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2010 Keystone Cougar fifth wheel
See reader's comments and experiences at bottom of page

"Number 1 in its class for 7 straight years - more features, more innovative floorplans and higher quality, all at a popular price"

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See the review for the 2011 Keystone Cougar 5th wheel

Important dimensions:
Many floorplans are available - we show 4 that we really like below.
Exterior length from 26'3" to 36'6",  Exterior width 8'
Exterior height 12'
Shipping weights of between 6582 and 9925 lbs
Tanks - fresh 60,  grey 76, black 38 - gallons
MSRP - see dealers for pricing >>>

Keystone Cougar fifth wheel exterior

Keystone says: "For seven straight years RV buyers have made Cougar #1 in its class. The reason? Cougar offers you more features, more innovative floorplans and higher quality, all at a popular price." 
CONSTRUCTION - Years of Keystone experience has gone into the Cougar
click for a bigger picture with construction details

Roaming Times' reader quote:
"Really like our 2009 Cougar. No problems. Keystone make a good 5er."
Kate and Josh

Construction features for the high-quality Cougar include 5-sided aluminum construction, the one-piece EPDM rubber roof membrane with 12 year warranty, gel-coated filon fiberglass sidewalls and a 3" welded aluminum floor.

The picture below shows the quality of the interiors of Cougar fifth wheels. This particular picture is the den of the 320SRX and the 316QBS models. The floorplans for both of these models are shown lower on this page.

Keystone Cougar fifth wheel interior - den

We show another beautiful Cougar interior below. This is the 276 RLS in Bayleaf with hardwood cabinets, day/night shades, speckled carpet and large windows. Cougar says that the 276RLS is one of their most popular models. Once again, there is a floorplan for this model lower on this page.

Keystone Cougar fifth wheel interior - 276RLS

The picture below shows parts of bathroom arrangements.  Once again, the general quality of the Cougar is shown and it's easy to appreciate why the Cougar is so popular.

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Keystone Cougar fifth wheel interior bathroom details


The first floorplan we show is the 316QBS.  This model has a length of 34'2" with a shipping weight of 9047 lbs and a carrying capacity of 2463 lbs.  This is a beautiful layout with the den arrangement shown in the picture above.  This is a really well thought out plan with a large bedroom at one end and multi bunk arrangement at the other:

Keystone Cougar fifth wheel floorplan 316QBS 

Next we show the 320SRX (not to the same scale).  This model has a length of 35'3" with a shipping weight of 9117 lbs and a carrying capacity of 2963 lbs.  Keystone says: "There is a Cougar floorplan to fit every need" and this particular model meets the need of those who want a toy-hauler garage. This also has the den arrangement and is a really nice use of all the available space.

Keystone Cougar fifth wheel floorplan 320SRX 

Next we show the 276RLS - one of the most popular models - just 28'9" long, but beautiful and spacious for those who don't need bunks or a toy garage. (A shipping weight of just 7220 lbs and a big carrying capacity of 2960 lbs.).

Keystone Cougar fifth wheel floorplan 276RLS 

Finally we show the 293SAB floorplan with the oversized bunks and trundle bed arrangement.  This end of the RV also has it's own bathroom and TV etc as part of the layout.  Perfect for families.  (Length 33'5", shipping weight 8786 lbs and carrying capacity 2784 lbs)

Keystone Cougar fifth wheel floorplan 293SAB



"Number 1 in its class for 7 straight years - more features, more innovative floorplans and higher quality, all at a popular price"
(Today's video is from
Kitsmiller RV, MI)

