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Coleman® RVs - by Thor
Coleman Travel Trailer, Ultra-Lites and Fifth Wheel RVs
exclusively at Camping World

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"For camping & outdoor enthusiasts looking for an affordable RV that is built to last - includes many of the amenities typically charged by other manufacturers as an upgrade"

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Coleman Travel Trailer and Fifth Wheel RVs - exteriors
Coleman Travel Trailer - towing

These RVs are now exclusively available at Camping World

Coleman Travel Trailers - interior
In a press release in late 2009, Camping World said:
Camping World, the nation’s largest camping and outdoor retailer, proudly announced the launch of the new line of affordable towable Coleman® Travel Trailers and Fifth Wheel RVs for the camping enthusiast. The Coleman RVs are being produced by Thor Industries, America’s #1 recreational vehicle manufacturer. They are expected to be available in stores by December. (NOTE - NOW AVAILABLE.)The product offering will include several models of: Ultra Lite Travel Trailers, Full Size Travel Trailers and Mid Profile Fifth Wheels. In the U.S., the new towables will be offered exclusively to RV Dealers with Camping World Wholesale and Retail affiliations within defined territories across the United States and Canada.

“The Coleman Company, Inc. has been the leader in outdoor product for over a century. We are excited about the launch of the new towable lines under such a strong brand,” said Marcus Lemonis, Chairman and CEO of Camping World. “For Camping World, Coleman has been a longstanding and trusted partner with a reputation among our current retail store customers of attention to detail and quality,” Lemonis added.

The Coleman Travel Trailer and Fifth Wheel RVs will be towards camping & outdoor enthusiasts looking for an affordable RV that is built to last. In addition, the Coleman Travel Trailer and Fifth Wheel RVs will include many of the amenities typically charged by other manufacturers as an upgrade. There are several floor plans and price point options to choose from. The first model is scheduled to come off the assembly line by the end of 2009.


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"For camping & outdoor enthusiasts looking for an affordable RV that is built to last - includes many of the amenities typically charged by other manufacturers as an upgrade"

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Coleman Travel Trailer and Fifth Wheel RVs - camping package and value package - details
Coleman Travel Trailer and Fifth Wheel RVs - interior and exterior features



We show the floorplans below - click for a bigger picture:

Coleman Travel Trailer and Fifth Wheel RVs - floorplans, small picture, click for a larger picture

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(Travel trailer forum input below.  Latest comments first)

