Cikira Classic Cruiser travel trailer
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"The quality you've come to expect in a Classic Cruiser, with all the comforts of home" - lengths from 14'9" to 21'9"

Important dimensions:
8 floorplans are currently available (7/09) - we show these below.
Exterior length from 14'9" to 21'9", Width 7'
Exterior height 8'2" (add 14" for A/C), Interior height 6'4"
GVWR 3100 to 4900 lbs, CCC from 1140 to 1825 lbs
Hitch weight 215 to 325 lbs

Starting MSRP
around $16000 (2010 model)
See dealer for price based upon model and options
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Cikira Classic Cruiser travel trailer exterior
The picture above shows the 18FD

The 8 Cikira Classic Cruiser models offer a wide range of layouts as we show on the floorplans below. We give 4 interior pictures below showing the general quality of the furnishings and fittings and the clever layouts. The first 2 pictures show the dinette arrangement of the 16LB model and the bathroom arrangement of the 13FD model. This latter model - the 13FD is the shortest at only 14'9" long but still has a nice bathroom layout.

Cikira Classic Cruiser travel trailer interiors - 16LB dinette and 13FD bathroom

The following pictures show the interior of the 18FD on the left, with the gaucho arrangement and the bunks in the 16FD model:

Cikira Classic Cruiser travel trailer interiors - 18FD interior showing gaucho and 16FD bunk arrangement


There is a wide range of 8 floorplans to suit families. The 13FD (the shortest model at only 14'9" has a 60"x80" dinette/queen bed arrangement. The 16FD (16') has the dinette/queen bed but with 24'x76" bunks in addition.

The 16LB has the dinette/queen bed but with a length of 16' gives more spacious feel to the layout. The 18BH adds 30"x75" and increases the length to 18'9". The 18FB and the 18FD are also 18'9" but the 18FB adds a permanent bed while the 18FD adds a 72"x40" gaucho.

The 21FB (21'9") has a bed and OH cabinet bunk and the 21RB (also 21'9" - the longest length models) has a nice open arrangement with an open queen bed and center kitchen and dinette.

Really nice layouts - as you can see below: