered by waranty, and I'll be able to go back to travel. Will keep you posted on results.Re: Forest River Georgetown class A motorhome
Mark KearseBought a 2012 Georgetown 360 in July of 2012. Planning an extended vacation. Picked up and on the way home, battery light came on. Turns out a pinch wire caused a short and cooked both coach and motor batteries. Ford took care of motor and Exide finally took care of 2 in the coach. Hit the road on Sept 1st and the fun began. Minor window leak in first week, lack of silicon which I fixed. November window leak back but worse and auto jacks not auto retracting. Found several screws loose and broken. Replace and more silicon, 120V water heater quits. Dec. into dealer, 250 miles, worked on leak and jacks. Back to campsite. One week later, leak back and jacks still don't auto retract. More up on a ladder with hose and more silicon in areas that didn't have caulk from the factory. January, back to dealer to replace one jack and damaged curtain from leaks. Jacks still not auto retract. Dealer is waiting again to hear from Lippert. I have lost confidence in this dealer and want to go to one in L.A. where I can leave the rig to be fixed and have a place to stay. They say that since I went to a dealer in Oregon that Forest River will not pay them for warranty issues and that I would have to go back to that dealer. I am calling Forest River today and will test out just how well they can handle this problem. Will follow up this with results, good or bad. As of right now I am only able to stay in unit with major slide retracted.Re: Forest River Georgetown class A motorhome
Dave TaylorWe bought a new 34' 2005 Georgetown LX. We were downsizing. After about 1 month we had a roof leak front right corner. Took to the dealer and they said they fixed it. (we live in Washington) It started again in a few months and I worked on it. After about a year it was back and I had the dealer work on it again. This didn't last so I had the dealer remove all of the caulking on the roof and reseal it. ($2400) It started again in 5 months so back to the dealer. It has started again. This P.O.S. only has 25000 miles on it and isn't worth anything when you try to replace it. I wouldn't recommend a Georgetown to anybody. Looks are only skin deep. Also they used a lot of drywall screws when building it.Re: Forest River Georgetown class A motorhome
MillerBought a 2011 High Wall Flagstaff used. Plate above door that door hooks to when closed fell off 2 times so far. Awning poles are cheap & when we bought were already broken although camper looked like it was hardly used, replaced & they are cheap!!! Pull out tab you use to pull out bed was held on by 2 heavy duty staples, when I had almost all the way pulled out it let lose & I fell flat on my back, still sore!!!Re: Forest River Flagstaff tent camper
StanWe have a 2006 5th wheel 8288ss. All the tires on the rig bubbled on sides. We drove from California to Arizona on those tires. One phone call and tey replaced all four with Firestone trailer tires. The pullouts are held together with small bolts, I have broke ten since we bought it. The coach is comfortable and meets our needs. The enterior coating on the walls is folding in almost every corner. I cut the folds out and repainted the enterior. Our coach is all white inside. We use the heater in the fireplace instead of trailer heater. More efficiant and quiet. We have stayed six months at several parks, and traveled weekends on several group outings. In all, it has been a mostly trouble free rig.Re: Forest River Rockwood ultra lite travel trailer
WayneI have a 2011 Roo 19L toy hauler. So far it has been great. No leaks. With two full size quads on the front and full water tank you feel it. Very happy with it so far. Have great dealer support. Re: Forest River Rockwood Roo expandable travel trailer
ScottWe recently upgraded from a Rockwood Freedom 2280 PUP to the Roo 183. We love this new camper! We are a family of 6 and it has a lot of space and very comfortable. I have always been a tent camper until we purchased a used PUP. Loved the idea of the camper with the "tent feel" so when we needed more space, I figured the ROO was the perfect choice. It sure was, and our first trip out was a great Passing test. It T-Stormed for over 5 hours and performed Great !! The only thing I have done is replace the interior speakers and replaced all exterior lighting to LED ( of which I sell thru my store ) If you would like to replace yours with LED, please contact me ( I completely recomend this camper !!!!! Re: Forest River Rockwood Roo expandable travel trailer
fred gurleytwo months ago i had hail damage to my camper. the factory has not sent a new top yet and the dealer says it will be two or three more weeks before it will be shipped. this is not taking care of your customers very well. i do not think i will buy this make of camper anymore.Re: Forest River Flagstaff tent camper