Josephd Maurizzibought new 2014 fun finder 25 foot in June. Excellent design, they put a lot of thought into this trailer. Looked at Winnabago but opted for the fun finder, they had the slam latch doors, the fantastic fans, higher head room, they did not cut corners too much. They did have a cheap mattress. It was like sleeping on a board, Replaced it w/foam mattress $700. They should look at the article in Bloomberg Business Week Dec 14. Title the largest tool in the toolbox. It is about Dodge Ram how you can custom order a Truck. The Rv indutry should take notie. I would love to be able to custom order. I want air ride suspension, cant find it, We had to replace the mattress, I want 4 season capability. cant find it. ect. The only bad thing is the underside has a foam board finish. The wind caught it and pulled it down and tore it. I pushed it back up their and seemed to be ok. I would put a couple of cross members in across the width of the trailer wood slats to hold it up in their. We have pulled it about 5000 miles so far. Built in generator would be nice. We are boondockers. So we pull this trailer over some rough road. We are limited on length too where we camp. Mountains, Desart ect. all in all I love the design of this trailer.Re: Fun Finder X travel trailer
Josephd Maurizzi5719 Fry DrRe: Fun Finder X travel trailer
Mark Aliner has standing behind their product. They have fixed all the issueson my exp camper. My faith has be restored in them. thank you to Allan for all your help. i would recommend them to friends.Re: Aliner folding camping trailer
loWe're in southeren Florida and looking for a Shasta Airflyte. Willing to travel in Florida to find the right one. We like the new ones, and we like the old ones...both have different appeal. So, we are shastashopping@gmail.com Please send photos and any details. We're ready to buy. Thanks!Re: Coachmen Shasta travel trailer
LynneLooking for 2009 Shasta Airflyte camper, good cond, would prefer sea foam green - email: lynne_estling@hotmail.com. todays date 12/10/2014 - thanks. Re: Coachmen Shasta travel trailer
Roxanne & JerryDon't buy Viking pop-up they are junk, 16 things wrong with ours and they won't give our money back. Just junk and will never buy another one in my life. Re: Viking Epic folding camping trailer
rambler35why no information about the gross weight, have to search all over to find how much the dam thing weighsRe: Zoom travel trailer
JimI purchased a 2013 Fun Finder 244 last year. Before the year was up, the front cap started fading. The dealer, with Cruiser's blessing repainted a small portion of it. Within 90 days it started fading again and the original bottom portion started really fading. Looks like its 20 years old. Cruiser refuses to do anything about it. The dealer stepped in and will repaint it on their own. The manufacturer is horrible. Do not buy a Cruiser RV product!!!Re: Cruiser RV ViewFinder travel trailer
colinOn the expandable travel trailers does the exterior length include the beds being expanded or is that the length prior to them being expanded???Re: Forest River Rockwood Roo expandable travel trailer
Sidefishlooking for a 16 BambiRe: Airstream Bambi small travel trailer
GerryI want to buy a fairly late model Casita/Scamp 16' travel trailer in the Santa Fe/ Albuquerque area. 5059838417Re: Casita small trailer
daveI bought a new heartland travel tralier in 2010.nothing but problems.4 times out all 4 vacations ruined.water leaks call the dealer in duncansville pa.they said we don't visit campgrounds.called heartland they did nothing.their a bunch of scabs that give that industry a bad name.Re: Heartland Trail Runner travel trailer
JanWould love to purchase an Airstream Basecamp in great shape in Georgia please send photos. marmaduke165@msn.comRe: Airstream Basecamp small travel trailer
KathyI am interested in purchasing a new T@G. What is the leveltow height from the street to the top of the coupler? Thanks!Re: TAB teardrop trailer
SaraLooking to buy a new, used Shasta. Considering the 12 but can anyone tell me how many people it sleeps?Re: Coachmen Shasta travel trailer
SherryuflWanted: t@b clamshell. Preferably an earlier Dutchman model (because it's lighter). I am located in Fl. Will travel (but not to West coast). text me @ 352-281-1246Re: TAB teardrop trailer
JanetThanks to all who have shared their problems with this line of camper trailers and warning the rest of us who are looking to buy one! This is a obviously a pretty lousy company when they won't help their current customers with legitimate & major problems! I am going to avoid them like the plague!! I don't know why such companies don't proactively resolve problems their manufacturing processes and/or employees caused in an immediate and positive manner! It's as if they think no one will know and they can shabbily keep doing what they are doing. Very sad!! Since they're useless to current owners, I hope they go out of business soon!!Re: Fun Finder X travel trailer
willieMy 2009 Basecamp has SOLD ,Thanks for all the interest. 11/8/14 willieRe: Airstream Basecamp small travel trailer
