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2010 Quicksilver 6.0 automotive tent camper
by Livin' Lite

See the Quicksilver forum at bottom of page

"Designed in response to the demand for an even lighter, more easily towed tent camper that can be towed by the smallest of cars and even some larger motorcycles!"

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Important dimensions:
Box size 5' W x 6'6" L,  Overall length 10'0", Overall width 6'3"
Height open 8', Height closed 4'
GVWR 1200 lbs, UVW (dry weight 620 lbs, CCC 580 lbs
HW (hitch weight) 75 lbs
Starting MSRP $5,190 (December 2009)
but see dealer for pricing

Quicksilver 6.0 automotive tent camper - exterior, open and closed - with 2010 azure blue model 

Quicksilver says the 6.0 is "was designed in response to the demand for an even lighter, more easily towed tent camper that can be towed by the smallest of cars and even some larger motorcycles! Unlike some campers in this market and weight segment that can only sleep two people (presumably in the fetal position..) this incredibly light camper comfortably sleeps four, while also offering an L-shaped dinette for meals and games along with a storage compartment/TV stand. Our kitchen base can replace the dinette as an option - model 6.1" - see floorplans below.

Quicksilver 6.0 tent camper - exterior open

"With the 6.0 'turned' sideways, you now have a 5' vehicle pulling a 5' wide trailer - which is much easier on the gas mileage and much easier to see around, providing additional safety as you tow. We have also given the 6.0 our aerodynamic, tear-drop front end like our other trailers, as well as lengthened the unit by 6", which makes the bunk 6" longer (now 6'-6") by 60" wide, adding some nice extra sleeping space for our campers. The extra 6" of interior spaciousness really helps as well. Another added feature is a permanent fold-out step. Finally, the fact that you can open up the 6.0 QUICKSILVER and set it up while it is still attached to the tow vehicle adds a new dimension of flexibility. This will come in handy on nights when you just want to pull over and get catch some quick ZZZs, and don't want to have to unhook the camper from your vehicle."

