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Winnebago's Bob Olsen:
"We believe the worst may be over"

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2010 Winnebago Via 
 2010 Winnebago Via
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From the, Jeff Eckhoff wrote:

12/18/2009: Winnebago Industries Inc. reported increased revenue, more product orders and substantially fewer losses Thursday as the company continues efforts to pull itself out of a lousy economy.

Wall Street responded by sending the company's stock price nearly 22 percent higher, up $2.39 a share, to close Thursday at $13.29 a share.

"As difficult as this recession has been for Winnebago Industries and the entire RV industry, we believe the worst may be over," said Bob Olson, Winnebago's chairman, chief executive and president.

Company statistics show strong increases in orders across all classes of vehicles, with the largest percentage boost in sales of Class A motor homes, the largest group of vehicles Winnebago makes.
Winnebago said it's responded to increased demand by ramping up production during the last quarter and, for the first time in at least four decades, scheduling six workdays during a traditional two-week break during the Christmas holidays.

The company, which shed half its 3,200-person work force during 2008 and early 2009, added about 350 people during the last quarter. A spokeswoman said employment now is nearly 2,000.
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Roaming Times congratulates Winnebago and sends best wishes to them for success in 2010. 
Winnebago ERA 2010 class B motorhome exterior 
 2010 Winnebago ERA
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2015 Winnebago Minnie Winnie Premier 31KP Class C Motorhome ReviewOffers exciting features, more value than ever with loads of upgrades. A roomy living area with a large slideout features a U-shaped dinette and an available HDTV and DVD player provides a great place to relax after a day of fun and entertainment
Winnebago, Ram RV Teases Chicagoans at Auto ShowWinnebago and Ram showed off the 2014 Winnebago Travato, Class B motorhome based on a Ram ProMaster chassis at the Chicago Auto show.
New Winnebago Sightseer 30A and Sunova 30AClick for comprehensive review of key features and to find a Dealer Locator
Video - 2012 Winnebago Via diesel motorhome customer comments "A Mercedes-Benz Sprinter-based Class A that "revolutionizes the definition of what a Class A coach can be" - RoTi RV press releases and RV news
He borrows RVs from Winnebago and only pays for the gas... "I'd never set foot in an RV until I went out with my wife for 314 days. We traveled 34,000 miles and saw 48 states" - RoTi RV press releases and RV news
Winnebago buys SunnyBrook towable RV manufacturer"Winnebago of Indiana will continue to manufacture towable products under the SunnyBrook brand..." - RoTi RV press releases and RV news
Winnebago intends to buy SunnyBrook towable RV manufacturer Winnebago has signed a Letter of Intent indicating its interest in acquiring SunnyBrook RV - RoTi RV press releases and RV news
The new Winnebago Vista with its new floorplans and features, has it all"When you add the new 35F and 36D to the rest of the lineup, the Vista has a floorplan for everyone" - RoTi RV press releases and RV news
Winnebago presents redesigned Winnebago Tour"Totally redesigned 2011 Winnebago Tour. This top-of-the-line Class A diesel coach has a new look in 2011" - RoTi RV press releases and RV news
Winnebago rings the bellWinnebago celebrates 40 years of stock trading by ringing NYSE bell - RoTi RV press releases and RV news
Winnebago RV - milestone anniversary - "a celebration of a lifestyle" Winnebago celebrates the 100th anniversary of the recreational vehicle industry on April 6 - RoTi RV press releases and RV news
Winnebago - "confident things will improve"Winnebago recently had a 4.3 percent gross profit compared to a 37.1 percent gross profit loss for the corresponding quarter last year.
Winnebago motorhome deliveries up over 250% - press releaseWinnebago reports improved financial results for the Company's second quarter of fiscal year 2010
Winnebago Industries is Top-Selling Motor Home Manufacturer for Ninth Consecutive Year“Achieving this again is a tribute to the teamwork of our dealer partners and our employees,” said Winnebago's Roger Martin.
Winnebago - the worst may be over...Winnebago's Bob Olsen: "We believe the worst may be over." Winnebago increase production
Winnebago wins RVDA award for 14th straight yearWinnebago RV received the coveted Quality Circle Award from the RV Dealers Association for a record 14th straight year
Winnebago's 2010 lineupWinnebago says: "Our 2010 model lineup is without a doubt the best we've ever offered" 
Winnebago introduce the first hybrid RVIndustry-first Winnebago concept hybrid RV goes on summer media tour - "improved fuel efficiency, reduced noise and emissions, improved acceleration, reduced maintenance"

