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2012 Forest River Rockwood Roo
expandable travel trailer

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"Family convenience, quality, and fun - loaded with amenities your family will enjoy every day they camp"

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This is the 2012 review
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Important dimensions:
(The information given here is believed to be correct but please check details with your RV dealer. We will update this as further information becomes available)
Exterior length (closed) from 18'9" to 31'1",  Exterior width 8'0"
Exterior height w/o A/C 9'2" to 10'0"
Dry ship weights between 2872 and 4266 lbs
GVWR between 3841 and 7321 lbs 13 floorplans are available - we show these below
Click for full specifications of the 13 models
MSRP depends upon the model of course.
See dealers for prices >>

Figures believed to be correct at date of review, but check with manufacturer

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Forest River Rockwood Roo expandable travel trailer - exterior - closed

Yes - it is the same trailer above and below - open and closed, the remarkable Forest River Rockwood Roo 233S (see floorplans below):
Forest River Rockwood Roo expandable travel trailer - exterior - open
Forest River says, about the Rockwood Roo camper:  "Family convenience, quality, and fun have all been wrapped up into one expandable trailer. The Roo is loaded with amenities your family will enjoy every day they camp. The Rockwood Roo focuses on easy set-up and camping comfort so all your family has to do is enjoy the fun. With the Roo, we are confident that fun won’t be a problem."
Roaming Times' readers say:
"We have a 2008 Rockwood Roo 23SS. We love the camper - super spacious with the beds on the tent ends. You'll love the camper and the space you get." - Jolene
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We show a picture of the 233 interior below looking to the front:
Forest River Rockwood Roo expandable travel trailer - interior

The picture above shows the model 233 - see floorplans below.  The 233S Roo comes standard with three, 60” x 80” fold out bunks that are equipped with heated innerspring mattresses providing a comfortable nights sleep for all in your camping party. (Triple bunks are also standard in the 183, 183L and 233 Roo)

We show a picture of the 233 interior below:
Forest River Rockwood Roo expandable travel trailer interior model 233
A picture of the 232 interior:
Forest River Rockwood Roo expandable travel trailer interior model 233

And the interior of the 21ss soft slide model:
Forest River Rockwood Roo expandable travel trailer interior model 21SS
2 of the Rockwood Roo models feature hard slides - the 21RS and the 23RS (see floorplans below): 
Forest River Rockwood Roo expandable travel trailer model 23RS exterior

The picture above shows the model 23RS with a hard slide and an interior 54x74 double bed and a 32x72 bunk bed.  The hard slide has a 60x74 queen bed.    The closed length is 23'7".  Fresh/gray/black capacities - 31/25/25 gallons
Three Forest River Rockwood Roos are available with a 96” front storage deck: 183L, 19L, and 21SSL (shown
Forest River Rockwood Roo expandable travel trailer - exterior - with front storage deck


Interior and exterior standard features of the Rockwood Roo expandable:

Exterior features include:  Aluminum Frame (Floor, Sidewall & Roof), Vacuum Bonded Filon Fiberglass Sidewalls, Alpha One-Piece Vinyl Roof, Outside Shower, Two-20lb Gas Bottles, Gas/Electric Refrigerator, Electric Motor for Slide Out, Aluminum Bed and Dinette Frame, Bed Cable System (No Poles), Front Stabilizer Jacks

Interior features include:  Screwed and Glued Cabinetry, Decorative Valances w/ Mini Blinds, Three Burner Gas Range, Six Gallon Gas Water Heater, Bunk Fan/Light Combination with Each Tip Out, Large Dinette Picture Window, Indoor/Outdoor Table, Digital AM/FM/Cassette/CD w/ Remote, Raised Panel Solid Wood Cabinet Doors (Except 17, 183 and 19) 

Optional features include:  Heated Mattresses, Conventional Oven, Microwave, Awning, Outside Gas Grill & Worktable, Optional Slate, Tan, or Cypress Decor, Optional Stainless Steel Appliances, Optional Cream Interior w/ Stainless Appliances, Double Door Refrigerator (17,183,19), Air Conditioner (17,183, 19 only), Power Awning (N/A on 17, 19, 21RS, 23RS), 15" LCD TV

All information believed to be correct at date of review (6/10), but check with manufacturer

