Roadtrek 190 Versatile class B motorhome

"Intended to be truly versatile - a balance of interior space and exterior size"

Important dimensions:
Based on the great handling Chevrolet Express 3500 extended van
GVWR 9600 lbs, UVW 7700 lbs, GCWR 16000 lbs
Length 20'5 Height 8'9 Exterior Width 6'7
MSRP starting at (awaiting latest info)

Roadtrek 190 Versatile class B motorhome exterior

The 190 Popular (see review) and the 190-Versatile are the original Roadtreks. Roadtrek describes them as "A Balance of Interior Space & Exterior Size!" The Popular is really ideal for 2 people. The Versatile has a different somewhat different arrangement and is intended to be truly versatile . Roadtrek says: "The 190-Versatile is the perfect companion for daily errands, vacations or weekend adventures! Whether it's the whole family or just the two of you, enjoy the world in comfort and style."

We show the floorplans for both models below ( click for a bigger picture .) The Versatile arrangement has two captain's seats and two forward facing lounge seats make up seating for four. At night, it can make three beds that provide sleeping for up to four (requires optional folding mattresses at front). As Roadtrek says: "The power sofa at the back does triple duty. It makes a great place to watch a movie with the home theatre system and optional flat screen TV, provides belted seating for another three and makes into a 74 double bed. The privacy doors let you watch some TV or curl up with a book without disturbing the sleepers up front."

The pictures below show the beautiful interior of the 190-Versatile looking to the rear and then looking forward:

Roadtrek 190 Versatile class B motorhome interior looking to rear

Roadtrek 190 Versatile class B motorhome interior looking forward

"The ability to dine at the front lets you leave the rear beds made up for sleeping full time. People can wake up and retire at different times, plus you dont have to set up a dinette or sofa to eat every morning, or make up a bed every night." Another nice feature is the 30" aisle width, as you can see in the picture below:

Roadtrek 190 interior

The large double bed (6'2" x 52") provides firm, comfortable support. The TV can swing around to watch from either the front or rear of the motorhome.

Roadtrek 190 Versatile class B motorhome interior - bed arrangement