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2012 Heartland Bighorn fifth wheel
See reader's comments and experiences at bottom of page

"Nothing short of spectacular - in both its luxurious interior appointments and outstanding design concepts. You'll appreciate the hand-crafted touch"

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Important dimensions:
 Exterior length from 35'0" to 40'4",  Exterior width 8'
Exterior height 12'11"
GVWR 14,000 - 16,000 lbs, Dry Weight 10,221 - 12,480 lbs
Hitch weight 1,788 - 2,440 lbs
Tanks - fresh / black / grey - 73 / 45 / 90 gals
13 floorplans are available  - we show all of these below
(The information given here is believed to be correct but please check details with your RV dealer. We will update this and further information becomes available)
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Heartland Bighorn fifth wheel exterior
 Picture above thanks to Crossroads RV, NJ (2012 Heartland Bighorn 3070RL)
Heartland says: "A New Level of Luxury. The stunning new BIGHORN by Heartland Recreational Vehicles is nothing short of spectacular - in both its luxurious interior appointments and outstanding design concepts. The BIGHORN fifth wheel is designed with Heartland's patent-pending front cap design, which features a 30 percent increased turning radius, perfect for short-bed trucks. You'll appreciate the hand-crafted touch found in each BIGHORN, like the stately slide-out fascia moldings that surround every slide room.."

A Roaming Times' reader says:
"My husband and I bought the Hearland Bighorn 3670 after research and we really love it!  It's our second 5er and we had done a lot of internet research before buying this one.  For the price point, it is really luxurious. We haven't had any problems with it."   Manon & John
See other comments further down this page

 Just some of the standard features of the Heartland Bighorn:
Click any of the features for a bigger picture and details  

Heartland Bighorn fifth wheel - features
Click any of the features for a bigger picture and details  

 Construction - Heartland says: "The combination of Heartland's Laminated Sidewalls, Floor & Roof bring you the Strongest and Lightest construction available while also providing unparalleled noise reduction, thermal insulation and durability. Protecting your investment is important to HEARTLAND. Laminated construction provides that protection and offers peace of mind that you will spend more time enjoying your family and travels than worrying about repairing your RV"

Just some of the construction and external features of the Heartland Bighorn
:  Laminated roof with Walkable Roof Decking (3/8"), One-Piece Seamless EPDM Rubber Roof, Radius Metal Roof Cap, R-14 Formaldehyde Free Block Foam, Moisture Ventilation Caps, Laminated Fiberglass Sidewalls, Double-Welded Aircraft Quality Aluminum, SUPERSTRUCTURE Cage Construction, Deluxe Exterior Awning, Offering Over 140 Cubic Feet of Storage!, Durable Diamond Flooring, Large Insulated Bus Style Slam Baggage Doors, Unobstructed Pass-Through Design
Heartland Bighorn fifth wheel interior - 3070RL looking to front

Above and below - Heartland Bighorn 3070RL interior - looking back to front (above) and front to back (below)::

Heartland Bighorn fifth wheel interior - 3070RL looking to rear
Below we show the kitchen of the 3670RL model (see the floorplans below.)
As in all of these interior pictures, RoamingTimes.com thinks you can see not only the clever interior design and use of space, but also the high quality of the Heartland arrangement:

Heartland Bighorn fifth wheel interior - kitchen

Hearland Bighorn interiors typically include (as standard or option): Day/Night Shades (night shades/BDRM), Hardwood Entry Handle, Custom Slide Out Fascias, Oil-Rubbed Bronze Lighting Package, Cherry Cabinets & Facia, Electric Fireplace, Convection Oven, Countertop Extension, Deluxe Pillow Package, High-Back Desk Chair, 19'' LCD TV in Bedroom, Ultra Leather Recliners, 2nd A/C (Low Profile 13.5 BTU Bdrm.), Central Vacuum System, Dometic Elite (2x2) 4 Door Refer w/ Ice Maker, Fantasic Fan in Bdrm. w/Rain Sensor, Booth Dinette, Queen Bed IPO King Bed

Below the really nice entertainment room of the Heartland Bighorn 3385 RL model:

