Quicksilver 2.0 Motorcycle/ATV Camper
by Livin' Lite

"Incredible value. Based on similar designs that have been around for decades but mainly made from aluminum instead of plywood, making it extremely durable and long-lasting"

Important dimensions:
The closed camper is a total of 8'9" long and 3'6" max width, with an overall height of 2'9"
When the tent is open, it is approx. 14 in length, by approx. 7'8 tall.

MSRP $3,499 (July 2009)
but see dealer for pricing

Quicksilver 2.0 Motorcycle ATV Camper open and closed views

Quicksilver says it is "designed based on a popular motorcycle camper design that has been around for nearly 30 years, except that they build theirs out of plywood and steel, with wheel that stick up into the living area, and we build ours out of all-aluminum and lifted the box up over the wheels so that our aluminum floor is completely flat. We also added a 12V electrical system for lights/fans/heaters/TV/laptops/cell phone chargers/air mattress pumps/etc."

Quicksilver 2.0 Motorcycle/ATV Camper interior 1

Quicksilver 2.0 Motorcycle/ATV Camper interior 2 Quicksilver says: "Youll be amazed at just how much tent space comes out of this compact trailer getting you up, and off the ground." This is certainly true as you can see from the pictures...

. Quicksilver 2.0 Motorcycle/ATV Camper door


Quicksilver 2.0 Motorcycle/ATV Camper floorplan