Quicksilver 6.0 automotive tent camper - exterior closed

Quicksilver 6.0 automotive tent camper interior

Quicksilver 6.0 automotive tent camper - interior with bed




Quicksilver 6.0 tent camper - floorplan with dinette

Quicksilver 6.0 automotive tent camper floorplan with optional kitchen base

Quicksilver 6.0 automotive tent camper floorplan with front deck

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"Designed in response to the demand for an even lighter, more easily towed tent camper that can be towed by the smallest of cars and even some larger motorcycles!"
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Mike ProsserContrary to advice from ROTI, I am using my real email address (Mike@ProsserRV.com) in this communication. We are the Real Thing. We are Livin' Lite's longest standing continuous stocking dealer. We always have six to ten Quicksilver tent campers in stock. We have the best prices in the country, and we have the best customer service in the world. Don't believe me, just ask our customers. We take nothing for granted. Please let us know how we can earn YOUR business! Posted by owner Mike Prosser.Re: Quicksilver Automotive Camper
David AI'd like the 10'er with less dinette, but having a restroom! Re: CampLite truck camper
TrikerQuestions to ask: On the 2011 models, the ramp is foam board and wood covered with aluminum and does rot. There is no battery disconnect. The outdoor speakers are connected to the inside speakers and can't be separated. How dumb is that? Have they fixed these flaws?Re: The 2014 Livin Lite Quicksilver VRV 28FBD Toy Hauler RV Review
PhylWe have a Livin Lite 2011 VRV that we love, but this last year we started seeing a bubbling and corrosive area on the hinge area of the ramp door. I've contacted our dealer we purchased from, HW Motorhomes and sent them pictures via email 8 days ago. Today I followed up with Dan White and he said he contacted Livin Lite and they told him to go to the door mfg. Challenger Door. We anticipate a favorable outcome with replacement or repair on the damaged ramp door.Re: VRV by Livin Lite
Jane Want to buy a used Quicksilver 6.0, Utah, Northern Nevada or California area. Re: Quicksilver 6.0 tent camper
evanWe are looking for a used livin lite quick silver TC 1 in good shape. contact crazykidscamping@hotmail.com Re: Quicksilver Automotive Camper
WALTMy 2011 Livin Lite VRV is now showing damage in the queen tip out doors and ramp doors due to the wood in the doors (luan) getting wet and swelling and splitting the exterior aluminum sheeting open. It also has caused the ramp door to become soft and more flexible. So after only three years, I am having to deal with water damage to wood in a supposedly "all-aluminum" camper. Why doesn't Livin Lite disclose this information about wood in the doors? Or better yet, build the doors in the same way as the body...with aluminum frame. There is no aluminum frame in the doors...instead they have chosen luan and foam composite, which is worthless when it gets wet.Re: VRV by Livin Lite
lonniewhere can I get the price an location Re: Quicksilver truck camper
JackWould like to buy a used 6.0.I live in N.B. CanadaRe: Quicksilver Automotive Camper
RandyI'm in Tampa, Florida. Does anyone out there have a used Quicksilver Truck camper for a full size Dodge for sale? roberts_r2@att.netRe: Quicksilver truck camper
TedAny solar options?Re: CampLite travel trailer
Ron Smith I like them but where can I buy one and how about the price?Re: Quicksilver truck camper
Dan Looking for a small Camplite pull behind. SW Minnesota- Used is fine. One person- wanting to roam the US. Email Dan at mrdanpeterson@hotmail.com. Re: CampLite travel trailer
GaryI live in South Bend and it's only about a 30 minute drive to Wakarusa- the home of Livin Lite. I noticed on the LL website that they offer factory tours so I went last Friday with my family. Don showed us around and it was interesting to see how the Quicksilvers are assembled. The staff seems extremely friendly and helpful. If you are ever in northern IN, make plans to stop by the LL factory at 3- no reservations needed for the factory tour. Afterwards, go about a mile down the road to the downtown section of town and stop at the Wakarusa Dime Store. They sell all kinds of candy with many of the hard to find types from bygone days. It's a true old fashioned candy store.Re: Quicksilver 6.0 tent camper
MearlI have a full size Dodge, don't see where Dodge is listed. Will it fit? If so where is a dealer in the Dallas TX area and price. Re: Quicksilver truck camper
DawnWould it work on a 2003 Chevrolet sportside?Re: Quicksilver truck camper
IdahoCamper I would love to buy the Quicksilver 8.0 or 10.0, but the closest dealer listed on Livin Lite's website is almost 300 miles from Boise. Does anyone know if I can find these trailers closer to Boise, ID?Re: Quicksilver Automotive Camper
Irish TravelerJust purchased our Livin Lite 8.1 from Prosser RV in Milwaukee last weekend and camped on the way home. It was even better than we could have imagined. Our concerns surrounding space were quickly dispelled. We ended up fitting more in the Quicksilver than our old pop up. The cabinet holds far more than you think as do both bench seats. We love the unobstructed views and simplicity of the camper. We look forward to many happy, rot-free, rust-free years of camping!Re: Quicksilver Automotive Camper