Heartland Bighorn fifth wheel interior - 3385RL 

Below the spacious bedroom of the Heartland Bighorn 3610 model:

Heartland Bighorn fifth wheel interior - bedroom

And below, the bathroom arrangement of the Heartland Bighorn 3410 RE model:

Heartland Bighorn fifth wheel interior - bathroom


We show the floorplans below - click for a bigger picture:

Heartland Bighorn fifth wheel floorplans - small picture, click for bigger picture 


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"Nothing short of spectacular - in both its luxurious interior appointments and outstanding design concepts. You'll appreciate the hand-crafted touch."
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Josh Kruk

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RpaulI have a 2015 Bighorn 3755FL . The toilet tissue hangs in the 90 going to the tank. Took it in to Camping World for service . They agreed that there was a issue and called Hartland . They said use more water. Am I to put a sign over the toilet telling people to fill the toilet with water to flush. Has anybody had this problem.
RpaulI have a 2015 Bighorn 3755FL . The toilet tissue hangs in the 90 going to the tank. Took it in to Camping World for service . They agreed that there was a issue and called Hartland . They said use more water. Am I to put a sign over the toilet telling people to fill the toilet with water to flush. Has anybody had this problem.
Mike I want to know what frame material the bedroom slide rollers attach to on the 2006 3400rl big horn
D.PlaceI bought a 2012 Heartland Big Country new. I am so glad I purchased the extended warranty.My local rv repair shop basically gutted all the inferior flex line fittings and tubing and dock fittings due to leak after leak.5 thousand dollars worth over 3 repair trips.Then the lippert frame started flexing in the front nose creating gaps in the side trim while resting on the hitch.I sent pictures to heartland and they told me it must come back to the factory for repair.Because this happened in the 18th month it was outside their warranty period of 1 year.They offered to correct the problem no charge but i had to drive on my dime to Indiana from Seattle.I did it .
UnsatisfiedMy microwave quite working after 13 months toilet also broke a big piece of crap for all this money!!!!!!!!!!!! :-(
UnsatisfiedBig horn supposed to be 1 of the best. That a joke! They leak constantly.. Every since I bought this top of the line Rv it has leaked under the belly. They tell u that u can call and talk to people haha not true they don't stand by there word at all!!!!
Dave & Juliebout our Big Horn new (2012) to live in while building our house, we have had nothing but problem after problem with water lines we have had tear up our floor (mold underneath) had to disconnect the fresh water pump because it was leaking but couldn't figure that out because we have never dry camped so the holding tank had no water in it. The TV in the beroom just went out so we have had to replace it. the refrigerator went on the blink last summer and we had to live out of a cooler for over a week, we have never been able to use the VCR (no idea what the problem is with it) the front jacks pop all the time....this is our 5th 5th wheel and have never had problems with any of them until now
JimBought a 2014 big Horne in October 2013, possieon in dec 2014 after waiting 3 months for the dealer to repair minor problems and waiting for parts. Ben making minor repairs since. Now it's end of May getting ready to leave on vacation for summer and the micro wave goes out and one of the cooling units craps out. I will never buy another Heartland. To much investment for junk.
O'Donnell'sSave your money and Do NOT buy from Heartland, especially this type of unit, Silverado Bighorn! The entire roof is leaking and the dealership, "Camping World" or the manufacturer, "Heartland" keep giving us the run around. Both say the damage is due to "lack of maintenance," which is a complete crock. We have only had the unit for ONE year! Again, save your money and go elsewhere!
O'Donnell'sSave your money and Do NOT buy from Heartland, especially this type of unit, Silverado Bighorn! The entire roof is leaking and the dealership, "Camping World" or the manufacturer, "Heartland" keep giving us the run around. Both say the damage is due to "lack of maintenance," which is a complete crock. We have only had the unit for ONE year! Again, save your money and go elsewhere!
Julie and Jimmy2009 3500RL BC .... we love it! We are full timers and this coach feels like home!
