2010 Quicksilver 10.0 tent camper
by Livin' Lite

"Designed in response to the demand for an even lighter, more easily towed tent camper that can be towed by the smallest of cars and even some larger motorcycles!"

Important dimensions:
Exterior length closed 14'0", Exterior length open 20'2"
Box size 7' wide x 10' long,
Height open 8'2", Height closed 4'0", Interior headroom 6'4"
We show the floorplans below
GVWR 1500 lbs, Dry weight 1020 lbs LCC 480 lbs
Hitch weight 175 lbs
MSRP starting at $6,758 plus options but see dealer for pricing

Livin' Lite says: "The QUICKSILVER 10.0 was designed in response to the demand for an even lighter, more easily towed tent camper that can be towed by the smallest of cars and even some larger motorcycles! Unlike some campers in this market and weight segment that can only sleep two people this incredibly light camper comfortably sleeps six, while also offering an L-shaped dinette for meals and games along with a storage compartment/TV stand.."

Quicksilver 10.0 tent camper - towing

Just 10' long and easy to tow! "The QUICKSILVER was designed with todays young families in mind - especially those with children and who drive cars and mini-vans. Unlike traditional recreational vehicles, the QUICKSILVER is light enough to be towed without having to purchase an expensive truck or large SUV! The affordable price of the QUICKSILVER allows families to get away to enjoy the great outdoors and the RV lifestyle without stretching their budget."

Quicksilver 10.0 tent camper closed
Just some of the construction features: Tubular Aluminum Frame - Lightweight; Durable; will not rust away like typical steel frames; Dexter Independent Torsion Suspension - Provides the smoothest ride, best tracking and less rebound in all terrains - compared to outdated spring leaf suspensions; Inter-Locking Aluma-Plank Floor Deck - Lightweight, Durable, will not rot away, sag or have soft spots like typical plywood floor decking; Tubular Aluminum Sidewall Framing - Lightweight; Durable; will not rot away like wood; Aluminum Sidewall Exterior Skin - Lightweight; Strong, durable; offers the option of colors - vs. only white

Opened up - and it's very easy to do - it's more than 20' long and can sleep up to six. There's a 60"x84" bed at each end and the dinette easily turns into a bed as you can see in the pictures further down.

Quicksilver 10.0 tent camper open

Livin' Lite says: "Because the founders and owners of Livin Lite Recreational Vehicles were campers themselves, they knew all about the need for a back to the basics, no-frills tent camper that would provide a great place to sleep while getting their family off the ground; a spot for eating or playing games; and a kitchen area for preparing meals. The QUICKSILVER also features loads of storage space, as well as being unbelievably easy to both tow and set up. Each QUICKSILVER comes with electical hook-ups and easy zip-down window shades and screens. Available options include a portable heater, a portable gas range, clip on lights and fans; privacy curtains, upgraded tires and rims and more! Everything you need to maximize your camping experience.

We show 2 pictures of the interior of the Quicksilver 10.0 below. To the lower left of the first picture you see the storage bench that offers extra seating for guests.

Quicksilver 10.0 tent camper interior showing dinette and storage bench
Just some of the interior features: Foam Mats with Mattresses on the Bed Bases, 12V & 110V Electrical Outlets, 2 convenient plug-in 12V fan/lights that attach to ceiling bars, Hand-Pump Sink Faucet - comes with a 5-gallon water tank and city hook up, Lots of storage

The interior pictures show the marine-grade vinyl seating. The dinette very easily turns into a bed as you can see below, but also, as Livin' Lite says: "One of the great features of the QUICKSILVER is our removable dinette bases. These lightweight rotocast plastic bases and ultra lightweight table are easily removed from the camper, providing extra seating and flexibility at your campsite. Because it is all weatherproof, you dont have to worry about putting it back inside if it starts to rain. In fact, you can wait out the rain in the comfort of your own chairs in the camper. This flexibility is unique to the QUICKSILVER campers and provides incredible spaciousness in the interior of your camper."

Just a couple of final points from Livin' Lite:

  • "The designers of the QUICKSILVER believe that the RV lifestyle should be available to eveyone - regardless of age or income. A full half of society drives either a car or mini-van and the QUICKSILVER is the only camper of its kind - able to sleep between six people comfortably - while still being able to be pulled by the family vehicle!"
  • "Camping for us is about having a great time in the outdoors. Its about sitting around the campfire and making smores. And most importantly, its about quality time spent with our family. We designed the QUICKSILVER to provide everything a family needed to experience the camping lifestyle for themselves and we constructed it to last a generation - not out of plywood that rots but out of all aluminum and composites.
  • Options include a rear deck, monogrammed rugs and privacy curtains

We think this really is a very well thought-out camper that really does provide "loads of fun in a compact design"



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