BonnieFOR SALE: Quicksilver Fold Up Truck Camper made by Livin Lite. In excellent condition, used once. I am located in Wisconsin... MAKE ME AN OFFER I CAN'T REFUSE!! E-Mail: bpharo@vacuumplaters.com Re: Quicksilver Automotive Camper
TerryI'm on the verge of buying a Livin-lite 16DB and since I live in an area that sees plenty of hail I worry about how the aluminum surface will hold up. Anyone with experience? And while we're at it: what about the cold feeling of the floor in these trailers??Re: CAMP LITE small travel trailer
BudinOKI was wondering being I can't find the information on the website, how much does a Quicksilver 8.0 weigh? BudinOK@yahoo.comRe: Quicksilver Automotive Camper
Prosser RVMike Prosser, owner of Prosser RV in Milwaukee, WI checking in on our Livin' Lite fans. We have been carrying these campers (Quicksilver, Camplite, VRV) since their introduction. Just ordered another load of them today. We are here to earn your business. Please let us know how we can. Thank you 1-866-820-7243 Mike Prosser - Owner - Prosser RV.Re: Quicksilver Automotive Camper
billDo quick silver. Have campers for 2 adults that have soft sidesRe: Quicksilver truck camper
AtlantaBought the 6.0. 70 mph and 29+ mpg with a 2010 Corolla!!!Re: Quicksilver 6.0 tent camper
wayneOK. Looks cool. I've a Pontiac Vibe with a toeing capacity of 1500 lbs. Where can I look at one of these, and possible buy one?Re: Quicksilver 6.0 tent camper
BobLooking for a used Quick Silver 6.0 or 8.0 prefer off-road. Live in Wichita Falls, Texas. contact bobcausey@sbcglobal.netRe: Quicksilver Automotive Camper
GaryI purchased a QS 6.0 from Prosser RV in Oct 2012 and I'm very pleased. Mike and his staff were great to work with. I've camped out several times now and have not had any problems. I tow the 6.0 with my 4 cylinder Chrysler Sebring convertible. I am able to set up the camper and pack it up all by myself.Re: Quicksilver 6.0 tent camper
DouglasI own a diesel pusher,, very nice But this is very cozy and great idea... I will pass it on. ThanksRe: Quicksilver truck camper
Hoppy DawgLooking to buy used 8 or 10 Re: Quicksilver Automotive Camper
LeoI am interested in getting a lite-weight popup trailer that I can pull with a 2010 Toyota Corolla.Re: Quicksilver 6.0 tent camper
CamiDoes anyone know how to use a car battery to power the two lights/fans that come with the quicksilver 10.0? Re: Quicksilver Automotive Camper
Cami Does anyone know how to use a car battery to run the two light/fans that come with the 10.0? Re: Quicksilver Automotive Camper
RobNote to the forum: Am I missing something, or are there no dates given in the ads/comments; nice to have for comments and often important for ads which can live forever. PS: July 28, 2012 - looking for a 6.0; have car; will travelRe: Quicksilver 6.0 tent camper
MichelleWe purchased a 2012 Camplite 16DB (Dry Bath) a few months ago and we're getting ready to leave for a 6-week trip across the US (with a 2yo & 5yo). Our TV is a 2006 Lexus 400h (hybrid). The trailer is just about perfect. The best addition has been 3M Command Strips. We have added the hooks & strips everywhere to add vertical storage.Re: CAMP LITE small travel trailer
rongreat idea about time someone thought of it.Re: Quicksilver truck camper
tulaliprosereally interested in this concept, but looking for pricing. Might have had a deal.Re: Quicksilver truck camper
Joseph V.OK,if you really want boost you sales of these units, the most helpfull thing you can do for us (your potential customers) is to let use know where your dealers are! I live in northern California. Thank you for your attention to this request. Re: Quicksilver Automotive Camper
Joe (Chiefonelung)This is my second camping season with the quicksilver 2.0. I really love it. I had a few problems with it in the beginning, but they were caused by the dealership(Boat&RV Rockwood Tn.) They were real jerks to deal with. I went thru Livin-Lite and dealt with a great guy there named Mike that resolved all my problems and never even charged me.I hope he got his money out of the dealership. I pull my 2.0 with a 2011 Ford Transit Connect 4cyl van. It doesn't affect my millage at all. Its quick to set up and easy to maneuver around at the campgrounds.I really love this little camper.Re: Quicksilver motorcycle/ATV camper
Joe (Chiefonelung)This is my second camping season with the quicksilver 2.0. OI really love it. I had a few problems with it in the beginning, but they were aused by the dealership(Boat&RV Rockwood Tn.) They were real jerks to deal with. I went thru Livin-Lite and dealt with a great guy there named Mike that resolved all my problems and never even charged me.I hope he got his money out of the dealership. I pull my 2.0 with a 2011 Ford Transit Connect 4cyl van. It doesn't affect my millage at all. Its quick to set up and easy to maneuver around at the campgrounds.I really love this little camper.Re: Quicksilver motorcycle/ATV camper
