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2009 Forest River Rockwood Mini Lite travel trailer
See reader's comments and experiences at bottom of page

11 models from 16'7" to 25'8" with a wide range of floorplans and features - everything from very simple to a family unit with double bed and triple bunks

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Important dimensions:
Exterior length from 16'7" to 25'8",  Exterior width 8'0"
Exterior height w/o A/C 9'4"
Base/dry unit weights between 2371 and 3758 lbs
GVWR between 3642 and 5656 lbs
11 floorplans are available - we show these below
MSRP - depends upon model and options of course
See dealer for a price of the model you like
Compare? - see other Roaming Times travel trailer reviews

Forest River Rockwood Mini Lite travel trailer exterior

The Rockwood Mini Lite is a very nice small travel trailer.  We show the floorplan for the model 1408 - the shortest model at just 16'7" long - below.  (We show the floorplans for all models further down this page.)  The 1408 is really a good alternative to other very small travel trailers such as the r-pod (length between 16'2") and even the t@b teardrop (length 15'6".  But the length range of the Mini Lite really makes available a very good range of lengths - from 16'7" to 25'8".  Want something bigger?  The Rockwood ultra lite range provides lengths 23'4" to 31'9" - see reviews for the longer Rockwood model here.)

Forest River Rockwood Mini Lite travel trailer floorplan model 1408

The picture below shows the interior for the model 1809S (see floorplans below.)  This model is 20'1" long with one slide  The Rockwood is built with a fully laminated aluminum frame (floor, sidewall, & roof). Insulation factors R-7 side wall, R-12 floor and roof. 
Forest River says: "When the weekend comes and you're ready for adventure, Rockwood rises to the challenge. Rockwood travel trailers and 5th wheels turn every outing into a party. These fun-inspired units are designed with family-friendly features that make your time together a celebration."

Forest River Rockwood Mini Lite travel trailer interior

The picture below shows the 1809 with the Cream Interior Option With Stainless Steel Appliances

Rockwood Mini Lite interior

Forest River have created a wide range of floorplans
for the Rockwood Mini Lite travel trailer

The 1408 is the shortest model at just 16'7" (this floorplan is featured above.)  The 1608 (17'5") adds bunks to the layout.  A 72" flip sofa is featured in the 1808 (20') and the 1809 provides a full 54 x 74 bed.  The 1809S adds a slide to the 1809 giving a feeling of spaciousness to this small travel trailer.  All models from the 1808 up include a full bathroom.

The 2104 (22') has a 50 x 74 queen bed and the 2106 (the same length at 22') provides the alternative of a 48 x 76 bed with a 26 x 76 bunk. 

The 2304 increases the length to 23'4" with a nice layout with a queen bed.  The 2306 (23'1") is family oriented and has not only a queen bed but also triple bunks.

The longest Mini Lite models are the 2502 and the 2502S both 25'8" long.  These models do not have bunks and are really spacious.  The 2502S increases the feeling of space further with a slide-out.

Forest River RV dealers with internet specials
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Lichtsinn Motors - IA
Collier RV - IL
Bill Thomas Camper Sales
Crossroads Trailers - New Jersey
Driftwood RV Center New Jersey
Specialty Auto and RV - Ohio
Stoltzfus RV - Pennsylvania
Fretz RV - PA
Chilhowee RV - Tennessee
PTRV - sales and rental - WI
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Click for a bigger picture of the floorplans:

Forest River Rockwood Mini Lite travel trailer floorplans 

Interior and exterior standard features of the Rockwood Mini Lite travel trailer:

Exterior features include:  Aluminum Frame (Floor, Sidewall & Roof), Laminated Filon Fiberglass Sidewalls, Vinyl Roof, Outside Shower, Two-20lb Gas Bottles, Auto Gas/Electric Refrigerator, Aluminum Bed and Dinette Frames, Front Stabilizer Jacks

Interior features include:  Screwed and Glued Cabinetry, Three Burner Gas Range, Six Gallon Gas Water Heater,

Optional features include:  Heated Mattresses, Gas Oven, Microwave, Awning, Outside Gas Grill & Worktable, Optional Cream Interior w/ Stainless Appliances (picture of this option shown above), Awning, 15" LCD TV

11 models from 16'7" to 25'8" with a wide range of floorplans and features - everything from very simple to a family unit with double bed and triple bunks
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Readers comments
(Latest comments first)