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Keith and SuzanWe bought a brand new cougar 2011 27RLS. Luckily we noticed that the roof membrane came detached from the substraint. It was slightly over one year old and very disappointing since we paid market for this. Anyone else experience similar frailty?
VernonWe are the proud owners of a new 2012 276RLS 5th Wheel. After picking it up, we spent 7 days in two camping situations to give it a thorough test. First 3 days was at a KOA [full hookups] and we ran the rig through the ringer; testing everything. It snowed, [no leaks], it rained [no leaks], the heater worked perfectly, the roof air was tested while we went for a walk, and returned to find that it was indeed working fine. The dumps worked great and so did everything else. Then we went Boon-docking [dry camping] for 4 days and were able to test the battery system, generator [Yam 2000IE portable], propane system, and all the other things one would need while 'boondocking' in the wilderness. Below is a list of things I/we fixed or modified to make this 276RLS the very best RV we've had. Incidentally, we had a $70,000 27 foot Lazy Daze Class C befor this and found easily 10 times the "BUGS" we found in this Cougar. 1. The water pump sounded like a Semi coming down an off-ramp with his "Jake-brake" cackling! There's a fix for that. Two little soft pieces of pipe [12" long] to go between the pump and the 'stiff' pipes. Easy!!! 2. The little table under the rear window [where the power cord is stored], badly needed to have a couple of 12v DC outlets [one each side] so that we could run my VHF/UHF radio and also charge up our cell phones. There's a fix for that too!!! Me!!! I went to the store; got two plates with 'cigarette lighter sockets' and ran the wire [4 conductors - two for each] and connected these sockets to the bottom two [2] fuses in the panel. It's an easy process of snaking the wire between the floor and the Polar shield where it's safe. 3. The dinette seats have a little board [covered with upholstery] at the end of the seat. One of these was about 1/2" longer than the other, and as I exited the dinette, my leg [knee] caught on it as it protruded about 1 1/2" out from the front of the seat cushion. I ripped it off the seat. There's a fix for that too!!! Me again! It's easy. I took that piece off; measured it against the one on the other side = found it to be longer, took it to my shop, carefully removed all the staples that held the upholstery to it, and removed about 3/4" of the wood. I then replaced it [only using the necessary 6-8 stables - unlike the 20-30 that the installer shot into it], and re-installed it. One slight exception. I used toggle bolts 1/8" x 2" in lenght [you know, the ones with the spring loaded wings], and drilled the holes through this piece & the seat, pusshed the bolts through and then screwed the butterflies onto the inside. It's a little unsightly on the inside, but what the hay!!! It works. Then I pressed the upholstery buttons back over the screw heads and from the outside, you wouldn't know it was ever a problem. 4. I went around the whole RV interior and ensured that the same whimpy screws [which hold the cupboard hinges etc], were secure and if not, replaced them with longer/bigger screws. Easy fix, afterall, this is a $40,000 RV not a $240,000 Class A coach [which incidentally, are built about the same; and I quote myself: "A beautiful RV - thrown together by 'staple-happy' installers who probably couldn't even afford one for themselves." Sound a little prejudiced? Yes, but when you look behind a window valance and find 200-250 staples where there should only be 20-25 at most, you tend to be that way. My overall impression of this 5th Wheel... I give it a 4 1/2 stars out of 5. It's spacious, comfortable, easy to maintain, a total joy to tow [Ford F250 diesel], and looks absolutely gorgeous, as well. We've camped in tents, vans [custom type], a Transvan, a Class C motorhome, and now this Cougar 276RLS and it, by far; exceeds the quality of all the others [put together]!!! Nuff said!!!
George JensenWe purchased a 2011 244RLSWE in Oct. 2010. We started having electrical problems with it when the dealer was showing us how everything worked and it spent the next 1 1/2 to 2 months at the dealer getting fixed. WE then found cracks in all the vents and sky light in the bathroom. The door hinges on one door would not stay in as the screws were stripped and another door was warped so bad it would not close. The grey water shut off valve would not close so the grey water would fill the drain pipe and when you took the lid off to attached the hose the grey tank would empty right away. It seems to be one thing after the other. WE are ready to trade it off for another, not keystone more reliable camper. This is our third 5th wheel and the first one we have had problems with. We are telling people to stay away from keystone unless they want to do their camping at the service center getting it worked on.
Lisa LOVE our '08 Cougar 320SRX. Seperate sleeping quarters for the kids is great! Few minor issues here and there, but would not trade this camper for anything...other than a newer Cougar in a few years!
E and L TeamEnjoying our 2011 Cougar 318sab. 42 nights out so far, and no troubles. Great layout, easy to pull (16 " alum wheels) and lots of storage. Love the remote control. Polar plus package and dual pane windows make it cosy and comfy on cold northern nights. 9/15/2010
KerryI like the look of the Cougar 324RLB with the 2 bathrooms. Looks like a great arrangement. Would be perfect for my family I think. Keystone have some good ideas with this floorplan.
RossReally like Keystone. I had a Montana until about 3 years ago, great 5er. Looking to get back in and I really like the Cougar. Great floorplans and good price.
Kate and JoshReally like our 2009 Cougar. No problems Keystone make a good 5er.
Fern SlotmanWe are using our 32' Cougar 5th wheel for the first time this week. Bought it used. We like it so far, but the fan is rather noisy when the air conditioning is on. May have to have that looked into. We will see how everything goes as time goes on.
Ken HLike Keystone. Bought a 2008 cougar 5th wheel 276. Excellent quality in the RV and have had only a couple of minor problems. I guess a lot depends on the dealer it was purchased from.

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