ChrisBought a used 2007 Rockwood Ultra lite 30ft Model 829SS with xtnded warranty by Cornerstone in 2010. Mouse problem evident in heating ducts. Numerous inquiries trying to sort the source caused me to remove belly sheathing, which showed the critters got in by crawling up the rear jack legs into the comfort of the 'heated' underbelly. To my surprise, all 4 of the flex ducts looked like swiss cheese - chewed tin foil. But immediately evident their intial point of entry was a long duct from bedroom to furnace that had been draped over a metal brace during construction. It was likely cut open when this unit bounced out of the factory lot. I replaced all the runs with a better quality ducting and properly sealed the jack legs from future entry. Told my story with photos to Bruce's RV (dealer that sold the unit new), Cornerstone (seller of xtnded warranty) and Forest River (manufacturer) - none of which cared to compensate me even for the $75 I paid for the ducting, never mind the 2 weeks of evenings spent on my back in the driveway removing & replacing the poor factory install. Too bad for Warren Buffet, he got hosed when he bought this so called premium RV builder. PS the domestic water tank filler wouldn't work because it was incorrectly installed. Re: Forest River Rockwood ultra lite travel trailer
Paul and Jan BWe have a 2011 Cedar Creek 34SATS 5th wheel and, absolutely, love it. We purchased it at Tom Johnson, NC, 2 years ago and have hardly had time to use it; we plan, in the next few months, to go full time and can't wait. This is first trailer we have seen, with self-leveling jacks. We found this site, out of curosity and feel even better about our choice after reading the reviews. Will do another review, after have had a chance to live in it, for awhile. Thanks! Paul and Jan B., Palm Coast, Florida Re: Forest River Cedar Creek fifth wheel
TrinaI will never buy anything from Forest River Cherokee Grey Wolf again. We have had nothing but problems since the day we bought it. We camp a lot but take great care to make sure our trailer is well cared for. In 2 years our slide has failed twice and caused significant water damage and mold, the awning arm broke on its first use and was never replaced under warranty, the refrigerator decides for itself if it wants to shut down (never had this issue with other brands), the black water holding tank is much smaller than they indicate, and the DVD player fuse gets blown at least once per trip and the sofa sagged so bad on our first trip and we were told that we must have had too much weight on it (my tiny mother had slept on it). Mechanically, we've had the bearings fail, the brakes fail, the axle bent, and while these were being repaired the mechanic noted that our "new" tires would soon need replacement!!!! As for camping convenience, I'd say there is none. There is so much wasted/inaccessible space that it is crazy, the cupboard doors open upwards instead of sideways but do not have self holding mechanisms so you are always one handed as you need the other to hold the cupboard door open, there are no cutlery drawers to speak of, and very little room for dishes or groceries. We've personally taken over 2 wardrobes for food and dishes and have begun using 2 of the bunks as wardrobes since they are too small for anyone over the age of 6 anyhow. The two wardrobes in the "master bedroom" boast rods for hanging clothes but if you hang a hanger in it, the door is no longer able to close as it seems someone forgot to measure the width of a hanger before designing it this way. While our dealer has been sympathetic and strives to have all of our issues dealt with, they are at the mercy of Forest River Warranty bosses and little is getting done. I'll go back to my Four Winds brand whose only issue in 5 years was being too small for our growing family.Re: Forest River Cherokee Grey Wolf travel trailer
Peterhave 2011 rockwood roo 17' been out 4 times and each time have either had to go to dealer or fix something myself > 1st time awning lock let awning fall down> it's at dealers now for 2 weeks because bottom drain fell out of bathtub and 2 big cracks developed ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO BUY ONERe: Forest River Rockwood Roo expandable travel trailer
WigginsBought a Forest River Georgetown and there have been SO many things wrong with it that we tell everyone who asks us about it to NEVER consider buying one. (And we travel a lot) After one year of warranty, and them "fixing" it the problems it all occured again and then some, actually A LOT more. DO NOT purchase one of these! Could give you a huge list of things that went wrong!Re: Forest River Georgetown class A motorhome
TomThis (Rockwood 2604 Year: 2009) is our Forest river trailer and the quality of the Rockwood is so terrible, I wish we had our Jaco back higher quality. The drawers wont stay close , cabinets doors latches was lose , wall paper getting bubbles in it sound system didn't work on the first time out .trim is coming lose.Things fall apart as you drive down the road. ,the outside decals has bubbles in them ,lost the hubcaps, just replace the city water hookup and the tv doesn't work all that good,the hot water handles was put on wrong kitchen one way the bath room another way,Poorly engineered and poorly workmen ship. Would never recommend a forest river to anyone. Re: Forest River Rockwood ultra lite travel trailer
daryl w. from derby kswe stepped up to a ROO 183 from the Coleman Niagra. This was a wonderful decision!! We coluldn't be happier. We still have to set up the beds, but they are a snap and there are 3 heated queen's. Wonderful for having ALL the comforts and still just being outside in nature. This camper weighs only around 3400 lb's. Pull's GREAT behind our 5.3 liter Silverado.Re: Forest River Rockwood Roo expandable travel trailer