What do you think? - add your comments here  
Herbert JonesWe just purchases this unit. Everrhing in it worked properly on our maiden voyage of 500 miles. We went to crater lake Oregon. However we had one of the new tires blow out because of a defective sidewall. We were just informed by the dealer that it will be 2-4 weeks before they will receive the relacement tire. Oh for joy the summer is slipping away.
Happy CamperI have a 2006 Rockwood 2306 with triple bunks. This has been a solid and reliable rig for family camping and early fall hunting trips. No leaks and issues that some others seem to have dealt with. I would buy another Rockwood in a heartbeat!
John & DorothyWe bought a Rockwood by Forest River in 2004. We had it parked at a campsite for 9 years. Took it off the site and wanted to sell it and did. All the wall were moldy including the floor. We had leaks and they were repaired, called to have it fixed because wetness persisted and still leaked. We lost a lot of money, put up with mole (which we were unaware of). Don't buy a Rockwood. We lost money.
Glenn FidlerBought a 2010 Rockwood windjammer, 2 years later the floor is all wavy and moves when you walk on it, piece of crap.. will cost $3000.00 to fix.
EricI special ordered a 2013 Rockwood 8312ss "Diamond Package"...Got the trailer in November 2012...went camping for the first time Easter weekend with the family...woke up easter morning with water on the floor in the bathroom and the kids room, coming from under the walls...the slide topper over the large slide was holding water...a list of 13 things was wrong with this thing...we sent it back to Rockwood in Indiana...they had it for a month, said they fixed stuff and couldnt find the leak...get the trailer back, and go on our summer vacation...while I'm there, it starts to leak again, and the slide topper is still holding water!!!...On top of that 4 things that were on the first list are broken again, the piston arm for the outside kitchen door completely falls off!!...Now its going back to Rockwood AGAIN!!! My camping season is done!!! I will be making a YOUTUBE video very soon....PLEASE DO NOT BUY A ROCKWOOD!!!
StanWe have a 2006 5th wheel 8288ss. All the tires on the rig bubbled on sides. We drove from California to Arizona on those tires. One phone call and tey replaced all four with Firestone trailer tires. The pullouts are held together with small bolts, I have broke ten since we bought it. The coach is comfortable and meets our needs. The enterior coating on the walls is folding in almost every corner. I cut the folds out and repainted the enterior. Our coach is all white inside. We use the heater in the fireplace instead of trailer heater. More efficiant and quiet. We have stayed six months at several parks, and traveled weekends on several group outings. In all, it has been a mostly trouble free rig.
ChrisBought a used 2007 Rockwood Ultra lite 30ft Model 829SS with xtnded warranty by Cornerstone in 2010. Mouse problem evident in heating ducts. Numerous inquiries trying to sort the source caused me to remove belly sheathing, which showed the critters got in by crawling up the rear jack legs into the comfort of the 'heated' underbelly. To my surprise, all 4 of the flex ducts looked like swiss cheese - chewed tin foil. But immediately evident their intial point of entry was a long duct from bedroom to furnace that had been draped over a metal brace during construction. It was likely cut open when this unit bounced out of the factory lot. I replaced all the runs with a better quality ducting and properly sealed the jack legs from future entry. Told my story with photos to Bruce's RV (dealer that sold the unit new), Cornerstone (seller of xtnded warranty) and Forest River (manufacturer) - none of which cared to compensate me even for the $75 I paid for the ducting, never mind the 2 weeks of evenings spent on my back in the driveway removing & replacing the poor factory install. Too bad for Warren Buffet, he got hosed when he bought this so called premium RV builder. PS the domestic water tank filler wouldn't work because it was incorrectly installed.
TomThis (Rockwood 2604 Year: 2009) is our Forest river trailer and the quality of the Rockwood is so terrible, I wish we had our Jaco back higher quality. The drawers wont stay close , cabinets doors latches was lose , wall paper getting bubbles in it sound system didn't work on the first time out .trim is coming lose.Things fall apart as you drive down the road. ,the outside decals has bubbles in them ,lost the hubcaps, just replace the city water hookup and the tv doesn't work all that good,the hot water handles was put on wrong kitchen one way the bath room another way,Poorly engineered and poorly workmen ship. Would never recommend a forest river to anyone.
SteveI am on my 2nd Rockwood Mini Lite, first one 2007 1408, so impressed, I found a 2008 1809..needed a litle more room, have taken it from Ohio to AZ/CA for the past two winters and lived in it for 5 months each winter, have not experienced any major problems, one loose wheel bering, not bad for 7500 miles each winter. no leaks in roof or floors. these trailers are all aluminum frame with better than average insulation for cool weather camping, sounds like other owners have had more problems than I have, I would recomend one. the 1809 has no slides or fold out tent beds, they only make the 1809s now.
Bob WilsonI had about 1200 miles on a new 2010 Ultra Lite 8319S when it blew its first Carlisle tire. It tore the fender well a bit but I replaced the tire with the only one of the same size in Branson, MO. I didn't apply for warranty coverage because there was no Carlisle dealer there. Yes, I had checked the air pressure and they were all at 50psi as stated on the tire sidewall. Then 100 miles later it blew a tire on the other side and messed up the wheel well severely. I bought another tire, again there was no Carlisle tire dealer so an off-brand had to do. You won't believe the next part.... not 20 miles down the road a third blowout occurred! It tore the fender trim completely off and nearly had us in the ditch. I never travel over 55mph, thank God. On investigating I see that the maximum weight the tire is designed to carry is 2100 pounds at 50psi. Times 4 tires they can supposedly carry 8400 pounds MAXIMUM. The damn trailer weighs 8000 pounds bone-stock off the showroom floor. Who the hell would outfit a unit with only 400 pounds of cargo capacity before the tires are considered overloaded? Hell, my wife takes that much weight along in SHOES !!! Carlisle is NO help saying the blowouts are obviously because the Rockwood people chose the wrong tires for installation. Rockwood says it's a Carlisle problem. I'm fed up with the run-around. Otherwise we like the trailer, it pulls wobbly and I put a second anti-sway on the driver's side of the hitch. It helped a little. My bitch is that this is an obvious safety issue that will someday kill a family and no one cares!!! Gonna go out-of-pocket and buy a set of 10 ply 85 psi tires, it'll cost me $650 but at least we will be safe. But who'll fix all the wheel-well damage? I would NEVER buy another Rockwood!! Way too much money and way not enough 'give a damn.'

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