MortimerIt seems that either the design or seals that are intended to prevent water from coming thru the front tip out has failed. Did the seals shrink? My Ins Co has "totaled" my trailer but will not cover the loss saying it is long term damage! I tried to fix it but the whole front floor has to be replaced!Re: Jayco Jay Feather EXP travel trailer
Dan @ Franciscan RV2004 Scamp 13ft w/ Toilet for sale. Located in New Mexico Like New inside and out. you can see pics and description at franciscanrv.com 11-7-2014Re: Scamp small travel trailer
BillI have a 2008 T@B in great condition I am looking to sell. Red with white trim, retro paisley cushions. Asking $11,500. Located in Orange County, CA. Looks like the fireball, above, but with the colors reversed. Call or text:(949) 466-2378.Re: TAB teardrop trailer
willie2009 Basecamp excellent condition for sale $19,995. call 406 547 3796 montana craigslist Bozeman.Re: Airstream Basecamp small travel trailer
SeanDutchmen T@B 2010 Travel Trailer w/Front L-Shaped Counter w/Sink, 2 Burner Range Top, Overhead Cabinets, Opt. A/C Heat Pump Below Cabinet, Opt. Refrigerator, Rear U-Shaped Dinette Sofa Bed Converts to Queen Bed, Rear Storage Above Sofa w/3 Overhead Cabinets and More. Pics upon request asking 9000. South Carolina text 8646217353 if interested.Re: TAB teardrop trailer
Anna in WA StateLooking for a 13' or 16' with toilet in reasonable condition, price range of $2500-$4k. We are in the Seattle area but can pick up or meet half way if not in the area. Please get in touch if you have one to sell! anna@millerdesignstudio.orgRe: Scamp small travel trailer
JanLooking for an Airstream Bambi, or Airstream 16 to19 feet. I need one that can be pulled by V8 2wheel drive pickup. As tream be in great shape A a must sale price.Great shape!Re: Airstream Bambi small travel trailer
MimWe are considering buying a 178 or 179. Any comments pro & con appreciated. Also if you are looking to sell a gently used one , please post. ThanksRe: R-Pod Ultra Lite travel trailer
steve pWell John, why wouldn't we buy it? The trailer looked good to us on the lot and the floor plan suited our family well. The leak problems we are having might be due to the design of having the kitchen sink built into the slide.The way they have used corrugated pool vacuum hose to connect to ABS is a flawed design.A design I would recommend be avoided by anyone buying a new or used trailer,for reasons which I will describe here. The kitchen plumbing needs to allow for the in and out movement of the slide.This is accomplished with a 4 foot corrugated flexible hose, (the same as those sold in pool shops for connectable sections of vacuum hose) connecting the ABS sink drain to the ABS stack pipe to the holding tank. These corrugated sections connect reliably to one another, but not so well with ABS pipe (something I have learned the hard way). In the trail sport bhss29 this connection described above is hidden deep behind the stove and cabinetry.Now that I have removed the stove, I've found that this connection has separated a second time after having been re-connected in 2012 by the dealer service department. Further, more just past this connection the flex hose bends up, trapping water at the loose connection. This leak, is likely the main cause the spongy floor described in my previous post. Re: R-Vision Trail-Lite travel trailer
JBONEBought a view finder signature series in 2012 but was listed as a 201.I have only had it over 2yrs and the front cap from the top of the decal to the roof the clear coat is gone an its turning white looks like it has been in the sun for 30yrs never covered up.I called Cruiser warranty department and they told me there was nothing they could do for me now its going to cost me 1800.00 out of pocket due to poor quality coating on the cap.No help at all from them.The website says they are producing 100% quality products that is a joke will never have another cruiser.Re: Cruiser RV ViewFinder travel trailer
SharonI a interested in buying a T@B trailer with the S floor plan. The problem is that my husband is 6'2" and hangs off the bed. Has anyone found a remedy for extending the bed?Re: TAB teardrop trailer
richardhave a 2009 grey wolf 17bh , found out that a water pipe had not been properly crimped at the factory and has been leaking into the floor (pipes are burried inside floor ) for 6 years , needless to say entire floor had to be replaced, completley lifted the shell off the frame to do so costing 8 grand . will not recomend this company to anyone .Re: Forest River Cherokee Grey Wolf travel trailer
MardelI think they are wonderful, we are looking for a used scamp, in the range of 1900.00 and 2600.00 dollars. We would used it for travel vacations.Re: Scamp small travel trailer
C J SwansonHi. 1995 keystone. Excellent even know. 2011 Keystone 3050 BH. Yikes. Dangerous leaking propane valve and lines. Tires pop. Axels bent. Slides leak. Takes competent electricians 2 hours to diagnose problems with lights. Windows stick and gard to slide. Everything else works fine. Great layout. Re: Keystone Bullet ultralite travel trailer
SherryAvailable in Wisconsin. 27' Classic with walk-around queen. Great condition. Looking for 2010-2011 19' Hi-Lo for extensive traveling. Send inquiries to sstobb4@gmail.com. Published 10/27/14Re: Hi-Lo TowLite 15T small travel trailer
