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2010 Fleetwood Icon class C motorhome
See reader's comments and experiences at bottom of page

"Turn heads while turning corners. Icon is unlike any motor home available today. Built on the Dodge Sprinter chassis, it combines fuel-efficiency with modern design"

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Important dimensions:
3 floorplans are available - we show these below.
Dodge Sprinter Chassis, Turbo Diesel
w/ Adaptive ESP, 3.0L CDI 6-Cylinder, 154HP
Exterior length 25'2"
Exterior height (with A/C) 11'4",  Exterior width 7'8"
Max interior height 6'8"
GVWR  11/030 lbs, GCWR  14,530 lbs
Tanks - fresh / black / grey - 29 / 33 / 33 gals
Starting MSRP $100,079 (10/09)

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"The bold exterior styling makes a statement on the road or in the driveway. The DuPont full-body paint application is meticulously applied in two stages for the finest appearance and reflects a very upscale image."

Fleetwood Icon class C motorhome exterior 

Fleetwood says: "Turn heads while turning corners. Icon is unlike any motor home available today. Built on the Dodge Sprinter chassis, it combines fuel-efficiency with modern design. Spacious interior décors, innovative storage options and unparalleled drivability highlight the unique Icon experience."

Roaming Times thinks the Fleetwood Icon has beautiful interior arrangements which, as Fleetwood say, were "created for connoisseurs of modern design." The picture below shows the 24D in Tiki Bar interior décor with Bijoux Cherry wood cabinetry: 

Fleetwood Icon class C motorhome interior 24D model 

"The galley features a Dometic cooktop and sink built from premium stainless steel. Both come with tempered glass lids that provide additional countertop space when not in use. Coupled with an Apollo Half Time Convection Oven and refrigerator/freezer, you'd think you were in a chic urban condo."

Fleetwood Icon class C motorhome kitchen arrangement 

Just some of the standard interior features: Aircraft Style Overhead Construction w/ Curved Plyform Cabinet Doors and Integrated Accent Lighting, Curved Plywood, Hollow Core Doors & Integrated Face Frames, Quality Constructed Furniture by Flexsteel, Solid Surface Countertops w/Brushed Aluminum Accent, Wall-to-Wall Linoleum. 

Fleetwood Icon class C motorhome bedroom 24D model 

The bed arrangement shown above is a feature of the 24D model (see floorplans below.) 
A 13,500 Btu Ducted Air Conditioner and 25,000 Btu Furnace are standard. A 15,000 Btu A/C with Heat Pump is an option. Other options include: 19" LCD TV w/Remote Control, Cabover Entertainment System with 32" LCD TV and Home Theater, Dual Pane Windows.

Fleetwood Icon class C motorhome bathroom 

The bathroom features include:  China Bowl Toilet w/Hand Sprayer, Molded ABS Shower/Tub w/Surround (24A, 24S), Shower Pan (24D), Residential Style Metal Faucet w/Round Stainless Steel Sink.

"Take a break from your drive lounging in the roomy cabover area. When not in use, it tilts up to provide even more headroom for the driver":

Fleetwood Icon class C motorhome cabover area 

Driver conveniences include: Driver/Front Passenger Adjustable/Reclining Bucket Seats w/Armrest & Comfort Headrest, Driver/Front Passenger Airbag Supplemental Restraint System, Folding Key w/Keyless Door Lock, In-Dash AM/FM/Radio w/CD, iPod Cable w/Full Controls, Aux Input on Face, MP3/WMA, USB Slot, SD/Memory Card Input, Remote Control Power Windows & Door Locks:

Fleetwood Icon class C motorhome cockpit

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We show the floorplans below - click for a bigger picture:

The Fleetwood Icon has 3 beautiful and distinctive floorplan arrangements.
The 24A and 24S have sofa bed arrangements as well as the standard cabover bed.  The 24D has a double bed layout.  All 3 models have a single slide-out.

These floorplans really really are well thought out and take full advantage of the space.
Congratulations Fleetwood...

Fleetwood Icon class C motorhome floorplans - small picture, click for a langer picture 


"Turn heads while turning corners. Icon is unlike any motor home available today. Built on the Dodge Sprinter chassis, it combines fuel-efficiency with modern design"
Today's video (2009 - we'll add 2010 when available) is from
Fleetwood - many thanks)  

What do you think? Add your comments in the forum below...

