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Forest River Georgetown class A motorhome
See reader's comments and experiences at bottom of page

"Class A gas - Long-lasting durability and performance, plus innovation and imagination, make Georgetown a truly impressive value"

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Important dimensions:
Exterior length 35'4" / 38'4"
  Exterior width 8'5",  Exterior height (with A/C 12'3"
10 floorplans are available - we show these below
GVWR 20,500 / 22,000 lbs,  GCWR 26,000 lbs
Fresh/grey/black tanks - 65/41/41 gals
Ford OR Workhorse Chassis (22,000lb. Models Only)
MSRP starting at -see dealer for pricing

Forest River Georgetown class A motorhome exterior 

Forest River says:  "Long-lasting durability and performance, plus innovation and imagination,make Georgetown a truly impressive value. Thoroughly examine our exceptional building methods and sound construction, and you will discover extraordinary quality for a higher level of satisfaction and greater return on your investment."

The pictures below show the beautiful interior of the 378TS model (see floorplans below) with glazed cherry cabinets and birch interior:

Forest River Georgetown class A motorhome interior 378TS model 

The kitchen of the 378TS model - once again with glazed cherry cabinets:

Forest River Georgetown class A motorhome kitchen 378TS model 

The picture below shows 2 nice features: the dining area and the really nice 4 door refrigerator and pantry arrangement for the Georgetown:

Forest River Georgetown class A motorhome dining area and 4 door refrigerator 

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We show the floorplans below - click for a bigger picture:

The Georgetown has a remarkable series of floorplans - no less than 10, with many options.  There is a model with a full wall slide, king beds or queen beds - even a model with a walk-in closet as standard (as an option there's a private office.  Really well thought out, congratulations Forest River.  What do you think?

Forest River Georgetown class A motorhome floorplans - small picture - click for a larger picture


"Class A gas - Long-lasting durability and performance, plus innovation and imagination, make Georgetown a truly impressive value"
What do you think? Add your comments below...
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What do you think? - add your comments here  

