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2009 Keystone Montana fifth wheel
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"The comfort and luxury consistent with being the #1 selling fifth wheel in North America - none of the details have been overlooked or forgotten"

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 Important dimensions:
10 floorplans are available for the 2010 model - we show these below.
Exterior length 33'3" - 37'4"
Exterior height, with A/C 12'9",  Exterior width 8'
"The slide room ceiling height is 6’6”... An industry first"
Shipping weight 10,195 - 12,460 lbs
CCC 2,855 - 3875 lbs,  Hitch weight 1,715 - 2,260 lbs

Tanks - fresh / black / grey - 66 / 50 / 93 gals
Starting MSRP (awaiting manufacturer's information
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Keystone Montana fifth wheel exterior view

Keystone Montana fifth wheel - exterior showing towing
Keystone says: "Montana’s luxurious new decors and easy living features provide the comfort and luxury consistent with Montana’s reputation being the #1 selling fifth wheel in North America. None of the details have been overlooked or forgotten. Plush residential furniture, state of the art remotely controlled electronics, and solid hickory cabinetry only highlight the all new 2010 Montana."

The picture below shows the interior of the beautiful 3400RL model.

Keystone Montana fifth wheel interior - model 3400RL shown

Keystone says: "Montana’s luxurious living area has a 72” residential sofa which is upholstered in beautiful heavy grade fabric. The sofa also converts to a true 60” x 80”queen size air bed with the touch of a switch. There is 5 cubic feet of storage space in the base of the sofa. Standard on every Montana are two 32” wide, high back glider recliners complete with lumbar cushions. An optional 5100 BTU electric fireplace is available on most models. Most Montana models give you the option of having a computer workstation.

The spaciousness of the Montana is unparalleled. The slide room ceiling height is 6’6”... An industry first. Until you have experienced the shear openness of the Montana, you have no idea what your missing!"
The picture below shows the kitchen arrangement of the 3400RL model with the optional 12 cu. ft. refrigerator. Note the Corian counter top and cabinet space:

Keystone Montana fifth wheel - interior - 3400RL kitchen

  "Montana’s wide body bedroom suites are nothing short of extraordinary. When you enter the room, you will instantly recognize the spaciousness accomplished by our deeper slide. The 6’5” tall ceiling height allows for larger cabinets, wardrobes and windows. Montana’s bedrooms have large 30” deep cedar lined closets. The armoire is extremely versatile. It has removable shelves or can be converted for a washer/dryer (prep is already in place). There is even a hidden security storage area for your valuables."
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Keystone Montana fifth wheel - interior - bedroom and bathroom features and arrangements 



We show the 10 floorplans below -click for a bigger picture.  We really like the wide range of floorplans available with the Montana.  6 of the models have the rear seating area that many people have told Roaming Times they really like.  3 of the models have an entertainment center and desk in a slide room.  All of the models show Keystone's wide experience in layout and careful choice of fabrics, furnishings and fittings.  A truly beautiful 5th wheel with 10 really nice models for 2010:

Keystone Montana fifth wheel floorplans - small picture, click for larger picture


"The comfort and luxury consistent with being the #1 selling fifth wheel in North America - none of the details have been overlooked or forgotten"
(Today's video is from
Tiara RV Sales, IN)

