2010 Winnebago Via class A motorhome

"Revolutionary, unparalleled fuel economy and SmartSpace design elements - the first Class A motor home built on the versatile Dodge Sprinter chassis - the future of motor homes is here"

Important dimensions:
2 floorplans are available - we show these below.
Dodge/Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Chassis
154-hp Mercedes-Benz 3.0L CDI 6-cylinder turbo-diesel engine
The Via features "an industry-leading fuel efficiency thats estimated at 15+ miles per gallon"
Exterior length 25'5"
Exterior height 10'11", Exterior width 7'6"
Interior height 6'5"
GVWR 11,030 lbs , GCWR 15,250 lbs
Tanks - fresh / black / grey - 36 / 36-40 / 30-36 gals
Starting MSRP $135,132
(9/09) but see dealer for pricing
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Winnebago Via class A motorhome exterior

Winnebago says: "The revolutionary new Via offers full Class A comfort, unparalleled fuel economy and SmartSpace design elements you wont find in any other motor home. Its the first Class A motor home built on the versatile Dodge Sprinter chassis, featuring a Mercedes-Benz turbo-diesel engine and automotive drivability. It even comes in two 25-foot models, including a full-wall slide on the 25R. The future of motor homes is here: the Winnebago Via."

Winnebago says that the Via is the culmination of an extensive two-year development process and sees it as a groundbreaking motorhome. "With innovative new features and construction, contemporary design, and record-breaking fuel economy, the new Via is a motorhome for the future."

We show pictures of the interior below.

Winnebago Via class A motorhome interior - main living area

The Via is only 25-foot long but it is roomy inside and certainly has the "unique form and function" that Winnebago claims. The drivers side, front slideout room includes a sofa and a dining table with a removable pedestal base that may easily be moved to serve the driver and passenger seats as well (see the floorplans below.) Mounted on the wall to the rear of the slideout, there's a 26-inch LCD TV that is mounted so that it can slide horizontally to be viewed when the slide is in.

Winnebago Via class A motorhome - kitchen, galley area

The galley, shown above, features light-weight, curved cabinets in a choice of Sunset Cherry or Mocha Cherry and a unique decorative backsplash. There is a two-burner range-top and stainless steel sink with glass covers to expand the available counter-space and a microwave/convection oven. With a removable freezer unit, the unique Dometic refrigerator is 6.2 cubic feet with the freezer and 7.0 cubic feet without.

Winnebago Via class A motorhome - studio loft drop-down bed

Winnebago says: "Sleeping accommodations in the Via are also one of a kind. The 25T features raised twin beds in the rear of the motorhome. With the exclusive Flex Bed Kit option, the twin beds join to form a comfortable, large 59 x 87-inch bed. A 19-inch LCD TV is also featured in the bedroom area of the coach.

Another drop-down bed, Studio Loft (shown above) is integrated into the ceiling of the cab area. In the sleep position, the bed is a low, 43.5 inches off the floor, providing easy access into the bed. An integrated privacy shade surrounds the front and sides of the bunk for privacy. The bottom of the bed is constructed of molded automotive-grade headliner for a quieter cockpit and an automotive appearance."

Finally, we show the cockpit. "In the cab area, the Via provides a high level of quality and functionality, starting with the true automotive dashboard. Maneuvering in heavy traffic is a snap with side and rear cameras that are included as standard equipment which may be viewed on the in-dash LCD screen incorporated into the radio. A convenient powered sun visor eliminates the need to stand up to adjust the sunshades."

Winnebago Via class A motorhome cab area

Other highlights include the new Intellisense monitor panel that incorporates a LCD panel readout with touch screen technology, and the new Threshold RV Door.
We think the Via really is a beautiful and well thought-out coach with "unique form and function."

Congratulations Winnebago.


We show the 2 floorplans below - click for a bigger picture :

Winnebago Via class A motorhome floorplans - small picture, click for a larger picture