TinaLast year I posted that tires were shot, axel bent, dealer replaced axel and new tires, I paid labor, not even a year later 1st trip out this year, tires worn on inside AGAIN, Love the trailer but, come on now, Obviously there is a problem, contacted the dealer, see what happens.Re: Forest River Cherokee Wolf Pup travel trailer
SteveI am on my 2nd Rockwood Mini Lite, first one 2007 1408, so impressed, I found a 2008 1809..needed a litle more room, have taken it from Ohio to AZ/CA for the past two winters and lived in it for 5 months each winter, have not experienced any major problems, one loose wheel bering, not bad for 7500 miles each winter. no leaks in roof or floors. these trailers are all aluminum frame with better than average insulation for cool weather camping, sounds like other owners have had more problems than I have, I would recomend one. the 1809 has no slides or fold out tent beds, they only make the 1809s now. Re: Forest River Rockwood Mini Lite travel trailer
JudyWe purchased a 2008 model Cedar Creek fifth wheel in May of 2007. We have had very few problems with the unit except for the vinyl smell transferring into everything in the unit, especially the food. Cereal, rice, pasta, peanut butter, potatoes etc all absorb the vinyl taste over a short periods of time. After voicing our complaint to the technical department at Forest River we were offered the following explanation; The plastic or non-slip shelving we used years ago(even though removed 3 years ago) has caused this lingering odor. What? We know many people who have used and still use the no slip rubber shelving and their food taste fine. We believe that Cedar Creek should come up with a solution to this problem I was told that we are not the first to experience this. What now?Re: Forest River Cedar Creek fifth wheel
Carolina CamperWe bought a 2008 Surveyor and have enjoyed using it for 2 years with only s few minor problems. Storage drawer supports in the closet cabinet weren't properly screwed in and some of them cracked, so I had to replace them. The fill level indicators for the black water tank seemed prone to gum up and not read correctly but was fixed by getting one of those spray wands you can insert through the toilet to wash out the tank after draining it. The most significant problem has been was that the upper rear bunk collapsed under weight of my son and his son. This was an excessive load, but it just didn't seem to have been adequately secured in the first place. I pulled it out, reinforced it, and reinstalled with more screws, etc. and now it seems to be OK, but it's something one ought to check out BEFORE it comes loose, not after. Also, I have learned to stop and unfurl the outside awning on the way home to make sure it gets completely dry top AND bottom before re-rolling, as otherwise it will mildew (can't roll it out in our storage shelter). Re: Forest River Surveyor travel trailer
Bob WilsonI had about 1200 miles on a new 2010 Ultra Lite 8319S when it blew its first Carlisle tire. It tore the fender well a bit but I replaced the tire with the only one of the same size in Branson, MO. I didn't apply for warranty coverage because there was no Carlisle dealer there. Yes, I had checked the air pressure and they were all at 50psi as stated on the tire sidewall. Then 100 miles later it blew a tire on the other side and messed up the wheel well severely. I bought another tire, again there was no Carlisle tire dealer so an off-brand had to do. You won't believe the next part.... not 20 miles down the road a third blowout occurred! It tore the fender trim completely off and nearly had us in the ditch. I never travel over 55mph, thank God. On investigating I see that the maximum weight the tire is designed to carry is 2100 pounds at 50psi. Times 4 tires they can supposedly carry 8400 pounds MAXIMUM. The damn trailer weighs 8000 pounds bone-stock off the showroom floor. Who the hell would outfit a unit with only 400 pounds of cargo capacity before the tires are considered overloaded? Hell, my wife takes that much weight along in SHOES !!! Carlisle is NO help saying the blowouts are obviously because the Rockwood people chose the wrong tires for installation. Rockwood says it's a Carlisle problem. I'm fed up with the run-around. Otherwise we like the trailer, it pulls wobbly and I put a second anti-sway on the driver's side of the hitch. It helped a little. My bitch is that this is an obvious safety issue that will someday kill a family and no one cares!!! Gonna go out-of-pocket and buy a set of 10 ply 85 psi tires, it'll cost me $650 but at least we will be safe. But who'll fix all the wheel-well damage? I would NEVER buy another Rockwood!! Way too much money and way not enough 'give a damn.' rg.wilson@cox.netRe: Forest River Rockwood ultra lite travel trailer
ShanerWe've had our 2008 28'BH for 3 full years and love it. Im claustrophobic and never have an issue with guests in our trailer. Other than minor warranty issues (small rip in awning, pilot light in oven), its been very good. We camp with lots of freinds and our floorplan is the most open and comfortable.Re: Forest River Cherokee Grey Wolf travel trailer


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