2012 Winnebago SightseerThe 2012 Winnebago Sightseer combines luxury and value.
2014 Winnebago Travato 59G Class B MotorhomeIt's agile, while still offering a full-featured RV experience
2014 Winnebago Trend 23B 2014 Winnebago Trend 23B Class C Motorhome offers fuel economy with a compact-sized, affordable motorhome has comfortable living space for four to six people.
2015 Winnebago Minnie Winnie Premier 31KP Class C MotorhomeOffers exciting features, more value than ever with loads of upgrades and a roomy living area with a large slideout features a U-shaped dinette.
2015 Winnebago Travato 59G Touring Coach Class B MotorhomeA Class B motorhome with value and style for the adventurous explorer.
The 2013 Winnebago Aspect The 2013 Winnebago Aspect is a touring coach experience in an easy-to-drive Class C motorhome.
The 2013 Winnebago TourThe 2013 Winnebago Tour is visually stunning, spacious, loaded with features and is everything a luxury diesel pusher coach should be.
Winnebago Access 2007The latest in the best-selling Winnebago Class C line-up.
Winnebago Access class C motorhome 2009"Surprisingly affordable price - extremely versatile motorhome"
Winnebago Adventurer class A motorhome 2009"Brand new floorplans for this popular Class A gas-powered motor home, as well as new features and options"
Winnebago Adventurer concept hybrid class A (article) 2009Industry-first Winnebago concept hybrid RV goes on summer media tour - "improved fuel efficiency, reduced noise and emissions, improved acceleration, reduced maintenance"
Winnebago Aspect class C motorhome 2010"A motor home that makes you feel as good as it looks - sleek exterior styling with a choice of two multi-slideout floorplans"
Winnebago Destination class A motorhome 2008The option of gas pusher or diesel pusher
Winnebago ERA Class B motorhome 2008 "A boldly-styled package that delivers comfort, functionality and performance"
Winnebago ERA class B motorhome 2009"Automotive performance meets residential comfort - a Mercedes diesel engine powers this go-anywhere class B motorhome that comes in two trim packages to fit your style"
Winnebago ERA class B motorhome 2010"A fuel-efficient Mercedes-Benz diesel engine powers the full-featured ERA. All of the premium features you want for life on the road are cleverly arranged in an efficient RV that is extremely easy to handle."
Winnebago ERA class B motorhome 2010 - special floorplanWinnebago introduce a floorplan for individuals with special mobility concerns
Winnebago Itasca Ellipse diesel class A motorhome 2011"All new exterior styling takes the 2011 Ellipse to a new level that is matched only by the awe-inspiring interior features, decor and appointments."
Winnebago Itasca Spirit class C motorhome 2009"No motor home gives you the freedom to travel like the Itasca Spirit. Get behind the wheel and get going."
Winnebago Itasca Suncruiser class A motorhome 2010"Every aspect was planned to make the Suncruiser the most user-friendly motor home – both on the road and at the campsite"
Winnebago Itasca Sunrise class A motorhome 2008New floorplan with full wall slide that increases the living space in the lounge, galley and bedroom.
Winnebago Journey class A motorhome 2009"The Journey delivers with all the style, comfort and performance you expect from a diesel pusher. It starts with a Freightliner XC chassis, a 350-hp Cummins diesel and SmartSpace interior design"
Winnebago Outlook class C motorhome 2007"Fun to drive and a joy to own" The Outlook is Winnebago's top-selling Class C motor home.
Winnebago Outlook class C motorhome 2009User friendly floorplans loaded with SmartSpace design elements and the new innovative 30D floorplan
Winnebago Sightseer class A motorhome 2007"Maximizes usability and comfort"
Winnebago Sightseer class A motorhome 2010"With beautiful cabinetry and available full-body paint it’s a coach you’ll want to be seen in - your choice of a Ford, Workhorse or Workhorse front engine diesel chassis - 4 floorplans and so many choices"
Winnebago Tour class A motorhome 2010"Exceptional ride, smooth handling and unprecedented exterior storage capacity. Inside the coach you’ll find many of the finest motor home amenities"
Winnebago Tour class A motorhome 2011"Life on the road is at its finest in the Winnebago Tour - upscale amenities, countless creature comforts and the smooth performance of the heralded Maxum Chassis"
Winnebago Vectra motorcoach 2007"The flagship of the Winnebago lineup - with unparalleled features and performances"
Winnebago Vectra motorcoach 2008"The 2008 Vectra is the ultimate in luxury, design and comfort"
Winnebago Via class A diesel motorhome 2012"A Mercedes-Benz Sprinter-based Class A that "revolutionizes the definition of what a Class A coach can be with unparalleled fuel economy and eye-catching styling"
Winnebago Via class A motorhome 2010"Revolutionary, unparalleled fuel economy and SmartSpace design elements - the first Class A motor home built on the versatile Dodge Sprinter chassis - the future of motor homes is here - 15mpg+"
Winnebago View Class C motorhome 2009Built on the popular Dodge Sprinter chassis with a beautiful interior
Winnebago View class C motorhome 2010"Built on a nimble Dodge/Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis, the View is the embodiment of Winnebago Industries’ revolutionary vision - a vision that leads the motor home industry with innovation."
Winnebago View class C motorhome 2011"Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis with new clean diesel emission technology for improved performance & better mileage; inside, you’ll find user-friendly features"
Winnebago Vista class A motorhome 2011"Opens new doors to adventure with more features, more floorplans and more value in an exceptionally priced Class A coach"