JohnInTexasWe have a 2009 BH 3600RE that we bought new in 2010. Water wicks under the slide-outs and the flooring under two of the slide-outs is coming delaminated and mold has started growing in the walls and carpet. What the heck? The dealer from whom we bought the extended warranty disavowed any knowledge or responsibility and said that our extended warranty probably wouldn't cover it either because we most likely didn't do all the maintenance required. What a jerk position to take without any knowledge of what we've done. Our issues are analogous to having the doors start rusting out on your 3 yr old car because the seals didn't keep the water out. If this is how it's going to be, I'll be wanting to get rid of this thing and buy something with better quality. America made? Did it matter?
dougbWe have a 2008 bighorn and have had problems from square 1 , front electric jack 3 motors replaced, flooring crack and split. Why don't they glue it all down. Now we have cracking under the bedroom slide with heartland and lippert not wanting to talk or repair.
Corvette MaryWe have a 2009 3670 Big Horn and as of June, 2013 we have had it 5 years. We are SO disappointed in this coach. Heartland won't do a thing. All the slides have the wood underneath rotted and coming off on the inside of the coach, especially on the carpet when you move the slides in and out. The skin on the outside of the 5th wheel is separating. Bathroom lino is bubbled, kitchen lino is cracked from the slide roller, we have already had to replace the toilet. The glue on the ceiling in the bathroom and bedroom has come loose and bled through. A moulding on the outside full length has fallen off. Stereo antenna on the outside fell off. Awning is lopsided. What the hell??? $55,000 and this is the junk you get. Since 2000 this is our 5th coach, first fifth wheel and we always buy new. We will NEVER buy a Heartland product again.
JimCI am the original owner of a BH 3055RL and like the trailer. Had the weld problem with the 5th wheel stepup and Heartland made it good after 6 years (did have to take it to the factory in Elkhart, IN)and the shackels on the suspension have worn out (replaced with a wet bolt kit)and my suspension guy upgraded the springs by adding a leaf. This trailer is big and is hard on tires (storing creates a flat spot and separation). The edge wear is likely a separation problem rather than alignment, I had that happen. Overall a good trailer and a value.
Ali and JorgeWe own a 3055 --- 2007. We bought 2nd hand but had been used only a few times as we know the owners very well. We have had big problems with the under carriage--Springs, alignment, shackles, cracked mooride, wearing of tires. We also noticed that the fiberglass under the goose neck was coming away from the trailer which we had fixed last year. This year coming home from Az we noticed the same problem with the fiberglass bubbleing under the gooseneck. We took it to a reliable rv dealer and they took the whole front off. They have found poor materials holding the 5th up under the gooseneck, we are having new metal replacing the old material and welds fixed from not enough strength holding the trailer up. This has cost us close to $10,000.00 so far for the poor wormanship in this trailer. The warranty won't cover the costs and neither will the insurance company. Bighorn won't even return our calls. WE WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER BIGHORN 5th WHEEL!!!!! The RV shop has removed the top bubble part of the trailer along with the gooseneck fiberglass--they found poor material holding the floor up and the welds broken in spots. this is not covered by warranty or insurance. It has cost us close to $10,000.00. We do NOT recommend this trailer to anyone and will never buy from Bighorn again. The won't even answer our phone calls.
Bill KnightOne important plus for ALL Heartland products is that warranty service can be done by any RV servicer YOU desire to use - You Don't HAVE to go to your nearest Heartland dealer. You do have to make a phone call to Heartland Service BEFORE you take the trailer to the servicer to get authorization. I have a 2008 Bighorn 3670RL, and am pretty happy with it, and am very happy with the owner's online forum and Heartland's support of owners rallies around the country. There must have been at least 30 minor rallies, a 4 regional rallies, and 1 national rally last year.
S SmileyWe have a 2010 3670 of which we are having a problem with the kitchen floor bubbling-up because of the slide roller. So far we have not gotten any repair. Heartland is saying this is normal because the floor is not glued at the factory. The reason being that the roller would tear the flooring. According to our dealer Heartland's engineers are trying to find an answer. We have had a bunch of little problems that are just aggrevate you.