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RandyThe tires on our Montana 3402RL were feathering badly, so I took it to a professional RV/truck axle shop in Mesa, AZ. He said the axles were out of alignment, (less than 4,000 miles on the RV) They realigned them, at a cost of $400. I rotated the tires and just recently went on a 1,300 mile trip. When we got home, I looked at the tires to see how they were doing. The tires are still feathering badly, to the point where I will have to purchase 4 new tires before we head to Michigan next week. The current tires are Goodyear, ST 23585R16 load range F. I am looking at Karrier tires, which are highly rated RV tires.
RandyThe tires on our Montana 3402RL were feathering badly, so I took it to a professional RV/truck axle shop in Mesa, AZ. He said the axles were out of alignment, (less than 4,000 miles on the RV) They realigned them, at a cost of $400. I rotated the tires and just recently went on a 1,300 mile trip. When we got home, I looked at the tires to see how they were doing. The tires are still feathering badly, to the point where I will have to purchase 4 new tires before we head to Michigan next week. The current tires are Goodyear, ST 23585R16 load range F. I am looking at Karrier tires, which are highly rated RV tires.
RandyThe tires on our Montana 3402RL were feathering badly, so I took it to a professional RV/truck axle shop in Mesa, AZ. He said the axles were out of alignment, (less than 4,000 miles on the RV) They realigned them, at a cost of $400. I rotated the tires and just recently went on a 1,300 mile trip. When we got home, I looked at the tires to see how they were doing. The tires are still feathering badly, to the point where I will have to purchase 4 new tires before we head to Michigan next week. The current tires are Goodyear, ST 23585R16 load range F. I am looking at Karrier tires, which are highly rated RV tires.
RandyThe tires on our Montana 3402RL were feathering badly, so I took it to a professional RV/truck axle shop in Mesa, AZ. He said the axles were out of alignment, (less than 4,000 miles on the RV) They realigned them, at a cost of $400. I rotated the tires and just recently went on a 1,300 mile trip. When we got home, I looked at the tires to see how they were doing. The tires are still feathering badly, to the point where I will have to purchase 4 new tires before we head to Michigan next week. The current tires are Goodyear, ST 23585R16 load range F. I am looking at Karrier tires, which are highly rated RV tires.
muttKamloops..... i have a cougar that had the same problem , not enough clearance... i took it to a welding shop and added 4 inch tubeing to the frame and attached the spring shackles to it... worked great for clearance , BUT it adds a 4 inch drop when u walk down the steps..we pull it with a f350 4x4
RandyOur 2012 Montana 3402 RL living room slide leaks water all over the dining room table and couch when it rains. The seals look like they are installed correctly. I even washed it down with a water hose, trying to find the leak and no water came inside the coach. Next time it rained with the slide out, the dining room was soaked and the lamps had water leaking onto the dining room table! What's up with that? I've been all over that slide looking for something that's causing the water to come inside of the slide and I can't find a thing! By the way, I have Diamond 5 year extended warranty on the coach and they won't cover the seals leaking or the damage to the trailer. They say it's Montana's problem, but Montana says the coach is out of warranty, so have a nice day. I am so frustrated with this problem. I previously owned a Holiday Rambler 30 foot tow behind and never had any problems with it in 12 years. I wish they come back into business. I'd dump the Montana in a second!
KamloopsThinking of buying a 2014 Ram 3500 to pull our 3100 RL Montana. Clearance between truck box and fifth wheel is only a few inches. Will a sliding hit h and raising the king pin assembly solve this? Will fifth wheel still ride level? Has anyone raised the coach up on the axels? Can't flip the axels as springs are already above.
Woody141I have a 2010 Montana Fifth Wheel, and need to find some of the interior trim molding for the side of the entrance door. Anyone know where I can get some of the original molding?
Steve JOnesBought my 2012 Montana 3400RL new in 2012. On our first trip, had another driver flagged us down to tell us one of our tires was buging. Since then after 1700 miles I have had three additional flats or blowouts. All tires are 2010 date. I always checked tire presures before and during trip. These are Goodyear Marathon ST235-80R16 Load E. I am going to a Goodyear dealer this week as it looks like Keystone will be of no help.