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Re: 2010 Winnebago ERA class B motorhomePloppyWe love ours. Great mileage. Easy to drive. Quality Mercedes. Everywhere we stop people come up and compliment on what an awesome vehicle it is. Get tons of compliments esp. when stopping for fuel. A definite keeper...if you are thinking of getting one you wont regret it!
Re: 2014 Winnebago Trend 23B Class C Motorhome ReviewHappy HighwayThe 2014 Winnebago Trend 23B is a nice vehicle for me, as a Senior Citizen. I did have the Dealership install "running boards" to make it easier to enter and exit the cab area. For one or two persons, in retirement, the space works for me. It might be a bit cozy with children on long trips. A very good mileage vehicle for those of us on Social Security, just wanting to travel each day.
Re: 2014 Winnebago Trend 23B Class C Motorhome ReviewHappy HoghwayThe 2014 Winnebago Trend 23B is a nice vehicle for me, as a Senior Citizen. I did have the Dealership install "running boards" to make it easier to enter and exit the cab area. For one or two persons, in retirement, the space works for me. It might be a bit cozy with children on long trips. A very good mileage vehicle for those of us on Social Security, just wanting to travel each day.
Re: Winnebago View class C motorhome Mel SmithGreat unit by Winnebago. We have 2006 View J and it has about 50,000 miles on it. We average 16.5 mpg. It has one achellies heel. The turbo reasonator has a nasty habit of melting and delaminating puting you in "Limp Mode" of about 45 mph! This has happened to us FOUR (4) count 'em 4! times causing spoiled trips and dangerous times on the interstates. Having personally talked to Mercedes people they have NO FIX..nor one planned. The turboreasonator melts because it is made out of PLASTIC. Mercedes. Plastic.? I carry a spare with me now. I have ordered an aluminum aftermarket one from the SPRINTER STORE (online). They say it's just a bit noisier but it doesn't MELT! BY THE WAY I HAVE MET dozens of View/Navion owners who have had the same thing happen!Dozens! My advice? Buy a VIEW, NAVION or VIA or ERA and immediately replace the turbo reasonator. The hose likes to uncouple as well occasionally. Finally. I find it hard to believe that Mercedes doesn't fix this by a new part that doesn't melt. All I've gotten from Mercedes is a shrug of the shoulders. Check the internet comments. You'll see this is a widespread problem.
Re: Winnebago ERA class B motorhomeBW McDonaldTwin beds are a must for us.
Re: Winnebago ERA class B motorhomeMJAnyone know how the A/C and heat work for the rear seat when driving? Planning on taking a couple kids and manual says the cab A/C is not designed to cool the entire coach.
Re: Winnebago Outlook class C motorhomeKatnDaveMoved up from a 5th wheel to our 2009 Winnie Outlook 30D when it first came out and the floor plan has yet to disappont. The space we enjoy without the dedicated bedroom is the best and with the two slides, well it's like stepping into your living room. While the model comes with a few sleeping options, we choose to utilize the over cab bunk and find it quite comfortable. I've made a few modifications to our Outlook since we got it that have made it even better. One being the addition of a power conditioner and the installation of a second captains chair in place of the sofa. The only complaint I would have for Winnebego is that the Outlook does not come with a gravity fill outlet for the fresh water. The fresh water tank can only be filled when hooked to a water supply. Oh well, you can't have everything. We love traveling in or Winnebego 30D home away from home. :-)
