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2009 Escape travel trailer - 17'
Made in Canada by Escape Trailer Industries, Chilliwack, BC

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"Lite - high quality, 100% molded fiberglass RV trailers designed specifically for smaller tow vehicles"

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Important dimensions:
f2 Floorplans are available
Total length from 17'8",  Body length 13'8"
Total height 8',  Interior height 6'2"
Total dry weight 1900 lbs, Dry hitch weight 250 lbs
Tanks - fresh 20,  grey 20, black 14 - gallons
Base price $18,900 (floorplan A, 7/09) - 19,900 (B) (Canadian)

Escape travel trailer exterior

The manufacturer says: "The size, aerodynamic features and lightweight of only 1900 lbs keep travel costs to a minimum. The Escape 17' was designed for mini-vans, small trucks and SUV's. Most vehicles with a V6 engine are experiencing 15-20 mpg while towing either Escape trailer

Escape travel trailer towing

US customers exporting an Escape
Escape says:  There are no taxes or duties payable on the purchase, however, a US customer cannot take possession of the trailer in Canada.  Fortunately, our facility is only located 15 minutes from the Sumas Washington border crossing. After a viewing and full demonstration of  the finished product at our facility, we will deliver the trailer to the border where the customer can take possession.   There is a $200 export fee for this process. (Currently being waived - Jan 2009)
See manufacturer's website (link below)

The manufacturer says that the body is constructed from a top and bottom shell, which are fiberglassed together at the center prior to demolding to create a seamless body construction. This eliminates any chance of water penetration while maintaining a strong, long-lasting, lightweight RV. The frames are constructed with 3" box steel and a rubber ride torsion axle suspension, creating a solid foundation with a smooth ride.

The interior is "professionally finished with natural oak cabinetry, large windows, high-grade linoleum flooring, and a unique insulated vinyl headliner/wall covering. The Escape includes a large list of standard equipment and a complete options list is available for customizing. A full two-year warranty is included on the complete Escape trailer."  We show views of the Escape interior below:

Escape travel trailer interior views

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The 17' Escape has 2 floorplans - A and B - we show them both here:

Escape travel trailer floorplan A

Escape travel trailer floorplan B 


"Lite - high quality, 100% molded fiberglass RV trailers designed specifically for smaller tow vehicles"
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(Latest comments first)

What do you think? - add your comments here  
Rattlesnake JoeI have been waiting for the 19 foot model to come out. I hope it has a queen bed and also a taller ceiling than 6'2". People are getting taller and wider now days and the EGG manufactures should allow for our expansion ha. My wife and I have lived full time in our 17' Casita for 5 years and need something BIGGER.
Gaius GracchusWe have an Escape 19ft. Excellent quality, lightweight, well-insulated. Much nicer than Casita -- no nasty carpet on the walls and ceiling -- all soft-touch vinyl. Also bigger than Casita with more customizations. Escape Trailers will customize these rigs extensively for their clients.
Rattlesnake JoeLooked at a 17 foot Escape fOUR years ago and it felt cramped inside. So I bought a Casita 17' Spirit Delux and love it. But I will check out the new 19 foot Escape to see if it has a queen island bed. After four years of full timing in my little Casita, I'm looking for something BIGGER.
Escape ArtistI bought the only used Escape 5.0 5th. in '08. Getting one close to home... what a buy. These TT's hold their value like no others! Their quality is outstanding and dealing with a small Mfg. custom orders are the rule not the exception. Deal with the folks who actually build your trailer - 5/31/2011
gaiusgracchusI really wish we could get all fiberglass interiors. Lighter than wood, lasts longer, doesn't rot, warp, swell, mold, etc. like wood or wood composites.
HappyEscapeeI just got a new Escape 17 trailer this spring, and I love it. Have been camping every weekend since, and also one longer trip. The Escape is of very high quality, and it has everything you might need! No formaldehyde smell coming from this one, unlike what you get from many of the stickie-built RVs. Furthermore, it is very economic to tow with a midsize SUV or truck.
joe and lena.we own a 17 ft.escape sinds 2005 and are very satisfied with the quality,we can highly recommend this type of trailer.
Dave and SherryTake the time to go and see Resse and Tammy, buy a trailer from people who care about their business! Cut through all the salesmen crap and mark ups. You can spend your money on your self, our 5.0 fith wheel is just a few weeks from completion and we can't wait. We have had the most excellent experience buying from a home grown, down to earth CANADIAN company!
DSI have personally seen the Escape trailers more than once, and visited with the owners at their factory, where they gave us a tour. The answer to the question why don't they set up dealers? Plus have you noticed recently many of the trailer and motorhome manufactures that had hundreds of units on dealers lots are bankrupt or out of business, including Bigfoot? I believe it is because most of their trailers are customized by the person ordering it. This is a small family owned company where the owner and his wife actually are part of the "real" assembly of these trailers. There are more and more Escapes on the road for obvious reasons. If you want to see a "sticky" trailer made on a production line, 1 of many 100, that won't be around in 30 years, don't look at Escapes. I also have owned 4 Bigfoot trailers. The Escapes are right up there in the same quality. I can't say enough praise for the owners of Escape; Reece and Tammy, they are willing to individualize your Escape with almost anything they can make possible. That is what other Escape owners tell me, and the personalized customer service it unheard of these days. You don't deal with "depts." or get transferred, your questions will be answered directly by the owner or his wife. Check out the Escape Club owners website if you would like more information. Also, to answer your next question, no, I don't work for Escape- never have, just saving for the new 19 ft. model and selling my Bigfoot.
Paula GrievesReally like this and would like to see one but I read on their website that you can only buy from the factory in Canada and that they work on a referral system. If you tell them where you live they'll put you in contact with an owner and you can go and see his. Why don't they set up a business and get dealers so I can go and see one properly? Guess I'll concentrate on other trailers in my search.

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