Sf44Wow, a, I glad I found this forum. I am in the process of buying an RV within the next couple weeks and WAS leaning towards a Forest River seeing they appear a good but for the money, but reading these horror stories it is clear that you get what you pay for. Thank you for posting as I am definitely moving on to a different brand even if I have to invest a little more. You can not put a price on reliability and a good manufacturer's customer service with an RV. What is a comparable brand that you would recommend?
Sf44Wow, a, I glad I found this forum. I am in the process of buying an RV within the next couple weeks and WAS leaning towards a Forest River seeing they appear a good but for the money, but reading these horror stories it is clear that you get what you pay for. Thank you for posting as I am definitely moving on to a different brand even if I have to invest a little more. You can not put a price on reliability and a good manufacturer's customer service with an RV. What is a comparable brand that you would recommend?
susanI would like know how to fill water heater. Its been dewinterized
Sylvestor53Wind really damaged awning ..would like to replace but cant find specs on size in paperwork..It was used when I bought warranty..How do I find out the size? It is a 2000 Georgetown
KENJWe have a 2011 georgetown 378TS there is a TV in main area and one in the bedroom, the one in livingroom plays off the DVD play in motorhome, is the on in the bedroom supposed to play off the DVD. play er that came with motorhome. We have just bought a DVD player and hooked it up to TV in bedroom. The only complaint we have had is the couch/foldout bed, the air mattress leaked right from day one but dealer in canada where we bought it brand new is about as helpful as brick.
BobFollow-up to last comment my rig spent three more months in the shop and I picked it up on January 1,2014 and drove to Florida and when I tried to use/adjust the levelers. They as well as the slides stopped operating while out and down, leaving us stranded. We also continue to have numerous plumbing problems and the floors are loose and squeak. I am trading this piece of junk off and will never buy another Forest River RV. Getting service and even a response from them is impossible!!
BobPurchased a 2013 Georgetown XL 378 in September of 2012. On our first trip in November of 2012 the right side slide started coming out as we were driving. I had to stop every 50 miles or less and bring it in. I took it to Little Valley RV in Phoenix and they had it four months and said they could't find anything wrong with it. They did manage to damage the entire left side of the coach and it had to be repainted. They got over-spray on the front of the coach during the repaint I would warn anyone not too take your rig there. The slide continued to malfuction so I I took it to Camping world in Longmont CO. They have had it for 3 months and are still waiting on parts. I can't get any assistance from Forest River. I also fould the leather on the passenger seat to be defective, a leak behind the shower and the passenger window is defective and they can't get the correct window from Forest River. I have owned the rig for a year and it has been in the shop for seven months. I will never buy another RV from them and recommend others not too.
Georgetown OwnerBought a class A Georgetown from Forest far can t get the warranty respected...had three different professionnal/Specialist give thee opinion.....still can t get the repair done after three month of arguing...extremely disapointed..
Jim GoffWe downsized from a Winnebago Chiefton to a 2013 Georgetown 337. WE just returned from a 5000 mile trip to Arizona for a month and we love everything about it. We have 8000 miles on it and have not had a single problem, other than loose screws, etc. The interior designers did a nice job of maximising the space with a super clide, wide hallway, and a king size deep pocket bed. It feels much larger inside than a 34, but the short wheelbase and 22.5 wheels make it very maneuverable even in parking lots. We love it.
Mark KearseThis is a follow up on previous comment. Talked to April at Forest River and discussed problems. She has sent me to J and L Repair in Fontana, CA. This is where they send those that need to be in the factory but are on the West coast. Drove almost a thousand mile to get there and during trip developed a leak in the windshield, handle of refer broke off in my wifes hand when she opened it and upon arrival in LA area found all our hanging clothes on the floor as the hanging rod had pulled out of the ceiling. Delivered coach to J and L on Jan. 28th with list of problems. Waiting to hear next week of progress. Joe at J and L seems to be one that looks to fix the problem rather than bandaid so I am hopeful that all will be fix, covered by waranty, and I'll be able to go back to travel. Will keep you posted on results.
Mark KearseBought a 2012 Georgetown 360 in July of 2012. Planning an extended vacation. Picked up and on the way home, battery light came on. Turns out a pinch wire caused a short and cooked both coach and motor batteries. Ford took care of motor and Exide finally took care of 2 in the coach. Hit the road on Sept 1st and the fun began. Minor window leak in first week, lack of silicon which I fixed. November window leak back but worse and auto jacks not auto retracting. Found several screws loose and broken. Replace and more silicon, 120V water heater quits. Dec. into dealer, 250 miles, worked on leak and jacks. Back to campsite. One week later, leak back and jacks still don't auto retract. More up on a ladder with hose and more silicon in areas that didn't have caulk from the factory. January, back to dealer to replace one jack and damaged curtain from leaks. Jacks still not auto retract. Dealer is waiting again to hear from Lippert. I have lost confidence in this dealer and want to go to one in L.A. where I can leave the rig to be fixed and have a place to stay. They say that since I went to a dealer in Oregon that Forest River will not pay them for warranty issues and that I would have to go back to that dealer. I am calling Forest River today and will test out just how well they can handle this problem. Will follow up this with results, good or bad. As of right now I am only able to stay in unit with major slide retracted.