WillowMorningskyToday's date: 27 Oct 2014 Seeking Scamp 16ft with bath. Am in Riverside, CA. Email: willowmorningsky@yahoo.comRe: Scamp 16 ft travel trailer
Paula HarperHI everyone. My husband and I are looking at a 2015 R-Pod 179 model. I know Forest River makes a great product and want to hear from you R-Pod owners about the "Good, Bad and Ugly" of owning one. We plan to purchase a Kia V-6 Sorento to pull the trailer with. It's rated at 3,500 lbs.; enough to pull the loaded trailer. Please e-mail me with your raves, faves and rants! E-Mail: paulahilltop@gmail.comRe: R-Pod Ultra Lite travel trailer
DavidLooking to buy a Scamp camper in middle Georgia but I will travel for the right one and I will pay cash. Email trwhatcher@comcast.netRe: Scamp small travel trailer
MikeWe have sold our 2009 Shasta airfyte. Thank you for the calls.Re: Coachmen Shasta travel trailer
LarryI have a 2010 R-174 R-Pod for sale in very good condition. Any bid over $8,000.00 takes it. Includes the total "Tent" option. I love this travel trailer and have towed it with my Lincoln MKX without a problem.Re: R-Pod Ultra Lite travel trailer
John BenchmanGeorgia Najar Then why did you buy it?Re: R-Vision Trail-Lite travel trailer
BeverlyWe brought a new 2015 jay flight elite 26ft trailer. Drove it home and then 3 weeks later took it on it maiden voyage 50 miles away dry camping and 10 days later we are home. Now to get it into the dealer to have everything fixed. kitchen faucet leaks, the frame that holds up table that makes into a bed broke the first day out. shelf in the cabinet under the tv broke, shower barely has any water come out of it hot and cold water will not blend. both cabinet on the side of the bed bottom are bowing out. the jack will work only when plugged into the truck (will not work on electricity) We are hoping they will fix everything right when we take it in on NOv 7th.Re: Jayco Jay Flight travel trailer
JeanieAnyone own or owned a 2013 Flagstaff Shamrock Hybrid camper and if so can you give me any info. Thinking about purchasing one. Also, how much weight do the beds hold. We were told up to 250lbs. Not for a couple? Also, did you have many problems with it?Re: Forest River Shamrock expandable travel trailer
Jim harris561-718-6161Re: Airstream Basecamp small travel trailer
Jim harrisLooking for a basecamp in Florida or Georgia 561-718-6151 pbfec1@gmail.comRe: Airstream Basecamp small travel trailer
Jim harrisLooking for a basecamp in Florida or grorgiaRe: Airstream Basecamp small travel trailer
JoeI am looking for a loaded basecamp in or near Michigan. Contact me via joe@jdean3.com if you have one for sale. 10/2014.Re: Airstream Basecamp small travel trailer
Tiger campers We have a 2014 Surveyor Sport and are also experiencing water and/or a oily residue in the cargo area. The storage doors have been changed and we still are having the problem. Has anyone else had this problem?Re: Forest River Surveyor travel trailer
LuvtocampWe purchased a 14 viewfinder signature. Never again will I be buying another Cruiser. Every time we went on a weekend trip something went wrong. Cable for tv's were hooked up wrong ( 3 trips to Elkart) . Wiring under fridge is a cluster ( bad word). Went to yellowstone for a week (over 2,000 miles away from home) to find out slide to kitchen didn't work. Camped with slide in. Couldn't get silverware, etc out of drawers. Spent 500.00 for someone to look at it in Wyoming. Then spent a night in a hotel. Well there is $800.00 out of our vacation money! Now the company who has our crap of a camper is waiting on good ole lippert to replace everything on our slide out. My camper has been in Elkart , Ind for a a month and a half. I am DONE with Cruiser! Called the manufacturer in Howe , Ind. to complain and service guy ( being nice not saying his name) isn't helping. I know when I called him today he flat out lied to me. Ugh I can't take it mo more. My camper has been worked on longer than we have used it this year. Re: Cruiser RV ViewFinder travel trailer
LilyWell, I gave up trying to find a T@B but got back on today only to discover I had missed one a week ago. I have the cash in hand and really, really want a T@B in great condition. I'm in Salt Lake but don't mind traveling. I will check twice a day now so contact me through Roaming Times. No dealers pleaseRe: TAB teardrop trailer
marki pruchased an aliner 2015 exp. one of worst pruchases to date. the quality was poor. dont know if they know what level,square, or straight means. Leaks in two spots, of course as a result of this wood is wrinkling.screw heads broke off, and its not going to keep the bugs out.piss poor workmenship. almost as bad as my spelling. i wish i would have resreached it more. DONT BUY ALINER There are other that sell this type of camper. Re: Aliner folding camping trailer
Mark i pruchased an aliner 2015 exp. one of worst pruchases to date. the quality was poor. do know if they know what level,square, or straight means. Leaks in two spots, of course as a result of this wood is wrinkling.i wish i would have resreached it more. DONT BUY ALINER There are other that sell this type of camper. Re: Aliner folding camping trailer

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