DanaHave owned two Montana's currently own a 2008 3450rl great floor plan I also have experienced graphic problems Burlington Graphic co gave me half and Keystone the other but is costly to have them installed I am going to attempt this on my own You have to be somewhat of a mechanic to own one of these or have a good extended warrenty
Jim Wilson &Nancy wilsonWe bought this new in 2006,3075 rlf , have nothing but problems with it..finallgot a attorney had a little satisfaction would never recommend a keystone product,
Dodge-ManI have a 2008 Montana 3400RL, after my 1st call to Keystone and speaking w/ them about my galley sinks piping leaking and bubbling up the "particle board" cabinet flooring, I came to the realization that I would be better off doing all my own repairs then dealing w/ Keystones "BS" ESPECIALLY when the Keystone Rep on the phone told me "Well it is a trailer-house" WTF ! ! I think everyone else on this site knows full well how much they payed for their unit, I do believe i could have found a way better "trailer-house" for 1/2 the price. I have experience just about every problem that ya'll have written about and tires are an issue, and the decals are inferior. My tow vehicle is a 2008 Dodge Ram 2500 w/ a 6.9L cummins 2wh drive long-bed quad-cab, w/ upgraded tires and rims, a cat-back exhaust, and a Bully-Dog Tuner for monitoring, the only thing I would want to add is Load-Leveling airbags since the tongue weight is quite a bit on the 3400Rl once you've moved all your things in it for a long stay. I will close w/ this, ANYONE that has asked about my Montana, I have told "Look for something other than a Keystone ! !" and those that ask about my Dodge (born and raised on chevys) I have told "You'll have to pry my cold dead hands from the wheel" I bow to the makers of my Dodge truck, and I spit on Keystone ! ! ! BUT KEYSTONE DOES NOT LISTEN TO CUSTOMER FEED BACK AND DOES NOT CARE ! ! !
MTWe have a 2008 3400RL. We love it. But the graphics have all peeled off. Keystone sent us new graphics but will not pay to replace them. They still are sitting in storage. Has anyone had to use there spare tire? We recently had ours put on our rig at an rv dealership. We continued our trip. The person that put it on said nothing to us about any problem with the spare. But we had a serious problem with it. The lug nuts did not tighten down on the rim causing the lugs to shear off. This was a terrible mess the tire was gone it ripped the fender off. We were in a small town with no hope until we were rescued by a good Samaritan. Apparently the rim for the spare tire is to thin to fit the lugs. But Keystone said this has never happened before. They will not pay for any of the damage, but our insurance is covering everything but the spare tire rim. Be careful. Also we replaced all our tires with G rated tires a long time ago. The tires that came on this rig starting going on our first long trip but we were able to catch it before they blew. We found them at Discount Tires.
judi twhere is the thermostat located
Lester We bought a 2010 Montana 5th wheel 3400 RL. On the way to Arizona we noticed a buldge on one of the tires. Closer inspection we found out the tires were 5 years old on a new rig. I talked to a rver in thousand palms with the same trailer he had two blow outs. Check tires before you buy. We had to buy four new tires while on our vacation which took a chuck out of our vacation money.
BillJim, in regards to your tire issue, we had 6 yr old Goodyear Marathon tires on our 5th wheel, and had one blow out on a weekend trip. Upon closer inspection, we found that the other 4 tires (including the spare which has never been on the ground) had rubber splitting, and/or broken belts. We visited the local Goodyear store in the town near where we were camping, and got 5 new tires before we returned home. Goodyear was excellent to work with us. The provided a new Goodyear Marathon tire free for the blown tire, and 50% off for the remaining tires, as well as paid in full for the damage to the side of our 5th wheel from the blown tire. We were very satisfied with the service we received. Our tire rating is sufficient for the weight of our 5th wheel however. We are not exceeding or maxing out the weight rating of the tires. We will, however, more closely inspect our tires, and replace them sooner in the future. Were our 5th wheel heavier, we would be looking at a heavier rated tire though.
malcolm The nose decals on my 2005 2955 were so bad, I spent two hours just removing them using a 3m eraser wheel (not heat)attached to my drill. My unit inside still looks and smells new and I installed a electric fireplace below the secretary. Looks fantastic. It is only a matter of time before the side wall graphics will have to go as some have split and shrunk in the sun. Not a good image for Keystone.
