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Coleman® RVs - by Thor
Coleman Travel Trailer, Ultra-Lites and Fifth Wheel RVs
exclusively at Camping World

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"For camping & outdoor enthusiasts looking for an affordable RV that is built to last - includes many of the amenities typically charged by other manufacturers as an upgrade"

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Coleman Travel Trailer and Fifth Wheel RVs - exteriors
Coleman Travel Trailer - towing

These RVs are now exclusively available at Camping World

Coleman Travel Trailers - interior
In a press release in late 2009, Camping World said:
Camping World, the nation’s largest camping and outdoor retailer, proudly announced the launch of the new line of affordable towable Coleman® Travel Trailers and Fifth Wheel RVs for the camping enthusiast. The Coleman RVs are being produced by Thor Industries, America’s #1 recreational vehicle manufacturer. They are expected to be available in stores by December. (NOTE - NOW AVAILABLE.)The product offering will include several models of: Ultra Lite Travel Trailers, Full Size Travel Trailers and Mid Profile Fifth Wheels. In the U.S., the new towables will be offered exclusively to RV Dealers with Camping World Wholesale and Retail affiliations within defined territories across the United States and Canada.

“The Coleman Company, Inc. has been the leader in outdoor product for over a century. We are excited about the launch of the new towable lines under such a strong brand,” said Marcus Lemonis, Chairman and CEO of Camping World. “For Camping World, Coleman has been a longstanding and trusted partner with a reputation among our current retail store customers of attention to detail and quality,” Lemonis added.

The Coleman Travel Trailer and Fifth Wheel RVs will be towards camping & outdoor enthusiasts looking for an affordable RV that is built to last. In addition, the Coleman Travel Trailer and Fifth Wheel RVs will include many of the amenities typically charged by other manufacturers as an upgrade. There are several floor plans and price point options to choose from. The first model is scheduled to come off the assembly line by the end of 2009.


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"For camping & outdoor enthusiasts looking for an affordable RV that is built to last - includes many of the amenities typically charged by other manufacturers as an upgrade"

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Coleman Travel Trailer and Fifth Wheel RVs - camping package and value package - details
Coleman Travel Trailer and Fifth Wheel RVs - interior and exterior features



We show the floorplans below - click for a bigger picture:

Coleman Travel Trailer and Fifth Wheel RVs - floorplans, small picture, click for a larger picture

