Leisure Travel Vans Unity class B motorhome
Triple E Recreational Vehicles

Sleek, beautiful, and surprisingly roomy.
Class A features in a smaller motorhome.

Leisure Travel Vans Unity class B motorhome exterior

A 24' Diesel that turns on a dime, can parallel park, can store 2" x 4"s in the lighted pass through in the baggage compartment, has a low profile, you can buy diesel gas at a residential gas station and it fits into a car wash Wow!

Roaming Times thinks it is: Sleek, beautiful and surprisingly roomy and well worth considering if you are accustomed to luxury but want more versatility and better gas mileage.

Leisure Travel Vans Unity class B motorhome interior - U-lounge
Leisure Travel Vans Unity U24IB floorplan
Leisure Travel Vans Unity U24CB floorplan
Leisure Travel Vans Unity U24MB floorplan

See more photos and floorplans at http://www.leisurevans.com/unity/ .

Base MSRP:
$116,987 - $124,995 Canada
$113,620 - $121,290 U.S.

MotorHome magazine comments in their February 16, 2012 review of the Unity - that Class A-style features into smaller, lighter motorhomes that not only get better fuel economy, but also can double as a second family vehicle and even be parked in the driveway. Are we witnessing the beginning of the "new normal" for motorhomes?

To see their February 16, 2012 Review of the Unity U24IB go to http://www.motorhomemagazine.com/rv-reviews/leisure-travel-vans-unity-u24ib/

Roaming Times' Leisure Travel Vans reader quotes:

"Just purchased a 2012 Leisure Travel Van Serenity from the Pomona RV Show in California. My wife was sold on the YouTube Videos of Dean Corrigal of LTV giving a tour of the van. Love the Mercedes Diesel and Layout. Quality Vehicle. We knew that only 90 LTV are made each year and when you do a web search, this model is rare to buy used. And the price does not depreciate much. We are new RV'ers. Looking forward to many adventures. So far took it out to State Beaches for overnight primitive camping. Expect getting attention from other RVers with this rig. It draws a crowd." (Roldan T)

"We have a 2010 Freedom II Serenity. After owning larger motor homes with problems, this one is easy to handle and maintain. A few latch problems, but we have over 13K miles so far, just came off a 7,000 miles trip from the west to east coast and back. We have 2 people and 2 medium sized dogs. The engine and drive train is fantastic." (Tom & Becky)

"We have a 2005 LTV Free Spirit 210B 3S that we have put 47,000 miles on and definitely would make the same purchase again. The Sprinter chassis is a delight to drive and LTVs warranty service for the few small issues we have had has been great. And we have averaged 20.16 MPG over that 47K miles, much in the mountains of the east and west and on a trip to Alaska in 2006. " (David)

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