SidWe purchased a 2011 Bighorn 3585RL in February and we are completely pleased with everything about it. It is quality all the way. We love everything from the large opposing slides to the 42" tv. The king size bed is very comfortable and my wife loves the washer and dryer. The 3585RL pulls great and we have had no problems other than a small leak the bedroom slide which was fixed immediately under warranty. Very happy with this purchase.
Billy B.We have a 2008, BH 3055, Was new when we bought it. We like the unit a lot with the comfee room and all.BUT! A pasenger side front axle 4 leaf spring pack broke and dealer ended up replacing all four spring packs and both axles with a 6 leaf spring pack. We had to replace all four tires at that time. We took a trip this past November to Ms, Ark, & Az. and back to California. After the return trip I had the Right rear tire outside rib worn away real bad. The tire is like camberd in on that axle and the front axle. One Rv shop tells me I have bent spendales.Goes back in the shop to check the alligment on the axles next week. I have talked to another BH. owner and his did the same thing and was out a lot of $$ to get things right. The only way his was fixed was to redrill the spring shackle hole and move the axle back. I know from my experance in the commercial truck world if the axles are not square with the king pin you will ware tires out quick. Has anybody else had this problem?? Please share. Plus leak behind shower wall runs out above outside compartment door.
lynda2006 3055 needing electrical schematic for the towing system-everything is out: tail lights, blinkers, and trailer brake. Perfect in the truck. has to be the trailer. Made a funny clicking and brakes were catching during highway towing before total failure. help
Tony PGreat 5th wheel. We have a 2009 Bighorn and we're trading it for a 2012 before we go FULLTIME - yeah. Love RVing and love Heartland.
2ofus in CAWe have a 2009 Bighorn 3600RL. Great 5er with 4 slides and very few problem. We really like it. At the end of this year I retire and we're going full time. The bighorn will be our home and we're really really looking forward to it.
JohntyI agree with Kath, the 3685RL arrangement is awesome. I like the 3455 also but it means an extra slide instead of the one big kitchen slide.
KathWe have a 2008 Bighorn 3400 Rl. We love it. We had no problems just a lot of pleasure. Our next will definitely be another Bighorn. I like the look of the new 3685RL with the center island and the big kitchen slide. Great design.
Dennisalso bought the 3385 and i have to say we used every weekend this summer and have had no problems at all it,s very well set up and is a center peice trailer for the rest of the park very happy with it and would recommend it to anyone looking for a well made and very well priced unit.
tom and sandyWe have a 30LSTS cedar creek silverback. like it very much except we cannot stop along the road for lunch without extending one of the slides. Being new at 5ing we did not consider this. The bighorn 3055 remedies this situation well and would have some upgrades to our traveling. Any comments are welcome. tom and sandy
GraceWe have a 2008 3200 RL and we love it. I like the walk-in wardrobe and all the storage. It's all good quality and well thought out with lots of features.
Gene Sloan - Heartland Owners forumWell, it finally happened. Our long awaited 2009, 3600 RL BH arrived. On May 20th, we took possession and pulled it home to put it on display during our 50th wedding celebration, May 24th. About a year ago we started thinking about what to get each other for this momentous occasion and it just all came together in a 3600 RL BH. We looked at park models, motor homes, 5th wheels and everything in between. We certainly didn't want to cheap out and not get the upgrades we had always dreamed of in 50 years of Rving. Grandma wanted a washer-dryer, a desk for her computer and lots of cupboard and closet space. Grandpa wanted a fireplace, a docking station, electric awning and lots of basement storage. Of course, there were other things that we both agreed were ncessary upgrades, such as stability, which we took care of with a set of strong arm stabilizers and an upgrade in 5th wheel hitch, which we took care of with the 20K Curt Q5. We also wanted a touch of luxury, which was taken care of with the BH woodworks, flat screen tvs, entertainment system and much, much more. We started working our way through the myriad of makes and models last Feb during a car trip to Az. We, at that point, had never heard of a BH. But as luck would have it, we stayed next door to a BH dealer in Mesa. Then our neighbor in the park, where we were renting, had a 2007 BH and volunteered to give us a tour. When we got back to ND we found a great BH dealer within 50 