Dave TaylorWe bought a new 34' 2005 Georgetown LX. We were downsizing. After about 1 month we had a roof leak front right corner. Took to the dealer and they said they fixed it. (we live in Washington) It started again in a few months and I worked on it. After about a year it was back and I had the dealer work on it again. This didn't last so I had the dealer remove all of the caulking on the roof and reseal it. ($2400) It started again in 5 months so back to the dealer. It has started again. This P.O.S. only has 25000 miles on it and isn't worth anything when you try to replace it. I wouldn't recommend a Georgetown to anybody. Looks are only skin deep. Also they used a lot of drywall screws when building it.
WigginsBought a Forest River Georgetown and there have been SO many things wrong with it that we tell everyone who asks us about it to NEVER consider buying one. (And we travel a lot) After one year of warranty, and them "fixing" it the problems it all occured again and then some, actually A LOT more. DO NOT purchase one of these! Could give you a huge list of things that went wrong!
RobinWe purchased the 38ft class A and I am crippled my husband pulls our van or trailer with my wheelchair and off we go,first time I have had a life in years,love it. 2 baths and 2 slides,roomy.
Hating GeorgetownMy father has always wanted a Class A RV after having many travel trailers. My father purchased a 2011 Georgetown GTA350. The first month it was back at the dealership twice for things not finished. After a month of waiting on the dealer to finish the repairs it was returned with more problems. Every time they travel now, my sister and I have to be ready to come to them. Electrical problems, leveler problems, heat/air name it, they've had it. The dealership is good about attempting to fix the problems, but just last week while it was back for another problem, an employee rubbed a 5th wheel down the side of it. The factory has been no help whatsoever about fixing the issues. A convection oven issue took calls to the manufacturer from my father to get replacement parts that had to be installed by the dealership. Don't buy these motorhomes please! Cardinal is made by them also and they have problems galore from what the dealer has told us. Even the dealer regrets taking this company as a product.
Begone2Hi, I purchased a used 2008 374 Georgetown and wonder if anyone has the Battery Control Panel wiring schimatics. The panel outfit was sold by RV Custom Products who are no longer in business. The document under the retracting entrance step is pretty much gone. I have a brown wire hanging and with 2 new side batteries and new coach battery not holding a charge. Open circut somewhere?? Step will not stay retracted when parked. I took specs from Lippert it was some help. Also green wire to chasis is hooked up t battery pack?? Lippert shows it marked to chassis.?? Any help on any of these issues would be really fantastic. Thanks Stuck in laneway.
BLI'm considering purchasing one, and the value seems really good.
sonnyeOwn 2011 Georgetown 300ve 30'11" first thing had to add safeT+ steering stablizer. much nicer to drive now still thinking about air bags. This is a great coach inside and out.
Jack CassidyOrdered a 1999 Georgetown, traded to a new 2004 in o4. Had several problems. Forest River factory fixed everything. We loved both of our Georgetowns and are now looking at the 2011 37.8. The wife really likes the 4 door fridge.
Donna Osborn2008 Georgetown gas class A RV. Under 5,000 miles. Loaded, generator, remote awning & stairs. 35 foot with 2 slides, auto leveling. 3 built in flat screen TV's, full bath and outside shower, king size bed. Tan leather interior with redwood cabinets & dining table. Has 2 leather couches that make out into bed. Will sell with all dishes & linens if needed. Must have $111,000 Can be seen in Sevierville Tennessee. 865-774-6055 8/16/2010
Steve Riddle, OklahomaJust bought a 2011 Forest River Georgetown 37.8 TS and except for the defective louver air conditioner vents, which are being replaced, I love everything about my new motor home.
Khan BForest River make a great Rv. Never had a motorhome from them but this looks good.
Wendell BakerOur 2006 Forest River Georgetown is great--except the transmission went out at 24000 miles. Over $2500 in repairs. No hauling of any vehichle. Shouldn't a Ford pump last longer than this??
marianIs there anyone who has a 1998 Georgetown 325S brochure I can download
Virginia BatesHave 2004 Georgetown, love it except half-time oven went out and dont know what to do, can anyone help??
Mark SpenrathBought new Georgetown 350 in August, had several warranty issues, dealer is 3.5 hours from me so finally arranged to get repairs done. Dealer picked up the unit November 7th and just picked up the unit Friday Januarary 23 to find o0ver half of the items were still not fixed. Ineed a dealer that will take care of this unit in the Cleburne Texas area.
CHRISHave a 2004 37' Georgetown motorhome. Drives great.9mpg Had some roof leaks.Easy fix. Great amount of storage. no elec problems. Not a fan of the leveling system but works. Forest river phone support was great when I needed them. Overall I love it :)
Thr GizBought a 2009 model new. Love the layout. Only wish the factory would have checked it out before sending it to the dealer. Now I'm hoping that the dealer comes thru with his promises of finishing my two page list of "unfinished" items.
LeonardI have ordered the 2010 378TS and am sure looking forward to stepping up to this unit from our 2006 Forest Rivers Forester Class C which was a great little unit.
CVB texas boyWe're fulltimers traveling with a 1999 Forest River Georgetown 35’ M-346S motor home really good, it's served us well. Love to get one of these newer ones. What about that closet on the 379TS? wonderful feature.
KerryWe have a 2008 Georgetown and we've been very happy with it. I'd definitely buy another Forest River.
charles patonLove forest river hated the dealer we bought it from. forest river have given us a lot of support and i really think they're a good company we have the surveyor and it's a really good rv. chuck.
John ParkesI've always been a fan of Forest River. I've had 2 of their RVs and been totally satisfied both times.

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