2012 Tiffin Allegro RED

"It's the strong silent type."

Important dimensions:
4 floorplans are available -we show all of these below
(The information given here is believed to be correct but please check details with your RV dealer. We will update this as further information becomes available)
Cummins ISB 6.7-liter electronic Diesel, Turbocharged, Aftercooled
340 HP @ 2,600 RPM
Torque: 660 @ 1,600
Exterior length from 34'10" to 38'9"
Exterior width 8'5"
Exterior height 12'10"
Interior height 7'
GVWR 29,500 lbs , GCWR 33,000 lbs
Tanks - fresh / black / grey - 90 / 50 / 70 gals
Starting MSRP
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2012 Tiffin Allegro RED

Tiffin says: "The advantage of the Allegro RED is right there in the name: the Rear Engine Diesel (RED). The RED shares the same quality, value, and affordability as the Allegro, and then adds some important benefits: Quieter ride. Increased torque and horsepower. Better fuel efficiency. And with the engine located in the back, it allows for a more spacious cab. The 2012 model pays special attention to the kitchen. With the new redesigned elements, the cooking area now functions better than ever.
Roaming Times' readers say:
"Tiffins just keep getting better..." -- Casey K
"You can believe all of the good things that people say about Customer Service at Tiffin! They are true!" -- Dr. Wayne Scott
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  • One-piece, moisture resistant molded fiberglass roof cap provides insulation and strength and prevents water intrusion
  • A/C Condensation Drainage System that runs internally through the roof insulation and down the sidewalls, redirecting water underneath the motor home
  • 5" formed insulation
  • Quiet Air Cooling System with return air and foil-wrapped cooling exhaust ducts
  • Durable, tubular aluminum roof skeleton
  • Easy-to-clean soft touch vinyl ceiling panel

Side Wall*

  • Gel-coat fiberglass outside wall panel
  • High-performance thermal insulation
  • Durable, yet lightweight, tubular aluminum wall skeleton
  • Decorative inside wall panel
*All sidewalls are approximately 2" thick


  • Vinyl tile floor bonded to high-impact oriented strand board
  • High-level engineered oriented strand board
  • High-performance thermal insulation
  • Durable, tubular floor skeleton
  • Woven moisture barrier material


34 QFA

36 QSA

38 QBA

38 QRA

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