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"Family convenience, quality, and fun - loaded with amenities your family will enjoy every day they camp"
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Latest Forest River comments 
colinOn the expandable travel trailers does the exterior length include the beds being expanded or is that the length prior to them being expanded???
donovanRob, you need to check out the Forest Rivers owners group aka f.r.o.g. they meet each year in Goshen indiana, anyone that owns a forest river trailer can join and the reason why I am saying this is they has a service center there that beats any dealer out there, how would you like to get most of the repair work you need done for FREE you you all heard me right, that issue you are having rob, more and likely they will fix it for free, everyone go join the forum at the rally was for like ten days and I sent the brand new 2015 trailers and motorhomes before the dealers even seen them, took a tour of the factory where they are built and attended seminars about different products and how they help you better understand the camping world
craig rogersWhere could I rent one in upstate give it a whirl.pull behind my Chevy Silverado 1500 305 v8
RobI have a 2010 Roo and the exterior vinyl is separating from the underlayment. Looks like a bubble. Any ideas on how to repair?
WayneI have a 2011 Roo 19L toy hauler. So far it has been great. No leaks. With two full size quads on the front and full water tank you feel it. Very happy with it so far. Have great dealer support.
ScottWe recently upgraded from a Rockwood Freedom 2280 PUP to the Roo 183. We love this new camper! We are a family of 6 and it has a lot of space and very comfortable. I have always been a tent camper until we purchased a used PUP. Loved the idea of the camper with the "tent feel" so when we needed more space, I figured the ROO was the perfect choice. It sure was, and our first trip out was a great Passing test. It T-Stormed for over 5 hours and performed Great !! The only thing I have done is replace the interior speakers and replaced all exterior lighting to LED ( of which I sell thru my store ) If you would like to replace yours with LED, please contact me ( I completely recomend this camper !!!!!
Peterhave 2011 rockwood roo 17' been out 4 times and each time have either had to go to dealer or fix something myself > 1st time awning lock let awning fall down> it's at dealers now for 2 weeks because bottom drain fell out of bathtub and 2 big cracks developed ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO BUY ONE
daryl w. from derby kswe stepped up to a ROO 183 from the Coleman Niagra. This was a wonderful decision!! We coluldn't be happier. We still have to set up the beds, but they are a snap and there are 3 heated queen's. Wonderful for having ALL the comforts and still just being outside in nature. This camper weighs only around 3400 lb's. Pull's GREAT behind our 5.3 liter Silverado.
DaleWWe bought a 2006 Rockwood Roo 26RS new, so have had it five years. Excellent camper, love the hard slide out. Perfect for a 4 kid family. Have replaced the sink fixtures, other than that been trouble free.
loridoe anyone have the rockwood roo expandable toy hauler? If so how much can you put in the front cargo area?
BarkleeIn 30 years of camping, we went from bigger and bigger tents to a Coleman pop-up. No longer produced by Coleman, we could not replace a 12 year old trouble-free pop-up. We looked at the "next step" and found the hybrids. The Forest River 233S is an amazing trailer. I "over researched" hybrids and found this model and brand to meet any standards I could impose. Advice: shop around for the best price. Ours was custom built with options we added. We paid frieght charges by ordering it from a volume dealer and having shipped to a dealer near us. The local dealer could not match the "volume/out-of-state" price. Hopefully, if needed, service will not be an issue with a local Forest River dealer, who did not sell us the unit.
Hal56We have the 2011 Roo 233S. Just can't believe how much space we have. We have 3 tip out beds and a dinette on a slide. Nice kitchen and bathroom. Amazing design and no problems at all. Our family loves it and we use it every opportunity.
Tony JI agree with CFG. We have a 2010 Roo no problems, great camper.
CFGI think Forest River have sorted all the leak problems out, that's only on the older models. We have a 2011 Rockwood Roo 21SS and it's been absolutely wonderful for our family. One of the best things I ever bought. No leaks and no problems period. I really recommend it.
DG Macon, GAwe have an 06 233 Roo and experienced leaks at the seams at the upper corners of the bunk ends. Looks like it was pulling too tight. We corrected by using a clear tape waterproof product. No problems since.
C.W.How do you carry 4 bikes on a Roo travel trailer that is 19 feet? I have a Trailblazer.
BTWe have a Forest River 23'. The front bunk on it leaked when closed up. Turned out to be the small channel that is where the hinge is located. This was clogged with leaves and all kids of other debris. We cleaned this out so that the water could drain, and we have been dry since. Be sure to keep all rain channels clear especially on a sloped surface.
Jan PWe have a 2008 roo and it's really great. Looking forward to using it again this year. Never had a leak or a problem. Really been nice for our family.
BonnieWe just ordered a rockwood roo 23SS. We are very excited. We are upgrading from a Coleman popup,but we still wanted the openess. I will keep my finger crossed we don't have any leak problems. Hopefully they improve things year after year.
hardin county camper Bought a 07 roo 23ss last summer. Like everyone else love the space it gives you.
JoleneWe have a 2008 Rockwood Roo 23SS. We love the camper - super spacious with the beds on the tent ends. You'll love the camper and the space you get.
Bryan JWe have the 233 with tip outs and really like them. no problems with leaks at all.
Fred RI own the 2007 19' Roo. We average 15 trips a year to varying campgrounds with different hook up options. Only problem is the front canvas leaks when the trailer is closed. We have taken it back several times without good results. Otherwise it has been a major improvement over the pop-up.
Chris HWe have the model 19 which is only 20'3" long. This gives you two 60x80 beds. How else could you get 2 big beds in a 20' long trailer? We really like it and no problems. The only thing I don't like is packing up after it's rained. Not good with the tip outs but that's the only thing.




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