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MikeWe have sold our 2009 Shasta airfyte. Thank you for the calls.Re: Coachmen Shasta travel trailer
LarryI have a 2010 R-174 R-Pod for sale in very good condition. Any bid over $8,000.00 takes it. Includes the total "Tent" option. I love this travel trailer and have towed it with my Lincoln MKX without a problem.Re: R-Pod Ultra Lite travel trailer
John BenchmanGeorgia Najar Then why did you buy it?Re: R-Vision Trail-Lite travel trailer
BeverlyWe brought a new 2015 jay flight elite 26ft trailer. Drove it home and then 3 weeks later took it on it maiden voyage 50 miles away dry camping and 10 days later we are home. Now to get it into the dealer to have everything fixed. kitchen faucet leaks, the frame that holds up table that makes into a bed broke the first day out. shelf in the cabinet under the tv broke, shower barely has any water come out of it hot and cold water will not blend. both cabinet on the side of the bed bottom are bowing out. the jack will work only when plugged into the truck (will not work on electricity) We are hoping they will fix everything right when we take it in on NOv 7th.Re: Jayco Jay Flight travel trailer
JeanieAnyone own or owned a 2013 Flagstaff Shamrock Hybrid camper and if so can you give me any info. Thinking about purchasing one. Also, how much weight do the beds hold. We were told up to 250lbs. Not for a couple? Also, did you have many problems with it?Re: Forest River Shamrock expandable travel trailer
Jim harris561-718-6161Re: Airstream Basecamp small travel trailer
Jim harrisLooking for a basecamp in Florida or Georgia 561-718-6151 pbfec1@gmail.comRe: Airstream Basecamp small travel trailer
Jim harrisLooking for a basecamp in Florida or grorgiaRe: Airstream Basecamp small travel trailer
JoeI am looking for a loaded basecamp in or near Michigan. Contact me via joe@jdean3.com if you have one for sale. 10/2014.Re: Airstream Basecamp small travel trailer
Tiger campers We have a 2014 Surveyor Sport and are also experiencing water and/or a oily residue in the cargo area. The storage doors have been changed and we still are having the problem. Has anyone else had this problem?Re: Forest River Surveyor travel trailer
LuvtocampWe purchased a 14 viewfinder signature. Never again will I be buying another Cruiser. Every time we went on a weekend trip something went wrong. Cable for tv's were hooked up wrong ( 3 trips to Elkart) . Wiring under fridge is a cluster ( bad word). Went to yellowstone for a week (over 2,000 miles away from home) to find out slide to kitchen didn't work. Camped with slide in. Couldn't get silverware, etc out of drawers. Spent 500.00 for someone to look at it in Wyoming. Then spent a night in a hotel. Well there is $800.00 out of our vacation money! Now the company who has our crap of a camper is waiting on good ole lippert to replace everything on our slide out. My camper has been in Elkart , Ind for a a month and a half. I am DONE with Cruiser! Called the manufacturer in Howe , Ind. to complain and service guy ( being nice not saying his name) isn't helping. I know when I called him today he flat out lied to me. Ugh I can't take it mo more. My camper has been worked on longer than we have used it this year. Re: Cruiser RV ViewFinder travel trailer
LilyWell, I gave up trying to find a T@B but got back on today only to discover I had missed one a week ago. I have the cash in hand and really, really want a T@B in great condition. I'm in Salt Lake but don't mind traveling. I will check twice a day now so contact me through Roaming Times. No dealers pleaseRe: TAB teardrop trailer
marki pruchased an aliner 2015 exp. one of worst pruchases to date. the quality was poor. dont know if they know what level,square, or straight means. Leaks in two spots, of course as a result of this wood is wrinkling.screw heads broke off, and its not going to keep the bugs out.piss poor workmenship. almost as bad as my spelling. i wish i would have resreached it more. DONT BUY ALINER There are other that sell this type of camper. Re: Aliner folding camping trailer
Mark i pruchased an aliner 2015 exp. one of worst pruchases to date. the quality was poor. do know if they know what level,square, or straight means. Leaks in two spots, of course as a result of this wood is wrinkling.i wish i would have resreached it more. DONT BUY ALINER There are other that sell this type of camper. Re: Aliner folding camping trailer
CarlDutchmen T@B 2010 Travel Trailer w/Front L-Shaped Counter w/Sink, 2 Burner Range Top, Overhead Cabinets, Opt. A/C Heat Pump Below Cabinet, Opt. Refrigerator, Rear U-Shaped Dinette Sofa Bed Converts to Queen Bed, Rear Storage Above Sofa w/3 Overhead Cabinets and More. Pics upon request asking 13,900. Central FL Call or text 469-744-1036 Re: TAB teardrop trailer
RitaWanting to buy Egg Camper in the Grand Junction, CO. area. Will travel to Denver or Utah. Would like very new-little used. Leave info. at protrends@hotmail.comRe: Eggcamper small travel trailer