AZ CamperWe recently purchased a 718 VRV. We enjoy the unit very much, however the unit did not come with a main power switch, so when stored the unit drains the battery. The only option we have is to disconnect the battery every trip. We also have exterior speakers that are wired with the interior ones with no option to segregate them. We contacted the factory and they refused to offer any assistance. Nice unit but awful customer service. If you buy one make sure you get every little detail in writing or you will be left to resolve issues like ours on your own. Re: Quicksilver VRV cargo trailer and camper
DaveWe've owned our 8.0 for two years and we like it more and more. We had a Coleman for 16 years before that, but wanted something that a small car would pull. Believe it or not, we pull our Quicksilver with a Civic. We even pulled it over the Rockies last summer,(the Civic couldn't move very fast going up the mountains)Visibility is limited because you are lower than the top so we depend on side mirrors. Point being, however, is that it is so light! This makes a difference at the campsite as well, easy to move around by hand. Cold floors easily covered with throw rugs. We have camped two years in a row in Florida and had no problems with mosquitoes, but maybe the camper who complained about them was in a more infested area. We are very happy with our purchase!Re: Quicksilver Automotive Camper
Fredwill one of these campers fit on a 1/2 ton GMC with a 5'8" bed if the tail gate is left down.Re: Quicksilver truck camper
Maine GuyBought a QS 8.0 ft in 2008. Pull with a very full CRV 4 cyl with no problems. Happy with all aspects of the QS except for zippers in tent portion. We are easy on our equipment and ateast 3 zippers have broke over several camping seasons. Live the camper but QS should invest in high quality zippers. I would have been ok to pay several more hundred dollars to get good quality zippers. Too bad QS didnt spec better quality in this area. Re: Quicksilver Automotive Camper
James Grooms They look nice, Just can't find a dealer that actually stocks them within 200 miles, and they are 2000.00 above suggested retail price and that is overpriced Re: Quicksilver Automotive Camper
DixieHas anyone pulled the CL13BHB Camplite with a Hyundai Santa Fe? I want to be able to pull it in the mountains out west. Looks like the perfect set up, but I'm not sure of the combination? In put would be helpful. Thanks.Re: CampLite travel trailer
SolafaHi I want to know your prices And do you ship to Kuwait ThanksRe: CampLite travel trailer
chuckActually in response to the writer from Vermont,Sometimes pop ups are what you end up with after the RV. We recently sold our 27 foot rv, "the Global Warmer" with its' never ending upkeep,repairs, leaks and the disolving wood floors and walls, and storage rent. That thing would break just sitting there.And it's not just old rvs, the shops are filled with newer rvs getting repaired as well. We bought a 6.1 offroad camper. we can tow it with a 4 cyl wrangler and a Suzuki SX4. Cold floors can be fixed by throw rugs on foam shop mats from auto shops....main thing is, aluminum does not rot! We love this thing for 3 season camping.Re: Quicksilver Automotive Camper
Kelly SWe've had our 8.0 for 3 years now in VT and traveled through New England. We're looking down the road to a small RV (aren't popups just gateway RVs?) This has served us well; we got it because we have cars, I've towed this successfully with a Subie station wagon a Passat station wagon and eventually a Honda minivan. Mileage on the subie went from 29 to 26 (depending on my highway speed, you can forget it's there). The minivan was easier for me to tow with because I could see over the top, it fills the rear window on the cars. We've had one zipper at the top of the door unzip 1/2" and lost two snaps, the snaps were from people "helping" us take it down and just pulling on the vinyl. It's still completely usable and not a big deal. We've never had it leak, it does setup quickly, is easy to move by hand, doesn't let mosquitos in and we've had no problems with it. I do put a feather bed down over the mattress, you can get chilled through the mattress if it's cold out. The floor can also feel cold with no socks/shoes. I also installed a 12V marine inline pump, so when you call for water it pumps for you with the 12volt battery (very sweet upgrade, I suggest you do this if you have one it was $40 on amazon). Every bluegrass festival we go to I feel like some sort of magician; I can set it up myself easily and it always gets people gathered around to see what it is I have with me. I do recommend this; it's a sweet little camper; we're just going to go a little more self contained. If I decide to advertise publicly I can post more info and contact.Re: Quicksilver Automotive Camper
Mike ProsserWelcome to Prosser RV, the Midwest's largest Quicksilver Camper dealer. Based in Milwaukee, WI we deliver all over the lower 48. In-stock we have several QS 6.0 (and a 6.1 with off-road package and rear deck), QS 8.0, and QS 10.0's. Credit cards accepted and delivery available. Please contact Mike@ProsserRV.com or call 866-820-7243. Thank you Roaming Times - one of them best sources of un-biased RV information.Re: Quicksilver Automotive Camper
rachelrachelbarnes123@yahoo.com NEED: used, cheap, mini camper avaiable near syracuse ny asap!Re: Quicksilver Automotive Camper
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