LarryHotrod, I couldn't find my galley dump valve either, until I looked between the wheels of my camper. Your galley is located roughly in the same place as a 3400rl. Hope this helps.
loveallexceptoutsidegraphicWe have a 2005 Montana 5th wheel which we purchased new. The graphics have failed to stand up and have peeled terribly for the last three years. I talked to the dealer about replacing them two years ago. They did not say they could be replaced under warranty. Could they be replaced by warranty or at a discounted price? It really makes the camper look bad on the outside. Our inside still looks wonderful.
nothappy2011 3150rl Water heater Shorter pin box Longer one reduces turning radius in gm prod. Air conditioner vibrates Insulation very poor Done…..Sliding bath door adjust Door cyl threads pulled out in wind gust Mattress looks like a hammock after 10 days of use they replaced it with a cheeper matt Air through compartment from “enclosed under belly tanks” Enclosed underbelly is a joke Fixed Door switch Carpet staples sticking up everywhere Sofa drawer Woofer unbelievable If you haven’t seen this one, Chair Heat vent trash Chairs knocking off curtain holders Lite placement sofa Sliding bath door Not fixed Compartment and interior open to outside air thru vent under bath steps due to improper or no under belly sealing Heat vent under stair Cd drawer crooked No level bubbles that even the cheapest trailers have
Snug HarborI have a 2005 Montana 3685FL, I have decal problems also. Recently I have had problems with the thermostat not working any clues what to look for other then rodents or fuses?
JimMy wife and I purchase our second Montana 3400rl last year. The two items which we have been severely disapointed with are #1 Graphic quality, peeling, cracking which were made by Burlington Graphics and #2 tire quality. We have taken our two 3400RL's to Florida on 2 trips total and in that time have gone through 6 tires; went through 4 just on last month's trip home. The tires all had either bulges or had ply tread separation from the tire casing. I had checked and double checked the the proper psi inflation and finally resorted to going through a commercial truck stop scale to have all axels weighed. It was then that I discovered that the factory tires from Montana were maxed out on my rig. Now these tires (goodyear marathon) might be fine for weekend camping trips but they certainly have been dangerous for someone who thinks they are going to travel a couple thousand miles. These tires are load range "E" and I want to purchase a load range "G" but am not having success in finding anything. Got some suggestions? By the way, Neither Keystone nor Goodyear will warrant their tires since they are on a trailer; nice. Therefore, I have a new Montana which needs all new tires! I
GuyWe've got a 2011 3150 and absolutely love it...great floor plan, great craftsmanship, pulls great with Dodge 2500 turbo-diesel!
Jake the plumberI have a 2005 Montana 3650 which has had a problem with the graphics since I bought it. I contacted Keystone and they deny responsibility. Burlington Graphics no longer sells replacements.
Lindabee.oh how awesome.Anyone want to buy me one for Christmas:) I live in my Motor Home and this would be like heaven.My cat and dog would love it to.
GaryGraphics are poor quality on my Montana 3500 rl.The edges are turning up.Just got a quote of $2000. Seems like a common problem. Keystone should stand behind what they sell.
KarenTwo months and still waiting for our brand new 2011 Montana to be fixed. By the time we get it back it will be time to winterize it then by next year the warrenty will be up, do you think Keystone will extend the year warrenty? I don't think so!! We are in a campground of close to 800 campers we have had the same spot for 30 years everyone comes by asking about our camper. We do not have anything good to say about Keystone and how they are handling this, they do not have a good name around here. We should have gotten a loaner and be reimbursed for the price of the lot for 2 months and counting.
KarenWe have the 2011 3400RL Montanna. We picked it up in the spring and have only been able to use it 2 months out of the summer. It has been at the company getting repaires ever since. The TV in the living room has a scratch on the screen about 2 in. long, the power button on the TV in the bedroom blinks on and off, The shower drain was tipped so we had water about an inch deep in one side that wouldn't drain, when we closed the pocket door between the bedroom and living room pipes from the shower fell back in the wall so we couldn't open the door all the way there was a leak underneath, we noticed it when the underbelly was sagging from the weight of the water. Keystone will not allow service people to travel to fix anything. They will not pay for your mileage or lot rent that you can't use. We live in our camper in the summer we are paying for a permanent site that we are not using. We know the business we bought our Montanna from is doing all they can. They have to get permission from Keystone in writing to do anything under warrenty then order parts, parts take a week. We are very dissapointed by Keystome. We have had 3 other brands before and never had a problem. They will not give us another camper. We are thinking of trading this one off. I would think twice before buying a Keystone product.