LeeI bought a brand new 2109s in 2012 and have had a lot of issues with it. I am really easy on these kind of things but this has been really bad. First the electric side of the water heater would not work. The holding tank indicator system showed everything full even when all the tanks were empty. Had to replace the circuit board on the panel. The slide stopped working due to a sheared pin in the motor. The really big issue was the fact that the thing almost burned up in a campgrounds in Florida due to a wiring defect. The trailer was on fire and was minutes from total loss. We had to replace the hot water heater because it was destroyed in the fire. Forest River did pay for some of the damage but they were really hard to deal with. We were just lucky to be at the campground when the fire started. I have had to do a lot of repair on this unit for being brand new. Buyer beware. Re: Forest River Rockwood Mini Lite travel trailer
nancyDisabled can't take care of house anymore. Don't need table. Dinette fine. Love option 6 with bathroom shower etc. Want refrigerator. I don't make much money. Can't afford alot. Please help if you can. Re: Scamp 16 ft travel trailer
RebeccaSelling my 2009 T@da trailer. Excellent condition. Red & White. Upstate SC. 864-542-5378Re: TADA small travel trailer
ChuciPossibly interested in RENTING a small camper for a week. Touring Blue Ridge Parkway, would like to pick up anywhere between Florida and Ashville, NC. 727-692-7970 Oct 13-18 ThanksRe: Hi-Lo Sporty travel trailer
DorraineMy husband and I purchased a 2015 Keystone Bullet travel trailer in July 2014. Our first trip out in August 2014, had not been quite 500 miles in it and had a blowout on the right rear tire. Our trip was low key! Good highway! No speeding! The sights we stayed at were all asphalt paved. So no rough travel! The tire blowout caused damage to the metal strips underneath around the wheel base and the black plastic pieces on the trailer around the wheel were cracked and bent. Keystone says its not their problem and the tire company will not contact me back. It is in shop for repairs and has been for 30 days. So now its October 2014. Used the trailer one time and heading into winter. Won't be using it much until next year. Not a happy camper! The trailer itself is beautiful and pulls nice but the tires that Keystone puts on them are faulty. THEY NEED TO TELL US UPON PURCHASE, BY THE WAY THESE ARE LOUSY NO GOOD TIRES AND YOU SHOULD INVEST IN A BETTER SET OF TIRES AFTER YOUR PURCHASE! Re: Keystone Bullet travel trailer
Debbie B2009 Airstream Basecamp for sale in Fort Mitchell, KY (4 miles south of Cincinnati, OH). Excellent condition. Contact me at dborg5@fuse.net if interested. Posted 10/6/2014.Re: Airstream Basecamp small travel trailer
MattThe 2008 T@B T16Q that I listed below has sold. Re: TAB teardrop trailer
TinaHello from WY. We are looking for a gently used LG 6 wide from a non-smoking home. Please email: newlifesecretsis@yahoo.comRe: Little Guy teardrop camper trailer
WYOTinaHello from WYOMING! We are looking for a gently used non-smoking LG 6 wide. Please email newlifesecretsis@yahoo.comRe: Little Guy teardrop camper trailer
KatiePLUS... The stove is not able to be moved to the outside rail. The camper does not "self-store" all the cushions. By the time you've got all 11 cushions stowed, there is no room for gear! I was on this site initially to look for the mfgr tire size as it seems our 2407 is too high off the ground. The built-in step is not at the proper height and it is difficult to get in and out of the camper. The door, too, is a full few inches narrower than our Jayco popup. We don't love our Starcraft.Re: Starcraft folding camping trailer
KatieWe have a 2407 and there is NO lower door operation in the closed position. It frustrates us to no end because the the stabilizer jack handle stores in the door (so don't lower the roof until you've raised the stabs!). AND, after you've lowered the roof, where are you supposed to put the dang crank handle? Dumb design. You can't just open the door to put stuff in the camper before or after the trip. We so strongly dislike that feature that we'll likely not be keeping this camper very long. Re: Starcraft folding camping trailer
JLo Looking for a 16' Scamp,#6 layout preferred. Will travel from Ohio to view and pick up. Text ONLY, 330-388-5539 with Info.Re: Scamp 16 ft travel trailer
AllieLittle Guy 4 wide in Park City, Utah is sold 9/2014Re: Little Guy teardrop camper trailer
micleelooking for tab trailer, ideal layout would be kitchen outside, with bathroom inside model. I've only seen a few setup this way. However, still interested in other layouts if price is right. located in orange county, ca. Cash Purchase - Very interested!Re: TAB teardrop trailer
KevinI bought a 2011 outback with a power rear slide . The rear slide out is leaking bad, I re-caulked the rear plate but it is still leaking. Any suggestions?Re: Keystone Outback travel trailer