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Javier Lopez Dear sirs if someone can help me due to a problem with colombian customs a need to know what is the cost for this beatiful truck i have one with troubles in Sta Mta 2008 model and I need to know the price thanks a lot in advanced for who can help me
Linda BravoI just traded in my 2005 Holiday Rambler for a 2010 Fleetwood Icon. I am thrilled with my decision and so far I love it. I thought I would have problems with so much smaller space and storage but find it to be perfect for two with two little dogs. I did invest in a new deck with navigation, blue tooth and awesome speakers because for my listening pleasure the stock unit was not adequate. I added a small satellites dish, some shelving under the sinks and lots of light weight collapsible kitchen items. Changed out the sewer attachment and brought it closer to the side of the rig. Now it is perfect and I am leaving in a few weeks for my first trip.
RMASCool Motor Home..I'm 6'51/2' Myself Really Gotta LIKE the 6'8 Business! Wish companies financed disabled to Buy one.
BeccaAfter much research, we bought the Quest 24L without the cabover bunk and we love it! It's easy to drive and park, and the mileage is not much less than a full size pick up truck. There's plenty of room inside for two adults and a large dog to fit comfortably. I like to cook and for a small rv, it's nice to have three burners on the stove, and the half time oven is a plus. We can't go anywhere without someone telling us they wish they could trade in their large rv for one as well appointed and fuel minded as our Quest. Fleetwood did a nice job with the mini-classC Quest.
DaveI bought the 2010 Quest cabover. Love it but didn't think about two old people climbing up and down ladder. We added two 4" foam pads which we carry on bed but move to the two opposing coaches to sleep. Very comfortable. Nice to be able to park about anywhere with this unit. No complaints yet. - 1/19/2011
RonI have driven my 2010 Icon 10k from Tucson to Utah, Wy, So Dak Colorado and NM without any problems. I climbed several 7 & 8% grades, pulling an inclosed motorcycle trailer with my Harley. We were in it for a full 3 months and the fresh water tank should be larger as well as the real bed. I have the unit with the entertainment center above the cab. My wife and I are both very satisfied with our unit other than what I just mentioned. On a decent day at 62 MPH we get 16 miles to a gallon.
Wayne The Quest is probably the best thing Fleetwood has done to save their image, make some needed cash flow happen, and ensure they survive in these times of economic downturn. Having owned six Fleetwood calss As over the past fifteen year I now cannot afford to pay $300 to fill the tank just to drive 300 miles or less. This smaller size is good and the mileage will help families to keep doing what they love, and help new families to fulfill their dream of owning an RV. My concernwill be that this :limited time build of 150 units" was only done to rid the factory (Riverside CA) of surplus parts which is why there were only 150 built, and why each of the two models have so many variations from coach to coach. I have noted different sized drawers, some with ovens other's without, very few with front entertainment centers, and only a few with silver body paint at lower body areas. There is no consistency in the build of this product. I have noted most dealers have sold these units for about $60,000 which is right where Fleetwood needs to set their price for this unit to create a market for themselves. I would hope Fleetwood will consider cotinuing this model, keeping the quality high, the options low to keep the price low and keeping the models consistent as to components. If this model is successful Fleetwood will once again set the pace for all the others to follow. As with the bounder, Fleetwood has always had the ability to focus of not only market needs, but what the market can afford to allow ownership. Long gone are the days families can taken the false equity of their home and spend it on an RV. There must be an affordable RV. This could be it!!
Jorge De La FeWater valve is under the stove very bad place to place it but other wise is a great little motor home I own one and have ran about 6,000 miles on it it handles great but can only pull a small vehicle
M ButeauWe love The icon, it run like a limo, and we can had a lot of benefits, However I Have a comment on the bed size; It would have been great if if the wardrobe would have been 4 to 6inches and extend the bed. I am 5'8 and i find the it is limit to confort. We have compared with other and could not find anything better. I hope that the manufacturer will take in considation the bed size option. Thank's
MichelleWhere is the water tank valve? Just got the motor home and nobody can find the valve.
AnneWe also have a 2010 Fleetwood Quest RV,and just love it. good price,good RV, good job Fleetwood!!!
GraceWe bought one of these last month and love it, We're spending the winter in Arizona and we'll be touring around. This is the perfect RV for us.
Hank LThe Quest looks real nice, very similar to the Icon but lower price. I'm going to compare them.
RickVery nice this is classier than the fleetwood class c's i've rented. Good deal for a $100k. We're looking to buy a c and I'll find a dealer and look at this.
George WilliamsAccording to the brochure, the 2010 Icon is rated for 3,500 lbs carrying capacity. The hitch capacity is also 3,500 lbs. Don't know about both being at capacity at the same time though. No statement is made about that. I own an 09, and am happy with it, though I haven't yet pulled the car. Part of the reason is that at that size we though we would run with the MH alone. We did that this past summer and it was great! We have the diesel, and ran out at 17 to 18 MPG. I run about 60 MPH. Seldom higher than that. Sure beats the 35' V-10 (with Banks pkg), which produced 6 to 8 MPG, (gas).
Pete JI did a test drive of a Icon over the weekend. The mercedes diesel handled very well. Really liked it and really thinking about it.
Pam KeeneI really like the look of these new Fleetwoods. I'll keep looking at RoTi for reviews and I'll put in my thoughts after I've looked at one.

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