Re: 2014 Winnebago Travato 59G Class B Motorhome ReviewRobert RyanAVIDA here in Australia(to name one company) does do a much better job of a Class B based on the Ducatoo. early days I think for Winnebago and the Travato.
Re: Winnebago Destination class A motorhomeMoleseyWhere would you go to hire this and does anyone know roughly how much it would cost.
Re: Winnebago ERA class B motorhomeSteve DHas anyone noticed any issues with heat because of the dark exterior color?
Re: Winnebago Destination class A motorhomeRod MillerI have a 2008 Destination and I would never own another Winnebago. Just got out of the shop fixing the transmission. Had it repaired about every 6 months. This piece of garbage has cost me thousands.
Re: Winnebago ERA class B motorhomeLarryWe have taken our 2012 ERA to Reelfoot Lake Tennessee during Eagle-watching season and to the Everglades during mating season. In both locations we photographed birds from the window of the ERA using a bean bag mount and telephoto lens on the camera. At Reelfoot on a Mississippi River levee and on a loop road in the Everglades. Great photos. ERA is so maneuverable and comfortable. Wonderful vehicle.
Re: Winnebago View class C motorhome justinemilyUltimate ideas about caravans and trailers.
Re: Winnebago Destination class A motorhomeGaryPurchased a 2008 Winnebago Destination 39W. Drove from NC to CT and averaged 9.5 mpg. Coach handled like a dream and was a pleasure to drive. Would recommend this coach to anyone.
Re: Winnebago Via class A motorhome sgborchertWe recently purchased a Via 25T. We are having great difficulty finding a bedding (fitted and top sheets) that fit the "twin" beds, as they are narrower than conventional twins. Does anyone know where to find sheets that actually fit? Also, how to cover the two additional pillows that convert the 2 beds to 1 larger bed?
Re: Winnebago ERA class B motorhomeEllenI love the king sized bed!! My husband, chihuahua and I sleep like babies in it! The couch with a table is comfortable for dinners and tv watching at night. No twin beds for this family. Not yeat anyway!
Re: Winnebago Adventurer class A motorhomeMrs. SmithYour search engine is terrible!! When looking for specific rv reviews, it sends me everywhere but where I'd like to go...
Re: Winnebago Tour class A motorhomeJody27,150 miles, 350 Cummins, side radiator, exception condition and well cared for. See RVonline Ad or craigslist SFbayarea. This coach will not disappoint. Priced right $61,000 Call 925 348-4152
Re: Winnebago View class C motorhome ShadowPurchased a used 2008 View with 3000 miles on it in April 2010. Have put 32,000 miles including 4 trips over the Alaska Highway. Maintained very accurate mileage records and overall gets 15.5 mpg. Wind makes a big difference in mileages, as does #1 diesel. Occassionally get 18 and have experieced as low as 11.5 on I90 in S. Dakota in wind. Zero mechanical problems. ECR reprogrammed on recall but do not notice a difference. Drives like a dream although rough roads make it act like an RV. Added Aux sway bar from Sprinter Store and made a big difference in sharp corners, like Highway 1 thru the Oregon coast.
Re: Winnebago Destination class A motorhomeWayne D.We just purchased a 2008 Winnebago Destination and I was wondering if anyone else had this issue - when you try to level the unit the air bags don't dump - is this normal or has anyone else had this and if so how did you fix it?

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