Bill SI was told by Campimg World that my 2010 F350 Superduty V10 is not big enough for the Montana 3400RL. What's up? I bought this truch just for that purpost
DrewAnyone know the cause when hydraulic slides creep open a bit after they are closed? I have a 2010 3075 Montana with this problem and the dealer doesn't seem to understand it either.
hotrodwhere is the galley tanke on a 2002 35 foot fifth wheel montana camper. is there another valve for this tank.
johnI pull a 3400rl with an 2008 f 250 6 ft.bed with no problems - 5/20/2011
Rick & CindyWe have a 2008 3465SA Montana 5th Wheel and are looking to sell it and get a different floorplan that will work when we have our granddaughter with us. If anyone out there is interested in this unit contact us. This unit is like showroom condition~no pets, no smoking. Will send pictures. Contact JNC384 at - 5/20/2011
Karen Having trouble getting the speakers to work. They make noise when doing the tone test but no music or sound comes out of them. anyone have any ideas?
tomrJuliec, I have a 2002 2880RL and it has been the best 5er ever. I never had a leak or a problem with this unit. Keystone, in my opinion make a great product. This 5er is my second trailer with no problerms at all. Knock on wood!!
LwDwWe have a 2009 Keystone FreeDom Elite MK39 which is a Jazzed up Montana. We are having a problem with our countertop. They are not Corian or Laminate but some type of Plastic composite. They scratch with the lightest pressure. We are extremely careful when placing thing on the counters but they still scratch. i am wondering if other are having a problem like this?
Albert & LyndaWe have a 3400 RL. We like it for the most part but have had terrible luck with the dump valves. They don't close all the way. We are getting ready to go back to the dealer for the 4th time antone else have this problem?
czWe're considering a 3150 model montana fifth wheel, any one own one, any comments?
WayneWe have a 3455SA Montana 5th (weighs approx 13500 lbs the way we have it loaded) which we tow with a 2500 hd GMC Sierra Diesel. I hardly know it is there. This truck handles the trailer perfectly, even through the mountains.
Samjust curious have any of you tried waxing your 5th wheel at least once a year? maybe that's why your decals are peeling.and by the way little tip here wax it by hand. ive heard it works great
Matt and JaneWe haven't had any issues with our Montana FW. Our dealer told us to avoid power washing the exterior, which can cause the graphics to start peeling. We also store our unit at an indoor storage facility when its not being used to avoid UV damage from the sun.
FulltimerWe love our Montana 3750 FL. This is the most innovative floor plan we've ever seen. The living room is upstairs and the bedroom is in the rear. Best RV we've ever owned since we started camping in 1986!
Julie BHas anyone had problems with water leaks thus causing dry rot and lots of damage. I have read that all trailers leak at one point. I was told that Keystone makes an excellent quality trailer. Any information and/or experiences will be appreciated.
Montana SteelerJust towed our 3400RL from central Florida to New Hampshire with a Big 8cyl Chev Silverado 2500HD and it was an effortless move. For my $$$ gas is a better choice over diesel.
Ron NThe new Keystones just keep getting better. I have a 2008 Montana and love it.
Bill C.I have a 2010 Montana 3665RE that I am getting my satellite system going up and functional. PROBLEM: If I wire the Satellite dish in directly to the receiver inside coach it works great,however if I use the Cable/Satellite connection inside access door by water control valves I can't get the satellite receiver to go through the set up. What am I missing. Is the coach possibly wired wrong?
Gord bThe montana is a great 5er. They just keep making it better. I had an 07 with no problems at all. This High Country looks even better.
JoyceWe were able to secure out decals thru Burlington Graphics. It depends on the model year as to them replacing them at no cost. Before 2005 I understand is out of warranty. Call Montana for info.
Keith LWe love our 2006 Montana and have had virtually nothing in maintenance costs. Nothing major gone wrong and most other things I've dealt with. Great 5er.

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