RickLooking for a airstream basecamp in South Carolina. Re: Airstream Basecamp small travel trailer
Dave I would like a 13' Scamp Travel Trailer in really good condition; will trade a 17' Livingston Boat with trailer, all crabbing equipment, gps, radios, life jackets etc. email me if interested and we'll connect. dixieshervington@gmail.comRe: Scamp small travel trailer
VA Trailmanor OwnerSAFETY Problem with 12v batteries installed inside of folding campers. If you can't see the battery vent when folded down the roof you have a explosive gas vent problem when the battery is being charged during towing. American National Standards Institute (ANSI)/Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) 12V - Low Voltage Systems in Conversion & Recreational Vehicles 2-3 Auxiliary Battery Installations. Storage batteries shall be securely attached to the vehicle. If provided battery compartments shall be vapor resistant to the interior and ventilated directly to the exterior of the vehicle1. Design problem has been reported to NHTSA, RVIA, TrailManor CEO July 2014. Still waiting on response and corrective action by TrailManor.Re: TrailManor TrailMini folding travel trailer
Eric leeI am looking for a t@da txl-FD. Please email me at ericleephoto@gmail.com or 4152466640. Re: TADA small travel trailer
WillI'm I'm looking for a nice used egg in the Utah area please email me the type and your price. Clarkwill52@yahoo.comRe: Eggcamper small travel trailer
KevinI am looking for a 16 ft scamp trailer with bathroom. air conditioning etc. kevinheaney@yahoo.comRe: Scamp 16 ft travel trailer
Colorado Scamp9/24/14 SoldRe: Scamp 16 ft travel trailer
BeveyLooking to buy 16 ft with bathroom n shower live in illinois Re: Scamp 16 ft travel trailer
Matt Selling 2008 T@B T16Q. Silver/jolt grey exterior with non-smoking golden tan interior. Great condition inside and out. U shape bench layout turns into queen size bed. Includes lots of options and accessories: front window, SMEV dual burner stove top, SMEV sink, Cool Cat air conditioner with heat pump, Norcold compressor refrigerator, Northern Breeze power roof vent, Thermarest tent add-a-room with storage bag, silver awning with storage bag, awning mat with storage bag, screen door, original folding table, AL-KO shock absorbers, Tropos front mounted spare tire carrier, spare tire, 20 pound LP bottle, gorilla guard hitch lock, storage cover, tire covers, small porta-potty, and much more. Located in suburb of Milwaukee, WI. Asking $8,500. E-mail milwaukeetab@gmail.com for pictures and additional details. Re: TAB teardrop trailer
Colorado Scamp9/20/14 Oops. Forgot the date.Re: Scamp 16 ft travel trailer
Anne MarieI have a 2009 Shasta Airflyte 12 for sale in Indiana. I'm asking $9,900 OBO. Call or email me if you are interested! 317-690-3688 or annemarie.chastain@gmail.comRe: Coachmen Shasta travel trailer
Colorado Scamp*You will never find a cleaner, more well-cared for Scamp.* 2005 16’ Scamp Travel Trailer Air Conditioner, Furnace, Full Bath, Fantastic Fan, Side Dinette, Awning, Tires in great condition, Hitch Lock, Hitch Platform Foot, Microwave Oven, Dual Propane Tanks, Propane Tank Cover, Tire Covers, Air Conditioner Cover, etc. Covered parking it's whole life and it shows. $11,500 sittingbythecampfire@gmail.com Re: Scamp 16 ft travel trailer
sarah 2007 tab T-16 CS is the model for sale and described belowRe: TAB teardrop trailer
Sarah Posted 9-19-14Very good condition, silver on grey, three windows, includes portopottie, patio awning and cover. Kenwood am/fm/cd with aux stereo. Call 8054405418 for pics or search san luis obispo craigslist $9,500 Re: TAB teardrop trailer
Colorado9/19/14 Listed on Denver CraigslistRe: Casita small trailer
DJMOther forums have comments and reviews but the T@B forum is all about listing for sales and T@Bs wanted. i see that as a great sign. But does anyone have any precautions, complaints, concerns for someone looking to buy a new or recently used T@B?Re: TAB teardrop trailer
RubyI wish I could find a dealer, that could sent me a brochure on a small trailer with wet bath. Light weight, and small not over 17 feet long. We like the Tab size, having trouble finding dealer in CA.Re: 2015 5 Wide Little Guy Teardrop Camping Trailer RV Review
HalI am looking for a used 13 foot Scamp. I Would like to find one with a sound rolling chassis and an undamaged outer shell. Interior condition not important. I will rePAir, recurbish or refit as required. A unit that had a shower and toilet would be preferred, but am open to anything at the right price. PA area, but willing to travel to pick up a good deal. Scamp@rivergod.comRe: Scamp small travel trailer
EDSelling our R-POD, 2010 175..antiqueani@gmail.com....southern Ill. 9,800 very clean...non smoke, no pets.....IllinoisRe: R-Pod Ultra Lite travel trailer

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