miles of where we live. We did a lot of comparing of prices and quality. No make or model came close to the 3600 RL BH. We also found the Heartland owners website to be a great service to prospective owners. The negative stuff is a little scary; however we have learned that nothing is perfect and some people handle our imperfect world by being positive and some by being negative. I thank Hearland for soliciting positive criticism. In my opinion it is helping to produce the best 5th wheel on the market today. Our new BH didn't come perfect, the dealer found a couple of minor defects and Grandma's keen eye found a couple. all being taken care of by a proud dealer. Needless to say, our friends and relatives attending our 50th anniversary party were very impressed with our winter home on wheels. Meanwhile Grandma and Grandpa are looking forward to their 51st year of marriage and our first winter in our new BH in Salome, Az. It doesn't get much better than that.
dickie sundanceI just love that big old horn.
Bob and LindaWe have a 2008 3670RL and love it. We are having trouble getting the satellite in the bedroom to work. We have a second receiver but still no luck. any idea? Also, anyone got the wiring schematic for this 5r? closest service is over 70 miles away.
GilWe have had our '07 2995RK (31'-7") for a year now and are, overall, very pleased with the layout, materials quality, storage space and interior design. We are a little disapointed with some workmanship issues we have had, but all have been resolved and we still consider the Bighorn an outstanding value.
LanceWe are looking at buying a Big Horn 3670RL. Would like to know what kind of tow vehicle you have?
F & AWe love our 2008 3055 Big Horn. The comfort and feel of home away from home makes this 5th wheel the best. We have had the problem with the leak in the bedroom slide but our dealership took care of us and the leak.
John and RitaSorry, Tommy K, but the 3055 is also listed (on our computer) as "33'7," and there is no "extended hitch pin." The hitch is at almost exactly the same point as the "nose." Still, either measurement is a far "approximation" from the actual 36 feet. Yes, we also thought the unit was "great." But, because of the "misinformation," our garage would not accommodate it. We were VERY disappointed to have to return it. But the salesman has taken responsibility (even if Heartland would not). We would not discourage anybody who does not have space limitation from considering this RV. But all would be advised to be wary of company info. We'd like to prevent others from making our "mistake." Just musing, but we wonder if "Tommy K" is a pseudonym of "Heartland." Thanks for your input. J&R
Tommy KTo John and Rita. It looks to me like YOU made a mistake here. I have a 2007 Bighorn 3055. (Very happy, great 5er.) On the Heartland website specification page it clearly says that for the 3055 the length is 34'7". The 33'7" you mention is for the 3100 model!! In addition there is an asterisk that says "Extended hitch pin adds 9" to overall length", so that brings the length to 35'4". It's obvious it wouldn't fit into your 34'7" garage. Check your facts again. It's a pity it doesn't fit because it's a great trailer.
DanI have a 2008 Bighorn 3670. The only problem was the satellite cable going to the entertainment slide. Could not get a signal thru. The dealer replaced coax and no problems. Really love this floorplan. Have you contacted Heartland directly? Some people have had a few problems and the factory has stepped up and taken care of the problem
Jim BelettiPat, Hoses come out the bottom of the UDC and the electrical receptacle is on the side of the coach. Near the rear on Bighorns. Jim
Oldman 1After reading the above article on the Heartland Bighorn I am curious as to how the shortest model (listed as 33'7", can be 5' 4' longer than the longest model, listed as 28' 3" ? Duuhh!
KasboLove the front cap design.
Connie We have a 2006 Bighorn 3055RL and have been very happy with it. We have 3 slides and even though this is the shortest model it feels very spacious. The decor is excellent and the cabinetry first class. We've had 4 RVs including 2 fifth wheels before this but this is by far the best quality and least problems.
Mike WeidenfeldI have a 2006 Bighorn but I can see they've improved the floorplans. They've put the sink between the shower and the bed now. Our Bighorn has been fine. One of the things about it when we bought it is that a lot of the things with other 5ers that are options are included with the Bighorn. It's not just a question of the cost when you buy it it's also about dry weight in the information about the 5er. Bighorn are a good deal.


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